Were the Levies Blown Up?

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More and more is developing regarding the intentional "blowing of the New Orleans levee". Please see more below.

Of course a story like this [some government-backed, covert operation did this evil] would make no sense UNLESS the PLANNED destruction of Amerika were a fact. At this point..? I believe most of you BELIEVE the NWOdor movement is a fact. If you believe that..? what stops you from seeing and believing the "power/money elite" are after the very thing they set up.., Amerika? For their scheme to work..? Amerika HAS TO GO.

The "official" 9-1-1 story from government makes no sense [evidence abounds the "official" story was and is a fabrication{s} - as is all the other examples we offer below].

The "official" OKC bombing story from government makes no sense.

The "official" Waco story from government makes no sense.

The "official" John F. Kennedy assassination story from government makes no sense.

The "official" Pearl Harbor story from government makes no sense.

The "official" Wall Street crash of 1929 story from government makes no sense.

The "official" Lucitania story from government makes no sense.

The "official" income tax/16th Amendment ratification story from government makes no sense.

Hopefully you see the point. Worldly (especially including this U. S. government) governments ARE ORGANIZED CRIME. They are "worldly legal", color-of-law extortion/protection RACKETS. FRAUDS. They are tools/instruments of the ultra-rich to "legally" [and spiritually] rob you BLIND [leaving you weak and helpless and without time to learn THE TRUTH] while amassing more and more power [i. e government is FORCE - you WILL obey government and its illegal {in God's Eyes}, ANTI-God color-of-law, laws RATHER than God and His Laws] to make CERTAIN you cannot rise up against them in rebellion when you finally have nothing and FINALLY face The Truth.., you SELFISHLY turned a blind eye to because you wanted to believe the lies YOUR government was selling [i. e. we'll take care of/protect your worthless bodies from "sperm to worm"].

Will MOST Amerikans believe this about their "revered" CON-stitutional government? MOST in this country haven't read the u. s. CON-stitution and if they have..? it was in grade school. MOST believe it is an out-dated document. "Patriots" who have read up on/studied the u. s. CON-stitution BELIEVE we need to get back to it [the very instrument{s}/frauds that got us in this mess] setting the stage for one more STUPID revolve-olution [that we NEVER learn from].

Please read Deuteronomy 4:2 and Matthew 5:17 - 19. God and His Son PLAINLY state what are the ONLY legal laws on this planet. So the REMEDY to all of our suffering is simple [but HARD to do].., return to and enforce God's Laws as we are COMMANDED. There is no "wiggle room" for man-made up, color-of-law CON-stitutions and laws.., NONE.

"THE [only] PLAN" for [the only peaceful action we can possibly take that will work] We, God's TRUE people, living here in the United States to return to and ENFORCE God's Laws can be found at: http://www.i.am/jah/plan.htm

To fully understand God's Word in The Bible and "THE PLAN".., you will want to read "The Way Home or face The Fire" at: http://jahtruth.net/twh.pdf These presentations are free and MUST reading if you wish to survive what is coming VERY SOON.

Please. There is no time to waste.

[For all of you activists.., especially you that have been at this a decade, or two, or three.., please consider; is anything you are doing or have done REALLY changed anything? Is not the NWOdor moving/growing at political light-speed? Could it be you have been duped and are thus fighting ineffectually? Does that possibility at least exist considering THE FACTS?]

Long live The Fighters (for God),


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Were the Levies Blown Up?


New Orleans, LA -- Divers inspecting the ruptured levee walls surrounding New Orleans found something that piqued their interest:

Burn marks on underwater debris chunks from the broken levee wall !

One diver, a member of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, saw the burn marks and knew immediately what caused them. He secreted a small chunk of the cement inside his diving suit and later arranged for it to be sent to trusted military friends at a The U. S. Army Forensic Laboratory at Fort Gillem, Georgia for testing.

According to well placed sources, a military forensic specialist determined the burn marks on the cement chunks did, in fact, come from high explosives. The source, speaking on condition of anonymity said "We found traces of boron-enhanced fluoronitramino explosives as well as PBXN-111. This would indicate at least two separate types of explosive devices."

The levee ruptures in New Orleans did not take place during Hurricane Katrina, but rather a day after the hurricane struck. Several residents of New Orleans and many Emergency Workers reported hearing what sounded like large, muffled explosions from the area of the levee, but those were initially discounted as gas explosions from homes with leaking gas lines.

If these allegations prove true, the ruptured levee which flooded New Orleans was a deliberate act of mass destruction perpetrated by someone with access to military-grade UNDERWATER high explosives.

More details as they become available . . .

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