Global Governance for a New Global Union

By Mary Louise

Last week (1/6/03) we explored Dick Cheney's "Project for a New American Century", which is related to the widespread school of global thought or ideas that has permeated and infected society in general.  In a speech to the Council of the Americas (COTA) on May 6, 2002 filmed by C-Span, Cheney said that everything is on schedule for completion by January 2005, of the "Free Trade Area of the Americas" (FTAA).  The FTAA will become the "American Union". At this time and there will no longer be a Constitution and Bill of Rights.  The old "Fast Track Legislation" has been renamed the "Trade Promotion Authority".  They often change the names when people catch on to throw us off the track, in addition to disseminating conflicting, confusing, and false information through the media and other organizations.  The globalists couldn't get the support they needed for the League of Nations so they just called it the United Nations instead and so it is with the New World Order, which has now become the New Global Union.

With the European Union (formerly European Economic Community) already established, one of the milestones of completing the American Union will be to oouttlaw private ownership of firearms by U.S. citizens.  To prepare for the anticipated resistance and protests, the Elite have created the Office of Homeland Security to control law-abiding gun owners who are stirred up about gun confiscation, not to protect us from [fake] terrorists.  They have already previously established concentration camps on military bases in almost every state, to confine resisters to the transition of the American Union.  Then they will change the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), created by George H.W. Bush in 1989, to the new name "Asian Union" around 2010, which during this time the former "Soviet Union" will be resurrected under direct control of the Elite.  Around 2015 or sooner, the governing body will assume full command over all four of the Global Regions, controlled by the same secret cabal.  By this time, if all goes as planned by the globalists who conspire continually, national sovereignty of all nations will be a thing of the past and all people will be enslaved under the strict Global Elite.

The U.N. document entitled "Our Global Neighborhood", is a report of the "Commission on Global Governance" (CGG) published in 1995 by Oxford University Press and available through local bookstores.  The CGG report says, "The development of global governance is part of the evolution of human efforts to organize life on the planet..." and was unveiled at the "U.N. World Summit for Social Development" in Denmark (March '95).  This was a keystone event in the accelerating campaign agenda of the global socialists to ratify an already prepared historic pact.  Then anticipating a reaction of concern by many, they attempted to ease the pain by deceptively stating in the report, "As this report makes clear, global governance is not global government.  No misunderstanding should arise from the similarity of terms.  We are not proposing movement toward world government."   That is a conspicuous LIE and obvious chicanery!  Global government is exactly what they are proposing, as they well know and anyone with eyes can see.

The "U.N. Human Development Report" in 1994, contains an essay by Nobel prize-winning Jan Tinbergen called "Global Governance for the 21st Century" where he comes right out with his true intent by saying, "Mankind's problems can no longer be solved by national governments, what is needed is a 'World Government' that should have a 'World Police' and a program for the redistribution of world income."  In 1992 Mikhail Gorbachev, who was appointed to head the CFR's "Global Security Project", called for "Global Government" and said it is time to consider putting, "Certain national armed forces at the disposal of the Security Council, making them subordinate to U.N. military command."  The worldwide Elite oligarchy includes anyone who is or ever has been a member of the Bilderbergs, CFR, and/or Trilateral Commission, accomplishing their self-serving goals through an endlessly intertwined network of clandestine organizations, clubs, societies, associations, and institutions.  They also control the UN, NATO, NSA, CIA, FBI, BATF, Pentagon, Senate and House of Representatives, our courts, and law enforcement agencies either directly or indirectly.

"Who's Who of the Elite" is designed to inform the public about the Wheelers and Dealers of our lives, to better arm themselves with the knowledge of what's happening and going wrong in the world.  This book lists the members, organizations, and affiliations to reveal the stranglehold they have over our government, banks, media, industry, universities, think tanks, financial institutions, labor unions, etc. including the real facts about the true ownership of the Federal Reserve System.  The Global Elite have left no stone unturned and there is precious little that has not been tampered with.  These organizations go to a lot of effort and expense to remain secret, of which the Bilderbergs are the most secretive as the 'High Priests of Globalisation', though the information gets out in spite of the attempts to suppress it.  The Bilderbergs decide when wars should start and end and who the players will be, they own the central banks and Federal Reserve System, they are in a position to determine money supply levels, prices of gold and other precious metals, and tightly control what countries should receive loans.  They also decide who will be allowed to run for offices of President, Prime Minister, Chancellor, Governor General, or other titles of leaders.

