Designing a New Class of Humans

By Lisa Guliani

"The cosmos is a gigantic flywheel making 10,000 revolutions a minute. Man is a sick fly taking a dizzy ride on it." ~ H. L. Mencken ~

Author's Note: Please be advised that the website referred to in this article is located at -and it is loaded with spyware and tracking devices. Navigate it at your own risk.

Welcome to Earth's next evolution, an experiment in selective arrangement of societal culture, values, thought and behavior.

The following is not theory or conjecture. It is an alternate perspective on states of "being" and how they may best serve the leaders of the world today. This is what we have to look forward to as we "progress" and "evolve" according to the New World Order" agenda.

In fact, what I'm about to tell you seems beyond the realm of imagination, but in reality, it isn't beyond reach. It is here now. It is a new practice that has an unusual name. Become familiar with it - they're calling it "social architecture" and it's being used to create a new social reality peopled by a new class of humans. The nightmare is in full swing - the nightmare they're calling the "Second Renaissance."

The "radical experiment" known as "social architecture is being conducted by a company called Arcturus, led by Jim Channon, who has trained "psychic warriors" for the U. S. Army. Channon, (a self-described "social experiment" himself), and his staff of "social architects" combine modern technological advances with "tribal ritual and medieval pageantry". The objective of using this "Black OP bag of tricks" is to create a new human culture with pre-selected "values" programmed right into us. I think it's safe to say that this company doesn't practice "business as usual".

So what, then, ARE they doing? Arcturus, based in Hawaii, is "purposefully constructing a global culture" - a new civilization of people. Yes, people. According to the group, "Culture will be spread not by borders but by interpenetrating fields of influence." In other words, they want your mind.

By applying the latest advances in modern technology, and combining them with visual and audial stimulation to directly control the thinking and actions of the masses,

Like they have done with, music, films, television and radio -JAH.

social architects can reshape the way we interact with one another. The company uses full spectrum intelligence to condition human beings, effectively "mapping the social system." One of the tools being used is language. They've designed a "language" that will be utilized by the inhabitants of custom crafted "social communities" specifically conceived, designed, and built for the purpose of "consciously acquiring new thinking" which will be a necessity in the upcoming world scenario being set in motion by the powers-that-be.

Arcturus is busy setting about the business of "crafting" a new planetary-wide culture using visual symbols, mythology, art, body language, music, theater, and story-telling - conditioning tools of social "experiments" being conducted upon unsuspecting, ordinary people. And what is the reasoning behind this "conditioning? Simple - we are at the threshold of transition. It is all part of a Globalist strategy for population control. The object is to achieve a singular mindset amongst groups of people - whether they are the employees of a business or an entire populace of a country - that is more consistent with New World Order philosophy, thereby creating an allegedly more "loving" culture. Forget about the way we've always done things. That was the "old" world. The next "evolution" of mankind calls for a global "attitude adjustment". And, from the looks of it, we're set to receive this "attitude adjustment" whether we want it or not. Obviously, the Power elite want the "cat" back in the bag.

The Arcturus group contends, "Parts of this formative process have been a subtle part of leadership for centuries." Yes, it's true that the Controllers have used various methods of mind control on the masses for hundreds of years. Well, now they've raised the ante and stepped up the pace at which this is being implemented. Leaders of foreign nations, non-governmental organizations, governments, large corporations, and even universities are lining up for these services. And, you might be surprised to see how many of them are American. Then again, you might not.

The supposed logic behind Arcturus' "innovative" solutions is this: their "experiments" seek to do away with multiple influences over individuals and groups alike. They intend to shape the thoughts and values of human beings in such a way as to create "appropriate" thinking and behavior. This sounds more than a little like the stage is set for the world population to be transformed into a planet of remote controlled "Stepford" people. "Social architects" are involved with modifying and expanding "states of being" and can direct them at will using both internal and external stimuli to obtain the desired result, which is to "purpose the culture" in an "appropriate" way.

"Purpose the culture?" Appropriate for whom? Guess who doesn't decide what is considered "appropriate" in this scenario? Guess who isn't being told about this deeper, more meaningful purpose? That's right, you and me. How very thoughtful of them to take care of our thinking for us. We won't have to worry about how to get along with one another, or have to adjust to cultural differences any more either. There'll be no differences. We'll all be the same, with identical "values" and thought patterns designed by a brilliant "social architect" who has meticulously constructed the proper conditioning mechanisms into what's left of our brains. They are selling "zombie-hood". Get ready for life as you know it to . disappear.

