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Charles, why are you here?

3 hours 5 min ago

by Lawrenta 

Dear Charles Philip Arthur George Battenberg Windsor

Hope you live as more of a spirit-being than the animal human body you’re wearing.

Understanding the truth about who we really are will help us start doing things right. 

A True Royal Decree has been passed By One and Only Christ as was written, Who alone has the Authority, as written in Daniel 10:21 and Revelation 5.

Please Charles put up a little humility, go to The King of kings, lay down the Crown of the British Israel Throne on 22nd April 2023, in His Rock of Defense as He has Decreed, for the good of all, because you can’t put the world right.

I’m of the opinion that you can’t deny the fact that you’re aware Christ is the real King,

Because there are clues everywhere. Almost all British Monarchs had the Bible studied and the Most popular Bible is your great, great etc. grand dad king James that simply proves the truth about the British Throne.

With all the advice He gave us to search the scriptures, Mathew 7:7

John 5:39

[39] Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.

Which virtually everyone Ignored, He has returned and with much love taken on the pain to enlighten us again, YET many of us refused to listen.

John 12:35

[35] Then Jesus said unto them, Yet a little while is the light with you. Walk while ye have the light, lest darkness come upon you: for he that walketh in darkness knoweth not whither he goeth.

Please Charles, have you pondered on your own some of these questions below.

1) Why are you here?

2) Who are you and what is the meaning of life? 

3) Do we really die as we all see? Just like your human body’s mother, and after that what next?

I know, that, if you really seek for the answers to the many questions, you certainly would’ve found out that the only person who can provide the answers is here, and has done exactly that in this book The Way home or face The Fire as we were told before now in the scriptures, That He will. 

Charles we’re all prisoners (Isaiah 61:1), every one of us, we were so sorry for the act of treason and disobedience we committed against I AM, and earth life is our only option to return home, if we get it right. We also failed to get it right. Now the last option left is Christ, we can’t afford to let this slip through our fingers.

There’s no pride here in prison when our survival depends on this last option.

Please go Charles, bow down, submit the Crown as decreed and become a hero in history.

Else all your efforts and suffering here will be meaningless.

Surah 15 

15:28. Behold! Thy Lord said to the (fallen) angels: “I am about to create man, from sounding clay, from mud moulded into shape;
15:29. “When I have fashioned him (in due proportion) and breathed into him of My spirit, fall ye down into submission inside him.”
15:30. So the (fallen) angels submitted themselves (Luke 9:55), all of them together:
15:31. Except Iblis (Lucifer): he refused to be among those who submitted themselves (to human limitations).

Charles we all accepted this prison planet Earth and human animal bodies, please allow the help, and listen, and Do as you’ve been told to.

And do know that “Obedience is better than sacrifice”.

Peace be upon you


This letter has been added to Crown Prince Michael in Gibraltar.

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Book of Enoch Prophecies

4 hours 54 min ago

The Book of Enoch was originally part of the Bible, until THEY figured out what it really meant and what it foretold.

“The word of the blessing of Enoch, how he blessed the Elect and the righteous, who were to exist in the “Time of Trouble”; to the rejection of all the wicked and unGodly, Enoch, a righteous man, was with God, answered and spoke, while his eyes were open, and while he saw a holy vision which was in the heavens… From them I heard all things, and understood what I saw, that which will not take place in this generation, but in a generation which is to succeed at a distant period, on account of the Elect” (Enoch 1:1-2).

The Book of Enoch was given to Noah by Archangel Prince Michael. The Prophet Enoch was Noah’s great granddad who had visions of past and future, which he shared with his children and grandchildren. Prince Michael, who returns for the final battle against Satan and his synagogue, helped Noah understand the importance of Enoch’s messages and inspired the Book of Enoch. It has been placed back into position as the sixth book of the Old Covenant in the King of kings’ Bible. And it is the first book to use the expression “apple of my eye”, which means “cherished”. Five other prophets would later quote this expression. “In that day shall The Most High rise up to execute The Great Judgement upon ALL sinners, and to commit the guardianship of all the righteous and holy to the holy angels, that they may protect them as the apple of an eye, until every evil and every crime be annihilated” (Enoch 99:2).

Jesus, James, Jude, and the Apostles all acknowledged it as Holy Scripture. The church did too until Mohammed was given the Holy Koran by Archangel Gabriel, and praised Enoch/Idris whom Muslims readily accepted. The Koran was supposed to be the third part of the Bible, as the Gospel of Unity. But of course, the church/mosques got in the way and made sure God’s Children remained separated. Because the Koran in Sura 6:154-157 instructs Muslims to read the Torah, the Meccans made sure to discredit it in their man-made “replacement doctrine”: The Hadith, with its unholy Sharia law. And we all know the Vatican has loads of “replacement doctrine” to read instead of the Holy Bible; and Protestant churches have their new bibles and massive bookstores. What could possibly be in the true Holy Books that so many would want people to stay far away from them?

The Book of Enoch’s accounts of the past and future refer to descendants of both of Abraham’s sons: Isaac (Saxons) and Ishmael (Arabs). God’s servant nation, and apple of His eye, is the People Israel through Isaac’s son Jacob. Mohammed was grafted into True Israel because he became a “Champion of God”, which is what the word “Israelite” means. He tried to unite everyone, because the Christians had lost their way by following Rome and its sneaky devils into false gods, graven-images and idols, and materialism, AGAIN. The Book of Enoch stands as the binding tie between Christians and Muslims, which is apparent in the King of kings’ Bible, combining the Torah, Bible and Koran as one Book, complete with cross-references and explanatory notes.

Enoch gives a detailed account of the Creation of the Earth and its purpose; it gives a better insight into who the Elect are; it foretells the future including the Flood, Final Judgement, and separating the righteous and unrighteous, before Christ’s Reign in the seventh millennium. It’s a lengthy book, but reasonably easy to understand.

Creation of the World and Its Purpose

Enoch asked, “What is this world? Of every existing generation those shall bless Thee who do not sleep in the dust but stand before Thy glory, blessing, glorifying, exalting Thee, and saying: The Holy, Holy, Lord of Spirits, fills the whole world of spirits” (Enoch 39:11). When this world was created, it was filled with spirits of the fallen angels. Between lifetimes, each spirit would enter paradise, “After this I beheld the secrets of the heavens and of Paradise (Astral Plain*) according to its divisions; and of human actions, as they weigh it there in Balances” (Enoch 41:1). Paradise is where spirits go to review what they did “good and bad” with their Pair-of-angels. Each spirit, or fallen angel, has a name, and is well accounted for, including everything we’ve ever thought, said and done in every one of our human-lifetimes, as our Guardian Angels perform their jobs with complete accuracy. The Holy Angels know who is “doing time” here; and no one has ever been lost in a crowd or does anything in secret. On an individual basis and on a deep personal level, Guardians know if a man repents, obeys The Laws, loves Father above all else, follows The Way of Christ, overcomes Satan by overcoming “self”, and is actively earning his pardon and becomes righteous again.

*The Astral Plain

The Way home or face The Fire 3:97 Each time that a human-animal-body, that you have been using, dies, you are unlocked from it and taken onto the Astral Plain (Paradise) (which is here, but in another dimension, that cannot be seen with human-eyes), where you are asked, what you have learned, and you have your now past human-lifetime, that you have just lived, shown to you, and you are told (paradise – “para dice” – in order to be told) what you have done right, and what you have done wrong. That life is then summarized, and the evil; that you have learned in that lifetime; is erased from your memory, along with which human you were, but the good you have learned is retained. You are then sent back, onto this material plain, and locked-inside another body, to learn some more. The kind of body and surroundings will vary, depending on whether you are to be punished and taught humility, or whether you are to be rewarded.

The Elect

These are the souls who become alive, or born again, because they find the Truth and cling to it at all costs and through all tests. They separate themselves from the walking dead who are sleepwalking, drunk on Satan’s lies about who they really are. It’s one thing to be awake to the evil happening in the world; it’s quite another thing to be spiritually awake and connecting it to Father’s plan. Those who wake up love Father and want to go back Home, reveling not in their human-bodies wanting Satan’s mammon world. They realize how wonderful and marvelous Father and Christ are. They keep their faith and humble themselves before God, praising Him for His Mercy, Grace and Love. They become willing to have child-like faith and be taught again, or “unlearn what they have learned” as Yoda said in Star Wars.

Here are some verses about the Elect found in Enoch:

“Then shall Wisdom be given to the Elect, all of whom shall live, and not again transgress by disrespect or pride; but shall humble themselves, possessing prudence, and shall not repeat transgression” (Enoch 6:11).

“Their residence I beheld under the wings of the Lord of Spirits. All the holy and the Elect sung before Him, in appearance like a blaze of fire; their mouths being full of blessings, and their lips glorifying the name of the Lord of Spirits. And righteousness incessantly dwelt before Him” (Enoch 39:7).

“In that day shall the Elect One (Messiah/Christ/Mahdi) sit upon the Throne of Glory; and shall choose their conditions and countless habitations (while their spirits within them – their Being shall be strengthened, when they behold My Elect One), shall choose them for those who have fled for protection to My holy and glorious name. In that day I will cause My Elect One to dwell in the midst of them; will change the face of heaven; will bless it, and illuminate it for ever” (Enoch 45:3-4).

The Righteous and Unrighteous

For the righteous will learn the Truth and Life, returning to God’s Law, revering the Lord, and doing good works, instead of continuing their insurrection with Lucifer, known on Earth as Satan, the Opposer, and the Devil, the Liar/Slanderer. The new millennium will belong to them. The unrighteous will refuse to return to The Laws of God, reject the Lord, and find they possess not the Earth, but eternal hell in the Lake of Fire. Their pretenses of good will fall away, and the ways of the righteous will be come to light. The unrighteous will be given no mercy, as they will reap what they have sown, as they showed no kindness to their brothers, and are filthy with greed, exalting their ways over the “I Am”.

“When Righteousness shall be manifested in the presence of the righteous themselves, who will be elected for their good works duly weighed by the Lord of Spirits; and when the Light of the righteous and the Elect, who dwell on Earth, shall be manifested; where will the habitation of sinners be, and where the place of rest for those who have rejected the Lord of Spirits? It would have been better for them, never to have been born” (Enoch 38:2).

“When too, the secrets of the righteous shall be revealed, then shall sinners be judged; and disrespectful men shall be afflicted in the presence of the righteous and the Elect. From that period those who possess the Earth shall not be powerful and exalted. Neither shall they be capable of beholding the countenances of the holy…” (Enoch 38:3-4).

“I will also change the face of the Earth; will bless it; and cause those whom I have elected to dwell upon it. But those who have committed sin and inequity will not tread upon it; for I have seen them. My righteous ones will I satisfy with peace, placing them before Me; but the condemnation of sinners shall draw near, so that I may destroy them from the face of the Earth” (Enoch 45:5).

Battle and Judgement

Christ will be the Savior of the awakened spirits. And the souls who cling to Him and His teachings will be chosen to continue with Him after the Day of Punishment, when evil souls will be destroyed. Father, the Ancient of Days, is with Him, guiding and protecting Him. Christ is called the Son of Man when His spirit is in a human body, and He is the Righteous One who reveals the Truth, even hidden Truths. He will do battle with the kings, the evil rulers of the world, and win.

“The Son of Man, whom thou beholdest, shall raise up kings and the mighty from their thrones, and the powerful from their couches; shall loosen the reins of the powerful, and break in pieces the teeth of sinners. He shall hurl kings from their thrones and their dominions; because they will not exalt and praise Him, nor humble themselves before Him…” (Enoch 46:3-4). These kings are the same referred to in Revelation, as the ones who fornicated with the Whore of Babylon (Rev. 18:9-19). “… Nor henceforwards shall they obtain pity from the Lord of Spirits, because their lives in this world will have been completed” (Enoch 38:5-6).

And who are the kings, or evil rulers, who oppress the world of spirits/souls? “They shall condemn the stars of heaven, shall lift up their hands against the Most High, shall tread upon and inhabit the Earth, exhibiting all their works of iniquity, even their works of inequity. Their strength shall be in their riches, and their faith shall be in the gods that they have formed with their own hands (money-religion-Marxists). They shall deny the Lord of Spirits, and shall expel Him from their temples, in which they assemble” (Enoch 46:5).

But they will be judged accordingly: “Prince Michael the Archangel condemned and then decreed that The Judgement shall fall on CHURCH and STATE” (Enoch 58:1), which is how they rule. This is also referred to in Ezekiel 13:1-9, Matthew 23, Revelation 17:14, and Koran Sura 3:64. It is the Church, all of them of every organized religion, and the State, all governments, who oppress, condemn, mislead and rob the souls of Earth, in order to sit at Satan’s side and rule in his one-world government and religion scheme. They push this scheme on the world; but with this push, they bring final judgment on themselves and everyone else. While the world is headed for darkness and destruction, because we allow the evil-doers their control, Father said He wouldn’t allow complete destruction of the Earth, on account of the Elect.

Christ will establish a new day. “That day has been prepared for the Elect as a day of Covenant; and for sinners as a day of inquisition. In that day shall be distributed for food two tigers (redistribution of their wealth); a female tiger (Whore of Babylon), whose name is Levi-athan (church) dwelling in the depths of the “sea” (restless people), above the springs of “waters” (people). And a male (kings/rulers), whose name is Behemoth (state) which possesses, moving on his breast, the invisible waste” (Enoch 59:6-8).

“And when the punishment from the Lord of spirits shall continue, upon them (the two monsters – church and state) shall it continue, that the punishment of the Lord of Spirits may not take place in vain. After that, Judgement shall exist with mercy and long-suffering” (Enoch 59:29).

Christ will rule from His Throne during the seventh millennium after evil is wiped from the Earth. “The Lord of spirits sat upon the Throne of His Glory, And the Spirit of Righteousness was poured out over him (the Elect One)…” (Enoch 61:2-4). “And in those days shall the Elect One sit upon his throne (The Stone or Pillar of Destiny – the Throne of David – the Throne of Israel – the British Throne – Jacob’s Pillar), while every secret of intellectual wisdom shall proceed from his mouth; for the Lord of Spirits has gifted and glorified him” (Enoch 50:3).

