Edwards Annointed As Next U.S. President?

(Conspiracy Nation, 6/5/04) -- Independent investigator Sherman Skolnick has learned that U.S. Senator John Edwards has been chosen by the secretive Bilderberg group as the next U.S. president.

Skolnick, a veteran sleuth with decades of experience, plans to break the story soon, possibly through a Canadian radio station linked with the Cloak and Dagger website. (www.cloakanddagger.ca/ )

In 1991, a relatively unknown governor, Bill Clinton of Arkansas, was similarly anointed by the Bilderbergers.

The Bilderbergers are known as such ever since being publicly discovered meeting at the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, Holland, in 1954. Their meetings have since been held each year at various locations. Strangely, for a group whose annual meetings include the world's most powerful individuals, there is an almost complete media blackout on coverage of the gatherings.

Even supposedly knowledgeable journalists at times appear to be unaware of the group. Skolnick recalled one reporter who, upon hearing mention of the Bilderbergers, responded, "Is that some sort of a sandwich?"

But the well-shielded Bilderberg group deserves more than such flippant responses since, according to investigative reporter James P. Tucker, who has dogged their trail for years, it has a definite agenda and is dominated by the ultra-powerful Rockefeller and Rothschild families. [1]
It appears that presumed Democrat candidate John Forbes Kerry is quite ill. According to Skolnick's information, Kerry had contracted some obscure "bird virus" years ago and his health is not good. Other perspectives see Kerry as uninspiring and not connecting with the voters. Many are cynical about both Kerry and George W. Bush belonging to the elite Yale secret society, "Skull & Bones."

Thus, according to Skolnick's current information, Kerry has been dumped in favor of Senator Edwards.

Conspiracy Nation asked Skolnick about George W. Bush's situation. Skolnick related an unusual piece of knowledge regarding Bush's recently reported bicycle accident. In 1999, just after Bush announced his candidacy for president, a truck careened into a Secret Service agent riding a bicycle behind Bush, who was out jogging. This time, reports Skolnick, it was Bush riding the bicycle and a different truck suddenly veering into the path of his coterie.

From beneath the surface, signs of internal dissension within the Bush camp are appearing. Shortly after the reported bicycle accident, a weird mix-up in communications occurred when Attorney General John Ashcroft startled the nation with his warning that America was soon to be "hit hard" by "terrorists." This surprise Ashcroft announcement was concurrent with the unleashing, by the Disney Corporation, of Michael Moore's award winning film, "Fahrenheit 9/11." Then, almost immediately, Tom Ridge, head of the Homeland Security, publicly contradicted Ashcroft's dire warning.

A few days ago, a further sub-rosa indication of discord within the Bush administration occurred. George Tenet, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (DCIA), abruptly and surprisingly announced his resignation. The truth behind Tenet's sudden departure, according to Skolnick and others, is that Bush had demanded Tenet's immediate resignation. In other words, behind the scenes, Bush fired Tenet but this is being hidden from the public.

  Skolnick, like many others, is fearful of how far Bush might go to maintain his hold on power. Skolnick is wary of a sudden event, possibly quite violent, in the coming weeks and months. Since George W. Bush sees himself as anointed by God as America's leader, will he just meekly acquiesce to an heretical Bilderberg annointing of Edwards?

------- Notes -------
[1] Tucker, qtd. in Rule By Secrecy by Jim Marrs. New York: HarperCollins, 2000. ISBN: 0-06-019368-9


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