The New World Order / Illuminati conspiracy

Dawn of the G8 New World Order

Dawn of the G8 New World Order

From: http://www.BreakForNews.com/G8-World-Order.htm
10th June, 2004

by Fintan Dunne, Editor of http://www.BreakForNews.com/index.htm

In the last few days the totalitarian domination of the developing world has solidified around the annexation of Iraq. And the G8 elite have moved swiftly on to outline the next phase of their New World Order.

First, the U.N. rubber-stamped an Iraqi puppet government --complete with a CIA-sponsored Iraqi president --and a U.S. ambassador with a blind spot about death squads.

Then the ultimate bad-cop USA, and good-cop UN --dropped the facade and carved up Iraq together.

Now the G8 meeting in Georgia has just announced a 50,000 strong global "peacekeeping" force --aimed first at Africa.

And they simultaneously declared a "partnership" with a zone called "Broader Middle East and North Africa."

Centcom, in other words.

You may have heard of the Middle East. Particularly Iraq, Israel and Palestine. Now the Middle East has miraculously enlarged to the ominously named "Broader Middle East and North Africa."

A briefing ( http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2004/06/20040609-7.html ) on the G8 meeting between Bush and Tony Blair sheds light on the now very clear modus operandi of the G8.

Question: I wonder if you saw Afghanistan, in a sense, as a model for what could now happen in Iraq where there's an independent military force still under US command, and then a NATO peacekeeping force, and whether there's any possibility that the European Union could substitute for NATO in that sort of role in Iraq?

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL: Well, I don't think anyone has seriously considered the possibility of the ESDP taking over a military role in Iraq. The European Union is going to take over the Bosnia mission, which NATO is going to close out successfully, and that's going to be quite enough, I think, for the ESDP to handle for the moment. So I don't think anybody has contemplated this.

As in the case of Bosnia, now Iraq, the G8 first send in the Americans --whose population is unaware that their armed forces are the expendable storm-troopers of the new world order. The invasion phase.

Depending on the desired economic level of the target country, the civil society structures and physical infrastructure are deliberately degraded to the appropriate level. Mild destruction -- as in Serbia -- enables profitable reconstruction.

Severe degradation -- as in Iraq -- is unleashed on zones which are rich in natural resources. These zones are to be denied development and merely used for resource plunder.

Then, NATO or UN or Multinational Forces are sent in for the "peacekeeping" phase of permanent colonial occupation.

All the while, the G8 act out fake dramatics on the stage of international public opinion. The US acts the bully. The UN/EU role is to be the good guys. This charade has worked well.

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Go to Infowars.com for information on how to order the movie. http://www.infowars.com/enslavement.htm However, there are many many things that Alex is mistaken in. Particulary on how we can defeat the satanic New World Order. The solution is NOT to restore the CONstitution.

The ONLY Solution is The Plan against the New World Order




The United States government, at all levels has fallen under the control of the desperately wicked New World Order clan

The events of Sept 11th mark the initiation of the final sick push of the illuminati to consolidate their one world order and transform earth into a prison planet.

In over two and a half hours, Alex Jones chronicles in stunning detail the true character of the globalists. Learn the master plan of the blood-thirsty elite to financially, physically and spiritually imprison not only America but the world.

Total Enslavement is the third installment in the critically-acclaimed Police State series and is a must-see for all who leve freedom. This film documents the nightmare rise of the Homeland Security dictatorship, Patriot Acts 1 and 2, the Total Information Awareness Network, government-run white slavery rings, the new prison surveillance economy and much more. The very future of humanity depends on exposing government-sponsored terrorism and how the globalists pose as our saviors whem in fact, they are the terrorists.


Click here for more information about Alex Jones

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Truth is stranger than fiction: CONSPIRACY! Theory No More

... occasionally I hear someone say you're one of those "conspiracy theories" nuts... that term was created by a government think tank back in the 60's to de-rate and ridicule anything not broadcasted by the official news media on the evening news ... there was a famous man that once said ... "never attribute to a conspiracy that which can amply be attributed to the actions of a bunch of greedy stupid self serving men in power" ... I would add to this ... " and the majority of people who are fooled into believing these men are honest and have the interests of the populous at heart" ... Prof. James McCanney M. S.


Theory No More

Commentary By Brian William Hall

I'll begin with a question that simply needs to be asked. Why is there a pathological obsession in this country with putting the words "theory and "theorist after "conspiracy? There are, at least, two possibilities that come to mind. The first is that the word "conspiracy is like a Rorschach test. It inherently comes with a variety of psychological responses upon hearing the very word - the primary reaction (so far) being closed-mindedness. The second possibility would, indeed, suggest a conspiracy. This severe skepticism (or pathos) by most against anything that challenges traditional lore is in place by design and derived from years of indoctrination through a carefully conceived program within mainstream education, politics and media for the purpose of social, financial, political and intellectual control of the masses. Most recently, this ideology was supported (and even demanded) by George W. Bush who, after 9-11, stated publicly, "Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories..."

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The Police State Agenda

 The Police State Agenda

The capitalist system is designed in such a way that if it is not growing, it is automatically in recession. It is designed to operate only on perpetual growth rather than on stability. It cannot stand still without collapsing and therefore is totally unstable.

The global elite are using it to the aim of not only dominating the world, but owning it - all of it - including the inhabitants - you.


In order for an economy to function properly, calmly and peacefully, it has to be built on a firm and stable foundation and not be a house of cards that teeters from one crisis to another, incessantly, so that everyone is permanently kept on edge and worried.

The way to stop the global elite and destroy their evil system is to stop consuming and thus feeding it. By feeding it you are allowing it to grow and keep devouring your substance and driving you further into debt and slavery to the NWO elite.


Buy only what you need to survive and stop all other spending and their house of cards will collapse and you will be free from it at last.


The ONLY solution is to stop borrowing and consuming and enforce The Plan



The Police State Agenda

By Richard K. Moore

Like many other viewers, I shrank back in disbelief when the images of the World Trade Centre (WTC) attack first began to flood the airwaves. How could this happen? Who would want to do such a thing? How could four different airliners all be hijacked at the same time? How had security systems and air defenses both failed so miserably? How would America respond?

