Enforcement Actions

from Roland:

To All,

Not that I don't agree with the following from Carl because I do but should like to add these thoughts.

As you surely know, government, "being in bed" with the Federal Reserve, can "print" all the "money"/frn's it wants. With that said, spending while cutting taxes is absolutely achievable. Carl describes a police state growth/crackdown. Along with that We offer this observation.., INFLATION (for this generation) and more debt heaped upon the next generations (forever).

You are aware of NAFTA and GATT. We are experiencing the "fruits" of those "treaties". Most of Amerika's manufacturing base is gone. AND now, the "corporations" are "contracting out" (to India and wherever) our "service" sector jobs. Amerika is energy dependent, food dependent and is left with menial, low pay jobs (while our children are being "dumbed down"). Now pile double digit inflation on top of that (because that is where the difference between spending and "cutting taxes" will be "made up") and what do you have? Most "homeowners" (we all know we can never "own" a home in this beast system but that is for another discussion) are mortgaged to the hilt and are carrying a huge credit-card debt load. Are we so blind we cannot "see" what is happening? To "survive".., prices HAVE to rise while incomes go down. Easy math. This formula = "third world country". That will be Amerika.., soon. Why do you suppose we are seeing the emergence of the police state? "They" know people remain complacent when they are "fat, dumb and happy". And they also know there will be rioting in the streets when they lose their homes and the ability to feed their children. But this is all a part of a grand scheme to bring in "the NWOdor".., a "one world dictatorship".

"They" keep "noticing us". Their "notices" "hide in plain sight" but you have to know how to "read the sign". We are not far from some very horrific events and FEW shall survive. Time is short.

Please read on.


Enforcement Actions

By Carl F. Worden

A few months ago, I warned you all that the IRS was tooling to begin massive audits of self-employed Americans and small businesses nationwide.  It was just announced that the IRS has dropped 2,500 clerical staffers, to be replaced by 2,500 tax enforcement auditors.

The reason for this move should be obvious:  The Bush Administration has created the most massive deficit in U.S. history by it's adventures in the so-called War On Terror in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Philippines, Columbia and elsewhere.

Hey, look at what was just passed as an "improvement" to Medicare:  That's another 410 billion dollars over the next ten years, and Congress recently approved another 87 billion to rebuild Iraq.  It's only money, but for you moronic Bush-lovers, hey, it is YOUR money.

You will notice that at the same time, Bush and Company passed a nice tax cut to buy votes.

Now look at the big picture:  We‚ve got this massive outlay of tax dollars going to wage relentless wars and improve Medicare benefits, while at the same time, Bush pushes through a major tax cut?  What kind of an idiot does that?  How about a fiscal idiot who never made it in business?  Could we just start there?

So how are they going to pay for this fiscal insanity?  They are going to be rifling through your tax returns to look for any possibility you didn't report income or that you claimed false tax deductions.  They are going to be conducting "line-by-line" audits - do you know what those are?

A line-by-line tax audit is a real piece of work.  The IRS "examiner" makes you account for every penny you spent in a year on absolutely everything, and then they compare that to how much you claimed as income.  If your income is less than what you spent, then it had better be on credit card balances and loans carried over, or you've just been tagged with income you didn't declare.  If you cannot point to gifts of cash or loans from family, whatever the balance left will be subject to taxes, interest and penalties, and you might even be prosecuted criminally for tax evasion.

The days when people committed suicide, homes and businesses were seized, and all kinds of IRS misdeeds were committed, are about to be inflicted upon us all again.

As a Financial Consultant, I can tell you that the majority of Americans, both self-employed and employed, are regularly supplementing their reported incomes with unreported income from a vast number of sources too numerous to mention here, and they are doing it because they cannot live a decent lifestyle on their after-tax incomes.  It is open season for the IRS - and they know it.

When the IRS had its wrists slapped a few years ago, after all the horror stories and mayhem committed by the IRS had become known, Congress severely restricted the IRS‚ budget and its unconstitutional right to force taxpayers to prove their innocence in tax cases.  All that is over.

No, there was no recent legislation passed to take the Œcuffs off the IRS:  What King George wants, King George gets, and that will be the legacy of the Bush 43 Administration.

On a whim, King George wages war without a congressional declaration.  On a whim, King George strips an arrested American citizen of his right to legal counsel, to face his accusers or to force his accusers to present the evidence they claim to have against him in a court of law.

Oh, but King George has God and Jesus on his side, so the truly stupid among us continue to worship him no matter what he does, constitutional or not.  Bush-lovers are not true Christians, because George W. Bush is not a Christian by any means of the imagination.

To put it bluntly, Bush-lovers mindlessly worship Bush, the same way Clinton-lovers mindlessly worshipped Clinton.  You cannot reason with them.

Fittingly, most Bush-lovers are self-employed and small business owners, and it is they who are about to be raped by Bush's newly emboldened IRS.

Enjoy the ride, fools.  I told you so.

Carl F. Worden

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan:-


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