“And trouble shall seize them, when they shall behold this Son of The Woman sitting upon the throne of his glory” (Enoch 61:9). The Woman is Britannia – Israel God’s wife (metaphorically), described in Revelation 12:1-2, 5-6. The “throne of His glory” will be given to Him by God during the fourth and final overturn of the Stone of Destiny (Ezekiel 21:27). “Then shall the kings, the princes, and all who possess (and think they own) the Earth, glorify Him Who has dominion over all things; and him who was concealed (and does own it), for from eternity the Son of Man was concealed, whom the Most High preserved in the presence of His power and revealed to the Elect” (Enoch 61:10).

The Book of Enoch in the King of kings’ Bible, is cross-referenced with other Scriptures.

Other Sources:
The Truth About the Book of Enoch
Bible Code Words from The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and The Two Witnesses

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Dual Containment of Moscow, Beijing is Mission Impossible for USA

February 3, 2023 - 14:21
‘Dual Containment’ of Moscow, Beijing is ‘Mission: Impossible’ for Washington, Taiwan Expert Says

Sputniknews – Although the US has identified “great power competition” with Russia and China as its new strategic orientation, Washington has struggled to build even regional alliances against them outside of NATO. It’s no coincidence, then, that NATO is seeking to make partners out of US allies in East Asia.

Dr. Chang Ching, military expert on the People’s Liberation Army and regional security and senior research fellow of the Taiwan-based Society for Strategic Studies, told Sputnik that while many commentators have accused Washington of having a “dual containment” strategy against Moscow and Beijing, based on their “very strong disagreements,” Washington simply doesn’t have the global clout to isolate such strong and powerful countries.

“Both Russia and China are global players in international politics and economic affairs. If the Biden administration has an aspiration to contain either Russia or China, the United States needs to forge a global consensus to mobilize an effort to contain any of these two countries on a worldwide scale,” Chang said. “As for now, it is simply a ‘mission: impossible’ to consolidate most countries to take any negative measures towards Moscow or Beijing. Only certain Western states have joined the collective actions to hinder the freedom of actions acted by Moscow or Beijing.”

“Even many of the US’ traditional allies like the Philippines would have strong reluctances to take coordinated actions against Russia and China. No nation would like to take sides unconditionally nowadays. It all depends on how much Washington can commit to the alliance relationships. There is no free lunch for Americans to take from the dining tables of other countries any more. After all, the general rule of give and take is always valid in international politics,” Chang noted.

Indeed, this is no small part of why NATO defines China as a “systemic challenge” rather than using the more hostile word “threat.”

Prophecy Unfolding

Rev. 16:12 And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great River Euphrates; and the “water” (Rev. 17:15) thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the East (eastern block – the U.S.S.R. and China re-united) might be prepared. – World War 3: The Second of its Three Woes/Phases

Ezekiel 38 (extract)
Thus says the Lord God; behold I AM against you Gog the prince of Rosh (Russia) Meshech (Moscow) and Tubal (Tobolsk) – the Western and Eastern Capitols of the U.S.S.R. (now called the C.I.S.): I will turn you back (from seeking peace) and put hooks into your jaws (hunger), and I will bring you forth, with all your armed forces and Persia, Ethiopia, Libya, Gomer, Togarmah and ALL the earth with them against My people Israel (Britain and the British Commonwealth; America; Scandinavia; the Netherlands; the Baltic States; Northern France; Northern Spain and the Jews) to the lands of unwalled villages (walls of untempered mortar) without bars or gates (no defences because of defence cuts after the “so-called” peace dividend), when they (the politicians – foolish prophets) say peace, peace and there was NO peace. – THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE and THE TWO WITNESSES

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US stockpile of artillery shells to be delivered from Israel to Ukraine

February 3, 2023 - 14:15

It has been decided that the US stockpile of artillery shells stored in Israel in case of special “emergencies” will instead be delivered to the Ukrainian army for use in the war against Russia.

The ammunition has been stored on Israeli soil to be used by the US military in regional conflicts, the New York Times reports. Israel has also been given permission to use “some of the equipment ” if necessary.

As early as 2022, American leaders raised the possibility of letting the “weapon cache” in Israel benefit Ukraine – something that in Israel led to some concern about how Russia would react. In the end, however, the deliveries were approved by then Prime Minister Yar Lapid.

Israel has so far itself said no to supplying weapons to Ukraine – despite President Zelenskyy repeatedly calling for military support. One reason for this must be purely strategic and relate to wanting to be able to continue operating freely in Syria, where Russia essentially controls the airspace.

As for American “weapon caches” in Israel, these have existed for at least 50 years and have their background in the fact that the United States sent weapons to the country during the Yom Kippur War and shortly thereafter built up its own weapons caches in the area “to use in a potential crisis”.

Artillery pieces in particular have become increasingly important in the war in Ukraine as both sides shell each other. The Ukrainian leadership has previously claimed that it fires around 90,000 shells each month at the Russians – significantly more than what the EU and the US can produce in the same period.

It is noteworthy that a number of other countries – including Germany, Canada and Italy have also sent ammunition to Ukraine and that the US has delivered or promised to deliver over a million artillery shells to the country.

The arms and ammunition stockpile in Israel will also be replenished over time, two senior Israeli officials promise.

Source: New Dagbladet – 300,000 artillery shells are delivered from Israel to Ukraine

US quietly shipping ammo to Ukraine from massive stockpile in Israel

Times of Israel – The US stockpile in Israel dates back to the Yom Kippur War in 1973. The US delivered weapons to beleaguered Israeli forces during the war, then set up storage facilities in Israel for use in a potential crisis.

US tanks and armored personnel carriers were stowed in the Negev desert in case American forces in the Middle East needed them. Later on, in the 2000s, munitions for the different branches of the US military were kept in Israel in locations that were only open to the US personnel, the report said.

The stockpile was officially known as War Reserve Stocks for Allies-Israel, or WRSA-I. It was supervised by the US European Command and is now overseen by the US Central Command, which has included Israel since 2021.

Israel used ammunition from the stockpile during the 2006 Lebanon war against the Hezbollah terror group, and during fighting against Gaza terrorists in 2014, according to a Congressional report from last year.

Ukraine has run low on its own stockpiles and has begun mostly using supplies from the US and other Western countries, but Kyiv’s forces are firing around 90,000 artillery shells per month, far outpacing the manufacturing capabilities of the US and Europe combined.

The US has turned to the stockpile in Israel, as well as another in South Korea, to make up the difference and keep the shells flowing to Ukraine. The ammunition is transported to Europe and transferred into Ukraine from Poland, The New York Times report said.

Prophecy Unfolding

38:2 Son of man, set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech (Moscow) and Tubal (Tobolsk), and prophesy against him,
38:3 And say, Thus saith the Lord “I AM”; Behold, I [am] against thee, O Gog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech (Moscow) and Tubal (Tobolsk):
38:4 And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws (hunger), and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed with all sorts [of armour, even] a great company [with] bucklers and shields, all of them handling weapons of destruction (lightning):
38:5 Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya with them; all of them with shield and helmet:
38:6 Gomer, and all his bands; the House of Togarmah of the north quarters, and all his bands: [and] many people with thee.
38:7 Be thou prepared, and prepare for thyself, thou, and all thy company that are assembled unto thee, and be thou a guard unto them.
38:8 After many days thou shalt be visited: in the latter years thou shalt come into the land [that is] brought back from the sword, [and is] gathered out of many people, against the mountains of Israel, which have been always waste: but it is brought forth out of the nations, and they shall dwell safely all of them.
38:9 Thou shalt ascend and come like a storm, thou shalt be like a cloud to cover the land, thou, and all thy bands, and many people with thee.
38:10 Thus saith the Lord “I AM”; It shall also come to pass, [that] at the same time shall things come into thy mind, and thou shalt think an evil thought:
38:11 And thou shalt say, I will go up to the land of unwalled villages; I will go to them that are at rest, that dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates (no defences),

Four Angels of the Euphrates River – “All this sets the stage for Armageddon. In Hebrew, Har-Megiddo means Armageddon, and is located in Northern Israel where ancient Israel fought its enemies, and near Endor. The already exhausted West will lose against the formidable Red armies. In Revelation 11:7, the beast (Satan and his communism/Marxism) will overcome them and kill them, the Two Witnesses. Here, the West is represented by the United Kingdom and the United States, that both used to witness for God, before their testimony ended and they strayed away from the Truth and God’s Laws. This separation accelerated after the Marxists infiltrated Western countries.”


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Russia issues warning to Israel

February 2, 2023 - 16:10
PM Netanyahu told CNN he was “looking into” sending the Iron Dome to Kiev, prompting a reaction from Moscow

From Russia Today (RT) – Anyone so much as speculating about sending weapons to Ukraine is escalating the conflict, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in response to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In an interview to CNN on Tuesday, Netanyahu said he did not rule out the possibility of sending Iron Dome missile defense systems to Kiev – something his predecessor rejected outright.

“All countries that supply weapons [to Ukraine] should understand that we will consider these [weapons] to be legitimate targets for Russian armed forces,” Zakharova told reporters in Moscow.

“Any attempts – implemented or even unrealized but announced, for the supply of additional, new or some other weapons – have led and will lead to an escalation of this crisis. And everyone should be aware of this,” she added.

Zakharova was responding to claims by multiple media outlets that Netanyahu was “certainly looking into” the possibility of dispatching Iron Dome systems to Ukraine. The quote does not appear in CNN’s writeup of the interview, or the two video segments posted online, however.

Netanyahu, who recently returned as prime minister after 18 months out of power, sat down for an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper. The network did quote him on the possibility of mediating the conflict between Moscow and Kiev, and the cryptic answer about the recent drone attack on Iranian military industry.

“I never talk about specific operations … and every time some explosion takes place in the Middle East, Israel is blamed or given responsibility – sometimes we are, sometimes we’re not,” Netanyahu told Tapper.

Tehran has unofficially blamed Tel Aviv – and Kiev – for the attack on Isfahan over the weekend. While the top aide to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky cheered the attack, the foreign ministry in Kiev claimed ignorance of it.

Iron Dome is a short-range system Israel has used against rockets launched by Hezbollah and Hamas. The previous government rejected Ukraine’s demand to send them over last October. Defense Minister Benny Gantz explained in November that Israel doesn’t have “a large enough production base” to satisfy Ukraine’s needs, while a senior military adviser said the country was loath to antagonize Russia, which has a large military presence in neighboring Syria.

Israel’s hypothetical change of course might have something to do with the US, which funds the Iron Dome to the tune of $1 billion a year. Washington recently announced it would raid the stockpile of artillery ammunition intended for Israel in order to supply Ukraine instead, which Netanyahu told CNN he was perfectly fine with.

Israel Considering Sending Iron Dome Air Defense System To Ukraine – Netanyahu added that his country is also helping Ukraine by preventing the production of weapons in Iran. ‘I will not go into details, but Israel is acting in a certain way against Iran’s production of weapons that are used against Ukraine,’ he said.

What is the Iron Dome?

It was built and maintained with U.S. funding. 

The Iron Dome was built and has been maintained with billions of dollars in funding from the United States. It was first approved in 2007, and shot down its first missiles in 2011. Each Iron Dome interceptor costs an estimated $40,000, and in prolonged conflicts with Hamas, Israel uses it hundreds of times. As of 2018, the U.S. spent more than $6 billion on missile defense aid to Israel, which covers Iron Dome and other, similar systems.

The Iron Dome, a missile defense system introduced in Israel a decade ago that has fundamentally changed how its wars are fought. The Iron Dome is a radar-guided tool that allows Israel to pinpoint and intercept missiles headed for its civilian areas.

Iron Dome uses radars to stop incoming missiles. 

On the ground, the Iron Dome looks like a set of beige columns arranged in a box, tilted onto their side and placed on wheels.

But the technology that makes it so valuable is a radar that is able to pick bombs out of the sky. The Iron Dome’s radar  techology, manufactured in the United States, works in four steps. First, it identifies projectiles in the sky. Then, it determines whether the projectile is a bird, an airplane or a bomb. Then comes the most crucial part: It determines the arc of the missile, which allows it to find both the target and the missile launcher. Then, if the missile is headed toward a populated area, the system directs its own bomb to intercept the missile and explode it before it lands.

ALSO NOTE: Tehran Warns Any US Military Action Against Iran Will Be Declaration of War

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Iranian Permanent Mission to the UN warned on Tuesday, after the recent drone attack in the province of Isfahan, allegedly carried out by Israel, that Tehran would consider any military action by the US against Iran as a declaration of war which would be met with retaliatory measures.

“In Iran’s perspective, the use of the military option at any level means U.S. entry into the war. For now Iran considers such a possibility to be weak,” the mission told US news magazine.

Tehran also said that if the US “miscalculates and starts a war,” then Washington would be responsible for the consequences of such a conflict “for the region and the world,” the news outlet reported. In such a case, Iran will be capable of ensuring its own security and defending the country’s interests, the magazine cited the mission as saying.

Washington has so far denied any involvement in the recent attack on Iran, the media outlet reported.

Ukraine War – It’s Getting Biblical The Israeli Attack On Iran Hurt Israel Four Angels of the Euphrates: Syria, Iran, Turkey and Iraq

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Investigative Report: Human trafficking in Ukraine

February 2, 2023 - 13:32
Human trafficking in Ukraine, an investigative series. Part one: Illegal Organ Harvest “Every Day We Were Working Like Frankenstein’s Slaves”

by Deborah L. Armstrong

Few things in our world are so horrifying as human trafficking. It’s a worldwide scourge, and according to some reports, Ukraine is one of the worst hot spots for the abduction/kidnapping of people for use in the sex trade or for illegal organ harvest. Even the US State Department admits that “The Government of Ukraine does not fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking” though it claims that Kiev is “making significant efforts to do so.”

Wikipedia even states that “Ukraine is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children trafficked transnationally for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor,” though it does not delve into the terrifying world of black-market organ harvesting.

This topic, however, has been covered in-depth in Russian media, which has reported since at least 2014 about the activities of so-called “black market transplantologists” — foreign doctors who harvest organs from mortally wounded Ukrainian soldiers and from civilians who may, or may not, have given consent.

While news of illegal organ harvesting in Ukraine did trickle into western mainstream media before the Maidan coup, in recent years this horror is dismissed as “Russian disinformation” and mainstream media remains mostly silent on the issue, though it does report about the sex trafficking of Ukrainian women, which is neatly blamed on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In this investigative series, we will explore what Russian media has reported about human trafficking in Ukraine, and you can decide for yourself whether it’s true or just “propaganda” as western media insists.

