Our corporate fiction creature government, with God is at enmity,
Through puppet parasitic usurpers of our inherent political authority.
With force, government's a dangerous servant, just as fire,
Which has become again a fearful master for public hire.
Human social planners as public servants mold our society,
Into every whim of socialist, humanist, fascist propriety;
To appease the woefully ignorant and greatly deceived masses,
In their strong delusions, false beliefs, and social classes.
I'm a victim of the public, who unwittingly fund the oppressions,
And quisling usurpers, with vain and insane obsessions.
The constitutions be damned, and full speed ahead,
Toward the wide gate of destruction, just as our Creator said.
Another hard lesson, is about to be learned,
Which this generation has not yet discerned.
Fickle and foolish we are, and cannot alter our Creator's Laws,
And be as gods, without invoking results of our fatal flaws.
Our once noble peace officers are now "law enforcement" officers,
Thugs collecting filthy lucre, to fill wicked government coffers,
While messengers of truth like me languish in their jails,
On void judgments of cash register courts imposing outrageous bails.
Society loses production, and oppressive government grows,
And slavery is called "freedom," while filthy lucre flows.
Pastors in social clubs called "churches," preach false doctrines of men,
Giving lip service to our Creator, while we lose our land and liberty again.
Sacred liberty is lost for "public safety," amusement and entertainment,
Complacency, cowardice, materialism, and "implied consent".
Liberty and freedom is forfeited for such false safety and security,
Under the age-old creed of tyrants and oppressors "necessity."
The land of the free, and home of the brave,
Is now the land of the fee, and home of the slave.
The people's new 'god' is their own corporate fiction 'state',
And such Baal-worship has sealed our once free nation's fate.
Our Creator is a just and jealous God - His Law Supreme,
And as His Word reveals to us - it is not superstition or a dream.
May this humble messenger's warning, by word and by deed,
Be loud enough for sleeping Christian Americans to heed,
And let not my afflictions, my scars and my pain,
My sacrifices in love, have been suffered in vain,
For we have our Creator's promise, His power and authority,
Through the shed blood of our Savior, to once again be free,
And come out of the Babylonian bondage we are in,
Ask His forgiveness, and cease dwelling in such sin.
We must seek first the government of our Almighty Creator Great,
And cease fear, worship, support and dependence on our corporate fiction

David G. Baugh


I received a letter from Dave
today, as he sits in the Fulton Reception and Diagnostic Center (Fulton,
Missouri). In the letter he included the above poem, written from the
Washington County, Missouri jail on March 6, 2004.

Jeff Thomas  (573) 556-1232
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