And then the answers to such questions started coming in within hours the authorities "knew" that the perpetrators were linked to Bin Laden, and President George Bush was already announcing a "War Against Terrorism". While images of the attack were still being replayed, over and over again, US Congress had already authorised the President to take "any necessary measures", and had allocated $40 billion to that purpose. Within days, the US had persuaded NATO to declare that this "attack on one member nation was an attack on all". Then it turned out that the $40 billion had come from America's social-security fund, and $15 billion was being allocated to bailing out the airline industry. Next we were being told that Americans would need to give up their civil liberties, and Congress was rapidly approving the "Combating Terrorism Act of 2001". The War on Terrorism was going to be largely a covert war, a war "unlike any other", a war that would go on indefinitely into the future.


Terroristworld.com is a brother-site of 100777.com

Like 100777.com, terroristworld.com is completely against terrorism, and crime, in all of their forms. It is about seeking the truth, and nothing but The Truth.

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Several members of the 9-11 Commission are CFR members

April 08, 2004

Few people realize the role in our government that the Council on Foreign Relations plays. This secret organization has over 4000 members who have infiltrated almost all important organizations in our country at the highest levels. For instance, 3 Supreme Court justices are CFR. The reason so little is known about CFR is that many key members of the media are members of this secret organization. They can't tell !

Click here to read Myron Fagan's excellent article on The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) ]

The late Admiral Chester Ward, who resigned from the CFR in disgust after being a member for 16 years, was not exaggerating when he charged that the group's agenda is to promote "disarmament and submergence of U.S. sovereignty and national independence into an all-powerful one-world government." The leadership of the group, he said, "is composed of the one-world-global-government ideologists - more respectfully referred to as the organized internationalists."

Admiral Ward's harsh assessment is more than justified.

The CFR has cut a sordid path through American history. But its dreadful record has not stopped it from gaining unprecedented power and influence. Author/journalist Richard Rovere (CFR) has aptly described the Council as "a sort of Presidium for that part of the Establishment that guides our destiny as a nation." It controls both major parties and has had a virtual lock-hold on the executive branch of the federal government since World War II.

In his 1979 memoir, With No Apologies, Senator Barry Goldwater noted: "When a new President comes on board, there is a great turnover in personnel but no change in policy. Example: During the Nixon years Henry Kissinger, CFR member and Nelson Rockefeller's protégé, was in charge of foreign policy. When Jimmy Carter was elected, Kissinger was replaced by Zbigniew Brzezinski, CFR member and David Rockefeller's protégé."

That pattern has continued. The Clinton administration was loaded with over 400 CFR members; the Bush team, it appears will match that. Top Bush picks such as Cheney, Powell, Rumsfeld, Rice, Zoellick, and Chao are all Pratt House veterans. One of the first persons Colin Powell officially received as Secretary of State was Frank Carlucci, who recently chaired the CFR's panel on restructuring the State Department. The party labels may have changed, but don't expect a substantive change in policies.

Bush & the Council for Revolution by William Jasper (The New American - Mar 12, 2001)

It is no surprise that the 911 Commission is loaded with CFR members:

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Mel Gibson discusses the guys behind the scene

An interview Gibson gave in Playboy, July 1995 (Vol. 42 ; No. 7 ; Pg. 51). Some excerpts:

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14 Signposts to Slavery


The following is some information from a book called "NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY", by Gary Allen, with Larry Abraham, printed in 1971 by Concord Press, out of Seal Beach, CA. I did a web search, could find nothing on this company nowdays... there is also no ISBN number for reference to this book. I looked all over the place in the book, nada, (prior to ISBN number system?)

Gary Allen was/is? a California based free-lance journalist. After majoring in history at Stanford University and doing graduate work at Calfornia State College at Long Beach, he became aware through independent research that his COLLEGE COURSES HAD BEEN HIGHLY SLANTED. MANY OF THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTS HAD BEEN LEFT OUT! This information is a small part of his post graduate studies in finding out "who's whose" in American Politics.


1.) Restrictions on taking money out of the country and on the establishment or retention of a fireign bank account by an American Citizen. (Hmmm, being done folks already)

2.) Abolition of private ownership of hand guns. (Sure trying hard to get this done, in Canada it is already done!)

3.) Detention of individuals without judicial process. (DITTO, being done here now too)

4.) Requirements that private financial transactions be keyed to social security numbers or other government identification so that government records of these transactions can be fed into a computer. (This is being done now too!)

5.) Use of compulsory education laws to forbid attendance at presently existing private schools.

6.) Compulsory non-military service. (How many posts have you seen on this topic recently?)

7.) Compulsory psychological treatment for non-governmental workers or public school children. (Hmmm, in some places already a fact, others working hard on it)

8.) An official declaration that anti-Communist organizations are subversive and subsequnt legal actions taken to suppress them. (This is happening too!)

9.) Laws limiting the number of people allowed to meet in a private home.. (not aware of this yet, but in some home ownership agrements this is law, and in public places this is law in some places, and only a certain ZONE for protestors now too, usually BLOCKS waway from t hose intended to see or witness protests!)

10.) Any significant change in passport regulations to make passports more difficult to obtain or use. (Hmm... changes, yes, harder to get... hmmm... not yet I think!)

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The Blue Pill People

More evidence of why the ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the
NWO elite (AI) and reinstate God's Perfect Laws of Liberty:-

Please be sure to read the information at the links  inserted in the
text below, for further background on the Matrix.

The Blue Pill People

 by Hari Heath

There are none so blind as those who will not look. If you are one of those who will look, take a look around. You are surrounded -- surrounded by millions who will not look. These are the blue pill people. Who are these blue pill people and why won't they look? "The Matrix" may be only a movie, but it presents some scenarios with much relevance to our current situation. In the movie, Neo meets Morpheus and is offered an opportunity and a choice. Neo can take the red pill and see the truth for himself, or he can take the blue pill and return, comfortably unaware, to the illusion of the Matrix. There he can live out his life undisturbed by the truth. http://i.am/jah/truth.htm

The truth depicted in The Matrix is an extreme version of modern socialism. In the futuristic scenario of the movie, a massive array of human beings are kept in self-contained pods that resemble artificial wombs. These "row-cropped" human entities are maintained in their pods, from their in-vitro conception until they are no longer useful to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) entity. The AI entity needs certain things from these "humans" for its own sustenance, so it continuously breeds new human crops and extracts from them what it needs.

Literally "man-power" to power the AI world - JAH.