Organ harvesting in Ukraine — “gift of life” or get-rich-quick scheme? Col. Vitaly Kiselev of Lugansk Police speaks to media about black-market organ harvesting in Bakhmut. Photo: Voice of Sevastopol

In early December of 2022, Colonel Vitaly Kiselev of the Lugansk Police in the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR), told Russian media that a black-market organ harvester from the EU had arrived in the Bakhmut region of Ukraine, where there has been heavy fighting, and therefore, mortally wounded soldiers.

Kiselev told that at least one of these people, a Dutch doctor named Elizabeth de Brück was previously in Ukraine, according to an investigation by the LPR, and that she and others in her group harvested organs from Ukrainian soldiers and civilians without their consent, in 2014 and 2015.

You can watch Kiselev’s statement to Russian news media with English subtitles on my YouTube channel.

The video is available to watch below:

Organ Harvesting – ‘Black Transplantology’ – arrived near Artemovsk – Where the Armed Forces of Ukraine are Suffering Losses

[See also: LPR colonel claims notorious Dutch illegal organ harvester arrived in Ukraine’s Bakhmut region]

Kiselev says that the names of several people, including de Brück, were given to authorities by a former officer of the Ukrainian Security Services (SBU) during a confession in 2015. The unidentified man said that he witnessed de Brück and her group removing organs without consent from soldiers, as well as from civilians whose wounds were not life threatening. Other names he provided include John Wesley, Henry Roselfeld and Andrew Milburn, allegedly the founder of Ukraine’s PMC “Mozart” group.

The confession itself is in Russian without subtitles, so I have summarized it here, along with a few translated quotes from the video.

In November of 2014, the unidentified officer says, he and two other members of the SBU were sent to the “Anti-Terrorist Operation zone” (ATO) where they worked with a special medical group which was referred to as the “emergency team.” He and his colleagues had undergone special medical training in Kramatorsk, a city in the northern part of Donetsk Oblast, in what was then eastern Ukraine. Following the training, he says that the SBU officers joined the medical group and were given modern equipment and weapons.

An unidentified former officer of Ukrainian Security Services (SBU) describes illegal organ harvesting that he witnessed in 2014 and 2015. Photo: Den Novorossii

The unidentified officer said they were instructed by a Colonel Mischenko, who told them that their task was to assist and protect the doctors in case a dying soldier wanted to contribute his organs in order to help his family financially, and that this was accepted practice all over the world.

The unnamed officer states, “Our colleague Gennady [Getman] was responsible for getting consent from critically wounded people so their organs were harvested. I was providing protection. For each person, I received $170 USD. First, we sent the wounded to special medical centers created in Kramatorsk and Severodonetsk. All their organs were harvested — including eyes, skin, bones. Everything was sent abroad. I don’t know how much their families were paid and if they were paid at all.”

In January of 2015, the unidentified SBU officer says that a professional “transplantologist” named Elizabeth de Brück arrived from the Netherlands to work with them. He claims that he examined her documents and that was how he got her true name. He says that the Dutch woman completely reformed their working style, directing doctors to remove organs regardless of whether the soldiers agreed or not. She often removed organs herself, he says, taking just seven to ten minutes to remove, pack, and send an organ to Kramatorsk.

Well, fascists always have prided themselves on their efficiency…

Photo of bodies whose organs have been harvested, provided by an unnamed source. Image is blurred because it is extremely graphic. Original photo:

The former SBU officer went on to say that the work was especially hard in Debaltsevo when the fighting got rough between Kiev’s nationalist militias and the so-called “Russian separatists” fighting to protect their families and neighbors. The fighting was so fierce that one day, 23 pairs of kidneys were harvested along with spleens and livers. Most of the soldiers killed or wounded came from the 128th Mountain Assault Brigade, according to the unnamed officer. Bodies whose organs had been harvested were taken by another special group to a burial place in the direction of Artemovsk (known as Bakhmut in Ukrainian). Many of the organs, he says, came from the Debaltsevo cauldron, and his team, and also the generals, made good money.

On February 23, 2015, the anonymous SBU officer and his team returned to Kramatorsk. He says that he knows English and that he overheard Elizabeth (also called “Eliza” or “Elsa”) talking with her “boss” who was praising her and asking her to improve the quality of the work.

She replied, “Yes, Sandra.” The unnamed agent believes that “Sandra” was the wife (Sandra Roelofs, originally from the Netherlands) of Mikheil Saakashvili, a former president of Georgia and head of the Executive Reform Committee of Ukraine, and that she was the leader and organizer of the mission.

The former SBU officer says that “everything changed” after Mikheil Saakashvili visited the ATO. He says he was assigned to accompany the former Georgian leader, who praised the operation and said he would pay them more if they increased the quantity and quality of the organs, which he called “goods.” Saakashvili [a convicted felon] allegedly told him that the organs were helping the families of the deceased and people in Europe and America who were urgently waiting for transplants.

Former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili and his wife Sandra. Photo:

But then everything went to hell, according to the former SBU officer. The buried soldiers were declared “lost” and their families didn’t receive any money. And after a ceasefire was declared, not as many people were dying. But Sandra kept calling, requesting more organs.

While Ukraine was shelling Popasnaya (called Popasna in Ukrainian), a city in the Lugansk region, he claims that kidneys and a spleen were removed from a man and his 12-year-old daughter, who had lost consciousness. Their family name was Lyaschenko, according to the passport in the man’s coat pocket. The mother was wounded in the legs, but when she was brought to the hospital, her organs were removed. The agent discovered that all three were officially declared killed during the shelling, but he knew it was murder, committed by those who were supposed to be “helping.”

He couldn’t bear it any longer and so he submitted an application to be dismissed on the 4th of June, 2015. Col. Mischenko said that he had a special task that needed to be completed first, and after that, the officer would be given leave and promoted to major with a raise in pay. The “special task” turned out to be exhuming bodies in Bakhmut. He says that he worked with a group of people who exhumed 132 corpses. He doesn’t know where the bodies were taken. On June 11th, he was summoned to see General Alexander Radetsky and after he left the general’s office, he was arrested.

“As soon as I left his office I was attacked and taken downstairs. They had an order for my arrest for document forging and suggested I sign a warrant for a treatment course in a mental hospital or I’d be sent to jail. I told them I’d come for this procedure tomorrow and bribed them with $300 USD and 1600 UAH [Ukrainian hryvnia] on the spot, and promised each of them $1,000 more the next day. They took me home so that I paid them each $1,000 extra the same day.”

After paying them off, the unidentified man says that he escaped and hid. He provided information and video records to authorities in the People’s Republics of Donbas. The videos included footage of organ harvesting, operating rooms and exhumations. He also said that he could show them burial grounds in Chasov Yar, in the DPR, where 97 people were buried, 20 of them civilians including children. And in Uglegorsk, where 30 AFU soldiers were buried. He says that he even contacted Wikileaks to tell them about the illegal organ harvesting in Ukraine, the Ukrainian government’s involvement, and the actions of Saakashvili and his wife.

“I know I deserve punishment,” the anonymous man concludes, “but I won’t back down and I’ll keep fighting, and this thing is not over. My colleague Gennady Getman [the one responsible for consent forms] was appointed the head of the special med-group and the murders still go on. Help to stop them!”

The former SBU man is not the only one who claims to have witnessed illegal organ harvesting in Ukraine. A pre-med student from Syria says that he was a member of an organ harvesting team that was also sent there, from overseas.

Anonymous Syrian pre-med student claims he was tricked into illegally harvesting organs in Ukraine to pay his way through med school.

The student, whose identity is also protected, said that his story began in 2009, when he went to the United States to study medicine. After completing his undergraduate degree in 2013, he planned to enroll in medical school but failed the pre-med exam. At the time, there was growing unrest in Syria and his parents could no longer support him financially. He only had a year to make up the exam, so he tried to get a job, only to run into more problems because he had no work visa. If he could not get a work visa, he would be forced to leave the US by the end of 2013 when his student visa expired.  You can listen to his testimony here, in heavily accented (and augmented) English with Ukrainian subtitles. I will also summarize it below.

In August of 2013, the Syrian student says he was approached by a man who offered to help him get a job and obtain a work visa. They went for a walk in a park to talk about it. The man told him that there was a “peacekeeping force” which was going to another country, which needed doctors including transplant surgeons.

At first, he refused because he had only completed his pre-med training. But he was told that this was an “internal government order” and that if he cooperated, he would be given copies of all the necessary paperwork as well as a three-month training course, and that once he returned from overseas, he would have a work visa and money in his bank account.

Lured by the prospect of being able to pay his own tuition, he decided to join the “peacekeeping force” which went to Ukraine in 2013. It seemed a logical choice, since he had learned Russian when he was in school in Syria.

His family thought that he had gone to Ukraine as an ordinary doctor, as part of the “peacekeeping force,” and the news said the same thing. But he says that even then, he knew that organ transplants were already a fairly standard operation, and that there was an acute shortage of donor organs worldwide. As promised, he was given special training courses and documents such as a press card identifying himself as a “journalist.” He was only supposed to spend a year in Ukraine, then he planned to return to the US to continue his studies.

US Embassy compound in Kiev. Photo:

He and the other members of the “peacekeeping force” were housed in an apartment near the US Embassy in Kiev. Once per week they were visited by “strange” people in plain clothes who spoke Ukrainian and English. They explained that soon he and the others would be performing operations to remove organs for further treatment of people who were seriously ill, and that these people might be soldiers or civilians. The doctors’ help was needed to save people’s lives, he was told.

Every week they were taken to a small clinic on the outskirts of Kiev. There were no signs to be seen and guards escorted them to the middle of the building. Everything was painted green, the Syrian said. They performed surgeries there, in shifts, and slept there sometimes, too. They were given rooms, “like cheap hotels. Like soldiers’ beds in two tiers.”

This was how it was until May 1st, 2014, when they were roused early in the morning, divided into two units, and told to gather their belongings. They were informed that there was an “emergency call” that they needed to respond to, so they left Kiev that evening and by nightfall they were in Odessa.

Two mobile complexes had been set up to conduct emergency operations, as if there was a natural disaster or a war. His group of doctors was stationed on the outskirts of the city, and another group was sent to the city’s center. He thought it was strange because the streets of Odessa were calm and quiet, and there seemed to be no reason for the city to be prepared for a calamity.

Then, on May 2, everyone was roused early again and told to be ready to receive organs and prepare them for transplantation somewhere else. His group was instructed to receive boxes from the first group in the Odessa city center, and prepare them for transportation.

That day, he says, they worked like “hard laborers” under the sights of machine guns and the shouts of the military. “We had our first fears for our lives and serious suspicions about the reality of what was happening. My eyes saw more organs in one day than I had ever seen in my entire surgical training.”

Massacre at the Trade Union Building in Odessa, May 2nd, 2014. Photo:

Of course, now we know about the massacre which took place that day, when rioting alt-right nationalists from Ukraine’s “Right Sektor” group and crazed football fans from Kharkov trapped dozens of people, mostly Russian-speaking Ukrainians, inside the Trade Union Building. At least 48 of them were killed and 300 more were injured. Some were burned alive after the building was set on fire, others were shot or beaten when they tried to escape the flames. Still others were raped and murdered inside the building.

But from where he was standing that day, the Syrian pre-med student couldn’t fathom where the organs were coming from, and why there were so many. The surgeons couldn’t watch the news while they were working, but by late afternoon one of his colleagues said there had been a massacre in town. A war? He didn’t know. The doctors were focused on dealing with the organs. Removing them properly and preparing them for transplant and transportation.

They were rushed, constantly (and literally) under the gun. He says it was obvious why everyone was in a hurry. He knew that there were rules for the removal of organs. A kidney was only supposed to be removed after 30 minutes of the undeniable establishment of clinical death. But the earlier the kidneys are removed, the better they are for transplantation, and kidneys removed from still-living bodies have the best chances of success.

The operating theater was prepared. They smeared iodine on a patient’s breasts, abdomen and groin. Then a cross incision was made on the donor’s stomach, and then, according to plan, the organs were extracted.

Following the nightmarish events in Odessa, the Syrian was coming to the realization that all was not as it had seemed. He and his colleagues had been told that they would work as doctors in the field, but instead, they were pathologists, dissecting corpses of dead soldiers and civilians.

He recalls the name of an important military man — Nalyvaychenko. He says that a group of soldiers was loading boxes of organs into a car and two of the soldiers accidentally dropped their cart. An officer kicked them and shouted that if they ruined even one box, he would give their kidneys to Nalyvaychenko himself!

The nightmare continued after Odessa. On the morning of May 3rd, he says his group arrived in another large settlement, and that their motorcade of three cars continued on between cities at night. Slavyansk, Kramatorsk. And every day, he says, they did the same thing.

“Every day we were working like Frankenstein’s slaves, cutting and removing organs. They were the bodies of soldiers. Right on the streets of towns and villages. Every day, hands covered in blood. It was a scorcher in reality. From morning till night, mutilated bodies and grimaces of horror on the faces of men and women,” he said.

But it wasn’t just soldiers’ bodies, he recalls. Sometimes bodies arrived clean and well-groomed. Civilians. Often shot just once. In the head.

“I thought that was the worst thing a doctor could see. But there was a real nightmare ahead of us,” he continues. “We were part of a conveyor belt for harvesting and transporting human organs.”

When they came to Donetsk, he realized that he was just one cog in an immense machine. “Now we were forced to fulfill the ‘plan.’ Every day we were given a list of things that we had to find on the streets of the city that was on fire. This list included children and pregnant women. Those who refused to fulfill the ‘plan’ were beaten and threatened with becoming donors themselves.”

In the other group, two people went missing during the week. They didn’t come back from the city, or so he was told.

An estimated 10 percent of all transplants worldwide are believed to be illegal — approximately 12,000 organs per year according to the National Institutes of Health. Photo: Pratidintime

“In Donetsk we were brought to the ‘Laboratory for the Transplantation of Vital Organs.’ In reality, it was a scary 20-square-meter room. It was all in the basement of some building. We were shown an ammonia machine and an iron cabinet with preparations and instruments. The basement was poorly lit, humid, and cold. We walked on planks with dirty water squelching under them. We had three wooden operating tables at our disposal. It was clear that they had been made before we arrived. We operated under the light of ordinary lamps. There was no equipment. All the time a diesel generator was humming and smoking. Heavy machinery was constantly coming over the basement windows of the ‘lab’ and shots and explosions could be heard. We were guarded by four men with machine guns. Our basement was a real biological bank of living organs. We lived in that basement all summer long.”

