A Truly *Wide-Awake American

From rense.com; Name Witheld, 12-25-03

I am one American who IS wide awake on what is going on in my country and around the world. I could explain things that would curl your toe nails. [He claims to bewide awake. If he really were wide awake, he would know The Way to Defeat the New Worl Order]

As a free nation, the United States is done. Via the pre-planned "inside job" 9-11, and the subsequent Patriot Acts, Dept of Homeland Security, Presidential Executive Orders, and new "enforcement" laws buried deep in legislation passed by our "zombied" Congress, the peoples of the United States are being placed under increased "lockdown", and, with another pre-planned 9-11 looming on the horizon, the endgame is total lockdown. Hitler's concentration camps for the Jews and other undesirables will pale in comparison for what the U.S. government has in store for its "undesirables". The majority of Americans are placated with the many of life's "trinkets". As long as they can have their Twinkies, SUVs, Gameboys, Barney, and Monday Night Football, life's just great! - whether it's being a couch potato at home, or a sardine in a 4' x 5' cell in a "re-education center" in the future. Too many Americans are overweight, out of shape, malnourished from nutrient-stripped foods, on drugs (whether legal or illegal), in denial, turned-on, tuned-out, turned-off, brain-dead, etc, to be able to muster any kind of effective resistance to what is about to take place across the American landscape. As a consequence, millions will die.
Terrorism is big business! And, all too often, big business is terrorism. The common misconception in the public's mind is that terrorists are a bunch of dirt poor malcontents who somehow manage to bypass our best security and commit horrible acts against us God-fearing, flag-waving, freedom-loving Americans. In other words - as President Bush would have us believe - they (the terrorists) hate us because of our freedoms.
For 9-11 to have happened was more than whatever Bin Laden could have dreamed up or even financed. Bin Laden, as powerful as he certainly is in his own right, does not, however, have the power to cause the United States Air Defenses to "stand down" and "delay" during the aircraft hijackings and subsequent attacks. That kind of power could only come from "within" the United States and would take enormous amounts of money to plan 9-11 and to guarantee the cooperation and silence of the many players and participants, at whatever levels of their respective operations. And where does that kind of money come from?
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Quarantining dissent - How the Secret Service protects Bush from free speech

Amerika - land of the fee and home of the slave.

Sounds like Hitler and Stalin's tactics, but then the Bushes supported Hitler and were his bankers in Amerika so it is to be expected. Especially after Shrub said that his job would be easier if he was a dictator.

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan:-

before it's too late:-


Quarantining dissent - How the Secret Service protects Bush from free speech

When President Bush travels around the United States, the Secret Service visits the location ahead of time and orders local police to set up "free speech zones" or "protest zones," where people opposed to Bush policies (and sometimes sign-carrying supporters) are quarantined. These zones routinely succeed in keeping protesters out of presidential sight and outside the view of media covering the event.

When Bush went to the Pittsburgh area on Labor Day 2002, 65-year-old retired steel worker Bill Neel was there to greet him with a sign proclaiming, "The Bush family must surely love the poor, they made so many of us."

Police State Product Placement

I just saw an episode of the popular TV-series "24" starring Kiefer Sutherland and was amazed how filled with brainwashing/propaganda contents it was. Googled around for some articles about this, and below is an article I´ve found...

Oh, and hey, it´s called TV-programming... of the mind.

- 100777.com


Police State Product Placement


Alex Jones January 6 2003

Five years ago I would talk about a New World Order, a global government, an international criminal court, a world taxation system, a pan-American union. About half the callers to my radio show didn't believe me and said that I was making it all up. Now we don't get those callers and my show is conservatively a hundred times larger. Along with a massive expansion of affiliates that cover 35 states, I also have one of the biggest Internet listening audiences out there.

Now that the show has grown, you don't hear people calling in and saying 'the UN isn't going to take over' or 'there is no international criminal court' or 'there is no plan to destroy America from within'. I got on the air with the documents year after year along with many other great broadcasters and writers and told people what was going to happen. Now they've seen it happen on the nightly news, albeit with the Globalist spin on it saying it's all a good idea and we should just accept it. People still aren't taking enough action against the agenda because they feel as though they don't have any power. Believe me, you do have power. This global plantation will not succeed unless you forget your responsibility and don't get involved.

One of the most prominent and overriding factors that threatens us is distraction.

I was doing a broadcast in which we had a lot of callers from all over the country. Several of them would call in and bring up issues that we could not prove, issues that are speculative. I don't do that. I know the overall Globalist plan, what they're putting out, what their propaganda is and what their training is for their minions, so I will communicate to you what their long-term strategic goals are. They have said that they're going to use terrorism to convince us to accept this tyranny. It's all out in the open, so all I really do is project what's going to happen in the future from the voluminous data that suggests the future itself is set in stone unless we resist it.

