Letter to the Editor [Open Border Situation]

Letter to the Editor,

The purpose for writing is to express my view on what I believe is happening regarding our “open” border situation, Washington’s “amnesty policy” and the consequent influx of literally millions of illegal aliens coming across our southern and northern boundaries.

After many years of study, letters to and face to face conversations with my congressman at the local, state and national levels I have concluded what is happening to America is BY DESIGN.

May I recommend a VERY well documented book entitled “Hope of the Wicked - The Master Plan to Rule the World”. The author is Ted Flynn. What you will find in that book is a chronology of quotes from members of the U.S government ADMITTING to deliberately engineering a scheme to meld this country into what is being hailed as “global governance”.

The world census of 1900 concluded there were 1 BILLION people on this planet. Here we are a little over 100 years later and we are now [reportedly] over 6 BILLION with the potential to explode the world population exponentially. The Question is; can the planet sustain an ever-growing population? VERY powerful, global money interests think not.

To the global elite.., the answer lies in “proper management”. “Proper management” to them means reducing the world population dramatically while “leveling” the world social - economic structure. The intent is to bring the U.S. down to the Third World level. Homeless, hungry people are much more apt to listen to a “benevolent government”.

NAFTA, GATT and the WTO were necessary tools needed to help these GLOBAL engineers realize their goal. Because of these treaties, organizations and policies, most of our manufacturing has left this country and now.., corporations AND government are “outsourcing” thousands more of our family wage jobs.

The corporate U.S. government/Washington, DC/Amerika has been through at least two bankruptcies that I am aware of and the debt created through fraud CAN NEVER be paid off.., BY DESIGN.

The borders are being left open purposely. Millions of illegals will lower our standard of living and put an ever-increasing tax burden on an already over-taxed population.

Our destruction is incremental but it is destruction none-the-less.

I could fill this newspaper with what I have learned but space will not allow so I am hoping this has caught your attention because I KNOW what is coming for all of us is not good. We MUST get educated.

Please write me at rolandcro [at] earthlink [dot] net for a free packet of vital information.

This is “our watch”. What kind of world do you want to leave your children??

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