Life became a blur. They worked and slept in between visits from the military. They were sent on missions to get bodies from the battlefield. They were even sent on missions kept secret from the military.

Then, in August of 2014, “we managed to escape from this hell. We were coming back to the city from the village where we were going to get new organs. There were five people in our car. The driver, two security guards and us two surgeons.” In the car there were also twelve boxes containing organs. “We drove up to the roadblock. Not long ago it was ‘ours.’”

But this roadblock had been taken over by rebel military units, the so-called “Russian separatists” who were fighting against the Ukrainian militias. “We realized this when a car pulled out toward us and started blinking its lights. Our driver was the first to realize what was happening and tried to turn right on the road.”

The soldiers began shooting at them, damaging their car. They stopped near a forest and tried to run away, but the two SBU guards demanded that they bring all 12 boxes with them. “I felt again the threats that I felt in Odessa — that we would become donors of all organs ourselves if the goods were not delivered. That Nalyvaychenko and his mercenaries would find us in an hour, and that we would be killed on the spot if we tried to escape.”

Somehow, they managed to hold on to all 12 boxes and ran towards some bushes. The Syrian says he can’t remember exactly what happened next because there was a firefight and some nearby explosions which apparently knocked him out, “and it was already dark when I came to my senses. I didn’t have any boxes. I came out on the road with my hands up. I had a journalist’s document in my hands. The one that our employers said guaranteed our safety in a foreign country.”

He felt like he had no other choice. He walked toward the checkpoint, hoping his credentials as a “journalist” would somehow get him through unharmed. They interrogated him and took him into custody. He says he still doesn’t know who they were because their uniforms had no insignia. But they sent him to Donetsk where he was interrogated for two days, then placed in a cell with another journalist. “He turned out to be a real journalist and had been in Donetsk for a month.”

After three days the pre-med student from Syria and his journalist cell-mate were handed over to an international organization. After that, he made his way home. Now, he says, “I am in a safe place. I hope that many of the guys who worked with me are, too. But we will all remember this war, the unhuman and brutal one. The one that changed our lives forever.”

There is one more short video, originally posted December 14, 2022, which was reportedly taken by an anonymous source who claims he went to an “organ sale” at the morgues in Nikolaev and told them he was looking for bone marrow for his son, and that the chief physician (presumably the man speaking in the video) “had no problem” discussing the price list and describing the peculiarities of such orders.

You can watch it on my channel, in Russian, with English subtitles.

Anonymous source describes black market organ harvest in Ukraine. First published at 03:03 UTC on December 14th, 2022. Also available on Bitchute:

More And More Proof That Organ Trafficking Is Happening With Dead AFU Troops

The man behind the camera asks what kinds of options there are.

“Well, look,” another unseen man answers, “there are different prices. The most pleasant of which, is around $60,000.”

He gives the prices in US dollars, saying that there are options for $30,000 or $25,000, “but everything depends on the condition of, so to say, the donor himself.”

“Why such a big difference?” the man behind the camera asks.

“Well, as I said,” the other man responds, “everything depends on the donor himself. On the damage.”

Damage from fighting, perhaps? “Additionally,” he continues, “the cargo is, let’s say, fragile, and the price may change during transportation.”

The cameraman asks, “What kind of damage?”

“Well, nothing critical, perhaps an acoustic concussion,” the other man answers. Like from a grenade or artillery explosion? “Let me show you,” he says, but the video ends.

Whether there is more of this video somewhere, I do not know. But if the video is an actual recording of a surgeon in Nikolaev, it corroborates much of what the other two anonymous sources said in their confessions, and reveals that illegal organ harvesting continues in Ukraine.

Can any of the videos be trusted? You will have to decide for yourself. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, and much more is yet to come in part two of this investigative series.

A 2007 breakdown of organ prices on the black market. Photo: ACAMS Today
Special thanks to Lilya Takumbetova for assistance with translation.

Deborah Armstrong currently writes about geopolitics with an emphasis on Russia. She previously worked in local TV news in the United States where she won two regional Emmy Awards. In the early 1990’s, Deborah lived in the Soviet Union during its final days and worked as a television consultant at Leningrad Television.

Source: The Greenville Post – “Every Day We Were Working Like Frankenstein’s Slaves” – Human trafficking in Ukraine, an investigative series. Part one: Illegal Organ Harvest

RELATED Ukraine Accused of Slaughtering Children and Harvesting Their Organs (31 Jan. 2023) –

In newly-released video footage from the frontlines of the Russo-Ukrainian War, a visibly emotional Russian officer describes children being treated as if they are “livestock, piglets, or rabbits” by their Ukrainian captors around the town of Izium, where the discovery of an organ harvesting facility was reported.

Russian volunteer describes satanic organ harvesting center his troops stumbled upon in Ukraine

Russian soldiers are claiming that they’ve made a hideous discovery inside Ukraine, where they say that children between the ages of 2 and 7 are being “carved up” and “kept in pits,” “like discarded waste” as their organs are harvested and sold for use at European and Israeli transplant centers.

Ukrainian Red Cross accused of involvement in harvesting children’s organs

(14 June 2022) – The Russian Investigative Committee is looking into allegations that the Ukrainian Red Cross Society is keeping records of children with “healthy organs” in the city of Mariupol. This is significant because armed conflicts and illegal human organ trade often go hand in hand. Military actions are not just about solving geopolitical issues and profiting off the arms trafficking. New Eastern Outlook reported last March that organ buyer-ups and black-market transplant surgeons have long become common elements of the military landscape, much like mercenaries. (Source)

Human Organ Trafficking is not new in Ukraine: Ukraine’s Shame: An Epidemic of Human Trafficking

(16 JAN 2016) – Ukraine remains one of Europe’s most notorious sources of human trafficking. Since 1991, more than 160,000 men, women and children have been exploited for labor, sex, forced begging and organ removal, according to a mid-2015 report from the International Organization for Migration (IOM). While the government of Ukraine has consistently pledged reform to meet international obligations—for example, as a signatory of the United Nations’s Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children—it has failed to adequately support anti-trafficking organizations that do the bulk of the work. (Source)

Organ Harvesting in Ukraine Goes Unreported

(7 SEPT 2014) – Unlike the terrorist offenses in Libya, Syria, and now Iraq, backed by the United States, the UK, the EU, members of NATO as well as regional collaborators such as Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Qatar, where any attempts to stop extremists from seizing entire nations is met by the West’s howling indignation and accusations of “human rights abuses,” the unmitigated brutality executed by literal Nazis in Ukraine against breakaway provinces in the east are accompanied by a hypocritical silence from the West. Refugees streaming away from encircled and bombarded populated centers tell tales of mass murder, indiscriminate targeting of civilians, and even grisly accounts of forced organ harvesting taking place from the bodies of those killed by Kiev’s combined arms offensive, or from those kidnapped by criminal gangs operating in the vacuum of impunity afforded by the West’s silence. (Source)

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From a Russian Conflict to a Sino-Russian Conflict

February 2, 2023 - 12:40

This Conflict with Russia is Going To Turn Into a Conflict with Russia and China – just as prophesied. We’re talking World War 3. The kings of the East are being prepared to defeat The West.

Rev. 16:12 And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great River Euphrates; and the “water” (Rev. 17:15) thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the East (eastern block – the U.S.S.R. and CHINA re-united) might be prepared.

Not only do the headlines forshadow it, but also top officials in the military are sounding the warnings. While retired Army Lt. Col. Daniel Davis explains why sending tanks is futile, he ends with a warning, “All you’re doing is making Russia want to go to war.” Then,  Gen. Mike Minihan, head of Air Mobility Command warns the US will be in a fight with China within two years.

Heed their warnings:

1 – Lt. Col. Daniel Davis Warns of Nuclear War: U.S. Has ‘No Plan’ in Ukraine, This Is Not a ‘Video Game’

by Joshua Klein, Breitbart News

Providing new tanks to Ukraine won’t change the reality on the ground of the current conflict with Russia, according to retired Army Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis, who claimed the United States has “no plan” or strategy and warned of the real-world danger of invoking NATO’s “mutual defense” clause, which would trigger a nuclear war.

Davis, a Defense Priorities senior fellow and military expert, spent over two decades in active service, which included combat deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, and was awarded two Bronze Star medals.

“It just doesn’t work that way in reality”

Calling the recent decision by the U.S., Germany, and other European nations to send tanks to Ukraine a “huge information operation ‘game changer,’” Davis cautioned that “information operations and claims don’t translate into reality on the battlefield.”

“From someone who has done combat operations in tank-on-tank fights; in operations patrolling the East-West border during the Cold War and its potential Soviet invasions; and was the second-in-command of an armored cavalry squadron for the First Armored Division in the mid 2000s in Germany; I can tell you that just having NATO tanks does not equal battlefield success,” he explained.

Davis cast doubt on the perception many have on how effective the new tanks will prove on the battlefield.

“The problem is that what works on video games and on paper — you have to make it work on the ground,” he said. “And very few people anywhere in the western media or anywhere in the other media, for that matter, understand how combat power is made. 

“And it’s not just the platform, though that is very important, but roughly 90 percent of the success is the people who operate the equipment,” he added. 

In order to achieve that, he explained, a “trained individual at each of the positions within a tank” is needed, in addition to “a trained crew that knows how to fight well together.” 

“And then you have to have a trained platoon, platoons in a company; and a company in the battalion; and if you’re talking about the inner-level operations, battalions within brigades etc,” he said.

“So all of those are necessary and they all take time,” he added. 

Recalling his unit’s “intense training” in Europe and Saudi Arabia prior to battle in order to “replicate” how war would play out, Davis noted that it had all taken place with military officials in key positions with many years of experience — something he asserted could not be “manufactured.”

“You can’t send 500 [Ukrainian] dudes to Germany and conduct six weeks of maneuver training and think you’re going to get the same output, because those guys don’t have the experience,” he said. “They don’t even have the baseline understanding that we had a whole career and our whole training before we even arrived at that one year preparation.”

Davis suggests imagining the chances that someone who has “never even seen this equipment” will “have to just fall in on it while they’re in [combat] potentially a few months from now — which is what they’re saying they’re trying to do — and it’s somehow those things are going to be effective in combat.”

“I mean just on the surface of it, that’s ridiculous,” he said. “I mean it’s people who just don’t have any idea of how actual combat power is generated that would believe that.” 

“Because maybe it works for movies and in video games — just getting this capacity on your video game and poof, you’ve got the full capacity as though you were fully trained, but it just doesn’t work that way in reality,” he added.

“What makes somebody think that just the presence of a different kind of tank is suddenly going to change all that?”

Another problem Davis pointed to is that Ukraine has already possessed strategic weapons on the ground throughout the conflict. 

“It’s not as though Ukraine has no tanks and so they need tanks to operate because suddenly [Ukrainian President Volodymyr] Zelensky said he needed 300 new tanks,” he said. 

“Well, the fact is they’ve got — depending on who you want to believe — somewhere around 1,000 tanks already and, according to Bloomberg, something along the neighborhood of 410 Soviet-era tanks have been given to them since the war started in addition to whatever survives from when they first started,” he continued.

“So they have tanks; they have artillery pieces,” he added. “We’ve given a bunch of those. They [also] have rocket launchers.”

As a result, Davis questioned “just what an Abrams or Leopard tank is going to do differently than the T72s, the T80s or the T64s that they have right now?” 

“And that’s the part that no one’s even talking about,” he said. “It’s like, look, you have tanks already; you can say that our Abrams is more capable but what is that going to do in the field?”

“I’ve been scouring the internet and any report I could find for months, and there’s hardly any tank-on-tank engagements,” he noted.

Highlighting how Ukraine “in a year of fighting, has never pushed Russia back [from the Donbas area],” Davis questioned, “What makes somebody think that just the presence of a different kind of tank is suddenly going to change all that?”

He also noted that Ukraine “has no experience in maneuver warfare.” 

“They have lots of experience in trench-warfare, in static warfare, and in defensive warfare — they’ve actually gotten very good at it and that’s why it’s so hard and taking Russia so long to push Studenok, because they’re actually very good at defending,” he said.

“But that doesn’t help you at offense, it’s a completely different skill set and I haven’t seen any evidence that they have that,” he added. “And that’s just something you can’t manufacture in a couple of months. You just can’t do it. It takes a lot longer than that.” 

Davis, who fought in the largest tank battle of Desert Storm, the Battle of 73 Easting, concluded that “the expectation that so many in the West, and certainly those in Kyiv, have been professing: that they think the possession of these Bradleys, Abrams, Leopards, AMX-10, M109 Paladins, etc. combined, is going to allow them to go on a NATO-type offensive maneuver is just not going to happen because it’s way more than the platforms required to enable that kind of offensive operation.”

Desert Storm was also prophesied – The Invasion of Kuwait in Prophecy

“You’re… making Russia want to go to war”

The former Lt. Col. admitted that “if providing all this equipment we have in the last eight days combined with what’s apparently coming from these other dozen European nations, had a legitimate shot at ending the war and winning it for Ukraine without sparking a nuclear retaliation from Russia, then I’d be willing to say it is worthy.”

However, he explained, “there’s none of that.” 

“All you’re doing is making Russia want to go to war,” he warned. “Far from wanting to deter Russia or making them hesitate and count the costs – it’s having the exact opposite effect across the board in Russia.”

“If anything, it makes them want to be more aggressive,” he added. “It makes them absolutely think we cannot lose this and double down on their efforts.” 

According to Davis, “even the general Russian population — you don’t see any protests anymore and you barely see any kind of negative social media comments, and that’s usually people who aren’t even in Russia.” 

“In Russia you don’t see any of that, because people are for the most part convinced that this is what has to be done because [they feel] it’s a very valid position to say all of NATO is against them,” he said. 

Davis insisted that reality was “not some fantasy,” but “it’s graphically produced on the ground, you see it.”

We’re doing everything except physically pulling the trigger,” he asserted. 

“We’re providing intelligence. We’re providing ammunition. We’re providing weapons systems [and] repair facilities, literally everything but the pull of the trigger,” he added. 

He then suggested considering another country doing the same to the United States:

“Imagine during the war with Afghanistan that Russia or China had just completely got behind the Taliban, gave them everything they had, including all their modern gear to kill American soldiers,” he said.

“Do you think we would have accepted that? Would we have been OK with that?” he asked. “We’d go crazy. We’d have potentially gone to war with them.”

