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... occasionally I hear someone say you're one of those "conspiracy theories" nuts... that term was created by a government think tank back in the 60's to de-rate and ridicule anything not broadcasted by the official news media on the evening news ... there was a famous man that once said ... "never attribute to a conspiracy that which can amply be attributed to the actions of a bunch of greedy stupid self serving men in power" ... I would add to this ... " and the majority of people who are fooled into believing these men are honest and have the interests of the populous at heart" ... Prof. James McCanney M. S.


Theory No More

Commentary By Brian William Hall

I'll begin with a question that simply needs to be asked. Why is there a pathological obsession in this country with putting the words "theory and "theorist after "conspiracy? There are, at least, two possibilities that come to mind. The first is that the word "conspiracy is like a Rorschach test. It inherently comes with a variety of psychological responses upon hearing the very word - the primary reaction (so far) being closed-mindedness. The second possibility would, indeed, suggest a conspiracy. This severe skepticism (or pathos) by most against anything that challenges traditional lore is in place by design and derived from years of indoctrination through a carefully conceived program within mainstream education, politics and media for the purpose of social, financial, political and intellectual control of the masses. Most recently, this ideology was supported (and even demanded) by George W. Bush who, after 9-11, stated publicly, "Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories..."

Why would the President make such a proclamation? When something negative occurs (murder, assassination, terrorist attack, etc.) any good investigator will ask him or herself one very important question, "Who benefits from this? Then one simply follows where the evidence and money & paper trails lead him. Why, then, wouldn't the President want people to theorize about who or what was behind the most devastating attack on American soil in history? After some thought, his decree would seem counter-productive. Unless, that is, Mr. Bush and his administration would benefit from little or no inquiry from those he professes to protect just as, say, Lyndon Johnson may have benefited from appointing the very biased Warren Commission to investigate the death of his predecessor.

Well, growing numbers of U. S. citizens are simply not wanting to trust the words of our current White House occupant and the media giants anymore. This sentiment is shared by those Americans (especially in our post 9-11 world) who are deciding to think outside of the box and do their own homework on both history and current world events. And by doing so, they have discovered that things are truly not what they appear to be on planet Earth.

How do I know these people are out there? Because, I've had the honor of getting to personally know them. Furthermore, most are extremely credible individuals who simply choose to defy the mainstream and think for themselves. Each possess a passion to ask the right questions on many issues that demand further investigation, regardless of where the truth or controversy may take them. For example:

Is it a "theory that the CIA is deeply involved in drug dealing and mind control programs; that the Federal Reserve and the IRS are not government bodies, but privately owned; that there are blatant inconsistencies in the "official versions of the Oklahoma City bombing and 9-11; that the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor (perhaps like 9-11) was allowed to happen; that the government for 50+ years has had a sophisticated program in place to cover up the UFO phenomenon; that there was more than one gunman in the JFK assassination; that occult technologies, which may have devastating effects on our health and the environment, are being developed above and below ground; that the Chemtrail phenomenon is real and many "trails contain hazardous chemicals and/or biologicals; that AIDS and other "designer diseases were manufactured for depopulation purposes; that non-polluting free energies and life-saving alternative medicines are suppressed by powerful corporations and corrupt government agencies; that Secret Societies like The Skull & Bones (George W. Bush and John Kerry are members) do exist and hold strong influence over who is elected to positions of both political and financial power? And the list of questions goes on and on.


Ask yourself then. Are the examples above really conspiracy "theories or are they programs and agendas that are not only conspiratorial in nature, but have been proven to exist based on research, documentation and testimony by many hardworking, dedicated and concerned people? I personally know the answer to this because I, too, am one of those so-called "wacko conspiracy theorists who has actually taken the time to research these very issues and much more. And my personal findings are nothing short of shocking. But, for those of you who are not quite sure yet and require more confirmation on these and other conspiracy topics well, there is a little conference I know of.

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