DUDE, Where's my hydrogen?


Michael Moore debunks another myth in a dream that's also a wake-up call. (...) the party's over and the game's definitely up in this, Moore's eerie vision of a post-oil era in which bewildered children ask not: "What did you do in the war, daddy?" but "What did you do in the battle to save the planet, daddy and mummy?" And so it is that Michael Moore finds himself chatting to little Anne - anno 2054 - about oil, the 'die-off' and the hydrogen fuel cell wash-out - here's an excerpt:

Anne: What was it like when you couldn't breathe because of the dirty air caused by burning what you called gasoline? ...

Michael: Ooh, ooh, that smell. It was nature's way of telling you something's wrong. What were we thinking?..

Anne: But it was poisoning you. And you didn't have breathing stations like we do now, so what did you do?

Michael: People would just have to suck it up and breathe it in. This caused millions of people to breathe and die. No one wanted to say it was air pollution from burning fossil fuels that was making it hard to breathe.. (......)

A: My sixth grade teacher told us one of your leaders believed "hydrogen fuel cells" would replace gasoline cars but they didn't. That was crazy! Today every kid knows that hydrogen is hard to get.Sure it's in H20, but it takes a lot of energy to break off the hydrogen - and a lot of energy was what you didn't have. Duh!

M: You're right, Anne, we were all hepped up on so much Prozac and cable television we always believed what our leaders told us. We even believed them when they said that "hydrogen was the Second Coming - limitless, pollution-free energy that will soon replace oil!" We spent so much money on our military to make sure we had access to oil that our schools were falling apart, making everyone grow up dumb and dumber - and therefore, no one realised that hydrogen was not even a fuel at all! It got so bad , most college graduates didn't even know what H20 stood for! Soon things really got bad. We ran low on oil, and there wasn't any hydrogen to run our cars, so people got really mad. But it was too late. That's when the die-off began.  (...) Moore's Law states that: "People Power doubles every 18 months - once people wake up to the abuse of power by government, the media and giant corporations."


The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan:-

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