In return, the AI entity supplies the humans' needs with several permanent intravenous connections and a neural link. The neural link provides the pod-bound humans with a complete illusion -- the Matrix. In the AI-created illusion the humans have a normal life in a real world. In reality, however, the civilized world was destroyed some time ago and humans have been harvested as crops for the benefit of the Al entity ever since. http://i.am/jah/syst.htm

Human resources - JAH.

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Whilst they have us busy FIGHTING on a thousand different fronts.., THIS (below) is what they are preparing for us dissenters.

Thsi is more proof of why the ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan and do it now:-


Whilst you still have time:-






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Personal message/question from Roland

From: Roland Croteau rolandcro[at]earthlink.net
Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2004 10:31 PM

Good Morning to All,

We hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

Rather than send you another "Forward" regarding another aggressive move against our liberties by the evil forces behind the NWOdor, I thought I would "think out loud", present it for your consideration and see if there is anyone out there who would like to offer back some input.

Most of you know I was the "other fellow" that joined Bob Schulz in the "fast until death" in Washington, DC in July of 2001 but not as many of you know that during that 20 day fast I was given the opportunity to offer my thoughts on Bob's site.., www.givemeliberty.org

We were told hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of people were monitoring Bob's site to track our progress. I considered those people, that audience if you will.., to be the most "AWARE" in this country. With that in mind, over that 20 day period, I posted a request at least twice (possibly 3 times - I can't remember) for other "patriots" to drop whatever they were doing and come join Bob and I on this "fast until death".

We are like lemmings. I could envision perhaps 5 or 10 patriots coming to DC. We could post that on Bob's site and if 5 or 10 would come then perhaps 100 would come and if 100 would come then 1,000 would come and if 1,000 would come then the proverbial dam would burst and we could potentially have MILLIONS come join us on a fast until death and THAT would attract international media and THAT would have to get the government's attention.

What Bob started could have been an historic "window of opportunity" for "patriots to ACT. WHAT could possibly be more important? Because WHEN we COMPLETELY lose this country.., NO ONE will have a "life" as we know it today. "Patriots"/dissenters to survive will have to go "underground" just like the "early Christians".

Do you know how many came to DC to join Bob and I? NONE! ZERO!! ZILCH!!! So, for all their whining and (intellectual) complaining (sitting behind their computers researching countless sites about conspiracy theories and what-have-you).., NOT ONE would ACT even when there was a public forum with 2 others already standing up ready to die for freedom (their freedom also). "Patriots" were given an EXAMPLE and an opportunity.., but failed to ACT!

What did that tell me about the "God-fearing, 'patriotic heart' "of this country ? It was all talk. Just show. Blather.

I had entered DC looking for three things. I was looking for THE truth regarding the income tax. If We the People (of which I, at that time, considered myself one) could get the truth about the income tax into a public forum then we should have been able to get rid of that evil leech (if not rid ourselves of the Federal Reserve) and arrive at REMEDY and REMEDY from evil IS Justice. So, I was looking for THE Truth, Remedy and Justice. What did I discover? None of the three exist in Washington, DC (the government, the "system") BY DESIGN. But worse.., for all the "patriots" talking about loving God and country..? when it came right to it.., that "moment of truth"..? where, if you want to be in this fight you have to "take the pledge" (to lay your life, your fortune and your honor on the line).., they were all blather.., EMPTY WORDS.., just like that FRAUD CON-stitution we all hold up as our "banner of truth"/"protector" and "savior". EMPTY, HOLLOW, meaningless BLATHER. Just words.

Let me ask you; HOW can we, who claim we are God-fearing, Christians who love our children and this country NOT ACT?? It is our watch. How can we sit behind our computers KNOWING that if we DON'T ACT to make things right.., our children will inherit a world WORSE than Nazi-Germany?

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Orwell Today

Orwell Today is a work in progress and will have additional features as time goes by. You are invited to visit regularly to read news stories*, articles and commentary posted under the heading " Today's Orwell " . The postings are chosen for their similarity to concepts presented in " 1984 " .

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Global Governance for a New Global Union

By Mary Louise


Last week (1/6/03) we explored Dick Cheney's "Project for a New American Century", which is related to the widespread school of global thought or ideas that has permeated and infected society in general.  In a speech to the Council of the Americas (COTA) on May 6, 2002 filmed by C-Span, Cheney said that everything is on schedule for completion by January 2005, of the "Free Trade Area of the Americas" (FTAA).  The FTAA will become the "American Union". At this time and there will no longer be a Constitution and Bill of Rights.  The old "Fast Track Legislation" has been renamed the "Trade Promotion Authority".  They often change the names when people catch on to throw us off the track, in addition to disseminating conflicting, confusing, and false information through the media and other organizations.  The globalists couldn't get the support they needed for the League of Nations so they just called it the United Nations instead and so it is with the New World Order, which has now become the New Global Union.

With the European Union (formerly European Economic Community) already established, one of the milestones of completing the American Union will be to oouttlaw private ownership of firearms by U.S. citizens.  To prepare for the anticipated resistance and protests, the Elite have created the Office of Homeland Security to control law-abiding gun owners who are stirred up about gun confiscation, not to protect us from [fake] terrorists.  They have already previously established concentration camps on military bases in almost every state, to confine resisters to the transition of the American Union.  Then they will change the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), created by George H.W. Bush in 1989, to the new name "Asian Union" around 2010, which during this time the former "Soviet Union" will be resurrected under direct control of the Elite.  Around 2015 or sooner, the governing body will assume full command over all four of the Global Regions, controlled by the same secret cabal.  By this time, if all goes as planned by the globalists who conspire continually, national sovereignty of all nations will be a thing of the past and all people will be enslaved under the strict Global Elite.

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Enforcement Actions

from Roland:

To All,

Not that I don't agree with the following from Carl because I do but should like to add these thoughts.

As you surely know, government, "being in bed" with the Federal Reserve, can "print" all the "money"/frn's it wants. With that said, spending while cutting taxes is absolutely achievable. Carl describes a police state growth/crackdown. Along with that We offer this observation.., INFLATION (for this generation) and more debt heaped upon the next generations (forever).

