Dick Simkanin Back in Jail

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Good morning Sallie,

I hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

Last week I was going to drive to Dallas but physically could not make it on time to make it to the Simkanin hearing.

This tactic is CLASSIC from/by government and is basically the SAME thing they did with Bob and I in July of 2001 which is; when "We the Sheeple" rise up.., give them what they want (we wanted Simkanin released and so "we got it"; Bob and I wanted a "signed promise" for government to meet us in a PUBLIC forum and so "we got it") but as soon as the "swell" dies down they GO RIGHT BACK to their agenda. How many people do you suppose will drive cross-country (or fly in) this time in Simkanin's defense?

I held guarded hope that government would meet with "We the Sheeple" in February, 2002 (after postponing the September meetings due to 9-1-1) but when that didn't happen I KNEW THE truth.

It is my sincere desire that people get their minds around this; "GOVERNMENT IS FORCE" (George Washington). Why won't the "patriot" community understand this? (Now the question begging to be asked is; Is the "force" from good or evil?)

Now let us consider.., whose government is this? I learned it wasn't mine. It wouldn't answer me.

Another point to consider; is this a "good" government? Based on what I have experienced.., IT IS EVIL.

This part is really, really simple but almost no one in the "non-moving freedom movement" is "getting it". There are man-made CON-stituions and their consequent man-made laws. ALL have failed because ALL of them (including our "revered" CON-stitution) were born of EVIL.


The "freedom movement" does not move BECAUSE "IT" will not recognize this simple TRUTH. "IT" (the non-moving freedom movement) is destined to fail.., UNLESS and until it awakens to this TRUTH.

I was going to drive to Dallas but Bob Schulz rushed in with his remedy. As we can all see, that turned out to be a "band-aid". Bob has done a great deal but it has been and always will be in vain until he and everyone else realizes they are fighting full blown EVIL and there is only one way to fight it.., God's Way (and that can be found in "THE PLAN" @ www.i.am/jah/plan.htm)

Those who remain blind to this continue to fight evil "their way" while claiming it is God's Way. God has said We will win this. So figure it out. Why aren't we winning? Is God to be mocked?

The freedom community's biggest single problem is EGO. As noble as every fight is (infernals, land grabs, CPS, et., etc., etc.) IT IS "hacking at branches". Those battle-fronts are intended to keep us divided and EVERY egotistical "leader" we have can't or won't see this. Someone explain to me why we cannot unite ALL God-fearing, freedom fighters if it isn't ego?

Jesus warned us even back then that "the system" (of man-made laws) would take our last nickel. Why? Because He was striving to teach us then that they are NOT God's laws. EVIL authors ALL man-made laws and until we wake up to that fact, then re-instate, live under and enforce God's Laws.., WE WILL LOSE.

I am sorry to say but ALL the people following Bob as their "champion/god" against the infernals will and must be disappointed for they WILL LOSE. As you can see below.., EVIL has stepped it up a notch. They will destroy Simkanin if he persists in fighting them "their way" in "their system". Can't we all see it is IMPOSSIBLE to win in their evil system? They will stonewall, mis-direct, postpone and whatever while we pour all of our resources into fighting them (only to "grow" their power while we diminish ours). As this government grows in power it seeks to unite with the greater power of EVIL.., The NWOdor. Evil is rising globally before our eyes and growing at political light-speed while we stay stuck in our spiritual ruts unable to see what is really happening as we fight in these little skirmishes (thinking we are wonderful when we get an "occasional win" like the one last Wednesday for Simkanin). I tell you evil is delighting in our foolishness.

For me.., I must now stay out of this thing with Simkanin. I do not fight Bob's way.., been there; done that. All it did was cost me allot of time and money. BUT, thankfully, I did learn from the experience. My thanks does not go to Bob but to God for it was He (through JAH) who showed me the error of my ways. NOW I understand the futility of fighting "their way".

Long live The Fighters for God, Roland


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"Anyone who questions the validity of the tax laws has to be dealt with swiftly and harshly." -- Sen. Grassley (R) IA.

They have to make an example of Simkanin. I think Grassley speaks for the majority of Congress who believes "We The People" have no right to question anything. Everyone knows they can print as much fiat currency they want and need no taxes -- former Paul O'Neill gave away that dirty little secret and why his tenure was so short. Besides, Snow transferred a huge amount of stock to Bush Sr.'s Carlyle Group when he became Secy. of the Treasury. The dollar is not backed by anything, except confidence which is very low right now.

Income Tax is only a scheme, so no one person or corporation will become richer than the government. The IRS is just the collection agency for the Federal Reserve, a private profit making organization, and then have the nerve to charge us interest on our own money. If the people really knew how money works, there would be a march on Washington tomorrow. Read "The Creature from Jekyll Island" http://www.realityzone.com/index.html

The city, county, and federal government keeps (2) sets of books, according to Walter Burien who has done exhaustive research, and has the documents to prove it. They probably made some bad investments like Enron (lots of firefighter and police pension funds in NYC unbeknownst to the retirement managers), Global Crossing, DynCorp, etc, but you can bet the big boys got their money out long before the rest of the hard working investors who lost everything, and it's probably in off shore accounts -- Talk about insider trading. The SEC only went after Martha to give the public the perception of honesty, but why didn't they go after Bush who did the same thing with Harkin? Nobody has claimed the millions made from all the puts just before 9-11 in NY Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade. Can anybody say "The Government" who really owns about 80% of stock market, and sends in the PPT to save it every other day. Bush sold all of his American Airlines the Friday before 9-11. What did he know and when did he know it? Now they want raise taxes and cut services in NY, CA, and some other states, reminiscent of the Houlihan Plan in the 80's.

