Is Your Gun Rights Organization Ready To Face the Fight?

By Tom Farrenkopf

An Ought Six Point of View

Monday, July 7, 2003, on American soil- soil soaked with the blood of our Fathers, men and women with no allegiance to this nation began a conference dedicated to stealing your right of self-defense. You must be genuinely concerned with this. The conference, The United Nations First Biennial Meeting of States to Consider the Implementation of the UN Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All its Aspects at the National, Regional and Global Levels, is part of the follow-up process to the United Nations Conference on the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects (2001 Conference), which was held in New York from 9 to 20 July 2001. The UN holds that, disarmament is vital for quality of life and ultimately the survival of the planet.

To me, however, the tragedy surrounding this event is our countrys underhanded participation in this conference, and even worse, the fact that virtually all of the gun rights organizations are asleep at the switch and have allowed this debacle to largely slip by their membership. Perhaps the tiptoeing done by our government regarding this conference had to do with the blistering the 2001 conference received from American gun owners. To jog your memory, at the 2001 conference, John Bolton, U.S. Undersecretary for Arms Control for the State Department, placed the U.S. on record as supporting small arms control, to the exclusion of hunting rifles, shotguns, and pistols. His words, that must be considered U.S. Government approved, sent the signal that small weapons that could best be used by a government oppressed citizenry to defend against tyranny, should be controlled. The only American gun owners who fell for that line of horse pucky were the kind who would have stuck their heads up when Sergeant York gobbled like a turkey!

At this years conference, Lincoln P. Bloomfield Jr., Assistant Secretary for Political Affairs, made this statement as part of his address to the conference: The United States strongly supports the United Nations Program of Action, and the meeting for which we are now gathered. We are committed to supporting the very focused and constructive agenda that our Chairperson, Ambassador Inoguchi has so ably brought forward. (Emphasis mine.) The question bears asking, would anyone representing the U.S. Government make any such statement before it was cleared by the administration? Not likely. In fact, the UN General Assembly created a working group of 23 government experts, to assist the UN Secretary General in examining a study on the feasibility of developing an international instrument to enable States to identify and trace, in a timely manner, illicit small arms and light weapons. (For those of us who like things brought down to their most common denominator, this international instrument is what we call a list of gun owners for the purpose of gun control.) The expert provided by the United States to this group is Mr. Terrance Austin. My suspicion is this is the same Terrance Austin, who as late as Feb. 2003 was the Chief of the BATF National Tracing Center, and may still hold that position. Clearly we can see that our government not only gives approval of the conference and the agenda, we even provide them with at least one expert to give advice on creating global gun laws! But wait, theres more!

Another one of your former public servants who is aiding the UN in its quest for global glory is Julia Taft. From 1997-2001, Julia was Assistant Secretary for Population, Refugees and Migration in the US State department. She now holds the title of Assistant Administrator and Director of the Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery at the UN. In a July 10 UN press release regarding the small weapons conference, she stated that her department, UNPD, would join hands with the World Health Organization (WHO) to work on urban armed violence issues. In other words, her agency as well as WHO will be part of the enforcement committee in global gun control.

The American involvement cited above is no way totally inclusive of Americans still working under your employ in the US government who may be assisting with preparations for global gun control. Prudence dictates that you must be alarmed and act in whatever capacity you can to stop this, as well as educate other citizens. Its your freedom and its your money!

Another group of Americans that enjoyed the hospitality of the UN during their gun grabbing conference are members of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). These organizations are akin to what we call lobbyists in our nations capital. These NGOs provide the experts that guide the UN. One of the more powerful NGOs is Global Green Cross, headed by former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev. His organization promotes disarmament with an environmental twist. Here is a quote from Gorbys Green Cross organization. Disarmament projects always take place in extremely complex contexts (Note: You are supposed to be overpowered and awed by these extremely complex contexts, so bleat like a sheep) and can only be successfully implemented if all related problems are resolved. Typical challenges in disarmament projects are the lack of finances, anxiety about health and the environment on the part of the general public, as well as economical and social structural changes. Within these complex contexts, the Legacy of Cold War Programme facilitates processes, which lead to an environment allowing for a successful implementation of disarmament projects and to an increased environmental consciousness in the armies. The rough translation of what The Barracudas at Green Cross are saying is: In order to have global governance we must disarm the Americans and terminate their Constitution and Bill of Rights. Now back to the American NGOs.

When fishing to catch this bunch of traitors in the act of stealing your rights, its hard to keep your line untangled. There are several, they are powerful, and they have the money. The most influential NGO participating at the Small Arms conference was the International Action Network On Small Arms (IANSA). This international coalition includes 16 anti-gun groups from the United States. The most notable being, Million Mom March united with the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Another American organization belonging to this coalition is the Small Arms Working Group. Rachel Stohl, is a member of this group and represents the United States on the IANSA steering committee. She is a Senior Analyst at the Center for Defense Information in Washington, DC. Her areas of expertise include the international arms trade, conventional weapons, small arms and light weapons, landmines, child soldiers, and the United Nations. Prior to joining CDI, Ms. Stohl was a Herbert Scoville Peace Fellow at the British American Security Information Council (BASIC) in Washington, DC. Ms. Stohl previously worked at the United Nations Center for Disarmament Affairs in New York and at the Program for Arms Control, Disarmament, and Conversion in Monterey, CA.

Ms. Stohl has a MA in International Policy Studies from the Monterey Institute of International Studies and a BA in Political Science and German from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Ms. Stohl churned out much of the propaganda Americans read in their Daily Disappointment newspaper concerning the small arms conference. The following statement from IANSA demonstrates the influence this particular NGO has had at the UN concerning gun control.

