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From rense.com; Name Witheld, 12-25-03

I am one American who IS wide awake on what is going on in my country and around the world. I could explain things that would curl your toe nails. [He claims to bewide awake. If he really were wide awake, he would know The Way to Defeat the New Worl Order]

As a free nation, the United States is done. Via the pre-planned "inside job" 9-11, and the subsequent Patriot Acts, Dept of Homeland Security, Presidential Executive Orders, and new "enforcement" laws buried deep in legislation passed by our "zombied" Congress, the peoples of the United States are being placed under increased "lockdown", and, with another pre-planned 9-11 looming on the horizon, the endgame is total lockdown. Hitler's concentration camps for the Jews and other undesirables will pale in comparison for what the U.S. government has in store for its "undesirables". The majority of Americans are placated with the many of life's "trinkets". As long as they can have their Twinkies, SUVs, Gameboys, Barney, and Monday Night Football, life's just great! - whether it's being a couch potato at home, or a sardine in a 4' x 5' cell in a "re-education center" in the future. Too many Americans are overweight, out of shape, malnourished from nutrient-stripped foods, on drugs (whether legal or illegal), in denial, turned-on, tuned-out, turned-off, brain-dead, etc, to be able to muster any kind of effective resistance to what is about to take place across the American landscape. As a consequence, millions will die.
Terrorism is big business! And, all too often, big business is terrorism. The common misconception in the public's mind is that terrorists are a bunch of dirt poor malcontents who somehow manage to bypass our best security and commit horrible acts against us God-fearing, flag-waving, freedom-loving Americans. In other words - as President Bush would have us believe - they (the terrorists) hate us because of our freedoms.
For 9-11 to have happened was more than whatever Bin Laden could have dreamed up or even financed. Bin Laden, as powerful as he certainly is in his own right, does not, however, have the power to cause the United States Air Defenses to "stand down" and "delay" during the aircraft hijackings and subsequent attacks. That kind of power could only come from "within" the United States and would take enormous amounts of money to plan 9-11 and to guarantee the cooperation and silence of the many players and participants, at whatever levels of their respective operations. And where does that kind of money come from?
9-11 was funded via four sources.
1. The red-hot ponzi-schemed stock market of the latter 90's during the Clinton years. While people and institutions across America were regurgitating "it's the economy, stupid" (a favorite Clinton-era saying) to each other, billions were skimmed, sometimes outright stolen, from their investment portfolios (as well as from foreign investors, too). We know the stories, as they have since been reported in the news. Billions "lost" became billions "earned" somewhere else. Paper trails and computer records may be difficult to find now, but not impossible.
2. The Y2K fiasco. The infamous Y2K bug was real. A real nightmare could have happened. Billions worldwide were spent on the eradication of the bug. Amongst the reality, however, was all too much hype, distortions, and outright lies by those who stood to gain handsomely by selling new computers and software to the frightened and gullible. Again, billions spent became billions earned.
3. The California / western U.S. energy crisis of 2000-2001. The western U.S. was held hostage by a handful of energy companies, who extorted billions from those who could ill afford it. Businesses went out of business. People died. President Bush was not concerned at the time (which should be a clue) - "let the free market reign" was his attitude. Cheney was holding secret "energy meetings" with the likes of Enron, etc, the records of which were sealed under "national security" (which should be another clue).
If Enron made billions from hijacking the West, then where did all their money go, that they had to file bankruptcy (another clue)?
Perhaps some of their ill-gotten mammon was spent on the murder of their high-level in-the-loop employee Cliff Baxter. Or, perhaps, it was a "black bag" operation, as in CIA/MIC, made to look like a "suicide". Nevertheless, Baxter, like Vince Foster before him (during the Clinton era), knew too much, was too ethical, and was about to testify before Congress. Cliff's testimony could have halted the countdown to 9-11.
