Mandarin being taught in public schools

To Whom it may concern,

I hope this finds you all well and in good spirit.

Last night I tuned in the nightly national news on ABC. I rarely do this but, with things developing as quickly as they are, I am starting to consider monitoring the mainstream news more closely. We are being "noticed"/warned.

For months I had been hearing/reading about the trouble in which General Motors finds itself. Last night, ABC reported GM will be closing 9 plants which will effectively evaporate 30,000 jobs. Workers at the OKC facility were in shock as was Oklahoma's governor. Three more plants are to be closed in Canada. Reportedly GM has lost billions this past year and their credit is now "junk".

The report continued saying, Ford will be making similar announcements, soon, also. How far behind will be Chrysler announcements?

This, of course, was/is disturbing news as it was once said, "As General Motors goes.., so goes the country." Lee Iacocca [former president of Ford Motor Co. and former CEO of Chrysler] said of GM.., "it is so large, it is a country unto itself." [Iacocca has recently come out of retirement and has been seen doing national TV commercials for Chrysler/Daimler.]

Like a footnote.., it was added; old, established companies [paying high wages to long-term employees and massive retirement/pension plans {including medical}] CANNOT compete with the new companies [that do not have these debt/burdens -{ never mind foreign economies}].

But more disturbing to me was ABC's report at the end of the broadcast regarding China.., specifically what is being taught in public schools.

A few nights ago, ABC did a report on the phenomenal growth happening in China [e. g. China is now consuming 1/2 of all concrete produced in the world?] and the many things they are "cloning" [from ties to watches to CARS to SPACE ROCKETS {i. e. GM, reportedly, wants to sue China for cloning a new entry GM spent millions on developing}] as they continue to grow as a world economic power - WITH OUR MONEY - primarily through the U. S. Congress approved "favorite nations trading" status and Wal-Mart sales [while keeping in mind.., China's leaders have VOWED to see the "death of America"].

Further; public and private schools across Amerika have begun and are well on their way [it was presented as though this has been going on for years {e. g. some 8th graders being nearly fluent in Mandarin}] to teaching Chinese culture and language. As stated.., they are preparing children [to compete in THE NWOdor "global economy"] for how the world is going to be [soon].., not for how it is today [and then gave statistics as to how many in the world already speak Mandarin {approximately 1/3 - as opposed to 16% white English speaking}]. The willing, accepted "hunt" is on for teachers and tutors of Mandarin [to teach American children - parents wanting to assure their child will have a "leg up" and are prepared for what is inevitable]. According to the report, Congress is supposedly considering a bill worth 1 BILLION dollars to make the teaching of Mandarin [and Chinese culture] MANDATORY in public schools. They are already teaching it in many kindergarten classes.

I have been closely monitoring American and world developments, particularly via "alternative media" [as the U. S. continues to be melded into the global governance scheme] for years. I find it hard to believe I "missed this" extraordinary news in "alternative press".

I have a documentary video that is probably seven years old that deals with the Chinese "Red Dragon"/military. According to the video.., China, back then, already had a 200 MILLION man, TRAINED, standing army.

To me.., the GM closures are HUGE information/news as is the teaching of Mandarin in U. S. public schools, yet, so far, today.., I am hearing nothing about either of these subjects via "alternative press". That cannot be good.

It appears.., Amerika, at large, has acquiesced to its fate. We are experiencing Sun Tsu's war philosophy.

In my opinion.., AWARE Americans had better consider one of the following options IMMEDIATELY; a.) read, digest and enforce "THE PLAN" that can be downloaded for FREE @ b.) prepare to be taken in the "round up" [or prepare to die fending off marauding rogue groups - OR be a mindless proletariat/drone worker on the "global plantation"] c.) make preparations to FLEE the country and join others across the globe who CLEARLY see what is coming and will FIGHT to build God's Kingdom. Losing to the NWOdor elite is NOT AN OPTION.

Most of you know.., time is short.

The "little book" spoken of in Revelations 10 is here and can be downloaded for FREE @ It "breaks the seals" as PROMISED by God and lays out in plain English WHY we are all here and what we have to DO if we are to return home to Heaven.

Everyone is gifted with free will [which translates into literally CHOOSING one's own fate]. All I can do is do my job and present information and hope you read it.

Considering the FACT the NWOdor agenda is moving forward at political light-speed and considering what the NON-moving freedom movement has been doing is NOT WORKING.., I hope you choose wisely. "THE PLAN" is the ONLY WAY to "take back Amerika" and make it God's Blessed America again. If we [Americans] WILL NOT do this.., Amerika will face utter destruction.

Long live The Fighters (for God),


P. S. Getting prepared by moving to the country and activating the 4 "G"'s [i. e. God, gold, guns and groceries] will NOT be enough as there will be nowhere to hide/be safe.


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