You are aware of NAFTA and GATT. We are experiencing the "fruits" of those "treaties". Most of Amerika's manufacturing base is gone. AND now, the "corporations" are "contracting out" (to India and wherever) our "service" sector jobs. Amerika is energy dependent, food dependent and is left with menial, low pay jobs (while our children are being "dumbed down"). Now pile double digit inflation on top of that (because that is where the difference between spending and "cutting taxes" will be "made up") and what do you have? Most "homeowners" (we all know we can never "own" a home in this beast system but that is for another discussion) are mortgaged to the hilt and are carrying a huge credit-card debt load. Are we so blind we cannot "see" what is happening? To "survive".., prices HAVE to rise while incomes go down. Easy math. This formula = "third world country". That will be Amerika.., soon. Why do you suppose we are seeing the emergence of the police state? "They" know people remain complacent when they are "fat, dumb and happy". And they also know there will be rioting in the streets when they lose their homes and the ability to feed their children. But this is all a part of a grand scheme to bring in "the NWOdor".., a "one world dictatorship".

"They" keep "noticing us". Their "notices" "hide in plain sight" but you have to know how to "read the sign". We are not far from some very horrific events and FEW shall survive. Time is short.

Please read on.


Enforcement Actions

By Carl F. Worden

A few months ago, I warned you all that the IRS was tooling to begin massive audits of self-employed Americans and small businesses nationwide.  It was just announced that the IRS has dropped 2,500 clerical staffers, to be replaced by 2,500 tax enforcement auditors.

The reason for this move should be obvious:  The Bush Administration has created the most massive deficit in U.S. history by it's adventures in the so-called War On Terror in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Philippines, Columbia and elsewhere.

Hey, look at what was just passed as an "improvement" to Medicare:  That's another 410 billion dollars over the next ten years, and Congress recently approved another 87 billion to rebuild Iraq.  It's only money, but for you moronic Bush-lovers, hey, it is YOUR money.

You will notice that at the same time, Bush and Company passed a nice tax cut to buy votes.

Now look at the big picture:  We‚ve got this massive outlay of tax dollars going to wage relentless wars and improve Medicare benefits, while at the same time, Bush pushes through a major tax cut?  What kind of an idiot does that?  How about a fiscal idiot who never made it in business?  Could we just start there?

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Living In A Kakistocracy

kak·is·toc·ra·cy plural: kak·is·toc·ra·cies noun. bad government: government by the most unscrupulous or unsuitable people, or a state governed by such people (Early 19th century. From Greek kakistos "worst" + -cracy.) Thesaurus * http://encarta.msn.com/encnet/features/dictionary/DictionaryResults.aspx?refid=1861623617

kak*is*toc*ra*cy Pronunciation: (kak"u-stok'ru-sE), [key] n., pl. -cies. government by the worst persons; a form of government in which the worst persons are in power. http://www.infoplease.com/ipd/A0503062.html

kak·is·toc·ra·cy Noun. Inflected forms: pl. kak·is·toc·ra·cies Government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens. Etymology: Greek kakistos, worst, superlative of kakos, bad; see caco- + -cracy.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by the Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved. http://www.bartleby.com/61/49/K0004900.html


Learn what a Theocracy is

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A Truly *Wide-Awake American

From rense.com; Name Witheld, 12-25-03

I am one American who IS wide awake on what is going on in my country and around the world. I could explain things that would curl your toe nails. [He claims to bewide awake. If he really were wide awake, he would know The Way to Defeat the New Worl Order]

As a free nation, the United States is done. Via the pre-planned "inside job" 9-11, and the subsequent Patriot Acts, Dept of Homeland Security, Presidential Executive Orders, and new "enforcement" laws buried deep in legislation passed by our "zombied" Congress, the peoples of the United States are being placed under increased "lockdown", and, with another pre-planned 9-11 looming on the horizon, the endgame is total lockdown. Hitler's concentration camps for the Jews and other undesirables will pale in comparison for what the U.S. government has in store for its "undesirables". The majority of Americans are placated with the many of life's "trinkets". As long as they can have their Twinkies, SUVs, Gameboys, Barney, and Monday Night Football, life's just great! - whether it's being a couch potato at home, or a sardine in a 4' x 5' cell in a "re-education center" in the future. Too many Americans are overweight, out of shape, malnourished from nutrient-stripped foods, on drugs (whether legal or illegal), in denial, turned-on, tuned-out, turned-off, brain-dead, etc, to be able to muster any kind of effective resistance to what is about to take place across the American landscape. As a consequence, millions will die.
Terrorism is big business! And, all too often, big business is terrorism. The common misconception in the public's mind is that terrorists are a bunch of dirt poor malcontents who somehow manage to bypass our best security and commit horrible acts against us God-fearing, flag-waving, freedom-loving Americans. In other words - as President Bush would have us believe - they (the terrorists) hate us because of our freedoms.
For 9-11 to have happened was more than whatever Bin Laden could have dreamed up or even financed. Bin Laden, as powerful as he certainly is in his own right, does not, however, have the power to cause the United States Air Defenses to "stand down" and "delay" during the aircraft hijackings and subsequent attacks. That kind of power could only come from "within" the United States and would take enormous amounts of money to plan 9-11 and to guarantee the cooperation and silence of the many players and participants, at whatever levels of their respective operations. And where does that kind of money come from?
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THE PERFECT STORM: The Unholy Trinity

More evidence, if any more is needed, as to why the ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the Satanic NWO elite:-

Please be sure to study the information at the links I've placed within the text below.



"The Unholy Trinity" (circulate world-wide)

I know this writer personally. He is intelligent, a believer, and president of a union.
John A. Samuelson