In 1989, then-President Bush and Gorbachev shook hands on a "Unity Through Diversity" doctrine, indicating a convergence of aristocratic Black Arts Occultism with Socialist atheism.  Any word ending in 'ism' is a clue that the globalists are behind it, whatever it may be.  This policy doctrine is accepted because it appears to be for peace and prosperity, but later it will show itself as violent when the majority have accepted it.  This new system of government and religion is falsely presenting itself as the "Great Humanitarian" and the "Master of Peace" that is actually pushing for the 'hive mentality' of collective consciousness and harmonic convergence of oneness of mind and purpose, with no room for personal opinion or individual thought process.  Scientologists, satanists, atheists, and futurists are all welcome to merge into the NWO or New Global Union while Jews, Christians, Muslims, and indigenous peoples are marked for extermination.  True patriots and Christians are the main targets of the media and new generation of super electronic, nuclear, and biological weapons that have been created.  Colonel John Alexander and Dave Alexander openly state in their "The Warrior's Edge", "Future Warrior", and "Tomorrow's Warrior" series, that the main enemy of Globalization is American Constitutionalists and Christians, of whom E.L.F. weapons are designed to wipe out.  Colonel Alexander was commander of Los Alamos and leader of the DOD's Non-Lethal Weapons Division, in charge of products that can control your mind, stop your heart, or fry you by microwave.

The "Age of Cataclysm" by Alfred Weber and Philip Less calls for a New Constitution and Federalist Manifesto with a one party system - the World Federalists, eliminating the Congress, the Constitution, and world population for a NWO and Lucifer One World Religion.  It lays out the plan to set up a one world electronic mind-controlled totalitarian police state system of slavery and tracking, committing mass genocide to save nature (Gaia) and cleanse the earth of unwanted humans and animals, with the ultimate objective of offering human sacrifices to Lucifer in a high-tech occult Luciferian Age.  These same people who claim they want to save nature will destroy it with HAARP, ELF, GWEN, and other WMD's.  This book was promoted by the World Federalist Association and World Future Society.  The Masons, Club of Rome, World Future Society (WFS), World Federalist Associations (WFA is U.S.), World Federalist Movement (WFM is International), the Global Society, and Global Policy Forum as well as many secret societies along with all intelligence agencies, who are also in alliance with Nazis hired by the CIA through Operation Paperclip, are socially engineering all societies on earth and pushing for it to happen before 2013.  The Epilogue of the "Age of Cataclysm" includes a statement from"The Next Development in Man" by Lancelot Law Whyte, to create a unified-science-religion and Webre, a futurologist, goes on to deal with moving entire populations into specific areas.  The Global Social Engineers insist that more than 50% of the lands must be "off limits" in order to save nature, resulting in one third of the U.S. population being moved out of rural areas while their media twists the minds of the masses to believe something other than reality.  In 1989, plans were made to inter up to 21 million Americans in internment camps and truckers have been transporting snap-together 'tiger cages' to FEMA.

According to the book "The Messiah and the Second Coming", the goals of the World Federalists, The World Future Society, and the U.N. are the same as Masonry and the New Age Movement.  The Psychic Agenda is the same as the World Federalist Agenda, which is the same as the U.N. Agenda, which is the same as the FEMA Agenda, and the same as the New Constitution of the U.S. Agenda.  World Federalism claims to be the most effective way to organize governance while the U.N. is continuing to implement its agenda to create a world religion and global government.  The major thrust is to restructure the global financial system to shift all economic power to the Bank for International Settlements, controlled by private central banks throughout the world.  The Millennium Project: Global Future Studies and Research of the American Council for the U.N. University is a global participatory futures research think tank of futurists, scholars, business planners, government, corporations, universities, and policy makers who work for international and non-profit organizations.  The WFM is in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the U.N. and receives financial support from dues, supporters, foundations, and government grants.

Barbara Marx Hubbard is an author, futurist, social engineer and architect, co-founder of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution, founding member of the World Future Society, and Society for the Universal Human.  She co-founded the Committee for the Future in Washington, D.C., created the multi-media presentation "Theatre for the Future", and hosted a TV series called "Potentials".  Hubbard also designed and co-chaired large Soviet-American Citizen Summits, including organizing the 1988 Soviet-American Citizens' Summit in Alexandria, Virginia, coordinated with the Soviet Peace Committee, a creature of the Soviet Central Committees International Department established by Stalin to carry out penetration and subversion of foreign countries.  This busy activist claims to be establishing Evolutionary Circles throughout the world to support small groups, in their emergence as universal humans and founders of a global civilization.

The World Future Society is hosting an event at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco on July 18-20 (registration by 2/28/03), called "World Future 2003: 21st Century Opportunities and Challenges".  Their conferences have been described as a "global village in microcosm".  Then there is the website of the Boston Chapter of the WFS -, hosted by WFS board member Alexander "Sasha" Chislenko who left Leningrad in 1989 and has founded the Institute of Memetic Engineering (unregistered).  He has studied cybernetics, futurology, memetics itself, novel theories such as Ideas Futures and morphogenetic fields hypothesis, semantics in space, etc. and has compiled an extensive list of links to other futurist type organizations.

The New American articles entitled "A Plague of Power" and "Global Gorby" are very enlightening, worth reading, and the source for some of my information: and .

The organizations and material mentioned in this article can be verified on search engines, so please check out what the global futurists are up to and how far they have progressed with their frontierish scientific, technological, political, and philosophical futuristic concepts.  It will explain why so many people get that glazed look in their eyes and act strangely when informed of truthful facts.  Those are the ones who have been hypnotized or are willingly going along into the Luciferian Age of deception, destruction, and bondage.


The ONLY Solution is The Plan Against The New World Order

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