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blueridge Starving Leviathan--resisting "the Federation" Mon Sep 27, 2004 01:34

Under the tyranny of empiring Great Britain, the American Colonists set up a scheme of "non-intercourse" with its government and "licensed" cartels (i. e. corporations), the FULL BOYCOTTING OF TRADE WITH THEIR GOODS OR PAYING THEIR SALES TAX REVENUES, providing for their own needs, even by stealth and "contraband". The Tea was destroyed in Boston Harbor, very precisely, to prevent any taxes being paid on it--and Americans adopted to coffee instead! The Stamp Act resulted in a similar revolt, over a few cents, on principle, against which Patrick Henry spoke with such vehemence against the King that his words were branded "treasonous" in the Continental Congress!

"Read my lips": Pay no taxes! Buy and trade privately. Don't permit W- 4 withholding, or permit pretended social security (theft!) of your labor and income (which you probably will never retrieve)! Do not "aid and abett" the usurping enemy, who wants to secure your slavery... do not let the government hold your "purse" for you! Those principles of the Colonists today would be applied to ANY FORM OF TAXATION AND REVENUE COLLECTED THROUGH BUSINESS INCLUDING THE TAX ON THEIR PROFITS OR THE PROMOTION OF THEIR GOODS (including sports and entertainment patronage--i. e. advertisements and sponsorships).

Resisting tyranny REQUIRES a change from the addictive "American lifestyle", and the choice is clear, you cannot serve Justice and Mammon. You must go through the "withdrawals" to get free from the intoxicating power (sensualism and materialism) of the tyrant. The love of pleasure is in direct conflict with the love of justice, as history testifies. No one has ever escaped the abusive tyrant without forsaking its enticing "sirens", artificial prestige and material goods. THIS IS WHAT HOLDS AMERICANS IN BONDAGE AND IS THE REAL "OPIATE OF THE PEOPLE".

The Beast will only be weakened when he begins to be starved, and economic pinch will show his true face! It MUST have your money, or it will cease to exist and suffer humiliation---good! Will you pay taxes (or coerced tribute) to it, or help and support its loyal licensed Corporations? Do it, and increase your bondage, or pain yourself some to break free from its yoke! What woman would not want to break free from an abusive husband (bound to protect her as his own body)? What thinking citizen would permit the abuse of a government that violates its own constitutional laws, persecutes those who justly resist to restrain it as "enemies" of state, and "pledge allegiance", fly its flag, pay for its support, and bow to its commands? Who?! Only foolish men-pleasers who seek to gain by flattery, to fill their bellies--BUT NOT JUST PATRIOTS OF (REAL) "LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL"!

THINK HOW LITTLE CONTROL THEY WOULD HAVE IF A THIRD OF AMERICANS NO LONGER WATCHED TV, RADIO, OR SUPPORTED THE GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS, OR THE FILM AND ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRIES--the mediums by which they indoctrinate, brainwash, and (under Martial Law) would CONTROL the American public under the new MEHPA laws that make the Puppet Governors of every state Federal Dictators! (Witness their ad campaigns of "emergencies" which calls on all to go home and "turn on their radio and TV to be "told what to do" in blind simon-saiz fashion). The corporate advertising would be ignored (based upon ratings) and the networks could not charge such high advertising revenues, resulting in the "official" (and controlled) media being starved and bankrupt! THINK OF THE POWER OF SUCH A BOYCOTT BY NOT PATRONIZING MASS MEDIA OR ITS CORPORATE SPONSORS--even throwing away publicly TV's and radios, saying "I'm mad as hell and I aint gonna take it anymore"! Why let the Dictator into your home and living room? Why give the deceiver a hearing in the privacy of your home? The government would like to "command and control" the entire public through mass media, giving orders under Martial Law, or a "red alert" through the TV, for force all to lineup like cattle! If even a minority of the public would "shut their ears" to the organ and voice of the despot then their power and control is lost!

While this revolutionized and hijacked New Government plays the tyrant and hates its own constitutional laws (making THEM guilty of disobedience, treason, and seditious) then the people are absolved from paying their wages and taxes (as well as all the other privacy- killing "paperwork"): NO TAXATION WITHOUT (REAL) REPRESENTATION! And neither should its Federalized business "corporations" (who wash their hands of justice for economic pragamatism) who fly their damned Yankee (constitutional-usurping) flags (hiding behind them) be patronized for their pretended (but corrupted) goods and services! ALL FORTUNE 500 CORPORATIONS AND THE LIKES OF THEM SHOULD NOT BE PATRONIZED---garage sales and flea markets and private parties are a better bargain anyway, and are not taxable! Why should we feed the hand that bites us? Better that THEY should feel the pinch, and realize just how many their are who do not support the Big Lie of
9/11, their pretended "War on Terrorism" (excuse for tyranny), or their anti-Constitutional USA PATRIOT Acts (both I and II), and that Beast called Homeland Security--America's Gestapo--the legislation that has REVOLUTIONIZED America's government in a final overthrow from constitutional to one of pure force!

So why mimick their deceitful "Pledge", reverence the traitors, or fly their usurped and corrupted Flag? FLY THE CONFEDERATE BATTLE FLAG, THE FADED (and abused) SYMBOL OF A DEFIANCE TO RECOVER STATE'S RIGHTS AND INDIVIDUAL AND CONSTITUTIONAL LIBERTIES against the "party of Lincoln" and his "radical (not constitutional) republicans"! It was for the Abuse of Federal Power that the South demanded a just (and lawful) Divorce, by Secession from the Yankee Tyrant demanding "Union, union, union!", who only wanted to retain Her for her economic power and needed tax revenues, to fuel the Usurper's ambitions. The Battle Flag IXI is a just symbol, therefore, for a RECOVERY of constitutional rights and Defiance against a lawless and revolutionary Usurper and Thief--a symbol of protest, a symbol of defiance, a symbol to "X-out" "Federal" Usurpation and a revived fight against anti-Constitutional tyranny! As the Colonists in justice no longer flew the pretended "Union Jack" of King George and his tyrannical Parliament--who thought they could "legislate (away their rights) in all things whatsoever"--so let men no longer bow to the FEDERAL Flag of the Tyrant, but pickup and let fly the Battle Flag of the just defense of Constitutional laws, the very laws they have feignedly sworn to "protect and defend... against enemies foreign and DOMESTIC"! Why fly the flag of not a Just Union, but a Coerced Union, that only continues the Usurpation of Constitutional liberties from the demolition of States Rights to the full tyranny and stripping of individual liberties? This battle will not be by geography (north vs. south) but by demography--the principles of individuals themselves, which can only be done by a New Inquisition, for which they have planned "total surveillance"! Where is real freedom or liberty in this? Where is Patrick Henry?!

There has never been a resistance to tyranny in history without the people discomfiting themselves, giving up their "lifestyles" and material goods (the tyrant's leash), for the purpose of regaining truth and justice!

ANYONE who supports this Usurped Government (this New and illigitimate and bastard government) and its Corporate or Private minions is aiding and abetting in their own slavery and the tyrants ambition of a revolutionary new world order in its own likeness and image. "Freedom is not free" indeed (which they say to support their lies), but requires some self-sacrifice to fight to recover it when lost.

Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God, and it is time for Leviathan to be made uncomfortable instead of well-fed!

[To make a visible protest against the flag-waving Pretender, fly the Battle Flag of Defiance against Federal tyranny see].

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