The Biggest Shell Game For Theft In This World's History! Organized Government at all levels holds back it's Financial Statement from the people of America for over 50 years! By Walter J. Burien, Jr. http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/cafr1/CAFR.html

Rep. Ron Paul (R) TX wants to put an end to our "funny money" program and income tax the way we know it, but then he's a Constitutionalist and a Libertarian at heart. That's what Kennedy wanted to do too, but it got him killed. He put silver certificates in circulation, but they were quickly pulled from the market, as well as his executive order.

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Employer Simkanin Sent Back To Jail

Dick Simkanin, owner of Arrow Plastics http://www. ArrowPlastics. net sent back to jail.

Simkanin, facing 27 counts of violating federal tax laws related to failing to withhold wage taxes on his employees, had previously been arrested and subsequently released following a detention/bail hearing before a federal Magistrate on Wednesday. At that hearing, DOJ failed to produce any evidence that established that Simkanin was either a "danger to the community" or a "flight risk."

During a scheduled arraignment related hearing Friday, US District Court Judge John H. McBryde dismissed, without any consideration, several motions filed earlier in the week by Simkanin on a "pro se" basis, ruling that they were completely "frivolous." One of these motions requested a legal "Bill of Particulars" (which cites the exact statutes violated and circumstances of the alleged crimes) and other required legal documents which verify the indictment process.

Judge McBryde then proceeded to take notice that the DOJ had filed a "motion to reconsider" federal Magistrate Erma Ramirez's ruling from Wednesday that had freed Simkanin on his own recognizance. Over the extensive and repeated objections of Simkanin's legal counsel Weuster, the judge began to address the DOJ motion for reconsideration during the arraignment hearing.

Weuster objected that the motion to reconsider had only been filed on Thursday, and that they had not had any time respond to it, much less be prepared to argue the motion in court. Weuster strenuously objected that a hearing on that matter could not take place without prior public notice as is required by law and proper due process. Judge McBryde ignored Weuster's objections.

According to reports from witnesses, Simkanin and his attorney were then given several minutes to confer on the side of the courtroom. Simkanin then took the stand, answering questions from his own attorney and then from the US Attorney regarding Simkanin's beliefs regarding the jurisdiction of the court, the jurisdiction of the

(Note: Although apparently not mentioned in Friday's oral arguments, the DOJ has reportedly asserted that language that appeared briefly on Simkanin's website some time ago referring to "heavenly fires" that would strike at government agents that illegally moved against him constituted a direct threat justifying incarceration.)

At some point during the questioning of Simkanin, Judge McBryde simply stopped the discussion and summarily remanded Simkanin to be held by the federal authorities, remarking that a further detention hearing would be scheduled following McBryde's review of the transcript of the original detention hearing from Wednesday.

According to legal documents, Judge McBryde has a significant history of aberrant and improper behavior from the bench. Judge McBryde was effectively suspended from the federal court in 2000 for over a year as a result of special, several year judicial investigation that documented a long history of McBryde's flagrant abuses of judicial power and courtroom practices that negatively affected the judicial process, i. e., denied due process. The following quote comes from the 5th Circuit appellate court decision of the case Judge McBryde brought to challenge the suspension and additional sanctions imposed on him following his refusal to resign from his lifetime appointment to the federal bench:

Based on all of this evidence, the Report concludes (1) that "many of these individual instances, together with the patterns demonstrated over the years surveyed," indicate that Judge McBryde had "engaged in conduct prejudicial to the effective administration of the business of the courts," and (2) that Judge McBryde's "pattern of abusive behavior ... has brought disrepute upon the federal judiciary." Report at 150. The Report recommends that the Council ask Judge McBryde to resign, and if he refused, that it impose the three sanctions--a reprimand and two suspensions--described in the court's opinion. Maj. Op. at 3. The recommended reprimand states that Judge McBryde's "intemperate, abusive and intimidating treatment of lawyers, fellow judges, and others ha[d] detrimentally affected the effective administration of Due to the lack of timely public notice regarding the DOJ's motion to reconsider Simkanin's detention, WTP was unable to call for observers for the hearing.

Simkanin is apparently being held at the federal medical detention facility near Fort Worth. He is allowed no visitors except for licensed attorneys.

In addition, according to sources working for Arrow Plastic, the IRS on Thursday formally notified the two leading business credit bureaus, Dun & Bradstreet and Experian, that Arrow Custom Plastics, Inc. and another Simkanin corporation had been legally dissolved and that they were involved in a significant tax legal action.

Vendors of Arrow Plastics (Simkanin's sole proprietorship -- not Arrow Custom Plastics, Inc.) were immediately notified electronically of the IRS notice by the credit bureaus and deluged the business Friday demanding to be paid in cash for materials and services already on credit with Arrow. Arrow is working to clear up the vendor situation as Simkanin's criminal charges relate strictly to the former (now non-existent) incorporated entities, not the sole proprietorship known as "Arrow Plastics" that Simkanin has run for the last several years.

The Arrow proprietorship does not withhold from wages or salaries and none of the pending legal charges relate to that entity. Simkanin has no criminal record.

Simkanin's website is www. ArrowPlastics. net.


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