Is this it? The beginning of the final act?

To All,

I hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

As always.., for whatever it may be worth.., We/I offer the following for your consideration.

In 1979 I read a very interesting book by a fellow whose name is long forgotten to me but I do remember he survived the Nazi death-camps and having lived through that experience..? couldn't understand why? He got curious and started a self-education process. He learned how the world actually worked [why wars? - "money makes the world go 'round" ] and put many of the pieces of the "puzzle" together. He did his best to prepare himself for what he felt was an inevitable WWIII. He made it his life's mission to help inform others of what he felt was sure to come. No doubt he was accused of being a "chicken little".

It is now 25 years later and things that I read back then that seemed TOO much to believe have been and are coming to pass. In my opinion, he was an insightful man ahead of the times.

You may still not believe this but indeed, there is no doubt.., Amerika is slated for PLANNED DESTRUCTION. You are watching it happen [in myriad ways] even as you are reading this.

Watching the march toward "global governance" [the "New World Order"] by the ultra [money] elite of this world has had its moments of disheartening discouragement for me. Who amongst us has not seen TREMENDOUS, negative change?

We have all observed one insane "police action"/WAR after another [of course, in the name of helping others]. And, of course, nothing making any sense and nothing EVER being resolved. President Eisenhower warned of the industrial/military complex. But FEW understood the weight of his message [or if they did..? they turned a blind eye]. Through all the madness [and wars].., America seemed to be prospering. We were taught, "war is good" [for the economy]. Life seemed good. Two or more cars in every garage. Big screen TV's, nice vacations, etc. Somehow, at some point, we started to accept debt with interest as a "normal" way of life, after we were sucked into the "live now, pay later" mindset in the 1960s and programmed to accept it as the "way to go", and NO ONE seemed to be paying attention at all to what the U.S. government was doing [regarding debt, growth, ILLEGAL law-making and the construction of the welfare state].

Today, we are the largest debtor nation in the world in both the private and government sectors. We are locked into a PERPETUAL DEBT system with anti-God interest* and FEW will take the time to get educated on this GIGANTIC SCAM. At the same time.., we ARE the most hated nation on Earth. We are rapidly approaching the "later" part of the "live now, pay later" cycle, and will find we have nothing left to pay with, except what is left of our freedom and our lives. God warned us and we did not listen to Him.

* Deuteronomy 23:19 Thou shalt not lend upon usury (interest) to thy brother; usury of money, usury of victuals, usury of any thing that is lent upon usury:

I'll not list the HORRIFIC events we have all witnessed perpetrated by this U.S. government against the people of the world and its own citizens because who can't see them? And I couldn't list them all anyhow.

Many informed citizens believe H.A.A.R.P. was used to "whip up" and direct Hurricane Katrina [if you are unaware of the H.A.A.R.P. technology may I recommend a book by Dr. Nick Begich {"Earth Rising - The Revolution"} or just plug H.A.A.R.P. {High Auroral Activity Research Project} into any search engine - I am sure you will find plenty].

Regardless.., what we are witnessing in the gulf-coast states is ALL THEATER. Even if the Katrina was not induced.., our bought and paid for U.S./global government is doing the bidding of the NWOdor elite and is using the catastrophe in every way imaginable.., to FURTHER the global, New World Order agenda.

Please consider the supposed principles of this country. Each state a "country unto itself" [i.e independent] yet united under an umbrella/federal CON-stitution. Consider that premise.

Any "student of history" KNOWS the basics of the typical 200 year revolutionary cycle. Any student of history understands a "democracy" cannot and never will sustain itself. So in America it got labeled, "a democratic republic". An oxymoron and insanity on its face.

In my lifetime I have watched the growth and consolidation of CENTRALIZED power [i.e. Washington D.C. become a god].

Hopefully you will notice in all of the coverage [particularly] in New Orleans, the "people" are crying out to GOVERNMENT/god. Which government? Local? State? How is the media dealing with this? All they are showing is the lack of response from FEDERAL government. State and local government isn't even a consideration except for the fact THEY ARE WHINING and want FEDERAL HELP.., BIG MAMA government. The main teat.

Why are people looking to government at all? Why aren't they looking to God and one another? Would Katrina have even happened had we/they kept our eyes on God and OBEYED Him?

Before considering this next part; President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, "NOTHING happens politically by accident.., if it happens.., be sure it was planned".

We know.., all media in this country is controlled. If government [actually the money powers BEHIND government] does not want us to see or hear about it.., we won't.

President Bush's popularity ratings have been falling recently [or so we are told]. Cindy Sheehan has somehow gotten mainstream, national coverage [another timing accident or planned timing?] and people are finally starting to question the war in Iraq. They are awakening to realize they were lied to. Is this all an accident? All of a sudden we have "truth" in the media?

FEMA [the Federal Emergency Management Agency] has grown tremendously the last two decades. Billions of dollars have been pumped into this organization. Their whole [supposed] purpose is to respond IMMEDIATELY in the event of any emergency. Their presence is in virtually EVERY COUNTY.

