The Real Evil-Doers

C. Hughes

I was wondering if your paper would print a guest commentary by myself on 9-11 esp. since M. Moore's movie is coming out.

I believe, through research, that our CIA, FBI and a few members of our government, were being led by the globalists to bomb Oklahoma and 9-11 in our country (9-11 was the most sophisticated terror attack to date, along with the propaganda.) There are over 600 factual errors with the government's story about 9-11 --

Most Europeans 60+% are in tune with the work of the globalist and their activities (they have been living it for hundreds of years.)

Just a few years ago it came out in the main stream media that MI5 was behind the war with Ireland and England. MI5 would secretly play both sides of the coin. When things were peaceful and "normal" they would  work with small cells and blow up a bus full of their own British children to get the war started up again. They would always provocateur (read provoke) things and use it to their means. Same thing with Mossad, they play both the Jewish and the Palestine sides of the same coin. To keep their military state legitimate and to control their territory. It's all about control.

Here at home, if you research the KKK and skin-head groups you will find that the FBI and CIA had provocateurs to inflame these groups too, and in most cases used them as patsies to complete their mission.

Yes, the FBI and CIA do fight small cells and groups, but they're the ones that THEY DON'T CONTROL. These are the loners that Bush, Ashcroft and Tom Ridge of Homeland Security say we must be fearful of. Thats why they need the Patriot Act.

Eventually the new terrorists will be Christian groups, home schoolers, gun-owners, Constitutionalists, militia/Patriots and freedom-fighters. I believe the list of terrorists will eventually broaden to any person or group that criticizes the government or leaders in power. I believe they are already in their cross-hairs and will be rounded up and imprisoned using The Patriot Act.

Far fetched?

That is exactly what Hitler did when he came into power, After he burned the Reichstag (congress building) down and blamed it on his political enemies he was overwhelmingly put in as dictator to "ease fear" and give security back to the German citizens. But what he did was restrict freedom and he used fear to control the citizens.

He took control of the presses and locked up anyone who criticized the Homeland. Books were burned, teachers disappeared. Tattle-tale squads were in full force. Newspapers and radio-stations were shut down or reprogrammed. Children were taught to love the Homeland and Hitler above all - even their fathers, mothers and God. Church leaders were re-educated or hung. Free-thinkers, gypsies, homosexuals, impure blood-lined people (Poles, Europeans, Muslims, Immigrants, Russians) and of course the Jews were all sent to concentration camps and their deaths. Had Hitler won the war, he even planned on executing all religious leaders and replacing spirituality with state worship, with himself being "a human God."

But Hitler did not stop there. He slowly got rid of the rights to own firearms. He mandated a universal ID card. He forced citizens to join the Homeland. Men were drafted and women worked the factories. Young children were indoctrinated into actually being children of the state. He started the Eugenics program and implemented the slaughter of anyone human who wasn't pure.

He brainwashed entire generations into believing he was on the morale high ground, and that God was on his side. He was an ocultist, He was a Satan worshipper dressed as a Christian. He twisted good and evil. What is so astonishing is that the German citizens bought into his lies. And of course the German citizens helped the Nazi machine accomplish its mission. He could not have accomplished his evil without the help of the globalist. Companies such as pharmaceutical, technology, car makers, as well as kings, queens, royalty, bankers and other elites helped him into power.

Its really quite simple, if you can think outside the box. The New World Order needs, and uses chaos. They want the world to see that they are our Savior, that they can control evil and evil doers, and that only they can bring peace to a fearful population.

Fascists and the Communists used to be the brainchildren of the globalist, now it is the Terrorist.

I believe, through my research that the people of the Middle East, Iran, Iraq, Syria (the Muslims) as well as most of the citizens of this country, are just being played like a fine violin, to the globalists needs.

I believe that this Iraq, Afghanistan, 9-11, war on terror is just a ruse. Eventually the UN will come in as our savior, to clean up this mess Bush/Clinton made. And the world will see that the only way to peace is through the globalists.

I'm not afraid of boogie-men with box-cutters. The real enemy is the elites who call the shots, run the game and take control.

When the "made up terrorists" attack us, and yes they will attack us again, the globalists will be behind it.

Will the citizens look at the facts and stand up, or will we beg for security, give up our rights, and grovel to the puppets and their handlers?

C. Hughes

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the NWO elite and reinstate
God's Law:-
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