Who is in control?

How is your life? How is your family, your children, how are they doing in school? How are you doing financially? Are you struggling, under pressure or stress? Do you understand what is going on in the world around you? Are you happy?

Most people are concerned primarily with maintaining their place within the societal structure, within the scheme of things, as they can perceive it. Because they are focused only on what they perceive is important in their own daily lives, there are many who do not understand what is happening in the world and so they don't pay much attention to it. Many of the things that take place in the world might not seem to affect them. These things may not seem to have a lot of relevance to that which they need to do, in order to get on in life. Many do not acknowledge that events taking place in the world, the things they read in newspapers and in news reports on radio and TV, actually have a direct affect on their daily lives.

Well, these things do and will affect YOU! Pretty soon now, if things progress according to the agenda of the global elite, your daily lives will be affected in ways you haven't even begun to imagine! Soon, you will begin to feel the personal effects of international corporate mergers, international peacekeeping forces, international economic and religious manipulation and worldwide social oppression.

When something happens in the news such as the merger of Chrysler Corporation with the German, Daimler-Benz Corporation, it does not seem to affect you at all. Maybe it affects you only a little bit, in ways that you do not perceive as threatening in any way. If MCI Worldcom acquires Sprint Telecommunications, or if an American oil company combines with a British oil company, or an American defense contractor combines with a British defense contractor, it doesn't seem to affect you does it? Corporate America is penetrating every nook and cranny in the USA and is attempting to spread itself all over the rest of the world, to produce more consumers within every race and culture. Are you sure it really doesn't affect your life? Have you noticed how hard it is to make any distinction between one American town and another because they all look the same? The same neon logos lighting up the night, the same restaurants, motels, department stores, banks, gas stations, etc, etc, etc! Could we be losing our individual character, losing our identities in a quagmire of corporate sameness?

On the political front, is our two party system in all reality, a one party system in disguise? The American people are extremely distrustful of a government they see as corrupt and self-serving. Every time elections are held in this country, the majority of people do not even bother to vote.

Many tell themselves that it doesn't really make any difference who you vote for because one politician is just as corrupt as the next. Many believe that nothing really changes much from administration to administration. They believe it is inevitable that in our system, the rich just get richer while the poor just get poorer. After all, it's the American way, right?

We have become so conditioned through the mass media, the educational system, government, corporate and religious structures, that we spend our lives struggling simply to maintain our place within the societal structure, to participate economically and to "follow the program." We function just like a colony of little worker ants. We do not even realize that we are living in slavery, economic slavery! We have been programmed to accept this as normalcy and we have allowed this to be inflicted upon ourselves.

Taking a good look at what is going on in the world around us at the present time, it is not difficult to observe that the "powers that be" are busily at work in their efforts to consolidate power and authority as they make their way towards global domination and the "new world order." This they achieve through what David Icke calls "problem, reaction, solution." In other words, they create a problem somewhere in the world and wait for the expected reaction, a call for someone to "do something about the situation." Then they step in and propose a solution to the problem, achieving the self-serving end they had envisioned in the first place. Having seen to it that their "peace keepers" are in place in Kosovo, they have since pulled the same trick in a little country known as Timor, which borders Indonesia. There, they instigated civil unrest which escalated to the point where a call went out for the introduction of another United Nations "peace keeping force" to quell the disturbance. How many people are aware of the fact that it was the United Nations, which instigated the situation? If you check out the section entitled "The Shape of things to come" on my New Atlantean web site, you will find that I predicted that this would happen well before the fact. * 03-17-1999/ the next area of NATO involvement will be in Indonesia. This will be driven by the European Union and will involve the United Nations. We will again see the "World Police" scenario played out, as we have seen in Kosovo. That is, a "problem" will be generated in that part of the world which will escalate until the "world police" forces are called in. I would not be surprised if the European Union and the United Nations next targeted area turns out to be Korea.

Here in the United States, gun ownership and gun control laws are constantly under attack. Why? Because elements of our own government are trying very hard to disarm the people! Again, they employ the problem-reaction-solution strategy to further that goal. Are you at all familiar with our government's MK-Ultra mind control programs? I believe that the United States government is behind the spate of senseless shootings taking place at high schools across the country. Bought and paid for by the US government, these children are programmed and triggered to commit these acts in order to compel the American people to demand not only more restrictive gun laws, but to introduce cameras, metal detectors and security police in public schools across America! Problem, reaction, solution.

I would point to the Oklahoma City Bombing as another sterling example of this tactic by our "leaders." Our government has covered up many of the facts and Timothy McVeigh has been made the scapegoat. I believe McVeigh is simply another mind control victim who had been programmed by elements within our own government to commit that atrocity! As a result of that incident, the people called for stricter and broader anti-terrorism laws and a "crackdown" on militia groups, alternative religions and lifestyles, greater freedom and authority for the FBI and CIA to "protect" us all. In other words, the American people are manipulated into calling for the erosion of their constitutional rights and freedom!

Take a good look at what is going on within the corporate world and you will see that corporate giants are abandoning the US market for expansion globally. In many instances they seek to conduct business with countries that are indifferent to or even enemies of the United States! This is very apparent within our "defense" industry. Not only have they consolidated US defense companies from many to a very few, but they are now consolidating foreign manufacturers as well. Multinational corporate giants are busily attempting to "Americanize" Russia, China, Vietnam, the Middle East and a score of other countries which previously resisted and even condemned our degenerate, consumption based, pollution producing lifestyle.