And yet, Davis noted, “We think that, like Biden said hiding behind a fig leaf today, when he announced this change, that ‘we are not going to war with Russia’ and ‘we’re not a direct participant,’ as though just saying those words means anything to Russia.”

“They’re looking at your actions, and the actions speak louder than the word,” he said. 

Though, according to his analysis he did not see “any possibility that this can accomplish an objective and outcome that we want,” Davis did see it as having “a real chance at making sure that Russia does whatever it takes to win.” 

“And I think that there’s not enough recognition of just how much risk and gamble we’re taking right now,” he warned.

“We have no plan”

Davis described the “unambiguous” conclusion of all the aforementioned as the fact that the U.S. has “no plan.” 

“We have no strategy,” he said. “Nobody is asking what comes next.” 

Having “just talked ad nauseam on the failings of the United States in Operation Iraqi Freedom — when we went in in 2003, nobody talked about what comes next and then — after we had this easy military victory — we didn’t know what to do next and we’ve been paying for it ever since.” 

“All the stuff that happened after is because we didn’t have a plan,” he added.

 According to Davis, “we’re now doing the same thing — we have no plan.” 

“We’re just giving all this stuff, nobody’s talking about, not even ethereal kinds of overarching statements. What is this supposed to accomplish? What is the outcome you see by giving [these tanks]? What are you trying to produce on the ground? How is this going to benefit the United States of America as opposed to not doing it? What are the pros and cons?” he asked.

“That conversation hasn’t even taken place,” he added. 

“We don’t even know what we want to do”

Davis noted that without a clear plan, it would be impossible to achieve a successful outcome.

“Imagine if you’re throwing all of this military equipment out there and you don’t even know what you want to accomplish — how are you going to know if this is successful?” he asked. “How can President Biden or anybody in the Pentagon tell the American people whether it’s worth it to send this equipment or whether it’s not? Whether it’s making a difference or not?” 

“There’s no criteria!” he exclaimed. “We don’t even know what we want to do.”

Even if you claim to want to “win,” Davis insists the term be clearly defined.

“Define ‘win,’” he said. “Because you had the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff one week ago repeat what he’s been saying a lot, and one of the few things I agree with him on, [that] he sees no military path for Ukraine to win this war in the foreseeable future, meaning throughout the entire 2023.” 

“And he’s right,” he added. “Even with all this stuff, of course, he knew what we were going to offer before he made that comment. And he’s right, but no one pays any attention to that, they just pretend it didn’t happen, [as if] he didn’t say it.”

Asking what the objectives are, Davis questioned exactly what the “American national security interest here we’re trying to protect is?” 

“And what does President Biden hope to accomplish by giving Ukraine all of this stuff [tanks, sophisticated military equipment]?” he continued.

He insisted that the American people “deserve an answer” to such questions. 

“Not a general statement, but an actual physical, detailed answer: ‘Here’s what we want to accomplish; here’s what we consider success; here’s the objectives we want to accomplish.’ That should be a bare minimum, and it’s not even on the table,” he said. 

“And that is a major major problem,” he added. “Because then you can stumble into all kinds of stuff, if you haven’t given thought to those.” 

“Russia has the biggest nuclear stockpile in the world”

Davis also highlighted the uniqueness of the situation.

“One of the things that’s been from the outset that it just has not come to grips within the West [is that] this is not Syria; this is not Iraq; this is not Libya; this is not Yemen; this is not even Iran,” he said.

“We have basically done whatever we wanted to do in all these places and didn’t even care about what they might do because we know they don’t have the ability,” he added.

According to Davis, “we’re having that same mentality in Russia,” which possesses “the biggest nuclear stockpile in the world.” 

“They can do something. The rules are different. You cannot behave and act in the interest of Russia or opposed to it, like you can against Syria,” he explained.

“You just can’t just launch a strike into Russia — especially on their territory — like you could against Syria, or like we did in Libya or all these other places and not worry about what would happen,” he added. “We have to worry about it now.”

Though the “rules are different” in the current scenario, “we’re not acting like it.” 

“And I fear that one day, Russia’s going to say, ‘OK, you finally did cross a red line this time and we’re going to take action,’” he said. 

“For example,” he added, “[Russian Foreign Minister Sergey] Lavrov recently said that based on all this stuff about the tanks, they reserve the right to attack any provider of NATO gear, NATO tanks, NATO vehicles, their ammunition – no matter where they are, meaning Poland or in some other NATO country.” 

“So they’re now saying that they may attack those things that are directly for war, that are there against their forces wherever they are,” he added.

Davis also warned that Article 5 of NATO’s founding treaty, which dictates that member states consent that “an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all,” could lead to an explosion.

“There is zero chance – and I mean zero – not point anything, that Russia could ever militarily defeat NATO in a conventional sense,” he said. “It’s a physical impossibility. They’re just struggling even now to defeat Ukrainians in part of the Donbas, their next-door neighbor, so they certainly couldn’t take on a 30 member NATO military alliance; they know that.”

“So the only way they can defend against NATO, is through nuclear weapons, of course,” he explained. “So if we try to think we’re going to trigger Article 5 and not trigger nuclear war. I mean, we’re just insane and fooling ourselves.”

And while, he claimed, the information he relayed is “just common sense and logic, if you just played stuff through,” Davis argued that “we don’t like to play with reality.” 

“We like to play with words,” he said. “In fact, we just create our own reality, whatever we prefer.”

The matter comes as Western countries agreed to supply tanks for use against the Russian invasion this past week, prompting the Ukrainian government to push the envelope further, with discussions about more major military equipment advancing.

2 – Air Force General Tells His Officers ‘War With China’ Only 2 Years Away

by Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge

In recent years there have been at least a handful of high-ranking US military commanders which in some form or fashion have sounded the alarm over a “coming war with China”… with the latest warning being the most unusual, issued in the form of a memo by an active four-star general and circulated with an official order.

This case is particularly significant given he took the rare step of passing it down through military command and to the chief officers he oversees, giving a greater urgency to the warning

A four-star Air Force general sent a memo on Friday to the officers he commands that predicts the U.S. will be at war with China in two years and tells them to get ready to prep by firing “a clip” at a target, and “aim for the head.

In the memo sent Friday and obtained by NBC News, Gen. Mike Minihan, head of Air Mobility Command, said, “I hope I am wrong. My gut tells me will fight in 2025.

Various reports have counted some 50,000 service members and nearly 500 planes total under Gen. Minihan’s command.

The message is particularly alarming given it instructed commanders under him to “consider their personal affairs and whether a visit should be scheduled with their servicing base legal office to ensure they are legally ready and prepared.”

He explained that he sees Beijing as desirous of moving against the self-ruled island of Taiwan within that time period, and that it would trigger a large US military response. 

The Air Force general further urged “a fortified, ready, integrated, and agile Joint Force Maneuver Team ready to fight and win inside the first island chain.” And in the memo Gen. Minihan issued an order, requiring that all major efforts in preparation for a coming China fight to be reported to him directly by Feb. 28.

As for why he thinks China will invade Taiwan within the next two years, NBC described the following:

Minihan said in the memo that because both Taiwan and the U.S. will have presidential elections in 2024, the U.S. will be “distracted,” and Chinese President Xi Jinping will have an opportunity to move on Taiwan

Memo Source – The Calvin Coolidge Project Twitter Post

As for Beijing, it has long claimed it is only interested in pursuing peaceful reunification with Taiwan based on political means. China has further laid blame on Washington for militarizing the island and thus creating current tensions, and by stoking independence forces through high-level visits, such as Nancy Pelosi’s ultra-provocative August trip to Taipei.

It should be noted that Gen. Minihan has a reputation for being among the Pentagon’s most outspoken and hawkish top generals. In this latest memo, he directed all Air Mobility Command personnel to “fire a clip into a 7-meter target with the full understanding that unrepentant lethality matters most. Aim for the head.”


US-led West’s tank supplies to Kiev regime may spark WW3, warns DeGaulle’s grandson – Western tank supplies to the Zelensky regime in Ukraine could lead to World War 3, so it is time to talk some sense into the Americans and conclude a sustainable peace deal with Russia, said French economist Pierre de Gaulle.

“This is the abyss on the edge of which we are standing,” he added.

These Western policies need to be reined in. Unfortunately, Western politicians do not realize this. They are trying to make us think that they are in control of the situation. This is a lie. They do not understand either the history or the consequences. He has called on Paris to force the Americans see reason and broach a lasting peace with Moscow.

A Strengthened Russia Against A Weakened Israel Four Angels of the Euphrates: Syria, Iran, Turkey and Iraq Russia Is Fighting a Battle Against Satan

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The Protocols of Zion is Satan’s Bible

February 1, 2023 - 17:32

Gibraltar Messenger’s Note: Henry Makow is Jewish and has posted this to warn everyone, including other ordinary Jewish people – NB Protocol 10.

So did Benjamin Freedman, who was also Jewish – Benjamin Freedman Speaks: A Jewish Defector Warns America

by Edward Menez – On Henry Makow, with added hyperlinks.

“The Jews who wrote The Protocols would like you to believe they are a forgery, but that’s just the Father of Lies speaking.  Just as the Holy Bible is a guidebook to the way to live a holy and meaningful life, The Protocols are like the guidelines for a worldwide Satanic takeover: in other words, they are Satan’s Bible.”

You may have been told thatThe Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” is a forgery, and something that should be shrugged off and ignored. I recommend that you read it and then decide: is it pertinent and relevant to today’s world? That should be the only question pertaining to its authenticity that matters.

To paraphrase Ephesians Chapter 6, it is clear that we are not wrestling with flesh and blood anymore, but with Satan. 

For a time, until there will no longer be any risk in entrusting responsible posts in our State to our brother-Jews, we shall put them in the hands of persons whose past and reputation are such that between them and the people lies an abyss, persons who, in case of disobedience to our instructions, must face criminal charges or disappear – this in order to make them defend our interests to their last gasp.” (Protocol 8)

This Protocol can not better express blackmailed Goyim. Whether they be Goyim or crypto-Jews, the supposed leaders of the world all defer to Satan, and his proxies.  Whether it be Justin Trudeau (pedophile; and father Fidel Castro was a Jew), Joe Biden (pedophile), Elon Musk (mother was a Jew), Obama (gay drug addict; Jewish mother), Klaus Schwab (Rothschild), Adolf Hitler (Rothschild), Winston Churchill (homosexual; mother was a Jew), Greta Thunberg (poseur actor and Rothschild), or almost any other leader in world history in the past century, they are all susceptible to blackmail because of their backgrounds. In fact, try finding one leader in the world today who isn’t susceptible to blackmail. You won’t find anyone. And if someone saysDonald Trump.” or Ron DeSantis.”… well, there is nothing new under the sun, including wolves in sheep’s clothing.


The recognition of our despot may also come before the destruction of the constitution; the moment for this recognition will come when the peoples, utterly wearied by the irregularities and incompetence – a matter which we shall arrange for – of their rulers, will clamour: Away with them and give us one king over all the earth who will unite us and annihilate the causes of disorders – frontiers, nationalities, religions, State debts – who will give us peace and quiet which we cannot find under our rulers and representatives.” (Protocol 10)

I believe this is why the COVID narrative is changing.  We’re supposed to get upset at what has been done to us.  We’re supposed to be outraged and start having civil wars, rioting and looting, and outright Mad Max-style chaos. 

We will then bend the knee and clamour for a Savior. Let us only pray that it will be Jesus Christ, and not Satan’s handpicked Rothschild spawn or fraudulent Pope Francis. Fortunately for Catholics, we have faced this Jewish usurpation many times in the past, and we have always overcome.  Read the 1962 book “The Plot Against the Church” by Maurice Pinay (supposedly a pen name for a group of 12 Catholic priests and scholars) to learn how many times the Jews have tried to overthrow the Church, and just how many times they have been defeated.


“The inoculation of diseases”? Try being a bit more subtle next time.

The author seems to recognize that Christianity is a viable basis for society and that is why it must be rooted out.

“But even freedom might be harmless and have its place in the State economy without injury to the well-being of the peoples if it rested upon the foundation of faith in God, upon the brotherhood of humanity, unconnected with the conception of equality, which is negatived by the very laws of creation, for they have established subordination. With such a faith as this a people might be governed by a wardship of parishes, and would walk contentedly and humbly under the guiding hand of its spiritual pastor submitting to the dispositions of God upon earth. This is the reason why IT IS INDISPENSABLE FOR US TO UNDERMINE ALL FAITH, TO TEAR OUT OF THE MIND OF THE “GOYIM” THE VERY PRINCIPLE OF GOD-HEAD AND THE SPIRIT, AND TO PUT IN ITS PLACE ARITHMETICAL CALCULATIONS AND MATERIAL NEEDS.” (Protocol 4)

In the end we see, in no uncertain terms, the Satanic Jews want us to give up God, and put in His place “arithmetical calculations and material needs. Hence artificial intelligence, materialism, and “science”. There’s  simply nothing to say except that if God is replaced we will all be defeated… forever and ever. They may try to do this but I have faith it will never happen because enough people have woken up to their loved ones being killed by Satan’s machinations and vaccines, a WEF puppet-show of fake leaders thrust upon us. People are returning to Church and Faith in God now that this shit-show has unveiled it’s true colors.  

Source: Henry Makow – The Protocols of Zion is Satan’s Bible

RELATED: Satanism Explained WEF Formula for a Great Disaster Who Is The Great Prince Michael, God’s Anointed One (The Messiah/Christ)?

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Russia says has documents showing US biolab activities in Ukraine

February 1, 2023 - 14:59

From The Truthseeker/Press TV – Russia says it has obtained documents that reveal US-funded laboratories in Ukraine have been creating biological weapons components and testing them on the population of the country.

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday that a few months into Moscow’s military campaign in Ukraine, Russian troops began compiling data related to the role and functions of US biolabs in the country.

“Russian troops have secured over 20,000 documents, reference and analytical materials, and interviewed eyewitnesses and participants in American military-biological programs” since the start of the war in February last year, said the commander of Russia’s Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense Forces, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov.

The general said that the documents “confirm… the focus of the Pentagon on creating biological weapons components and testing them on the population of Ukraine and other states along [Russia’s] borders.”

He said that based on the documents, which purportedly originate from the Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), service members, prisoners, drug addicts, and other “patients at high risk of infection” were among the targeted groups.

Kirillov said the latest trove of documents had been unearthed in Lisichansk, in the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR), early this month.