4. As military bases were being mothballed during the Clinton years, supposedly billions were being "saved", only to be "spent" elsewhere, on elaborate futuristic defense projects, where there is little accountability in how much is being spent and on what. Which is a perfect "cover" for "black ops" projects, such as funding for pre-9-11.
9-11 took billions to pull off. Many people, at various levels of operations, knowing or unknowingly, domestic or foreign, had to be "paid" to make it all happen. Some, unfortunately, unwilling to "play ball", were "silenced" forever.
In looking back at the Kennedy era, President Kennedy had begun troop withdrawals from Vietnam, with the intended goal of getting out of that ugly mess before it got uglier. And there was the Bay of Pigs fiasco. For these and many other reasons, Jack, and years later Bobby, were assassinated. When Johnson came to power as President, the MIC/CIA got its Vietnam war back. As is now public knowledge, the Gulf of Tonkin incident was "staged" for Johnson to justify before Congress and the American people the escalation of the war. It seemed like an "endless war on Communism" (as in Bush's "endless war on terrorism"). In the end, the deaths of 58,000 U.S. soldiers were but chump change for the billions made by the MIC/CIA in their blood-for-money war.
We can also look back to Pearl Harbor of WWII. Or the Maine. Or the Lusitania. Or the Civil War. Many examples exist where things were "staged" for an intended result, by those treasonous U.S. citizens in power and position who would benefit. And it's no secret anymore that major U.S. corporations traded with Nazi Germany during WWII while at the same time we were fighting them, or that major U.S. banks and investment houses invested Nazi funds to keep their war machine going (one such investor was none other than Prescott Bush). War is very profitable, when it doesn't ravage your own borders.
So, who would benefit from 9-11? With the U.S. economy teetering towards collapse during 2001, with military bases having been and still being mothballed, with defense contractors laying off thousands, with secret trade deals with Red China that gave away many strategic assets, with a proposed oil pipeline on hold and the drug trade almost wiped out because of the Taliban in Afghanistan, with sweet crude almost sitting idle in Iraq because of the post - Gulf War I trade sanctions, with several nations either having dumped the dollar and converted to the Euro or considering to do so, and a host of other reasons, there was ample rationale for another "Pearl Harbor".
The deaths of 2700+ U.S. citizens (via the felling of the Twin Towers) was but nickel-and-dime for what would be gained by the conspirators - oil, drugs, and continued world dominance of Federal Reserve Notes as the world's reserve and oil-exchange currency.
Again, who would benefit from 9-11? Many people in positions of power and influence, in government, corporations, defense contractors, banks, oil companies, those in Cheney's secret energy meetings, the Federal Reserve, etc. You only need follow the "money trail", especially those who stood to gain on the stock market in the days and moments prior to 9-11. Billions were made on 9-11, as the towers fell, thousands died, and the stock market slid.
And with the recent revelations of the mutual funds' fiascos, where billions have been stolen from investors, as well as Rumsfeld's plans to close more military bases in order to "save" billions, it should be obvious via the above analysis that another 9-11 is being put into operation by the same players who will benefit from the results of another such event. And if Bush runs into trouble in regaining the presidency in 2004, another 9-11 will precede the elections so he can declare himself president until the crisis is over, ie, "president-for-life".
The parallels between pre-Nazi Germany to Nazi Germany, and pre-"9-11" America to "9-11" America, are striking. Hitler may have been defeated, but Nazism has lived on in, and has finally conquered, the "land of the free and home of the brave". (If you have any doubts about Nazism in America, do a Google on "Operation Paper Clip" and "Operation Keelhaul", and Prescott Bush.)
If Cliff Baxter was expendable, if 3000 people were nickel-and-dime, then you and I are likewise.
It has been widely believed by many that Saddam was a CIA/MIC puppet. During the Congressional investigations into the Iran-Contra scandals of the 1980s during the Reagan-Bush administrations, hard evidence was revealed of the direct support by the United States' government, banks, and corporations, as well as Western European. In other words, Saddam was created and maintained in power by the West. As is being currently reported by some media outlets, our current Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld was one of the primary "on record" contributors to Saddam's success and arsenal of bio-chemical agents.