The Globalists have a tactic whereby they will bind with a poison pill and piggyback kooky things with real factual evidence. They have a plethora of overnight nationally syndicated talk show hosts on air all week and every weekend, television and movie scripts, which discuss thing like
FEMA taking over and putting us all in camps and tyrannical world government. But then it will be followed with something like 'it's run from the South Pole by aliens' or 'it's run out of Area 51 by demons' - just incredibly ridiculous stuff. Then you have popular authors who will write about how the Federal Reserve is private and run for profit or how there is a Bilderberg group but will then go on to say 'oh, by the way, it's blood-drinking reptoid lizards from the 4th dimension, they run the whole show'. This kind of drivel is promoted and given airtime by the establishment. You can see it on shows like The X-Files - FEMA's in control, there's a secret government, but it's the aliens. So then when I get on the air and read out of UPI about FEMA's plans for mass round-ups, the average person listening has been inoculated against what I'm saying. They automatically say 'oh you mean space aliens, ha ha ha'.

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THE PERFECT STORM: The Unholy Trinity

More evidence, if any more is needed, as to why the ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the Satanic NWO elite:-

Please be sure to study the information at the links I've placed within the text below.



"The Unholy Trinity" (circulate world-wide)

I know this writer personally. He is intelligent, a believer, and president of a union.
John A. Samuelson


The Unholy Trinity

HEAD NUMBER ONE:  An American extremist group works exclusively for Israel, for the annexation of Arab lands in order to enlarge (the Jewish State in) Israel's size and security perimeter, and for overpowering (the Jewish State in) Israel's neighbors in the region — militarily.  These goals cannot be met without the assistance of the United States.  Cost to Americans?  TRILLIONS.  And the BLOOD of thousands of average Americans.  Plus the probable decline of the great American republic.  Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, John Bolton, Harold Rhode, Douglas Feith, David Wurmser, Abram Shulsky, and many others are part of this tribe of conspirators.  They infect the highest offices of 'intelligence'â Defense, and State Department. They sit on the boards of several right-wing think-tanks, including the American Enterprise Institute, Office of Special Plans, and Cato Institute.
HEAD NUMBER TWO:  Another American extremist group wants to witness the Second Coming of Christ, desires to experience the 'Rapture', and see the beginning of the'Millennial Reign of Christ' for a thousand years of peace.  They see themselves as the 'saints' and all others as 'sinners' who'll be left behind at the surprise Second Coming 'where all the righteous will be caught up ('raptured') into the clouds to meet Jesus Christ while all those remaining on earth (the 'unrighteous') will be left to suffer the wrath of God, and the Great Tribulation of 7 years.  The way they foresee an acceleration of these prophetic events is for them to become 'partners with God' in influencing governments to speed up Middle East turmoil and unrest.  This extremist group wants to 'hasten the soon coming of Jesus' by helping assist the Middle East to explode into the 'Battle of Armageddon' - a devastating war between the young (Jewish) state in Israel, its Arab neighbors, and any other nations of the world which will ally with Satan (liberals, Muslims and left-leaning Europeans).  This extremist groups WANTS these things to happen, does not want PEACE, so they have joined forces with the first group to 'assist' (the Jewish State in) Israel in settling Arab lands and the transport of thousands of Jewish immigrants from foreign countries.  This second group are 'FUNDAMENTALISTS' who take the Bible literally throughout and believe that anyone who disagrees with their strict interpretations are of the devil.  They believe there's a 'cultural war' going on in America between their followers and the 'liberals' (those who believe in the separation of church and state and the Bill of Rights).  Heart throb issues for this group include abortion, gay rights, Bush-backed faith-based initiatives, and the pledge of allegiance.  Fundamentalists often call George Bush a "man of God" and are thrilled to have him in the White House because they believe that he's "born again" and leading the world to the "End Times."  They have already determined to use the 'gay marriage' issue to drive a wedge in America in order to help George Bush win a second term.  Key figures are Jerry Falwell, Tom DeLay, Pat Robertson, Dan Quayle, Alan Keyes, Gary Bauer, James Dobson, David Duke, Jesse Helms, Bill Bennett, Jeb Bush, Don Evans, and other close friends of the president - in the White House and out.  Organizations and 'think-tanks' from this group include the HERITAGE FOUNDATION, FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL, FOCUS ON THE FAMILY, and CHRISTIAN COALITION.  This group dominates the South and guarantees George Bush a lock on most southern states.
HEAD NUMBER THREE:  The third group of American extremists is more 'secular' in their views.  They see the United States as the dominant world power - economically, militarily and politically - and they want to keep it that way.  Their goal for America is to transform it into an EMPIRE - where all competing nations - both military and economic - are crushed under America's foot.  They view the Middle East as America's gas station, the center of the energy resources needed to make the U.S. a world EMPIRE.  Therefore, they work toward manipulating the American public to agree with multi-invasions of foreign lands.  Propaganda and outright lies are told by this group to move and mold public opinion to fit their agenda. Group #3 includes Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Newt Gingrich, Andrew Card, Karl Rove, Frank Carlucci, Bill Kristol, Phil Gramm and James Baker. This group is closely aligned with the CARLYLE GROUP, a firm serving as the middleman between defense contractors and many governments scattered all around the world.  It's more of a business arrangement than religious or racial.  The RAND group and other defense contractor go-betweens are also part of the cartel.  #3 GROUP is determined to undermine Labor and the middle class; presses for more tax-cuts favoring the rich; and is for the elimination of regulations over business.  They worship what they call "Free Trade" and believe it is the answer to all things.  "Free Trade" however is their code word meaning corporate control by a determined set of international corporations selected by the ruling class.  The common belief among all three, however, is pre-eminence of the United States and maintaining its world-wide dominance.
Now, put these 3 extremist groups together, and what do you got?  THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION

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Pope calls for fairer world order [New World Order]

Happy New Year.

We hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

The following is "out-of-the-closet". The "pope" backs the UN. What does he base that on? Will he tell the world the UN is inspired of God?

LLTF, Roland


So there we have it. Satan finally starting to show his hand, about who is really on his side with his puppet pope and his paedophile priests being for the anti-God UN and the Satanic NWO.


The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan:- http://i.am/jah/plan.htm






Pope calls for fairer world order

By Frances Kennedy BBC, Rome

The Pope appeared alert as he read his address The Pope has celebrated his traditional New Year's mass in St Peter's Basilica with a forceful call for peace and a new fairer world order. Today is the Roman Catholic Church's World Day of Peace and there have been marches and gatherings in more than 70 countries.

The pontiff, who looked frail but alert, read his entire homily.

He called for a new international order based on the goals of the United Nations to secure peace.

His alert appearance was despite a tiring schedule of festive celebrations.

To achieve peace, he said, there was the need for a new respect for international law.

Dignity and equality

A new world order was also required, he said, one that was based on the dignity of man and equality between nations, that built on the experience of the United Nations but could provide solutions to today's problems.

In a formal document earlier this month on peace, the Pope said a new respect for international law was the only way to face the threat of terrorism and avoid the arbitrary use of force.

The pontiff has been a vocal critic of the United States' war in Iraq.

While appealing for an end to violence in the Middle East and Africa, the pontiff today recalled the sacrifice of his ambassador in Burundi, who was killed by gunmen in an ambush this week.

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Why have they decided to "release" these particular documents, except to prove to the Arab world why America really invaded Iraq, in order to foment further unrest, terrorism and war, to accomplish what they planned in 1973 and in the process bring about Armageddon?

The ONLY Armageddon Survival-Kit is available from:- http://i.am/jah/ask.htm

This was on yesterday's BBC 6 o' clock News, but was quickly censored out of the 10 o' clock news.




MER - www.MiddleEast.org - Mid-East Realities

News, Views, and Analysis Governments, Lobbies, and the Corporate Media Don't Want You To Know

MER - MiddleEast. Org MER Forum - to comment on this and other articles
(202) 362-5266
1 January 2004 U. S. Plans to invade Middle East and directly control oil go back a long time

"We have to face the fact that the American action has done immense harm, I believe, both in this country and worldwide." Edward Heath British Prime Minister, 1973 http://i.am/jah/britmon.htm

MID-EAST REALITIES - MER - www. MiddleEast. Org - Washington - 1 January 2004:

What happened on 11 September 2001, and what happened subsequently leading to the American invasion/occupation of the central country in the Middle East in 2003, started many decades ago and remains obscured and hidden in secret files and forgotten history. A few days ago we strongly recommended the new edition just published of David Hirst's classic THEGUN AND THE OLIVE BRANCH - The Roots of Violence in the Middle East. First published in 1977, and now with an excellent 100+ page "Forward to the Third Edition", this book should be considered must reading, especially for the younger generation so terribly propagandized by CNN, the PBS 'News Hour', and so much government propaganda and dis-mis-information.

Now we learn this first day of the new year 2004, also from the British, that American plans to invade the Middle East, occupy the area for its oil, and together with Israel try to both control and shape the region by direct military force and neo-colonialist modern-day-imperialist means, go back many decades. That was the era of Henry Kissinger, the 'nuclear alert', and the origins of 'shuttle diplomacy'. It was the birthtime of today's Zionist neo-cons who dominate the Pentagon, Congress, and Washington affairs. It was also the era of the Cold War and the nuclear 'balance of terror' -- the likely reasons the American invasion did not take place at that time, as today's Associated Press article only begins to reveal now 30 years down the road.