The Unholy Trinity

HEAD NUMBER ONE:  An American extremist group works exclusively for Israel, for the annexation of Arab lands in order to enlarge (the Jewish State in) Israel's size and security perimeter, and for overpowering (the Jewish State in) Israel's neighbors in the region — militarily.  These goals cannot be met without the assistance of the United States.  Cost to Americans?  TRILLIONS.  And the BLOOD of thousands of average Americans.  Plus the probable decline of the great American republic.  Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, John Bolton, Harold Rhode, Douglas Feith, David Wurmser, Abram Shulsky, and many others are part of this tribe of conspirators.  They infect the highest offices of 'intelligence'â Defense, and State Department. They sit on the boards of several right-wing think-tanks, including the American Enterprise Institute, Office of Special Plans, and Cato Institute.
HEAD NUMBER TWO:  Another American extremist group wants to witness the Second Coming of Christ, desires to experience the 'Rapture', and see the beginning of the'Millennial Reign of Christ' for a thousand years of peace.  They see themselves as the 'saints' and all others as 'sinners' who'll be left behind at the surprise Second Coming 'where all the righteous will be caught up ('raptured') into the clouds to meet Jesus Christ while all those remaining on earth (the 'unrighteous') will be left to suffer the wrath of God, and the Great Tribulation of 7 years.  The way they foresee an acceleration of these prophetic events is for them to become 'partners with God' in influencing governments to speed up Middle East turmoil and unrest.  This extremist group wants to 'hasten the soon coming of Jesus' by helping assist the Middle East to explode into the 'Battle of Armageddon' - a devastating war between the young (Jewish) state in Israel, its Arab neighbors, and any other nations of the world which will ally with Satan (liberals, Muslims and left-leaning Europeans).  This extremist groups WANTS these things to happen, does not want PEACE, so they have joined forces with the first group to 'assist' (the Jewish State in) Israel in settling Arab lands and the transport of thousands of Jewish immigrants from foreign countries.  This second group are 'FUNDAMENTALISTS' who take the Bible literally throughout and believe that anyone who disagrees with their strict interpretations are of the devil.  They believe there's a 'cultural war' going on in America between their followers and the 'liberals' (those who believe in the separation of church and state and the Bill of Rights).  Heart throb issues for this group include abortion, gay rights, Bush-backed faith-based initiatives, and the pledge of allegiance.  Fundamentalists often call George Bush a "man of God" and are thrilled to have him in the White House because they believe that he's "born again" and leading the world to the "End Times."  They have already determined to use the 'gay marriage' issue to drive a wedge in America in order to help George Bush win a second term.  Key figures are Jerry Falwell, Tom DeLay, Pat Robertson, Dan Quayle, Alan Keyes, Gary Bauer, James Dobson, David Duke, Jesse Helms, Bill Bennett, Jeb Bush, Don Evans, and other close friends of the president - in the White House and out.  Organizations and 'think-tanks' from this group include the HERITAGE FOUNDATION, FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL, FOCUS ON THE FAMILY, and CHRISTIAN COALITION.  This group dominates the South and guarantees George Bush a lock on most southern states.
HEAD NUMBER THREE:  The third group of American extremists is more 'secular' in their views.  They see the United States as the dominant world power - economically, militarily and politically - and they want to keep it that way.  Their goal for America is to transform it into an EMPIRE - where all competing nations - both military and economic - are crushed under America's foot.  They view the Middle East as America's gas station, the center of the energy resources needed to make the U.S. a world EMPIRE.  Therefore, they work toward manipulating the American public to agree with multi-invasions of foreign lands.  Propaganda and outright lies are told by this group to move and mold public opinion to fit their agenda. Group #3 includes Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Newt Gingrich, Andrew Card, Karl Rove, Frank Carlucci, Bill Kristol, Phil Gramm and James Baker. This group is closely aligned with the CARLYLE GROUP, a firm serving as the middleman between defense contractors and many governments scattered all around the world.  It's more of a business arrangement than religious or racial.  The RAND group and other defense contractor go-betweens are also part of the cartel.  #3 GROUP is determined to undermine Labor and the middle class; presses for more tax-cuts favoring the rich; and is for the elimination of regulations over business.  They worship what they call "Free Trade" and believe it is the answer to all things.  "Free Trade" however is their code word meaning corporate control by a determined set of international corporations selected by the ruling class.  The common belief among all three, however, is pre-eminence of the United States and maintaining its world-wide dominance.
Now, put these 3 extremist groups together, and what do you got?  THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION

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Pope calls for fairer world order [New World Order]

Happy New Year.

We hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

The following is "out-of-the-closet". The "pope" backs the UN. What does he base that on? Will he tell the world the UN is inspired of God?

LLTF, Roland


So there we have it. Satan finally starting to show his hand, about who is really on his side with his puppet pope and his paedophile priests being for the anti-God UN and the Satanic NWO.


The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan:- http://i.am/jah/plan.htm






Pope calls for fairer world order

By Frances Kennedy BBC, Rome

The Pope appeared alert as he read his address The Pope has celebrated his traditional New Year's mass in St Peter's Basilica with a forceful call for peace and a new fairer world order. Today is the Roman Catholic Church's World Day of Peace and there have been marches and gatherings in more than 70 countries.

The pontiff, who looked frail but alert, read his entire homily.

He called for a new international order based on the goals of the United Nations to secure peace.

His alert appearance was despite a tiring schedule of festive celebrations.

To achieve peace, he said, there was the need for a new respect for international law.

Dignity and equality

A new world order was also required, he said, one that was based on the dignity of man and equality between nations, that built on the experience of the United Nations but could provide solutions to today's problems.

In a formal document earlier this month on peace, the Pope said a new respect for international law was the only way to face the threat of terrorism and avoid the arbitrary use of force.

The pontiff has been a vocal critic of the United States' war in Iraq.

While appealing for an end to violence in the Middle East and Africa, the pontiff today recalled the sacrifice of his ambassador in Burundi, who was killed by gunmen in an ambush this week.

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Why have they decided to "release" these particular documents, except to prove to the Arab world why America really invaded Iraq, in order to foment further unrest, terrorism and war, to accomplish what they planned in 1973 and in the process bring about Armageddon?

The ONLY Armageddon Survival-Kit is available from:- http://i.am/jah/ask.htm

This was on yesterday's BBC 6 o' clock News, but was quickly censored out of the 10 o' clock news.




MER - www.MiddleEast.org - Mid-East Realities

News, Views, and Analysis Governments, Lobbies, and the Corporate Media Don't Want You To Know

MER - MiddleEast. Org MER Forum - to comment on this and other articles
(202) 362-5266
1 January 2004 U. S. Plans to invade Middle East and directly control oil go back a long time

"We have to face the fact that the American action has done immense harm, I believe, both in this country and worldwide." Edward Heath British Prime Minister, 1973 http://i.am/jah/britmon.htm

MID-EAST REALITIES - MER - www. MiddleEast. Org - Washington - 1 January 2004:

What happened on 11 September 2001, and what happened subsequently leading to the American invasion/occupation of the central country in the Middle East in 2003, started many decades ago and remains obscured and hidden in secret files and forgotten history. A few days ago we strongly recommended the new edition just published of David Hirst's classic THEGUN AND THE OLIVE BRANCH - The Roots of Violence in the Middle East. First published in 1977, and now with an excellent 100+ page "Forward to the Third Edition", this book should be considered must reading, especially for the younger generation so terribly propagandized by CNN, the PBS 'News Hour', and so much government propaganda and dis-mis-information.