The U.S. federal government has become so mammoth it can move manpower and materials/goods/food/medicine halfway around the world virtually overnight [to other countries in distress] but for some reason.., they have been very slow to respond to their own? Why do you suppose that is? Ted Kopple of ABC asked one of the heads at FEMA what was going on? Their answer? They didn't know! Kopple said.., "don't you watch TV?" Are we to suppose this is by accident? With Big Brother government knowing EVERYTHING that is going on around the world 24/7 with Carnivore, Eschelon, sophisticated satellite and computer technology and FEMA in EVERY county.., we are to believe they didn't know? Does this not smack of all the same post 9-1-1 nonsense?

People are blaming government for failing to care for its own. And tonight../ the "race card" is being played. WHAT is going on? More hate/division is being promoted. Jesse Jackson even showed up and got some air time.

President Bush gets on TV and says the lack of response is not acceptable. What is that? Some wimpy, supposed, show of compassion? A cynical photo-opportunity?

In the meantime there are reports of anarchy, looting and violence toward the "police"/authorities.

Many of these "disenfranchised"/forgotten people have been without food and water for days. And the world is watching.

Why do you suppose that is [remembering nothing happens politically by accident]?

President Bush got on TV and said LAWBREAKING will NOT be tolerated REGARDLESS of the circumstances. Thousands of bodies are reportedly just floating in the water.., people are stranded still and they will shoot people for stealing TVs and VCRs when the whole area is devastated and there isn't electricity for 100 miles? What kind of madness is that?

Many policemen have quit their jobs and walked away. What is going on?

Is this an experiment? Are "they" getting a feel for how people en-mass will react after a planned nuclear attack is unleashed on us? Or for what might happen when Wall Street crashes and there is no gas or electricity to be had or food to be found? Former President George H.W. Bush and former President Bill Clinton were on TV tonight [together - they are "buddies" now - MORE THEATER] URGING everyone to give MONEY to some internet site tonight. The Red Cross has already, reportedly received 200 MILLION dollars in donations. Where I am.., they have set up something akin to a telethon with 125 people manning phones to take donations and are asking/URGING other communities to do the same. Where is this money coming from? Will it actually get to "victims" or will it disappear also [the Red Cross has been guilty of "disappearing money"]?

At the same time the networks are covering stories of gasoline selling upwards to $6.50 per gallon. Where is the money coming from for people to bear all of this?

The housing market [bubble] virtually overnight dropped a reported 16% nation-wide. Where did the money go?

Because of NAFTA and GATT.., Amerika has lost most of its manufacturing base. Pop and mom are working 2.7 jobs per household..., mostly in, go nowhere, service-sector jobs.

No new oil-refineries have been built in this country for 30 years. But cameras are being installed on every street corner in Everytown, USA. Doesn't that tell you something?

We experienced the Savings and Loan debacle of the 80's [BILLIONS "disappeared" from the market]. We experienced the "dot coms" of the 90's along with the ENRON/Global Crossing/et al scams and watched BILLIONS more "disappear" along with tens of thousands life savings and pensions..., phhht.., gone.

Fannie Fae and Freddie Mac are TRILLIONS of dollars in the red [but Freddie Mac pledged 10 MILLION dollars towards helping the "victims" of the gulf-coast region]. You and your children WILL RECEIVE a national ID card and you WILL BE PSYCHOLOGICALLY EVALUATED [before you or they are "disappeared"].

I could go on and on, but I am sure you can just as easily add to this list.

Gentlemen.., ladies.., it is over. America is long gone. Even the illusion is gone. But most cling to the dream. You are being CONDITIONED to accept tyranny. Watch TV and you will see how the "refugees" are being treated [like criminals]. Notice the MILITARY presence. We are already a 3rd world country. Soon the facade of wealth will be gone. Soon the rest of what is left of Amerika will be doing its best just to survive.

Is all of this THEATER/lack of FEMA response to discredit the Presidency and the government? If so? Why? Are we being "set up" to accept a NEW SAVIOR? Amerika's government/god is failing them. Why? Amerika's "resources" are spread too thin? Why? Poor planning? I don't think so. I believe everything that is happening is BY DESIGN [just as THERE IS NO REMEDY IN THE SYSTEM.., BY DESIGN]. It is THEATER/DECEPTION.

I was listening to "The Power Hour" this morning on "truth talk radio"/"alternative media". For years I've heard, "when are you going to draw your line in the sand"? Now they are preaching "preparedness". I do believe I just saw the proverbial towel hit the floor in the middle of the ring. What is interesting to me is; the "patriot movement" [Amerikas, last, best hope] threw in the towel before they even got in the ring. They never threw one punch. They "petitioned" outside the ring hoping to not have to get into the fight. So now.., what is left of Amerika slips quietly into the night.

For three years I have been given to promote "THE PLAN" @ and have been saying that if we will not WAKE UP and ENFORCE "THE PLAN".., we will ALL experience WWIII and Armageddon. At this point.., I believe we have sealed our collective fate.

We are without courage. We are without resources. It is over. We are about to suffer the consequences of our collective, selfish INACTION.

Once more I am given to present to you "The Way Home or face The Fire". It is a "little book" that can be downloaded FOR FREE @ I hope you read it, digest and live it. NO ONE will survive what is coming [and even now, upon us] if they don't.

Long live The Fighters [for God],



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