“Clinical samples and patient records with their personal data were buried, and not cremated or destroyed in a proper fashion,” the general said. “This suggests that the destruction of this evidence was carried out in extreme haste.”

Soon after the onset of the war in Ukraine, Russian Ambassador to the UN Vassily Nebenzia claimed that secret American labs in Ukraine had been engaged in biological warfare. The United States and Ukraine, however, denied the charges.

In October last year, Russia asked the UN Security Council to establish a commission to investigate its claims that Washington and Kiev were violating the convention prohibiting the use of biological weapons as a result of alleged activities being carried out at biological laboratories in Ukraine.

The Council rejected Moscow’s proposal after the US, the UK, and France voted against it. Kirillov said the US opposition at the time “confirms that Washington has something to hide, and that ensuring the transparency of biological research is contrary to US interests.”

Source: The Truthseeker – Russia says has documents showing US biolab activities in Ukraine

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Damning Evidence Emerges After U.S. Firm With Ties To WEF, DOD Implicated In Ukraine Bioweapons Cover-Up

U.S. Biolab In Ukraine Experimented On Psychiatric Patients Near Russian Border 2019-2021

Documents Reveal How US Biolabs In Ukraine Attempted To Create Controlled Epidemics

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Spain’s Put a Target on Its Back

February 1, 2023 - 09:11

Spain’s un-wavering support to its NATO alliance is no doubt on Russia’s radar. Spain’s support of Ukraine with offensive weapons, military supplies, HAWK air defence systems, and now tanks are no doubt being tallied. Spain’s decision to help monitor Russian troops and to train Ukrainian soldiers on its own soil isn’t going unnoticed; and neither is Spanish propaganda about the War in Ukraine.

What’s its promised reward? Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares, pledged that Spain will help rebuild Ukraine. “Spain will contribute to rebuilding Ukraine’s infrastructure, culture and heritage.” What this game is can be defined as “perpetual commerce through perpetual war,” which is a Banksters scheme; and Ashke-NAZI Zelensky wasted no time brown-nosing them with praise, thanking U.S. corporations, like BlackRock, JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs, for their cooperation with plans to rebuild after the war, saying the companies’ support is an opportunity for “big business”.

In Russia’s sights is no doubt the NATO-ROTA naval base in Cadiz, within the Campo of Gibraltar region, with its bilateral defence agreement between Spain and the US. Naval Station Rota is strategically located near the Strait of Gibraltar and at the halfway point between the United States and Southwest Asia. Because of this ideal location, the base is able to provide invaluable support to both US Sixth Fleet units in the Mediterranean and to USAF Air Mobility Command units transiting to Germany and Southwest Asia.

Tanking It Up

Spain’s latest maneuver, supplying Leopard tanks to Kiev, is receiving attention from Russia with this a Sputnik article entitled, Supply of Leopards to Kiev: ‘Spanish Gov’t Humbly Follows Washington’s & NATO’s Orders’.

Most of the article is featured below because Sputniknews is blocked in many countries.

In mid-2022, Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles said she would not send Leopard tanks to Ukraine because they were in “absolutely deplorable condition.” In January 2023, however, Robles herself confirmed that the Spanish government had begun refurbishing some Leopard 2A4 tanks for delivery to Kiev.

“If NATO orders to send tanks, the Sanchez government cannot refuse,” commented Juan Antonio Aguilar, director of, on the recent announcement by the Spanish Defense Ministry to send Leopard tanks to Kiev.

However, he gave three reasons as to why these vehicles would be useless. Juan Antonio Aguilar explained that the poor condition of the tanks was not an excuse to not send them to Kiev. On the contrary, Spain tried to comply with all NATO requests.

“Frankly, I don’t think it’s an excuse. The Spanish government is absolutely obedient to the orders of Washington and NATO. Spain is a country with zero sovereignty in international affairs, and it is simply appalling to see a left-wing government, supposedly made up of anti-NATO and anti-war political parties, leading the country into war, no matter how much they try to hide it by disregarding popular sovereignty and deceiving their voters. If NATO orders Madrid to send tanks, the Sanchez government will not be able to refuse,” the analyst said.

According to the expert, the Leopard A4 tanks stationed in Zaragoza have not been moved in more than 15 years, and it would take a lot of work and money to get them up and running again. Assessing the current situation, the expert identified three main problems that the Spanish government may face.

First of all, he noted, there is the training of the crew, which takes about 22 months, but Spain plans to do it in four to six weeks. It turns out that poorly trained Ukrainian troops will operate a sophisticated weapons system in the most dangerous spot in the world, the expert said.

“Unless there would be volunteer crews from NATO countries,” he added.

The second problem is logistics. One hour in a combat zone is equivalent to three hours of maintenance on such tanks. Ukrainian soldiers also need highly specialized maintenance teams and training to produce quality mechanics, so the analyst doubts this can happen.

“The tanks provided would have to be returned to NATO countries for any significant repair of equipment damaged by simple use or actual combat, which means that the total number of tanks available to Ukraine would be far less than the number of tanks provided,” Aguilar said.

Third, the operational environment is another challenge for Kiev. Tanks cannot operate alone. They must coordinate with other types of forces, such as air defenses, artillery, drones, or attack helicopters. In addition, the terrain through which they advance must be occupied by infantry in mechanized formations, he explained, calling such tank deployments a “monstrous operation” if these conditions are not met.

“In conclusion, sending tanks for the sake of sending tanks is more like a monstrous propaganda operation to continue giving the impression that Kiev still has military capabilities,” he stressed.

Russia has repeatedly warned that supplying arms to the Kiev regime will only increase tensions in Eastern Europe and exacerbate the conflict in Ukraine. However, the United States and its EU allies have launched a sanctions campaign against Moscow to supposedly weaken its economy and prevent Russia from funding its army.

More Background:

Spain ‘willing’ to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine: Defense minister – In a statement to the EFE news agency on 25 January, Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles said Spanish officials would discuss with allies to determine how many tanks Ukraine needs and how many Spain can send. Robles said Spain is willing to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine. Spain has one of the largest fleets of Leopard tanks — a total of 347. Most of them are the model Leopard 2E, made in Spain, but it also has more than 100 Leopard 2 A4 that were purchased from Germany in 1995. In August, Spain canceled its plans to send the tanks to Ukraine because the defense minister said the armored vehicles were in “an absolutely lamentable state” and would “pose a risk” to their users. “The vast majority of the Leopards that Spain could send to Ukraine would need a tune-up; others couldn’t be delivered,” Robles told EFE.

PSOE, Podemos send Spanish tanks to Ukraine for war with Russia – Spain’s Socialist Party (PSOE)-Podemos government announced that Madrid plans to send its Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. This comes after Germany agreed to send its own and allowed NATO allies to do the same. On 25 January, Spanish Defence Minister Margarita Robles said: “Spain is willing, within this coordination, to work with our allies to do whatever is necessary including the sending of Leopards, training in the use of these Leopards and also to help in their maintenance and upkeep.” Last summer, the PSOE-Podemos government was the first to offer Leopard tanks to Ukraine. However, in August, Robles backed down, claiming the tanks were in an “absolutely regrettable” state and could not be used. In reality, Madrid backed down over Berlin’s possible veto, as the European powers waited to see whether Washington would also provide tanks to Ukraine and offer full military support if Russia targeted Leopard deliveries for military strikes.
Remarkably, while Podemos has recognized that the tanks will fuel the military escalation and threaten to trigger a nuclear conflagration, it is also pledging to continue to support the war effort.

Take a look at this video analysis:

DGTV – Ukraine War Report Spain is currently sending the most tanks to Ukraine to beat Russia

UPDATE: 1 FEB 2023 – Spain plans to send up to six Leopard tanks to Ukraine

Why is the Spanish government absolutely obedient to the orders of Washington and NATO? Birds of a Feather

Addressing a plenary at the World Economic Forum’ annual meeting at Davos May 2022, Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez calls for European unity and says Spain will do its part.

“I want to take this opportunity to reaffirm my country’s support for Ukraine and our resolve in helping ensure that Putin does not achieve his goals.”

Spain’s king Felipe VI speaks with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, centre, and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, right, as they attend a gala at Madrid’s Royal Theater, Monday, May 30, 2022.

During this 26th Bilateral Summit in 2021, Pedro Sánchez, met with the French President Emmanuel Macron, one of Klaus Schwab’s young global leaders, to address issues of shared interest in all areas, given the depth and intensity of relations between the two countries and questions on the European agenda, such as the need to swiftly implement the Next Generation EU.

Note: During a speech at the Nov 2022 APEC summit in Bangkok, French President Emmanuel Macron called for a “We Need a Single Global Order”.

March 2022 – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with the Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, in Riga, Latvia. Trudeau welcomed Spain’s decision to send weapons directly to Ukraine.

It’s not the first time they met to collaborate.

At the NATO Summit June 2021 in Brussels, Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sánchez met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The two leaders spoke about the strength of transatlantic relations and their collaboration within NATO. They looked forward to continuing to work together on common global interests, emphasizing a shared commitment to effective multilateral action to advance key priorities.

Justin Trudeau also said the pandemic had provided an “opportunity for a reset.”

This Newsweek Headline – Is Pedro Sanchez the New Justin Trudeau? – begs the question is Sanchez being groomed or he is well into the fold already?

The Trudeau government provided the World Economic Forum (WEF) — of which Trudeau is a member — with $2,915,095 between 2020-2021, as well as giving the United Nations a whopping $1.576 billion all in Canadian taxpayer dollars. Since attending Davos to complete the WEF’s Young Global Leaders program — a five-year program designed to produce leaders that infiltrate governments, businesses, and cultures worldwide — Trudeau has become a staunch supporter of the WEF’s agenda and frequent speaker at the Forum.

Also note that Rishi Sunak, installed PM of the UK, is one of Klaus Schwab’s young global leaders and a member of the World Economic Forum, heavily involved in the Great Reset. His father-in-law owns the company providing the WEF’s social credit score software, whilst Sunak himself is pushing the G7s programmable money project that will give governments total control over every aspect of a person’s life. Britain’s Globalist Coup.

“We need a vast military style campaign to marshall the strength of the global private sector,” Charles said at the COP26 Summit.

Prince Charles just another WEF operative

For The Birds

Revelation 16:14 For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, [which] go forth unto the kings of the Earth and of the WHOLE WORLD, to gather them to The Battle of that Great Day of God Almighty.

Psalm 110:5 The Lord at thy right hand shall strike through kings in the day of His wrath.

Yet, these kings and leaders of the world continue their Satanic Plan.

Lead up to the summit:

NATO has announced that Spain will host its next summit in 2022

Next year’s NATO Summit in Madrid will also coincide with the 40th anniversary of Spain’s accession to the Atlantic Alliance. Spain became the 16th country to join the 33-year-old Alliance NATO on 30 May 1982; bringing not only its military capabilities and its vital geostrategic location for Western European defence also its diplomatic skill and political relations with Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa.

Since its outset Spain has supported The ‘NATO 2030’ document – a document to achieve a more political and militarily stronger and more global organisation to face the threats and challenges of the new strategic context, and have debated Russia, China and Afghanistan.

The President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez emphasised the importance of the document: “We need more multilateralism. A more political, militarily stronger and more comprehensive Alliance is better able to meet the new challenges facing our societies.”

The NATO Summit in Madrid drew to a close on Thursday 30 June 2022 with decisions to transform and strengthen the Alliance. Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said: “The decisions we have taken in Madrid will ensure that our Alliance continues to preserve peace, prevent conflict, and protect our people and our values.”

Ezekiel 13 (extract)
Because the “foolish prophets” (politicians) have seduced My people, saying peace; and there was NO peace and one built a wall (N.A.T.O. and U.N.O.) and others daubed it with untempered mortar (non-hardening / useless cement), say to them that it shall FALL. [Prophecy about the fall of NATO.] Spain is on The Chopping Block

From a 2005 Letter to People of the Campo:

God has prophesied through Nostradamus that He will make a second butcher’s bench (slaughter) of the Spanish people who stand against Him and the setting up of Christ’s Kingdom in the Campo.

Nostradamus – Quatrain 8,54
Soubz la colleur du traicte mariage,
Fait magnamine par grand Chyren selin.
Quintin, Arras recouvres au voyage
D’espaignolz fait second banc macelin.

Under the bond of the Marriage -treaty (Apoc./Rev. 19:7),
a magnanimous act by the Christ Rock :
Quintin and Arras recovered on the journey;
Of the Spanish a second butcher’s bench is made.


Has Spain put a target on its back for siding with the Satanic West? Will it be Russia to slaughter the Spanish people when this war escalates past Ukranian borders? It’s looking that way.


Stop following your blind leaders to Hell-fire. The Campo of Gibraltar – Cadiz Province – is being given an opportunity to switch sides, from the Satanic New World Order that is being set up by their king and politicians, and instead to join and follow Christ – Uniting The Campo Under Christ Not Madrid, an offer that has been on the table for years now.

Christ has plans for The Campo of Gibraltar.

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Gibraltar, Its Flag & The UFO Mothership

January 31, 2023 - 17:18

Gibraltar The Rock – Gibraltar, Its Flag & The UFO Mothership

Based on the teachings of found on, this video presentation shows how Gibraltar and its flag hold a key to understanding Scripture and Prophecy.

The 10-minute video illustrates EliJAH’s teachings and how they relate to what we’ve been shown through pop-culture entertainment. And by using them, we can show how outer-worldly Truth can be found even in their fantastical interpretations of End-Time events.

After watching this video, please read supporting resources:

The Rock of Gibraltar – Christ’s Rock of Defence – Learn all about The ‘Munitions’ of Rock, The Weirding Way and The Rock’s “Bright” future.

Learn the Words of The New Song –

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Ukraine War – It’s Getting Biblical

January 31, 2023 - 13:26

The articles featured are evidence that Bible Prophecy about The End Times, leading up to Armageddon, are very real. Gibraltar Messenger has been bringing headlines like these together to demonstrate how they relate to what God and Christ have warned The West about for years – His Witness nations will be destroyed for aligning themselves with The Synoague of Satan. Russia (and China) will win this war – it is prophesied in the Bible.

While analyst seem to be getting the big picture – Russia is going to win/has already won – they are failing to see how this plays out Biblically. Please read what is included in this post with added notes and prophecy references.