LONDON (AP - 1 January 2004) - British spy chiefs warned after the 1973 Arab-Israeli war that they believed the United States might invade Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi to seize their oil fields, according to records released Thursday.

A British intelligence committee report from December 1973 said America was so angry over Arab nations' earlier decision to cut oil production and impose an embargo on the United States that seizing oil-producing areas in the region was "the possibility uppermost in American thinking."

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At Year's End, Signs Of Dictatorship Abound In Washington


By Wayne Madsen Prison Planet.com

© 2002-2003 Alex Jones All rights reserved.

As 2003 winds to a close, it is perhaps timely to assess the state of affairs in the nation's capital. As a long time resident of Washington, DC, it is striking how this city has changed-and not for the better.

The telltale signs of dictatorship and fascism abound in this city on the Potomac. Some of the signs - concrete barricades and 8-foot walls around monuments - are apparent. Others, like video cameras, although more subtle, are every bit as ubiquitous. For those who have never visited Washington, DC, or who traveled here during better times, the city that is suppose to represent the aspirations of the American people is now a hollow shell of its former self. The White House Ellipse is now a security bivouac. The grassy area that once played host to Frisbee games between dogs and their owners, touch football scrimmages, and throngs of tourists marveling at the south facade of the White House are largely gone. They have been replaced by chain link fences, concrete Jersey barriers, menacing black Secret Service SUVs, squad cars, and security "men in black" armed to the teeth. Sitting in the midst of this security encampment is the National Christmas Tree. Once surrounded by rosy-cheeked youngsters who marveled at its thousands of ornaments and lights up close, the tree is now viewed after dark from afar - its future as endangered as its rooted relatives in the Rocky Mountain and Alaska National Forest and Wilderness areas.

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2003 Media Follies! - Annual survey of the year's most overhyped and underreported stories

This is the eighth year that I've looked at the most overhyped and under- reported stories of the year. I began compiling the list in 1996 with the perception that the U.S. public, instead of getting the information it needed to make informed decisions in a democracy, was being distracted with an endless barrage of feel-good trivia and official spin.

Every year since, it's gotten worse, and the gulf between what people in this country and those elsewhere in the world are told about the same events has continued to widen. But the year 2004 will be a particularly critical one in our nation's, and world's, modern history. The chain of events set in motion by the U.S. invasion of Iraq is likely to take a definitive turn; beyond that, the American public will be asked to pass judgment on four years' performance of one of the most radical regimes in our country's history. Understanding what's actually happening has never been more important -- and spinmeisters' efforts to obscure what's actually happening will be stronger and more technologically savvy than ever. It's time to get smart.

To that end, enter 2004 with our annual list of the past year's most overhyped and underreported -- and misreported -- stories. Remember, they told us they'd lie to us. They were telling the truth.


From http://www.polyconomics.com/searchbase/11-18-98.html

Memo to Jess Helms from InfoTimes.

Note excerpt from US Army War College report that no evidence exists to support US claims that Iraq used gas on the Kurds.

I continue to make inquiry into the situation in Iraq, as it is likely to brew up into another crisis one of these days when the US Army War College has no choice but to conclude that Iraq is not hiding any weapons of mass destruction -- or if they are, they are so well hidden that nobody is going to find them.

As you know, I'm sure, the warhawks in the United States will continue to insist that the embargo remain in place no matter what, and there will be assertions from around the world that we have not been acting in good faith.

As you also know, I believe there are serious questions regarding our behavior toward Iraq that go back further. You would agree, I think, that at the very least our State Department gave a "green light" to Saddam Hussein to go into Kuwait in August 1990. The more I read of the events of the period, the more I believe history will record that the Gulf War was unnecessary, perhaps even that Saddam Hussein was willing to retreat back to his borders, but our government decided we preferred the war to the status quo ante.

In my previous correspondence with you on this matter, I had been in a quandary about the state of our relations with Baghdad during that critical period. In the months immediately preceding the "green light" given by our Ambassador, April Glaspie, a number of your Senate colleagues including Bob Dole had traveled to Baghdad, met with Saddam, and found him to be a head of state worthy of support.

Even Sen. Howard Metzenbaum [D-OH], a Jewish liberal and staunch supporter of Israel, gave him a seal of approval.

What disturbs me even now, Jesse, is that these meetings occurred after the Senate Foreign Relations committee had accused Iraq of using poison gas against its own people, i. e., the Kurds. Like all other Americans, in recent years I had assumed that what I read in the papers was true about Iraq gassing its own people.

Once the war drums again began beating last November, I decided to read up on the history, and found Iraq denied having used gas against its own people.

Furthermore, I heard that a Pentagon investigation at the time had also turned up no hard evidence of Saddam gassing his own people.

This is serious stuff, because the US Army War College tells us that 1.4 million Iraqi civilians have died as a result of the sanctions, which is
3,000 times more than the number of Kurds who supposedly died of gassing at the hands of Saddam.