Now we learn this first day of the new year 2004, also from the British, that American plans to invade the Middle East, occupy the area for its oil, and together with Israel try to both control and shape the region by direct military force and neo-colonialist modern-day-imperialist means, go back many decades. That was the era of Henry Kissinger, the 'nuclear alert', and the origins of 'shuttle diplomacy'. It was the birthtime of today's Zionist neo-cons who dominate the Pentagon, Congress, and Washington affairs. It was also the era of the Cold War and the nuclear 'balance of terror' -- the likely reasons the American invasion did not take place at that time, as today's Associated Press article only begins to reveal now 30 years down the road.


LONDON (AP - 1 January 2004) - British spy chiefs warned after the 1973 Arab-Israeli war that they believed the United States might invade Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi to seize their oil fields, according to records released Thursday.

A British intelligence committee report from December 1973 said America was so angry over Arab nations' earlier decision to cut oil production and impose an embargo on the United States that seizing oil-producing areas in the region was "the possibility uppermost in American thinking."

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At Year's End, Signs Of Dictatorship Abound In Washington


By Wayne Madsen Prison Planet.com

© 2002-2003 Alex Jones All rights reserved.

As 2003 winds to a close, it is perhaps timely to assess the state of affairs in the nation's capital. As a long time resident of Washington, DC, it is striking how this city has changed-and not for the better.

The telltale signs of dictatorship and fascism abound in this city on the Potomac. Some of the signs - concrete barricades and 8-foot walls around monuments - are apparent. Others, like video cameras, although more subtle, are every bit as ubiquitous. For those who have never visited Washington, DC, or who traveled here during better times, the city that is suppose to represent the aspirations of the American people is now a hollow shell of its former self. The White House Ellipse is now a security bivouac. The grassy area that once played host to Frisbee games between dogs and their owners, touch football scrimmages, and throngs of tourists marveling at the south facade of the White House are largely gone. They have been replaced by chain link fences, concrete Jersey barriers, menacing black Secret Service SUVs, squad cars, and security "men in black" armed to the teeth. Sitting in the midst of this security encampment is the National Christmas Tree. Once surrounded by rosy-cheeked youngsters who marveled at its thousands of ornaments and lights up close, the tree is now viewed after dark from afar - its future as endangered as its rooted relatives in the Rocky Mountain and Alaska National Forest and Wilderness areas.

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The Iraq Model for Retaking America

Using The Plan would make retaking America from the Satanic NWO elite easy to do:-

The question Carl asks is easy to answer, if the fight is to reinstate God's Law instead of the CON-stitution that lead to this mess. It would lead to the setting up of God's Kingdom on Earth.

I do believe that Carl has "got it", but isn't sure that the rebels would be honourable (rather than new tyrants in-waiting) and reinstate God's Law and thus only create more havoc, otherwise he would be actively encouraging everyone to enforce The Plan and reinstate God's Law.




Having had a hand in forming the Southern Oregon Militia back in 1993, a curious news reporter from back east contacted me to ask if I really thought it possible that a raggedy group of American citizens could band together, overthrow the existing government and return America to the constitutional rule the Founding Fathers envisioned.

I asked, "Are you asking me if we could win?"  "Yes", he replied.  I told him, "Yes, we would win, but the real issue is what would we win?"

That is the only rational reason we citizens haven't descended on Washington D.C. already.  We know that a major upheaval in American civil rule would lead to a splintering of differing interest groups that would in turn lead to a shattering of a once great nation:  A once great nation that no longer cooperated in a union of states that has withstood the tests, depressions and wars of time.  Hell yes, we would win, but what then?  Our international enemies would probably descend on us like locusts.

Leaving that consideration aside, let's get back to that reporter's question by examining what is happening in Iraq right now, with a taste of salt from our learning experiences in Viet Nam.

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Hunger and homelessness in US continue to rise in 2003

Read this and you will then know who is really paying the price for all the billions going to the military industrial complex (Carlyle, Halliburton, etc.) for the war.

King George did the same during the Revolution. He loaned the revolutionaries the money to fight him, knowing that he could not lose, because he would win militarily and/or financially and the American people would be sold into debt slavery to pay back the money he loaned them. A win - win situation for him.
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Hackers Against The Governments New World Order (1993)

I recently came across this article while looking to see if I could find socalled hackers that are aware of the New World Order, and are fighting back, instead of the "patriotic" hackers who are attacking "terrorist" and arabic websites I keep reading about... This article is from 1993...

"...This article is written to educate fellow hackers/phreakers and software traders on what will be happening in the future in regards to computers and electronic communication. This is only a short article and only a few things have been included by varies sources etc... "

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He respected the badge, but `not in Miami'


More evidence of why the ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan:- http://i.am/jah/plan.htm --


''When you start shooting seniors with rubber bullets and using pepper spray on them and arresting them, it's just outrageous,''--Miami Herald.com

Posted on Sun, Nov. 23, 2003
Miami Herald.com

He respected the badge, but `not in Miami'

Early on Thursday morning, Bentley Killmon boarded a chartered bus to take him from Fort Myers to Miami so he could protest the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas. The 71-year-old, retired airline pilot said he was amazed by the heavy police presence in downtown Miami when he arrived.

Throughout the day, he said he watched police overreact to incidents. He saw a 53-year-old woman get shot in the chest with rubber bullets. He saw other peaceful protesters being gassed with pepper spray. He saw young people, who weren't doing anything illegal or improper, being pushed and harassed by cops.

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One World Government

Just incase you don't have enough quotes in your arsenal when striving to awaken others to the FACT there IS a NWOdor. There are a wholebunch of useable quotes in the article below.

by Beaver Cole

The main stream media sources will do everything they can to keep yourattention away from the events at hand creating One World Government.  

We must educate ourselves and defend America from the corruption that is within our government[s] and society today.  
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Coordination with other MDPM leaders

From JAH:

I am forwarding the message below to you from Floyd in Alabama, because Floyd's is a very sensible message and is in harmony with "The Plan" and the message I sent out yesterday, explaining that Rick's strategy doesn't work, as is crystal clear from the fact that he has managed to get himself arrested, and is in jail.

Please read what Floyd has written below and then study The Plan at:-
http://i.am/jah/plan.htm or

and bearing in mind what has happened to Rick and what Floyd has written below, open your eyes and see WHY The Plan is the ONLY solution.