What is happening and taking shape in the world today is nothing less than the organization of a global power base. Giant corporations seek to dominate the "global marketplace." In a manner very similar to the old "packman" video game, they continue to "gobble up" their competition in an effort to control and dominate their respective marketplaces. Why doesn't government check and put a halt to this monopolization? Because huge, multinational corporations have developed control over governments!

What is happening in the world this day is nothing short of an attempt to bring about the re-birthing of the ancient Atlantean Empire. It is now time for the American people to awaken to that which is taking place within their government, their society and in the world around them. Elements within both political parties, supported by their corporate overlords and the mass media, controlled by the global Illuminati, make sure and steady progress toward their ultimate goal . . . global empire! This is what we face in the present situation. Whether we are willing to acknowledge it or not, we are faced with the imminent rebirth of a global economic and military empire.

When you sit down and read a newspaper, or watch TV news reports and think about such things, you may say to yourself, "This is terrible, this isn't right, it all has to change!" Maybe you would like to do something about it but then what happens is that the programming kicks in and you wind up saying to yourself . . . "There is nothing I can do about it, I can't fight corporate America and I can't fight City Hall! We are the "little people" and the little guy can't do much about anything. You're talking about giant corporations, the multi-billion dollar international elite, governments, financial institutions; you're talking about empires! There is not much that can be done in the face of so much power and control."

This is exactly what the powers that be want you to believe. It is exactly the way they want you to think! If you were to create a little model of society by stacking people, layer upon layer as to their relevance and influence within that society, you would have created a human pyramid. All of the "little people" would comprise the lowest layer, or base of the pyramid and upon their shoulders would be layer upon layer of people, leading all the way up to the apex of the pyramid. The ones at the very pinnacle of the pyramid are the Illuminati, those in total control, who filter down their dictations through the layers of people below them. It is these who enjoy all the benefits that the society and the world have to offer. However, it is the "little people" at the bottom of the pyramid who support the entire structure upon their shoulders! They are psychologically programmed to support the weight! They are, for the most part, unconscious of the fact that they are spending their lifetimes struggling and straining to support the weight of the entire society on their shoulders. They are programmed to accept economic enslavement of one form or another and to accept it as normality.

What we need to realize is that if we can begin to get everybody at the bottom level of that pyramid to join together, to act together, think of the enormous power in that! If all of us one day came together and said, "enough is enough, things have got to change, we no longer are willing to play this game anymore" . . . think of the tremendous power in that! If enough people stepped out from under all that weight, then the whole pyramid would come tumbling down, including the Illuminati at the very top! As long as we all are content to remain in support of this behemoth, then they will continue to reap, manipulate and control. They will continue to do so until the day comes when they take over totally and completely and an iron fist will come down on the people, who will then be truly powerless to stop them.

When the American people were programmed into supporting world wars one and two, when the entire population was brainwashed into believing that the wars were a just and noble cause against which to mobilize, then they completely and totally overwhelmed their adversaries! Enemies of the United States found it impossible to resist the might of the American people. If the American people were to wake up and realize that they were being shafted, that they were in fact living in economic slavery in order to support a hierarchy of corporate giants and a handful of the international elite, if the people decided that that was no longer tolerable and worthy of their support, then the entire corrupt system would not be able to withstand!

If you are a free thinker, if you understand and believe in your heart that you CAN do something, then the number of ways to do so is limited only by your own imagination. You can begin to take part in the resistance! The following are simply three suggestions which, if enough people join together in promoting and practicing, can begin to undermine the power base and control of the "powers that be." First, we can begin by making a concerted effort to NOT BUY CORPORATE! We need to try to purchase goods and services from privately owned and operated establishments wherever and whenever we can do so. When we go out to eat at a "mom and pop" restaurant instead of going to Denny's or McDonald's, then we are helping to support "the little guy" over the corporate giant. Perhaps it will cost a dollar or two more, but which would you rather your hard-earned dollars go to support? You should patronize and support your local farmers market. If your town doesn't have a farmers market, perhaps there is a way for citizens to get together and organize one. It is time to use our dollars as weapons against the corporate gluttons, time to reduce their gluttonous intake! Every dollar spent in support of mom and pop and free enterprise is a dollar denied to the corporate giants.

Another thing you can do is to support the legalization, the introduction and development of a Hemp industry in this country! The result of which would stimulate the economy and provide employment opportunities for hundreds of thousands of people. It would also provide billions of dollars in tax income for the government, which could use the funds to improve heath-care, education, social programs and services. Hemp can be used to produce food, clothing, medicine and motor oils. Hemp based paper lasts ten times longer than wood based paper. Why do we continue to cut down our forests when we could simply grow a new hemp crop annually? There are well over 75,000 different products that can be derived from the hemp plant! Utilizing the Hemp plant would open up a vast array of products and opportunities for millions of Americans. Why can we not do this?

Another thing we can do is to begin paying more attention to what is happening in the world around us. Begin reading and learning about the various ways in which the global elite are manipulating world events, manipulating governments, manipulating you and your children! I would suggest that you read any of the books that have been written by David Icke, books by Ralph Nader, Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Bryan. "The Atlantis Connection: Beyond the myth and legend to the here and now!" is a good one too! Talk to people, ask questions! Get together with people who are waking up to the truth concerning the threat of this "new world order." Discuss ways of resistance and then implement them, put them into action! Time is running short! It is time to wake up and make up our minds, that if we want to do it better, we better begin doing it . . . NOW!

Thank You,
W. T. Samsel.


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