Many of my old Cold Warrior friends practically DEMAND that we not lift the sanctions because if Saddam would gas his own people, he would gas anyone.

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The Iraq Model for Retaking America

Using The Plan would make retaking America from the Satanic NWO elite easy to do:-

The question Carl asks is easy to answer, if the fight is to reinstate God's Law instead of the CON-stitution that lead to this mess. It would lead to the setting up of God's Kingdom on Earth.

I do believe that Carl has "got it", but isn't sure that the rebels would be honourable (rather than new tyrants in-waiting) and reinstate God's Law and thus only create more havoc, otherwise he would be actively encouraging everyone to enforce The Plan and reinstate God's Law.




Having had a hand in forming the Southern Oregon Militia back in 1993, a curious news reporter from back east contacted me to ask if I really thought it possible that a raggedy group of American citizens could band together, overthrow the existing government and return America to the constitutional rule the Founding Fathers envisioned.

I asked, "Are you asking me if we could win?"  "Yes", he replied.  I told him, "Yes, we would win, but the real issue is what would we win?"

That is the only rational reason we citizens haven't descended on Washington D.C. already.  We know that a major upheaval in American civil rule would lead to a splintering of differing interest groups that would in turn lead to a shattering of a once great nation:  A once great nation that no longer cooperated in a union of states that has withstood the tests, depressions and wars of time.  Hell yes, we would win, but what then?  Our international enemies would probably descend on us like locusts.

Leaving that consideration aside, let's get back to that reporter's question by examining what is happening in Iraq right now, with a taste of salt from our learning experiences in Viet Nam.

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DUDE, Where's my hydrogen?


Michael Moore debunks another myth in a dream that's also a wake-up call. (...) the party's over and the game's definitely up in this, Moore's eerie vision of a post-oil era in which bewildered children ask not: "What did you do in the war, daddy?" but "What did you do in the battle to save the planet, daddy and mummy?" And so it is that Michael Moore finds himself chatting to little Anne - anno 2054 - about oil, the 'die-off' and the hydrogen fuel cell wash-out - here's an excerpt:

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Hunger and homelessness in US continue to rise in 2003

Read this and you will then know who is really paying the price for all the billions going to the military industrial complex (Carlyle, Halliburton, etc.) for the war.

King George did the same during the Revolution. He loaned the revolutionaries the money to fight him, knowing that he could not lose, because he would win militarily and/or financially and the American people would be sold into debt slavery to pay back the money he loaned them. A win - win situation for him.
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Revealed: How MI6 Sold the Iraq War

By Nicholas Rufford

12/28/03: (The Times - London): THE Secret Intelligence Service has run an operation to gain public support for sanctions and the use of military force in Iraq. The government yesterday confirmed that MI6 had organised Operation Mass Appeal, a campaign to plant stories in the media about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.

The revelation will create embarrassing questions for Phony B-liar (Tony Blair) in the run-up to the publication of the report by Lord Hutton into the circumstances surrounding the death of Dr David Kelly, the government weapons expert.

Jews take credit for writing, singing Christmas songs

also see: The Truth about X-Mass


Atlanta Jewish Times

A Methodist dad wants to get into the Christmas mood. He plays a record of "The Christmas Song" and sings along to the familiar "chestnuts roasting on an open fire" refrain. Then he feels like a movie, and watches "White Christmas" with his family. Before bed, he reads his daughter the Caldecott-winning children's Christmas book, "The Polar Express."

He's just had a very Jewish night.

Not many people know it, but Jews have a long history of orchestrating Christmas, back to the early 1800s when French composer Adolphe Adam wrote the music for "O Holy Night."

"Christmas Song" composer Mel Torme was also Jewish. Chris Van Allsburg, a convert to Judaism, wrote "The Polar Express." And "White Christmas," a film about song-and-dance men who romance women for the holidays in a Vermont ski lodge, had a Jewish star (Danny Kaye), director (Michael Curtiz) and composer (Irving Berlin). Berlin, born Israel Baline, wrote "White Christmas" for the film "Holiday Inn" in 1942 and resurrected it for the Bing Crosby film in 1954.

The IT industry is shifting away from Microsoft

"...The designed in security flaws, that make Micro$oft software insecurable, are only adding to the misery. Every day that a company is down due to worms or viruses, it starts re-evaluating Microsoft software. When bidding on the next round of contracts, the memory of all night cleanups tends to weigh heavily on the minds of many CIOs and CTOs...."
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Twas The Day After Christmas


Twas the day after Christmas, and all through thehouse,
Every creature was hurting -- even the mouse.

The toys were all broken, their batteries dead;
Santa passed out, with some ice on his head.

Wrapping and ribbons just covered the floor, while
Upstairs the family continued to snore.