Jeremiah the Prophet was told that God would bring again the captivity (slavery) of His people Israel and Judah to punish them for walking contrary to Him, His Will and His Ways and Covenants (Jeremiah 30 v 3; restating Deuteronomy 28:68). That Prophecy is nearing completion at this moment. So, for those of you who think that the Bible is an out-of-date Book, now you can see that the Bible is more up-to-date than tomorrow’s newspaper, and next week’s too. [Prophecy Source] 1 – This Time It’s Different – Douglas Macgregor

by Douglas Macgregor, Colonel U.S. Army (Retired), Ph.D, The American Conservative

Neither we nor our allies are prepared to fight all-out war with Russia, regionally or globally.

Until it decided to confront Moscow with an existential military threat in Ukraine, Washington confined the use of American military power [1] to conflicts that Americans could afford to lose, wars with weak opponents in the developing world from Saigon to Baghdad that did not present an existential threat to U.S. forces or American territory. This time—a proxy war with Russia—is different.

Contrary to early Beltway hopes and expectations, Russia neither collapsed internally nor capitulated to the collective West’s demands for regime change in Moscow. Washington underestimated [2] Russia’s societal cohesion, its latent military potential, and its relative immunity to Western economic sanctions. [3]

JAH: I said, unfortunately, for them, because they are going to be punished by God for breaking the Covenant/contract (Rev. 11 v 7) and choosing to live by and inflict their own selfish, greedy and evil political systems on the rest of the world, instead of converting the whole world to living by God’s Own PERFECT System. IF they had kept the terms of the Covenant/contract then the whole world would have, by now, become God’s Kingdom on Earth:- One King – God; One Law; One people; One Kingdom at peace – world without end. The “Unique Horn – Unicorn. [Prophecy Source]

As a result, Washington’s proxy war against Russia is failing. U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was unusually candid [4] about the situation in Ukraine when he told the allies in Germany at Ramstein Air Base on January 20, “We have a window of opportunity here, between now and the spring,” admitting, “That’s not a long time.”

Alexei Arestovich [5], President Zelensky’s recently fired advisor and unofficial “Spinmeister,” was more direct. He expressed his own doubts that Ukraine can win its war with Russia and he now questions whether Ukraine will even survive the war. Ukrainian losses [6]—at least 150,000 dead [7] including 35,000 missing in action and presumed dead—have fatally weakened Ukrainian forces resulting in a fragile Ukrainian defensive posture [8] that will likely shatter under the crushing weight of attacking Russian forces in the next few weeks.

Ukraine’s materiel losses are equally severe [9]. These include thousands of tanks and armored infantry fighting vehicles, artillery systems, air defense platforms [10], and weapons of all calibers. These totals include the equivalent of seven years of Javelin missile production [11]. In a setting where Russian artillery systems can fire nearly 60,000 rounds of all types—rockets, missiles, drones, and hard-shell ammunition—a day, Ukrainian forces are hard-pressed to answer these Russian salvos with 6,000 rounds daily. New platform and ammunition packages [12] for Ukraine may enrich the Washington community, but they cannot change these conditions.

Predictably, Washington’s frustration with the collective West’s failure to stem the tide of Ukrainian defeat is growing. In fact, the frustration is rapidly giving way to desperation.

Michael Rubin [13], a former Bush appointee and avid supporter of America’s permanent conflicts in the Middle East and Afghanistan, vented his frustration [14] in a 1945 [15] article asserting that, “if the world allows Russia to remain a unitary state [16], and if it allows Putinism [17] to survive Putin, then, Ukraine should be allowed to maintain its own nuclear deterrence, whether it joins NATO or not.” On its face, the suggestion is reckless, but the statement does accurately reflect the anxiety in Washington circles that Ukrainian defeat is inevitable.

NATO’s members were never strongly united behind Washington’s crusade to fatally weaken Russia. The governments of Hungary and Croatia are simply acknowledging the wider European public’s opposition to war [18] with Russia and lack of support for Washington’s desire to postpone Ukraine’s foreseeable defeat.

Ezekiel 13 (extract)
Because the “foolish prophets” (politicians) have seduced My people, saying peace; and there was NO peace and one built a wall (N.A.T.O. and U.N.O.) and others daubed it with untempered mortar (non-hardening / useless cement), say to them that it shall FALL. [Prophecy Source]

Though sympathetic to the Ukrainian people, Berlin did not support [19] all-out war with Russia on Ukraine’s behalf. Now, Germans are also uneasy with the catastrophic condition [20] of the German armed forces.

Retired German Air Force General (four-star equivalent) Harald Kujat [21], former chairman of the NATO Military Committee, severely criticized Berlin [18] for allowing Washington to railroad Germany into conflict with Russia, noting that several decades of German political leaders actively disarmed Germany and thus deprived Berlin of authority or credibility in Europe. Though actively suppressed by the German government and media, his comments are resonating strongly with the German electorate.

The blunt fact is that in its efforts to secure victory in its proxy war with Russia, Washington ignores historical reality. From the 13th century onward, Ukraine was a region dominated by larger, more powerful national powers, whether Lithuanian, Polish, Swedish, Austrian, or Russian.

In the aftermath of the First World War, abortive Polish designs for an independent Ukrainian State were conceived to weaken Bolshevik Russia [22]. Today, Russia is not communist, nor does Moscow seek the destruction of the Polish State [23] as Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin, and their followers did in 1920.

In Rev. 11 v 7 we are told that in the same day (year) when the Two Witnesses have finished their testimony, which was to be the same year that Jerusalem was to be liberated from its “treading down by the gentiles” (Rev. 11 v 2-3), the beast would rise out of the “bottomless pit” (Satan’s place) and make war against the Two Witnesses, and shall overcome them, and KILL them. Note well – KILL them.

The year that Jerusalem was liberated by British/Israel soldiers from Turkish/gentile domination was 1917. This same year (day in prophetic coded language) 1917 saw the RED communist revolution in Russia and the beast (system) that rose out of the “bottomless pit” (Satanically inspired and controlled) make war against the Two Witnesses for 70 years, all over the planet and will, soon, also, exactly as prophesied, overcome and KILL the Two Witnesses – the U.K. and U.S.A. [Prophecy Source]

So where is Washington headed with its proxy war against Russia? The question deserves an answer.

On Sunday December 7, 1941, U.S. Ambassador Averell Harriman was with Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill having dinner at Churchill’s home when the BBC broadcast the news that the Japanese had attacked the U.S. Naval Base at Pearl Harbor. Harriman was visibly shocked [24]. He simply repeated the words, “The Japanese have raided Pearl Harbor.

Harriman need not have been surprised. The Roosevelt administration had practically done everything in its power to goad Tokyo into attacking U.S. forces [25] in the Pacific with a series of hostile policy decisions [26] culminating in Washington’s oil embargo during the summer of 1941.

In the Second World War, Washington was lucky with timing and allies. This time it’s different. Washington and its NATO allies are advocating a full-blown war against Russia [27], the devastation and breakup of the Russian Federation, as well as the destruction of millions of lives in Russia and Ukraine.

God has always defended them and you, until now, because of His Promise to Abraham, but that promise has already been fulfilled, so has now run out, and He is going to punish them and you for your idolatry, and defying Him, rejecting Christ as your King, breaking His Commandments and your Covenant with Him, to be His demonstration people to the rest of the world, about how wonderful it is to live under His Commandments and Perfect Royal Law of Liberty, and His Blessings that accompany obedience. [Gibraltar’s Choices on War Strategies & God’s Protection]

Washington emotes. Washington does not think, and it is also overtly hostile to empiricism and truth [28]. Neither we nor our allies are prepared to fight all-out war with Russia, regionally or globally. The point is, if war breaks out between Russia and the United States, Americans should not be surprised. The Biden administration and its bipartisan supporters [29] in Washington are doing all they possibly can to make it happen.

Gibraltar Messenger: Unfortunately Macgregor doesn’t say that Russia will win against NATO.

During the previous two World Wars and previous wars, He sank the Spanish Armada that Sir Francis Drake mopped-up after, and gave the British and Americans the best weapons’ technology with which to defeat their enemies, but now He is giving it to Russia, China and Iran instead, so that they will win WW3, and the UK and USA will lose. [Gibraltar’s Choices on War Strategies & God’s Protection] 2 – US skeptical of UK military

From The Intel Drop – A senior US military official confidentially told British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace that the UK’s armed forces are no longer on par with those of the leading world powers, Sky News claims. The broadcaster, citing anonymous defense sources, said that years of cost-cutting measures by successive governments have made the country’s military a “hollow force.”

In Ezekiel 38 we are told that God will put “hooks into their jaws” (hunger) and bring them against the mountains (govts.) of the 12 tribes of Israel who have insufficient defences because of dis-armament. [Prophecy Source]

The report, which came out on Monday, alleges that the unnamed American general had a frank conversation with Wallace and several other British officials last fall. The conclusion of the US general regarding the UK’s fighting capabilities was unsettling for London: “You haven’t got a tier one. It’s barely tier two.”

According to Sky News, the general classed the armed forces of the US, China, Russia, and France as tier-one powers, with Germany and Italy representing tier-two armies.

Several unnamed British defense sources confirmed to the broadcaster that the nation’s military is currently in a sorry state.

One official was quoted as saying: “It’s an entire service unable to protect the UK and our allies for a decade.”

The UK military would reportedly run out of ammunition “in a few days” if a conflict broke out. Moreover, the armed forces would likely be unable to defend the skies against the level of missile and drone strikes currently seen in Ukraine, the broadcaster claimed.

The report said that 10 Downing Street has repeatedly cut the defense budget following the end of the Cold War, leaving the British army with hardware that is at least 30 years old and in dire need of replacement.

London’s active role in supplying Ukraine with weapons over the past 11 months has further diluted its own fighting capabilities, the news outlet said.

Another major issue highlighted by anonymous defense sources is chronic staffing shortages. With only 76,000 personnel, the British armed forces are less than half the size they were in 1990, Sky News claims.

However, according to the government’s plans, the military will shed 3,000 more troops down the road, while new weaponry is not expected to be procured for a few years, the report notes.

3 – Russian Diplomat: US Complicit in Ukrainian HIMARS Attack on Donbass Hospital That Killed 14 People

Revelation 11:10 And they that dwell upon the Earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry, and shall send gifts one to another; because these Two Prophets (“Olive” trees) tormented them that dwelt on the Earth.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Ukrainian troops targeted a hospital in Novoaydar in the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) using the US-made multiple rocket launcher system HIMARS, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Saturday. As a result, 14 people were killed and 24 others injured.

Russian Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Dmitry Polyansky has blamed the United States for the Ukrainian attack on a hospital in the Donbass, saying that the use of the HIMARS rocket launchers was green-lit by Washington, which made the US “directly complicit.”

“Another Ukrainian heinous war crime. 14 civilians killed in a hospital by US-supplied missiles. And as we know from Ukrainian officials the targets of HIMARS are agreed by Washington. So it makes the US directly complicit. US taxpayers should be aware of how their money is used,” Polyansky tweeted.

His statement came just hours after the Russian Defense Ministry reported the attack, which occurred on January 28 in Novoaydar, a town located in the Lugansk People’s Republic.

“The Ukrainian armed forces deliberately hit the hospital building with multiple rocket launchers of the HIMARS system manufactured by the United States”.

The MoD warned that those behind the attack would be found and held accountable.

Earlier this week, Ukraine’s allies in the West announced their decision to supply Kiev with more weapons, including battle tanks, armored infantry vehicles and artillery systems. Moscow blasted the move as the West’s direct involvement in the Ukraine conflict, and once again warned that the weapons would become a “legitimate target” for Russian forces.

4 – The West Has Lost Already

DGTV – The West Has Lost (Globally) Already

Excerpts from Gonzalo Lira’s analysis: It has become an existential war for The West. They have lost already. Russia could not have nuclear weapons on their borders. Ukraine is trivial for the West. The West sanctions were to destroy Russian economy; and usher in regime change. This didn’t work in Cuba, Iraq or Venezuela. Europe was dependent on cheap Russian energy. For Europeans, it killed their economy. The Russians have never thought war was the way to achieve goals, it is just one of the ways. They were slow going to get the world onboard with them. Countries are seeing the US will turn on a dime and try to break their economies. They started moving away from dollars; pivoting toward Russia and China, because of this fear that Americans will target them. The US can’t survive without debt; and Americans will suffer and the economy collapse. The FED will print money out of thin air and inflation will continue to rise. Russia and the rest of world no longer trust the US. The war has been lost already.

The gentiles rightly judged the “tree” by the fruit it bears and were revolted by the actions; greed and injustice of the political systems of the Two Witnesses and therefore these peoples; multitudes; nations and tongues/languages (waters – Rev. 17 v 15) were turned to blood (red – communism). Away from God to Satan. They were DRIVEN to communism by the actions of the Two Witnesses because the two witnesses have done to them whatever they liked, as often as they willed (wanted) – Rev. 11 v 6. [Prophecy Source] READ MORE ARTICLES: World War 3

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Charles has the ability to willingly hand over The Throne

January 30, 2023 - 13:30

Managing Editor’s Note: Gibraltar Messenger is sharing these two much-appreciated letters as one post. While they are combined here, Charles will appropriately receive each letter separately.

Charles, willingly hand over The Throne to Christ

by Cyria

Dear Mr Charles good day.

I wish this letter finds you well in Christ Jesus.

My name is Cyria from Nigeria West Africa. This is to tell you that Christ has returned in His second coming as it’s prophesied in the scripture, that The Throne of David will be given to the Christ Who is living among us in this present time (JAH).

The Throne of David of the House Israel will be given to Christ JAH, Who will rule the House of Israel and the whole world with the perfect Law of God.

Therefore I do advise you to swallow the pride and willingly handover the Throne to Christ JAH, as King of kings and prince of peace, Who will rule us with golden Law of Liberty, Who will bring peace to the mankind.


You have the ability to do something that no other human+being has the ability to do

by T.A.T.W.

Dear Mr. Charles,

I hope this finds you well, in Good spirits, and having a Good day.

I am writing this letter in support of Michael the Archangel, Christ, JAH, to be given the crown, that your lineage has held in trust, all the way back to King David.

Only one dynasty was given this privilege, and the crown, WILL be given to Christ, one way or another.

You know it, and we all know it.

The purpose of me writing to you specifically, is to point out the great opportunity that you have in this moment, and time.

YOU have the ability to do something that no other human+being has the ability to do, and no one else, most likely, will ever have the ability to do it again.

THINK, Sir, you can go down in history as the only human+being, that gave the crown to Christ, which was being held for Him, all these thousands of years.

