News Polls are Suspect

by Mike Bellinger

David Icke and other conspiracy writers have pointed out that the elite's obsession with polls being constantly quoted in the print and electronic media has a hidden purpose. They want everyone to think that they are "Obeying the wishes of the majority," when making decisions.

Au contraire. What they’re really doing is using the polls to test the public reactions to their various programs and manipulated incidents. Then they use those results to gauge what they think they can get away with next. It's very Machiavellian. They also know that the herd-mentality causes people to want to stay in sync with what they believe "everybody else" is thinking or doing. So, for that reason, many faked or doctored polls are used to influence the herd to go in a certain direction. It's just another game being run on us by the Illuminati social scientists.



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