And I in my T-shirt, new Reeboks and jeans,
Went into the kitchen and started to clean.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the sink to see what was the matter.

Away to the window I flew like a flash,
Tore open the curtains, and threw up the sash.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a little white truck, with an oversized mirror.

The driver was smiling, so lively and grand;
The patch on his jacket said "U.S. POSTMAN."

With a handful of bills, he grinned like a fox
Then quickly he stuffed them into our mailbox.

Bill after bill, after bill, they still came.
Whistling and shouting he called them by name:

"Now Dillard's, now Broadway's, now Penny's and Sears
Here's Levitz's and Target's and Mervyn's--all here!!

To the tip or your limit, every store, every mall,
Now chargeaway-chargeaway-chargeaway all!"

He whooped and he whistled as he finished his work.
He filled up the box, and then turned with a jerk.

He sprang to his truck and he drove down the road,
Driving much faster with just half a load.

Then I heard him exclaim with great holiday cheer,

Author Unknown

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Pox Americana

Daily Dose - December 19, 2003

Dr. William Campbell Douglas MD

Developing death in the name of life

Strange things can happen in the wake of a war.

In the more than two years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States, there has been an unprecedented tide of legislation and regulation against our personal liberties and freedoms, including some nullifications of privacy and personal property rights that would have Jefferson and the other framers of the Constitution rolling over in their graves. And all in the name of national security. But even scarier than that...

According to New Scientist, we've also been developing DEADLY VIRUSES.

No, this isn't an excerpt from the latest Tom Clancy or Robert Ludlum thriller. I'm talking about real scientists funded by your tax dollars whose sole goal is to produce ever-more deadly strains of pox-type viruses - ostensibly so that we can figure out ways to combat them.

Some of these viruses (among them not only the cowpox and monkey-pox you may have heard of, but also new mouse-pox and rabbit-pox varieties), are so well engineered that they have proven themselves to be 100% lethal - even among subjects who have been vaccinated and fortified with antiviral drugs.

Was Port Arthur Designed to Undermine our National Security?

More on the Port Arthur Massacre and their patsy.

Forwarded is one of the most bizarre events of the recent past. Its facts were so muted and disguised as to make the entire issue, hardly plausible. Yet, the event happened, and the Gun issue in Australia emerged.... The similar event in Scotland can easily fit into the same category ..as unsolved, or at least why these people did what they did...JRN

Was Port Arthur Designed to Undermine our National Security ?

It is an accepted media "fact" that Martin Bryant, an intellectually- impaired young man with a dramatically low IQ of 66, shot dead 35 people at Port Arthur and wounded 22 others.

Not just that, but this awesome shooter managed to kill the first 19 out of 20 dead in the Broad Arrow Cafe with single accurate shots to the head fired from his right hip.

Not bad for a man with no firearm experience other than using a Webley Osprey air rifle when he was a boy, and by the way, Bryant used to fire the Webley from his left shoulder because he is and has always been left- handed.

Perhaps the media should have questioned this startling inconsistency but failed to do so. After all, the suspect was in custody, international media outlets were screaming for the "dramatic" story, and somehow Martin Bryant's increasingly desperate pleas of "Not Guilty" were ignored by all and sundry.

Why? Perhaps because the Tasmanian Government was already aware that there was absolutely no evidence of any kind linking Bryant to Port Arthur, and needed a media "conviction" to protect their exposed political hides. And so it was that Martin Bryant became the most vilified and hated man in Australia, with thousands calling for his immediate execution.


Amazon may be levelled by the humble soya, Land cleared for planting as world demand rockets


David Munk and Gareth Chetwynd in Santarém, Brazil
Saturday December 20, 2003 The Guardian

The dry, yellowing fields stretch out to the horizon, past shiny new silos, their polished tin gleaming in the noon sunshine. Beside freshly hoed fields stand new tractors and ploughs. Look past the neat farmstead and on to the plain and you could think yourself in Kansas, maybe Texas - but then there would be no accounting for the billowing smoke in the hazy distance, the fires and the rainforest that they ravage.

This is the Amazon, a vast lung producing 20% of the earth's oxygen, and home to 30% of all plant and animal species. It is so immense that it would swallow Europe in full and three more Englands besides. http://i.am/jah/signs.htm

The rainforest is shrinking at a rate that is staggering environmentalists. Around 25,000 sq km (10,000 sq miles) disappeared last year - an area about the size of Belgium. Brazil's environment minister has confirmed to the Guardian that this year's figures will be as bad. Others think they will be worse. http://i.am/jah/envird.htm

Huge swaths of the land are being transformed not only by illegal logging companies and cattle ranchers, but also by a newer invader, the soya bean. For many the extraordinary expansion of this bean - used not only for its oil and food for humans but also as feed for cattle - is the new front in the battle for the Amazon. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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We Caught The Wrong Guy