In July 2001, IANSA was instrumental in raising and unifying the voices of NGOs at the United Nations Small Arms Conference in New York, the first world gathering on small arms and light weapons. We brought governments into serious, meaningful dialogue with the NGO sector over small arms, ensuring that those involved in the preparation of the UN Programme of Action felt the pressure of civil society organizations committed to bringing about real and lasting change. IANSA helped bring 46 participant organizations from gun-affected countries to the preparatory meetings and Conference, as well as coordinating NGO activities and their presentations to the Conference. IANSA is now recognized by the UN as an important global NGO network with valuable expertise to contribute to discussions at all levels.

IANSA will continue to play a leadership role in the UN Small Arms Conference process, promoting NGO participation in the meetings, and keeping pressure on UN member governments to create effective and binding measures against the proliferation and misuse of small arms and light weapons at all levels.

Hows your blood pressure doing right about now? If you just bought a Ford your pressure may go thru the roof. You see, the Ford Foundation is one of the major funders of IANSA. Government funders are the governments of the UK, Belgium, Sweden and Norway. The other contributing foundations are the Rockefeller Foundation, Compton Foundation, Ploughshares Fund, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Open Society Institute, Samuel Rubin Foundation, and Christian Aid.

Returning to the Ford Foundation, their list of anti-self defense organizations they fund in addition to the IANSA includes, The Norwegian Initiative on Small Arms Transfers, Fund for Peace Arms and Conflict Program, and the Quaker UN Office.

So where is all of this heading? The first conclusion I have reached is that we are up to our necks in alligators. Our fellow citizens continue to view the UN as a rather benign organization that our government uses to promote peace and freedom for the other guy. After all, the prevailing thought among the masses is that we live in a civilized country with liberty. So, this is the conclusion I have reached based on past performance of our government and how I perceive their future performance regarding global gun control.

Our government will feign resistance as the UN proceeds to create an international instrument of gun control that will be binding on member nations. Of course, there will be a probationary period as the laws are phased in. The laws will include a tax on weapons and ammunition, mandatory registration of all rifles, shot guns and pistols. You will not be able to buy gunpowder. This will eliminate black powder rifles and re-loading. (Sorry, black powder enthusiasts youre in the minority and confiscation has to start somewhere.) All ammunition must be properly marked and must contain taggants. Eventually, of course you will be priced out of the market. If that doesnt happenwell, not to worry. The UN law will finally just tell you to turn in the weapons. And how will all of this affect you? Remember the recently created UN International Court? Even though the US is not a party to the creation of this court our government has had to negotiate with the UN to keep Americans from it's jurisdiction. So don't even begin to think our Bill of Rights is going to protect you once the "hard law" is in place. Especially since the Supreme Court just cited international law in overturning a lower court ruling prohibiting homsexual activity.(Lawrence vs. Texas)

Another criteria for ownership will be your mental health. This will include your religious and political convictions. One tip that might help you fool the UN Blue enforcers will be to feign worship to mother earth and put a pie pan in your lip. Indigenous cultures will fare somewhat better under UN rules. I suspect the reason for this is that the elite see them as the clay they evolved from, so they have a soft spot in their hearts for them.

For those of you who are thinking those rhetorical thoughts about giving the enforcers your ammunition one bullet at a time, or that they will pry your cold dead fingers from around your self-defense weapon of choice,you'd better mean it.because heres the UNs coup de grace. On March 18-20, 1999 the World Bank held a meeting regarding small arms. Now just what would a banker have to do with weapons of self-defense? In a UN controlled post Sept. 11, 2001 world begging for peace and security, everything from your home loan to your grocery club card will be monitored by the banking system. Want a loan on that dream home or car? How about a VISA or Mastercard? How about a plain old loan to cover some unforeseen emergency? Look for a line on the loan application swearing that you are in compliance with all pertinent international gun laws. This will happen unless there is a radical change in activity beyond the internet keyboard.

You see these intellectually superior Stalin wannabes who work for the UN, or who are well fed little lap yappers working for NGOs have decided we will all be better off living in a one world village ala Hillary and friends. Yes, Sarah Brady and Chuck Schumer along with the rest of the rights grabbers in Washington DC need to be watched. These types working to destroy your liberty in our nations capital are lined up far over the horizon to take the place of any given one of them who passes on to the next life. However, the threat imposed by the UN has created a new set of dynamics. Is your gun rights organization ready to face the fight? Every indication is that it is not.

Consider how Neal Knox, whom I respect very much, reported on the recent UN conference: July 14 Neal Knox Update- Even the Pope got involved in last weeks United Nations push to ban Illicit firearms trafficking- which they consider to be anything except carefully regulated sales between governments.

The Vaticans U. N. ambassador was all for the international gun control scheme as were virtually all nations except the U.S. Its particularly popular in Canada, Japan, and brutal dictatorships. Neal Knox got it wrong, and a lot of people count on him for accurate information. As for the rest of the gun rights organizations, they only gave this conference superficial coverage. It is all so sad.

How each of you decides to address this nightmare staring us in the face is unknown to me. Gun owners at this point in time seem to be lethargic because of the Republican administration. When we do act, it is not like a thundering heard of buffalo bound for the same destination, but a very unorganized herd of cats- independent and ready to go in any direction except the one that will get results. If we are to save this Republic and restore our lost freedoms new leaders must emerge. When they will and how their message can be delivered is an interesting question. Perhaps Ill live to see how this question is answered. Any suggestions?

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