A couple of people yesterday had a negative knee-jerk reaction to what I wrote about Rick's strategy, and, in the face of the glaringly obvious proof that what I said about Rick's strategy was true, because he got himself arrested, they decided to insult me and tell me, about whom they know nothing, that he is a better man than I am and he has more balls than I do, because I'm not in jail. They seem to want to argue that black is white, because we have proof of what I said, by the fact that Rick is in jail, and they think he is better than me because he has got himself put in jail. With that kind of illogic they will end up in jail too.


Gen. Patten said words to the effect of: Winning a war is not about dying (or going to jail) for your country, it is about making the other poor - - - - - - - die for his.

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Millions Of Americans To Be Prohibited From Flying

Last February, the Transportation Security Agency announced that all U.S. citizens who fly would be assigned a green, yellow or red travel code under a new system known as CAAPS II - "Computer Assisted Passenger Screening."
A green code means you fly like normal. A yellow code means you would be subject to repeated searches and interrogation by police before you would be allowed to fly. A red code means you can't fly and may be arrested.
The system will eventually be expanded to every form of public transportation, including ships, trains and buses. It will probably also be expanded eventually to issuing driver's licenses and even opening bank accounts.
The criteria for determining your travel code is secret, and there is no provision for challenging it.
So, if you're assigned a yellow or red travel code, and you are prohibited from visiting your own children or lose your job because you keep on missing business flights while police interrogate you, tough luck!
Now TSA has dropped another shocker: The number of U.S. citizens to be initially yellow- or red-coded is enormous! Up to 8% of all U.S. citizens are to be yellow-coded initially, and 2-3% red-coded. That's 10% of the entire U.S. adult population!
TSA says they plan to implement this system nationwide within 12 months.
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Politics: America's Latest Spectator Sport


Charlotte Iserbyt

February 1, 2003


Americans are accustomed to sitting in front of "the box" and watching sitcoms or their favorite team vanquish its opponent. Recently it seems to this reader that they have added another sport to their list for viewing: POLITICS. They sit watching the nightly news and CNN's drumbeat to go to war, and they munch away on their high carb addictions and consume their favorite beverage as the agenda for the take over of their country passes by on the screen, clearly spelling out a "real agenda" which carries with it a totalitarian system of government being implemented in their back yard.

How much longer will Americans consider POLITICS a spectator sport? How much longer will they play the part of spectator to the following agenda being played out in their back yards?

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United States - Russia Merger: A Done Deal?

      Charlotte Iserbyt

      October 16, 2003


        In 42 B.C. Cicero said "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. Anenemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carrieshis banners openly. But the traitor moves among those within the gatefreely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in thevery halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not traitor, he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he wears theirface and their garments, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deepin the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city,he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. Amurderer is less to be feared."

        The only thing Cicero didn't say relating to similarities between ancient and modern politics is "And the population votes for the traitors, enabling them to continue the treason."

        Unfortunately, the deliberate dumbing down and creation of moral chaos in America has created a shortage of 21st Century Ciceroswho could warn the American people regarding the present merger of theUnited States with Russia (former Soviet Union). " This betrayal hasbeen carried out by our elected and unelected officials, including "phony conservatives in high places". These are the people Cicerorefers to who "rot the soul of our nation, working secretly andunknown in the night to undermine the pillars of our cities, andinfecting our body politic so that we can no longer resist."

        This article is the result of one American's frustration over the refusal of one United States Senator to respond to a simple question:

        Are two ex-KGB Generals (Chiefs) working as consultants in the Office of Information Awareness or any other U.S. government agency in the Bush Administration's so-called "war on terrorism"?

        After waiting five months for a response I believe it is my duty as a citizen of this country to expose my Senator's dereliction of duty, and I call on the reader to request the same information of his elected officials and to get back to me with whatever response hereceives.

        The evidence of conspiracy is everywhere, but is never mentioned by the controlled major media or educational institutions.The inability of the average American to accept "conspiracy theory" is a result of the media's constant denial, over many, many years of the important place of conspiracy in world history and its constant labeling of those intelligent and well-informed Americans who discuss the role of conspiracy in history as "right wing extremist kooks."Americans unfortunately believe and are conditioned by what they hear over and over on the "controlled" establishment news. That is why I personally make it very clear whenever I speak on radio that "Yes, our nation has been subjected to a vast conspiracy, and anyone who believes otherwise has obviously not cracked a non-revisionist historybook."

        Probably the one key historical event which proves without a doubt the conspiratorial goal of the "traitors" to merge our country in to an unconstitutional international socialist system (called for by Lenin and Stalin, with the financial backing of Wall Street, the U.S.Chamber of Commerce, and many multinational corporations) was them eeting Norman Dodd had with Rowan Gaither, the President of the Ford Foundation during Mr. Dodd's tenure as the Research Director for the Reece Committee in 1953. This Congressional committee was established to investigate the activities of the left-leaning foundations.

        Mr. Gaither said:

        "Mr. Dodd, all of us here at the policy making level of the foundation have at one time or another served in the OSS [the Office of Strategic Services, the forerunner of the CIA] or the European Economic Administration, operating under directives from the White House. We operate under those same directives...The substance of the directives under which we operate is that we shall use our grantmaking power to so alter life in the United States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union."

        [President Eisenhower was the first President to sign agreements in 1958, at the peak of the Cold War, with the Soviet Union. These agreements related to education, space, the arts, medicine, etc.]

        Stunned, Dodd finally replied "Why don't you tell the American people what you just told me and you could save the taxpayers thousands of dollars set aside for this investigation?" Gaither responded, "Mr. Dodd, we wouldn't think of doing that."

        Gaither's response is in itself proof that a conspiracy existed at that time. Subsequent events prove that it continues to exist to this day!

        In order to accomplish such a merger which is in effect the international system we see being implemented today: New World Order/world government through the creation of world economic regions,e.g. the European Union, certain conspiratorial actions had to betaken over a long period of time using what I refer to as "The Four-Prong, (Devil's) Fork":

(1) gradualism called for by the Fabian socialists, whichcalls for the making of controversial changes over long periods oftime so people don't recognize what is happening;

(2) semantic deception (use of traditional-sounding labels to sugar-coat evilintentions and programs);

(3) endless supply of taxpayers' hard-earnedmoney; and

(4) use of the Hegelian dialectic (the deliberate creation of problems: poverty, wars, "terrorism", depression, etc. to induce concern/panicamongst the population in order to get the public to accept, often at the polls, the pre-determined freedom-destroying sugar-coated solution which it would never have accepted had the problem not been deliberately created.