By William Rivers Pitt
Truthout Perspective
Saddam Hussein, former employee of the American federal government, was captured near a farmhouse in Tikrit in a raid performed by other employees of the American federal government. That sounds pretty deranged, right? Perhaps, but it is also accurate. The unifying thread binding together everyone assembled at that Tikrit farmhouse is the simple fact that all of them - the soldiers as well as Hussein - have received pay from the United States for services rendered.
It is no small irony that Hussein, the Butcher of Baghdad, the monster under your bed lo these last twelve years, was paid probably ten thousand times more during his time as an American employee than the soldiers who caught him on Saturday night. The boys in the Reagan White House were generous with your tax dollars, and Hussein was a recipient of their largesse for the better part of a decade.
If this were a Tom Clancy movie, we would be watching the dramatic capture of Hussein somewhere in the last ten minutes of the tale. The bedraggled dictator would be put on public trial for his crimes, sentenced to several thousand concurrent life sentences, and dragged off to prison in chains. The anti-American insurgents in Iraq, seeing the sudden futility of their fight to place Hussein back into power, would lay down their arms and melt back into the countryside. For dramatic effect, more than a few would be cornered by SEAL teams in black facepaint and discreetly shot in the back of the head. The President would speak with eloquence as the martial score swelled around him. Fade to black, roll credits, get off my plane.
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The Overthrow Of The American Republic - Part 44 Saddam Double-Crossed?

By Sherman H. Skolnick
skolnick [at] ameritech [dot] net


Some years ago we coined the phrase "oil-soaked, spy-riddled American monopoly press". It is not an idle statement. The basis for it are the numerous examples we have shown over the forty years we have functioned as a research/investigative group.
About forty years ago, the American CIA created Saddam Hussein and his political party as a bulwark against a growing left-wing in Iraq. Historically, it was just another way the West deals with Europe and the East. American/British Big Business financed Adolf Hitler and the Nazis as an opposition to the Soviets which had themselves been created by the West.
Common Americans do not seem to understand, or want to undertand, the principle, perfected many centuries ago by the Romans. To solidify your power, create so-called "enemies". and then build up your armies to protect you from "them".
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Technology of the New World Order

Tracking and ID, Mind Control, Super Soldiers...
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Presentation of The Hoax of the Twentieth Century

From jahpublications(at)eircom.net

Dear John,

I hope you are well and in good spirit.

It is so obvious that perhaps you haven't thought of it, like hiding things in plain sight, right under people's noses, is often the best place to hide something, but risking stating the obvious and being taken to task for it, I will state the obvious for you anyway.

The BAR and its politicians, lawyers and judges that have enslaved the people are known as the Jewdiciary. Need one say more?

The Jewdiciary with their Talmudic anti-God ways.

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan and reinstate God's Law:-



From: Christian Party <christianparty [at] cox [dot] net>

Subject: The Hoax of the Twentieth Century-Dr. Robert
FAURISSON Date: Thu, Dec 11, 2003, 5:12 pm

Sorry for forwarding such a large email message, but again, this one is very important.


John Knight

Subject: The Hoax of the Twentieth Century-Dr. Robert FAURISSON

Presentation of The Hoax of the Twentieth Century (French Edition)


October 2002

For Professor Arthur Butz, the author of The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, the alleged physical extermination of Europe's Jews during the Second World War constitutes one might justly call a historical lie, a myth, an imposture or, as he puts it, a hoax. In France and in quite a few other countries this hoax has become an official truth, protected by the police, the judicial system and, above all, by the omnipotent mass media. It has taken on the character of a religious belief, a social prohibition, a taboo. "The kosher account of the Second World War," as it may also be called, is the only version allowed in schools, universities, the book trade, law courts, the press, the cinema or on television. The "Holocaust" or "Shoah" has become a religion, a business, an industry.

True Protection vs Protection Racket

From: Roland

To All,

I hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

It is my hope, most, if not all of you, realize God is the Source/Originator of EVERYTHING. Evil has no real life so the best it can hope to do is MIMIC EVERYTHING.

We are creatures of belief (we can either believe the truth or lies] and we are fear motivated (keeping in mind there is a MIMIC to a good, healthy "fear" ["The fear of God is the BEGINNING of wisdom."].

With that said, I hope you realize you are a "soul/spiritual light being" locked inside a human/animal body. Churches tell us this but few truly understand. People mimic back/"parrot" what they have been taught.

"Lost" in our animal brain thinking, we believe the "human" body we are locked in IS life and from that place of belief we will activate the animal "survival instinct" (which is VERY powerful) when "threatened". Evil understands this and preys on that lack of understanding by "humans". Our belief (not realizing we are believing in the lie that the animal human body is life.., [TRUE life is spiritual/ETERNAL] in the lie is the foundational weakness for evil to "offer", by contract, "protection".