It has been widely reported, and re-reported, that Saddam "gassed his own people" during 1989. Although Saddam could do what he wanted in his own country, gassing 5000 people was not a decision nor action he performed on his own.
Strong evidence exists that the AIDS virus was manufactured by our military back in the '70s as a bio-war weapon. It was "piggy-backed" upon the Hepatitis vaccine, which was given to black Africans during that time. Then the AIDS crisis exploded, and now threatens massive deaths across the African continent, and has spread around the world.
The CIA/MIC has a long history of testing bio-war agents on various peoples of the world, as well as on its own citizens here in the U.S. (Do a Google on MKULTRA. Also, West Nile - another "weaponized" virus - has spread across America like wildfire. And now, a flu "epidemic" has spread like wildfire. Coincidence? Or planned?) War presents an excellent opportunity to "field test" new agents. Troops can be "vaccinated", and then later "tested" on the open battlefield.
By 1989, the CIA/MIC, as part of the greater World Intelligence Community Covert Alliance (WICCA), needed a "field test". With Saddam's cooperation - as a puppet, of course - 5000 nobody-would-ever-miss people were gassed. It was a success.
A more comprehensive test was needed. So Saddam, being duped by United States' double-talk, invaded Kuwait, and Gulf War I ensued. U.S. troops, being a good cross-section of the American population, were "vaccinated" and sent off to battle, only to be exposed to "bio-chemical" agents. Thousands came down with what has been named "Gulf War Syndrome". While the DOD has consistently denied any culpability, many Gulf War vets have died.
As vets have been reporting their illnesses to the VAs across the country in the years that have followed, the CIA/MIC have been tabulating the results. With these results, along with further "mini-tests" based upon these results, a new generation of bio-geneti-chemical agents have been modeled on super-computers, and are now being field tested in the current Gulf War.
The "syndromes" attacking our troops now, as well as during/after Gulf War I, are, in my opinion, the result of "Above Top Secret" black projects aimed against our troops by WICCA, via bio-geneti-chemical agents, with the ultimate aim to nullify any attempts by Patriots within the United States to regain our Independence from the un-Constitutional "coup" which has happened via 9-11, the Patriot Acts, and the Department of Homeland Security. The United States is the only nation on earth with enough "armed" Patriots to repel a hostile takeover attempt by our government, or any foreign government, or the New World Order, as a "right" guaranteed by the Second Amendment. However, all the guns, ammo, tanks, and helicopter gunships are no match against BGC toxins unleashed upon those who resist the NWO! The Zionist/Masonic/Illuminati/satanic shadow-government finally has the upper hand to destroy any and all resistance, here and abroad. The United States, as a free and sovereign nation, is finished.
Another 9-11 is unavoidable, as the first was carefully planned by insiders, so too will the next, in order to finish the final stages of the "coup" against the one nation on earth which could stop the NWO in its tracks, *but now no longer can. Any who resist will be "terminated"!

* The ONLY Way that works is The Plan:- http://jahtruth.net/plan.htm
There is a darkness which appears as light. It is Luciferian. And that is what we have in this nation and the government which rides roughshod on our lives, and which has hijacked and gutted our freedoms and liberties, and our Constitution and Bill of Rights - all in the name of "defending and protecting" our freedoms and liberties, of which what we have left is but an empty shell. And that shell is about to be broken and swept away, for another 9-11 is an obvious future contrivance, in which case, it will become a total "lockdown on America". For we have become a nation which has thrown its God behind its back!
As the prophet Jeremiah shouted in his day, "what will you do when the end comes?!"
With today's communications surveillance systems, my email to you will be no secret to any number of the world's intelligence agencies, especially Echelon. "They" will know where my email originated from. Anonymousness is pointless in Nazi America, and in the greater New World Order.

The ONLY Way that works is The Plan:- http://jahtruth.net/plan.htm

* The Way Home or face The Fire is what really wakes you up

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