        The average voter, after having been heavily conditioned over many years by the media and highly-trained "change agents" in his communities and schools to think and vote a certain way, does so willingly, and walks away from the polls with a smile on his face, notk nowing he just lost his wallet or even more important, his constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms.

        Cicero's "traitors" in and out of Congress, represented by both Republican and Democratic Party leadership, have accomplishedtheir goals without a hitch since the population has been exquisitely dumbed down and conditioned by the education establishment and the"controlled" media to accept these socialist goals as "normal."

        A few examples, out of many hundreds I could cite, follow, which prove that the American people have been targeted, conditionedand victimized (at an accelerated pace since 9/11) in order to bringthis great nation under international control/law, outside of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, thus destroying our political,economic and moral/social foundations and freedom.

        1. In 1934 "Conclusions and Recommendations for the Social Studies", funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York and compiledby the American Historical Association was published. Professor Harold Laski, a philosopher of British socialism, said of this report: "At bottom, and stripped of its carefully neutral phrases, the Report is an educational program for a Socialist America." The Report stated inpart: "The Commission could not limit itself to a survey of textbooks, curricula, methods of instruction, and schemes of examination, but was impelled to consider the condition and prospects of the American people as a part of Western Civilization merging into a world order....Cumulative evidence supports the conclusion that in the United States as in other countries, the age of laissez faire in economy and government is closing and a new age of collectivism is emerging...Organized public education in the United States, much more than ever before, is now compelled, if it is to fulfill its social obligations, to adjust its objectives, its curriculum, its methods of instruction, and its administrative procedures to the requirements of the emerging integrated order....If the school is to justify its maintenance and assume its responsibilities, it must recognize the new order and proceed to equip the rising generation to cooperate effectively in the increasingly interdependent society and to live rationally and well within its limitations and possibilities."

        2. On September 26, 1961, President John F. Kennedy signed the Arms Control and Disarmament Act with the Soviet Union, referred to as Public Law 87-297 and State Department Publication 7277 "Freedom From War: The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament ina Peaceful World" which states in part:

        "The manufacture of armaments (including personal firearms, ed) would be prohibited except for those of agreed types and quantities to be used by the UN. Peace Force and those required to maintain internal order. All other armaments would be destroyed or converted to peaceful purposes."

        "The disbanding of all national armed forces and the prohibition of their reestablishment in any form whatsoever other than those required to preserve internal order and for contributions to a United Nations Peace Force." (The U.S. presence in Iraq and else where has nothing to do with national security interests. It is very clearly part of the Act referred to above.) The creation of the Department of Homeland Security, an Agency, is called for in State Department Publication 7277, page 3 when it sets forth objectives which carry out 7277's objectives. The Program also provides for an internal ordersystem (a military government) within the emasculated nation while global control systems are instituted over its "homeland". During this transition period the nation is taken from a position of sovereignty into full blown global government communitarian management."

        You may ask how such an Act managed to pass and remain the law of the land when we have members of Congress who have taken an oath to support the Constitution of the United States of America? Mostshocking of all, in this regard, is the record for all to see of those so-called conservative Republicans who on October 12, 1989, voted infavor of Public Law 101-216, a vote to support P.L. 87-297 (above 1961Act). This is a clear-cut violation of their oath of office. Elimination of the nation's common defense destroys the sovereignty ofthe nation and obsoletes its Constitution! Those who voted for the 1989 version of P.L. 87-297 voted to continue financing the givingaway of our armed forces to the United Nations. There were 400 yes votes, 11 nay votes and 21 not voting. Please contact Bernadine Smith, Second Amendment Committee at 559-584-5209 or 582-8534 to obtain her informative packet on this subject and to find out if your Congressman voted yes to this give away of our sovereignty. You may be surprised.

        3. Presidents Reagan and Gorbachev signed education agreements in 1985 at the same time the Carnegie Corporation of New York signed even more extensive agreements with the Soviet Academy of Science.These agreements accelerated the merger of the two education systems, changing our education system from one focused on academics and individual upward mobility to one focused on quotas for certain jobs requiring work force training (performance/outcomes- based) for aplanned international socialist economy. This failed socialist economic system which calls for communist "free trade" as well, isbeing implemented right now, under our very noses. This failed systemis of benefit to a very small percent of the world's population knownas "the elite" which benefits from socialist subsidies and theelimination of competition. What we are looking at in the United States today is the redistribution of wealth as well as theredistribution of brains, and nobody, not even a rocket scientist,seems to understand what is going on.

        4. The Republican Party invited former Soviet President Gorbachev to be the keynote speaker at a dinner to raise money for Republican candidates.

        5. Our government turned over the nation's number one military installation, The Presidio, in San Francisco, California to former Soviet President Gorbachev for his New Age environmental/ecological activities.

        6. The New American, June 17, 2002, carried a news itemen titled "Bush's Tribute to the New European 'Soviet" which reads:

        "During a visit to London in March 23, 2000, former Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev, referred to the emerging European Union(EU) as 'the new European Soviet.' During his address to the German Bundestag last month, President Bush described the EU as a 'house of freedom--its doors open to all of Europe's people, its windows looking out to global challenges beyond.' Mr. Bush discussed at length the EU's role in the accelerating convergence of the United States and theformer Soviet Union. 'Another mission we share is to encourage the Russian people to find their future in Europe, and with America,'continued the president. 'A new Russian-American partnership is being forged...A Russian colonel now works on the staff of U.S. Army General Tommy Franks, commander of the war in Afghanistan.' Insisting that 'America and Europe must throw off old suspicions and realize our common interests with Russia,' the President proudly noted that following his summit in Moscow, he and heads of state from other NATO countries would travel to Rome to 'meet as equal partners with President Putin at the creation of the NATO-Russia council. The council gives us an opportunity to build common security againstcommon threats.'"

        7. The New American, in the same June 17, 2002 issue carried a second news item entitled "Disarmament Love Fest in Moscow" which read:

"Proclaiming a desire 'to establish a genuine partnership based on the principles of mutual security, cooperation, trust, openness, and predictability, President George Bush and Vladimir Putin of Russia, on May 24th, signed what the Associated Press called 'the biggest arms-reduction treaty in history.' According to President Bush, the treaty-signing ceremony 'ended a long chapter of confrontation and opened up an entirely new relationship between our countries.'

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