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Likely Allergenic Genetically Engineered Corn Still Spreading


StarLink Corn, an experimental genetically engineered crop that the USDA found to be unsuitable for human consumption, hasn't been grown by farmers for several years. Yet recent analysis of this year's harvest has found that it is still contaminating 1% of the nation's corn. The discovery fuels the arguments of GE opponents, who claim that these experimental crops should not be released on the market until they have been adequately tested for effects on human health and the environment."The StarLink lesson is that contamination is to some extent irreversible,"said Doreen Stabinsky, a Greenpeace scientist. Once a new genetically engineered plant is released on the market, it is impossible to keep itspollen from spreading, thereby leading to its existence in the food supply indefinitely. According to the European Union, this is one of the reasons for its decision to resist growing and importing GE foods....."

King of kings' Bible - Enoch 68:14 Since they (men) were only created, sothat, like the angels of heaven, they might remain righteous and pure.68:15 Then death, which destroys every thing, would not have affected them;68:16 But by this, THEIR KNOWLEDGE (science - 1 Tim. 5:20), THEY PERISH, andby this also its power consumes them.

King of kings' Bible - 1 Timothy 5:20 O Timothy, keep that which iscommitted to thy trust, avoiding profane [and] vain babblings, andOPPOSITIONS OF SCIENCE (knowledge) FALSELY SO CALLED:5:21 Which some professing [to have] have erred concerning the faith. Grace[be] with thee. Amen.



The Truth about Genetically Modified Crops

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Read It And Weep - It's TRUE and It's YOUR GOVERNMENT

This is one of the most important quotes I have found in years. It states what I know to be true. It purportedly comes from a top secret US document, but whether it is authentic or not, it clearly describes what is happening to us. Look around. You will see evidence that supports each and every thought expressed here. What do you read in the newspaper? Kobe Bryant and Michael Jackson. But nothing at all about the use of depleted uranium in Iraq that has poisoned the atmosphere permanently. What do you read about the Chemtrails that have been observed often all across the country? Nothing. Who was responsible for the anthrax letters that went to Daschle and Leahy? After the source of the anthrax was found to be a government bioweapons lab at Fort Detrick, MD, you heard nothing more about it. The investigation just faded away.
Constant barrage of sex, violence and war in the media? You bet!
"...a low quality program of public education in mathematics, logic, systems design, and economics..."?  Definitely!
Folks, we must come to the firm conclusion that what is going wrong all around us isn't just happening spontaneously. It is an orchestrated effort to take this country down.
Conspiracy? You bet. It is well documented as a matter of fact.
But the media and schools have conditioned us to not engage in "conspriacy theories." Well, if you don't overcome that, you have no chance of understanding what is happening to us.
Americans must wake up and actively resist soon or our country will be taken over, our Constitution cancelled, and our freedoms lost.

Resist before it is too late!
Don Stacey

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SPIN - by Brian Springer


As a TV democracy, the U.S. is linked into one televised nation throgh the use of Satellite feeds. These feeds carry the live raw TV image before it has been packed by the networks with music, graphics or commercials. Satellite feeds reveal images of TV personalities in from a live camera with open microphones before they go on-air and again during commercial breaks. Because the feeds are sent out unscrambled and are visible to over 4 million dish owners across America, anyone with a home dish can tune them in. The networks view the nation as one big patch bay on which they can spill feeds of TV personalities being made up, cajoling, primping and whispering. To the networks, these feed out-takes are trash, and to most home dish-owners, boring. To me, the feeds are a window into the construction and performance of character, and the floating TV talk-show called the 1992 U.S. Presidential election.


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A Different X-mass Message: We Should Roast Rudolph, Take The Clappers out of "Jingle" Bells and Bury Santa Claus

aekennedy [at] xtra [dot] co [dot] nz">Arnold Kennedy.

Below is an article I put together for our local country newspaper.  It is not totally original, but anyone is free to use it. - Arnold.
Even a very brief search of the history books of various nations and peoples, shows that many had a mid-winter "festival" embodying all the customs of the modern "Christmas," such as feasting, drunken revelry, sexual excess, burning a log, decorating a tree, giving gifts, etc., and it was ALWAYS done in conjunction with THE ANCIENT RELIGIOUS PAGAN CUSTOMS! When we look further into the particular day, the 25th of December, some more rather strange things are discovered.

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No Doubts Global Warming Is Real Say US Experts


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - There can be no doubt that global warming is real and is being caused by people, two top U.S. government climate experts said.

Industrial emissions are a leading cause, they say -- contradicting critics, already in the minority, who argue that climate change could be caused by mostly natural forces.

"There is no doubt that the composition of the atmosphere is changing because of human activities, and today greenhouse gases are the largest human influence on global climate," wrote Thomas Karl, director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Climatic Data Center, and Kevin Trenberth, head of the Climate Analysis Section at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

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