These "architects" coach heads of corporations and governments to enable these leaders to better control the human experience of those in subservience to them. In other words, this company uses a full arsenal of secret Black Operations tools to "service the human condition". Communities of people are referred to as "social experiments". Ladies and Gentlemen, we've just stepped into the Twilight Zone. If this doesn't make your skin crawl, what will?

They've been blueprinting the schematics for a more "evolved" version of the human being, so forget those self-help books. Why bother when the Controllers have it all covered? Communities of this nature are being planned and set up all over the world by those in positions of authority and governance, with the assistance of Arcturus. Get a load of their client list:

- Kodak
- Dupont
- AT&T
- General Motors
- U. S. Sprint
- Cotton, Inc.
- U. S. Army Corps of Engineers
- Apple computers
- General Electric
- Honeywell
- Sun Micro-Systems
- Federal Express
- U. S. Army Training and Doctrine Command
- Whirlpool Corporation
- Royal Dutch Shell
- Lufthansa-Sky chefs
- The Dallas Cowboys
- National Training Center
- U. S. Army
- Turner Broadcasting System
- Reuters
- Capitol One
- Datahub
- Aspen Township
- America One
- World Bank
- Lahaina Restoration Foundation

The company web site also states that "nations are obsolete." Our intended evolution means we won't need them any more. We are entering into a number of new realities that will differ radically from all that we now know. Furthermore, the company believes that, eventually, nations and nation-states will give way to "hemispheres" and "nodes" - clusters of people in what purport to be new versions of communities in which all members have had this special "conditioning" applied to alter their behavior and thinking. There will be no threat of uprisings or civil unrest at that point. As a people, we'll be docile, just the way the Controllers want us. There won't be any inclination to protest, question authority, or challenge our leadership. Our brains won't have that capability any longer. We'll all be too busy with our new "states of being" to worry about that sort of stuff. Oh, and we won't need a Constitution or Declaration of Independence, either. Those documents aren't part of the evolutionary process, nor do they have any role in our New World. Arcturus offers us total mindless bliss. Can't shut your mind off? No fear - they can.

Some of the "tools" Arcturus uses are directly applied to a person's brain waves. Can you all say electromagnetic spectrum? How about microwave radiation? By peddling their services to big corporations and governments, among others, this company is supplying leaders from all over the world with dangerous "tools" to reshape and redesign the cultures of the world to fit more in line with that of the global elite. Our minds are no longer off-limits. In fact, it's open season.

If fully implemented, this will necessarily mean the end of any sort of activism, free and independent thinking, and individualism - you-name-it. Here in the United States, our leaders and American corporations are applying these practices and engaging in social experimentation on the citizens of this country. We are in for one collective cerebral overhaul as a nation. After that happens, we won't be a nation for long. We'll be a hemisphere. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

The Controllers are setting about changing our thought patterns one way or another. We will be the most agreeable, submissive, docile, non-resistant species of walking doormats ever to occupy the planet. Once they have us in this state of "being," such as it is, we'll be completely at THEIR mercy, even more so than we are right now. But don't worry - you won't feel a thing, unless you're conditioned to feel it.

The fact that Arcturus caters to big business and governments should have alarms clanging off the walls of your skull. With companies like this in existence, a New World Order agenda begins to take on more clarity and definition. We are now able to see quite clearly what THEY have in mind for us. And, it should raise some BIG concerns that numerous corporate entities in the U. S. are involved with these "social experiments" - not to mention our own military.

Ask yourself WHAT is the U. S. Army's involvement with Arcturus? Can you say "Black Science?" How about "Black Operations?" Are you getting more of a feel for the wave of the future? Are you getting the idea now of what the "New World" holds for each one of us? Life will be so much "easier" without annoyances like decision-making. Our decisions will be made for us. They're going to increase the "quality" of our existence by mapping our brains. Your thoughts will never be private again.

They're calling it a Second Renaissance, the coming "evolution". It is the physical manifestation of a nightmare that is heading into our neighborhoods, our homes, and our brains. Are you ready to be mentally, emotionally, and physically invaded? Are you prepared to be redesigned and rebuilt into a "new class of human"?

If this "experimentation" is allowed to progress and continue, will we still be human? Or, will we be nothing more than remotely-controlled bodies marching to the drumming of the Controllers and their "social engineers"? Considering all this, cloning looks pretty tame. And you thought the microchip was scary? Think again - before the wave of the future hits your little piece of the planet and while you can still perform this particular function on your own. Soon enough, you'll be able to add free thought to your memory collection - provided they program that into your software.

Uncle Sam's new slogan can be: "We Want Your Mind." And believe me, if they want it, they'll take it.

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