What history you could make.

Your great, great, great, grandmother, Queen Victoria spoke of it, “I should so love to lay my crown at His feet.” Were her words.

Your mother, and your grandfather, were very aware that the real stone, Jacob’s Pillar, The Throne of Destiny, was taken December 25th, 1950, from Westminster Abbey.

The Creator would not allow ANYONE to be coronated on that stone while His son, Michael the Archangel, was already here, in His second coming.  

All of Britain was aware of this happening at the time.

Many, many, articles were written about it, therefore, I am to believe, that you are aware of it.

I implore you Sir, to show up at St. Michaels Cave, on April 22nd, the year of our Lord, 2023, and make history, as the ONLY human+being to give the Crown to Christ, in his second coming.

THINK, what YOU could do.



These letters have been added to Crown Prince Michael in Gibraltar.

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Russian Citizens Are Calling On Putin To Nuke The West

January 30, 2023 - 13:21

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline

With Pandora’s Box Opened, The Rush To Nuclear Annihilation Quickens: Russian Citizens Are Calling On Putin To Nuke ‘Western Aggressors’ And Then, ‘75 Seconds And DC Disappears’ Signs of The End Times: Matthew 24:22 – And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the Elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

While German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock recently ignited a firestorm of historic proportions by saying the quiet part out loud when she bluntly said the West’ is already fighting a war against Russia but claiming the West had to do more to defend Ukraine by ‘sending them more tanks,’’ the fact that ‘bumbling biden’ is obliging Baerbock and Ukraine by arming Ukraine with 31 of America’s most advanced tanks helps explain why the world is now closer to Armageddon according to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists than at any time before in history.

With the ‘Doomsday Clock’ first created by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists all the way back in 1947 to warn the world about the dangers of nuclear weapons, as Zero Hedge had warned in this recent story, it should be seen as much more than just a ‘coincidence’ that Biden and the West promising battle tanks for Ukraine happened at the same time as the Doomsday Clock moved forward, warning of nuclear war dead ahead.

And while biden and his DOD might think in their absolutely insane minds that arming Ukraine with all of these highly advanced tanks will help them ‘win’ the war against Russia, as we’d warned back on October 11th of 2022 in this ANP story titled “The Globalists Death Wish: Russia’s ‘Dead Hand System’ Is Ready To Incinerate Washington DC, NATO And America Automatically, Even If Russia’s Entire Chain Of Command Is Incapacitated”, there is no ‘winning’ a war against an enemy who is set to completely destroy us, even if their leadership is all dead and gone! From that story briefly.: 

With nuclear war insanely being babbled about at the very highest levels of the US government, and any nuclear war that does break out most likely hitting the Washington DC psychopaths first, and quite literally incinerating millions of Americans in the process, we thought we’d remind those Washington DC psychopaths about Russia’s ‘Dead Hand System’, also known as Perimeter, in this story. 

As wikipedia reports of Dead Hand, the system remains in place to this day, and while it is said to only be activated during times of crisis, who wouldn’t argue we’re in such a time right now? And as that wikipedia entry reported, Dead Hand is a fail-safe Russian system that will automatically launch nuclear weapons at Russias enemies, even if the entire Russian chain of command has been incapacitated. From that entry.: 

Dead Hand is a Cold War-era automatic nuclear weapons-control system (similar in concept to the American AN/DRC-8 Emergency Rocket Communications System) that was constructed by the Soviet Union. The system remains in use in the post-Soviet Russian Federation. 

An example of fail-deadly and mutual assured destruction deterrence, it can automatically initiate the launch of the Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) by sending a pre-entered highest-authority order from the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Strategic Missile Force Management to command posts and individual silos if a nuclear strike is detected by seismic, light, radioactivity, and pressure sensors even with the commanding elements fully destroyed. 

By most accounts, it is normally switched off and is supposed to be activated during times of crisis; however, as of 2009, it was said to remain fully functional and able to serve its purpose when needed.

So as Steve Quayle warns us in the must-watch 1st video at the bottom of this story while on his recent Hagmann Report with Doug Hagmann, the globalists are dead-set upon starting up World War 3 with Russia, not despite the risk of global nuclear Armageddon, but BECAUSE they’ve been long working towards our nation’s destruction, with Robert Barnes also warning in this new Infowars story they NEED something to cover-up their failed medical tyranny takeover’ plans and nuclear war would do the trick.

As Steve also warns us in this video, if all goes according to the globalists satanic plans, the United States will cease to exist at some point in the future, with the globalists long-working to destroy not only US sovereignty but our military, giving away millions and millions of taxpayer funded weapons, which were supposed to be used to defend America, to Ukraine. And as Steve warns us, Pandora’s Box is now open, and if we stay on this track with German leaders saying they’re already at war with Russia, pretty soon, Russian citizens will be calling on Putin to nuke Berlin, and London and Brussels and Washington DC. And one of Russia’s hypersonic nukes fired at DC would hit it within just 75 seconds! 

So as we see from this story which is referenced within this video, while Putin is getting ready to defend the Russian people from the West’s never-ending warmongering insanity running rampant in biden’s white house, the warmongering crazies are getting ready to send our own taxpayer funded self-defense to Ukraine!: 

The US is depleting its military stockpiles by shipping millions of artillery shells to Ukraine.

The Pentagon is planning to boost its production of artillery ammunition by 500% over the next two years as the US is depleting its military stockpiles by sending millions of shells to Ukraine, The New York Times reported Tuesday. 

Since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, the US has pledged to send Ukraine over one million 155mm artillery shells. Before the US Army began efforts to increase production, it produced 14,400 155mm shells a month, but under the new plans, the number could reach over 90,000 each month. 

According to the Times, an Army report said the plan will involve expanding factories and bringing in new producers in an effort described as “the most aggressive modernization effort in nearly 40 years” of the US military-industrial complex. 

The US plans to dramatically ramp up ammunition production over the next two years show that the US is expecting to support Ukraine against Russia for years to come, and there is no sign that the fighting will end anytime soon. 

What’s not clear is if the policy is sustainable, as US military officials have warned it may be hard to continue arming both the US and Ukraine as the war drags on. Ukrainian forces are estimated to be using about 90,000 rounds of artillery each month, which is more than double what the US and Europe can currently produce. 

And as Steve Quayle has warned us of time and again, all it will take is one Russian nuclear strike upon America to send us back to the dark ages. So while these satanists in the white house and the pentagram, as Steve calls it, think that the American people will continue to pay for all these weapons to keep this war (that nobody in their right minds here in America wants!) dragging on and on and on, what happens when the American people put their own feet down and say no more funding our own destruction? 

And what happens when Russia decides enough is enough and brings their own BIG weapons into the game, or the US leadership is actually successful at taking out Russian leadership and their Perimeter/Dead Hand system is launched upon America? That Bulletin of Atomic Scientists Doomsday warning will come true before our eyes. 

So with the very real possibility that any forthcoming World War 3 could bring America a permanent lights out scenario, with Russia only needing one successful EMP attack to bring down the grid from the East Coast to the West Coast, and EMP experts having warned any such attack that brings down the grid for a year to 18 months could see up to or more than 90% of the US population depopulated, we’ll look within this final section at preparing for such a catastrophe we pray never arrives on our shores. 

As the Heritage Foundation had warned all the way back in 2010 within this story, an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack represents one of the greatest threats imaginable—to the United States and the world. From that story.

An EMP occurs when a nuclear device is detonated high in the atmosphere—a phenomenon of which America’s enemies are well aware. The electromagnetic discharge can permanently disable the electrical systems that run nearly all civilian and military infrastructures. 

A massive EMP attack on the United States would produce almost unimaginable devastation. Communications would collapse, transportation would halt, and electrical power would simply be non-existent. Not even a global humanitarian effort would be enough to keep hundreds of millions of Americans from death by starvation, exposure, or lack of medicine

Nor would the catastrophe stop at U.S. borders. Most of Canada would be devastated, too, as its infrastructure is integrated with the U.S. power grid. Without the American economic engine, the world economy would quickly collapse. Much of the world’s intellectual brain power (half of it is in the United States) would be lost as well. Earth would most likely recede into the “new” Dark Ages.

So with hundreds of millions of Americans sure to die should Russia take down our electrical grid, we give our families and loved ones a fighting chance if we’re fully prepared for such a scenario, though tens of millions of Americans don’t even have a generator to help keep our own power on in such a tragedy.

RELATED: Doomsday Clock Moved 10 Seconds Forward Russia Is Fighting a Battle Against Satan A Dark Winter Is Coming

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The Israeli Attack On Iran Hurt Israel

January 30, 2023 - 12:45

Gonzola Lira – “In this drama we call WW3, we have the opening of potentially the second front of this war, because last night the Israelis attacked a number of Iranian locations.”

DGTV – The Israeli Attack On Iran Hurt Israel

Armed Drones Strike Military Sites and Facilities Across Iran

In the News – Bomb-carrying drones targeted an Iranian defence factory in the central city of Isfahan overnight, authorities have said, causing damage at the plant amid heightened regional and international tensions engulfing the Islamic Republic.

See footage on DGTV.

The Iranian defence ministry offered no information on who it suspected carried out the attack, which came as a refinery fire separately broke out in the country’s north-west and a 5.9-magnitude earthquake struck nearby, killing three people.

Tehran has been targeted by suspected Israeli drone strikes amid a shadow war with its Middle Eastern rival as its nuclear deal with world powers collapsed. Meanwhile, tensions remain high with neighbouring Azerbaijan after a gunman attacked that country’s embassy in Tehran, killing its security chief and wounding two others.

Details on the Isfahan attack, which happened at about 11.30pm on Saturday, remained scarce. A defence ministry statement described three drones being launched at the facility, with two of them successfully shot down. A third apparently struck the building, causing “minor damage” to its roof and wounding no one, the ministry said.

Israel appears to have been behind drone strike on Iran factory, U.S. official says – Israel appears to have been behind an overnight drone attack on a military factory in Iran, said an U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity. A spokesperson for the Israeli military declined to comment. Pentagon spokesperson Brigadier General Patrick Ryder said no U.S. military forces were involved in strikes in Iran, but declined to comment further.

Iranian state television’s English-language arm, Press TV, aired mobile phone video apparently showing the moment the drone struck along the busy Imam Khomeini expressway that heads north-west out of Isfahan, one of several routes to the holy city of Qom and to Tehran, Iran’s capital. A small crowd gathered, drawn by anti-aircraft fire, watching as an explosion and sparks struck a dark building.

“Oh my God! That was a drone, wasn’t it?” the man filming shouts. “Yeah, it was a drone.” The bystanders fled after the attack.

That footage of the strike, as well as footage of the aftermath analysed by the Associated Press, corresponded to a site on Minoo Street in north-western Isfahan near a shopping centre.

From India Today – Iran Reports Drone Attack On Defense Facility In Isfahan

Iranian defence and nuclear sites increasingly find themselves surrounded by commercial properties and residential neighbourhoods as the country’s cities expand. Some locations remain opaque about what they produce, with only a sign bearing a defence ministry or paramilitary Revolutionary Guard logo.

The defence ministry described the site as a “workshop”, without elaborating on what it made. Isfahan, 215 miles south of Tehran, is home to a large airbase built for its fleet of American-made F-14 fighter jets, and its nuclear fuel research and production centre.

The attack comes after Iran’s intelligence ministry claimed in July to have broken up a plot to target sensitive sites around Isfahan. A segment aired on Iranian state TV in October included purported confessions by alleged members of Komala, a Kurdish opposition party that is exiled from Iran and is now based in Iraq, that they planned to target a military aerospace facility in Isfahan after being trained by Israel’s Mossad intelligence service.

Activists say Iranian state TV has aired hundreds of coerced confessions over the last decade. Israeli officials declined to comment on the attack.

Separately, Iran’s state TV said a fire broke out at an oil refinery in an industrial zone near the north-western city of Tabriz. It said the cause was not yet known. It showed footage of firefighters trying to extinguish the blaze. Tabriz is 325 miles north-west of Tehran.

State TV also said the magnitude-5.9 earthquake killed three people and injured 816 others in rural areas in West Azerbaijan province, damaging buildings in many villages.

Iran’s theocratic government faces challenges at home and abroad as its nuclear programme rapidly enriches uranium closer than ever to weapons-grade levels since the collapse of its atomic accord with world powers.

Nationwide protests have shaken the country since the death in September of Mahsa Amini, a Kurdish-Iranian woman detained by the country’s “morality police”. Its rial currency has plummeted to new lows against the US dollar. Meanwhile, Iran continues to arm Russia with the bomb-carrying drones that Moscow has used in attacks in Ukraine.

Iran ‘Foils Drone Attack’ on Military Facility in Isfahan – Iran’s foreign minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, said the “cowardly” incident was an attempt to destabilise the country. It comes amid heightened tensions over Iran’s nuclear programme and its supply of arms to Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Another Report About Israeli and US Drills

DGTV – Israel US hold drill in show of force against Iran

Israel is suspected of launching a series of attacks on Iran, including an April 2021 assault on its underground Natanz nuclear facility that damaged its centrifuges. In 2020, Iran blamed Israel for a sophisticated attack that killed its top military nuclear scientist.

Israeli officials rarely acknowledge operations carried out by the country’s secret military units or the Mossad. However, the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who recently regained the premiership, has long considered Iran to be the greatest threat his nation faces. The US and Israel have also just held their largest military exercise amid growing tensions with Iran.

Meanwhile, tensions remain high between Azerbaijan and Iran as Azerbaijan and Armenia have fought over the Nagorno-Karabakh region. Iran also wants to maintain its 27-mile (44km) border with landlocked Armenia, which could be threatened if Azerbaijan seizes new territory through warfare.

In October, Iran launched a military exercise near the Azerbaijan border. Azerbaijan also maintains close ties to Israel, which has infuriated Iranian hardliners, and it has bought Israeli-made drones for its military.

Anwar Gargash, a senior Emirati diplomat, said the Isfahan attack represented one more event in the “dangerous escalation the region is witnessing”. The UAE was targeted in missile and drone attacks last year claimed by Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels.

It “is not in the interest of the region and its future”, Gargash wrote on Twitter. “Although the problems of the region are complex, there is no alternative to dialogue.”

Main Source: The Truthseeker – Armed Drones Strike Military Sites and Facilities Across Iran

Bible Prophecy Unfolding – Syria, Iran, Turkey and Iraq are the Four Angels who will be loosened when the Sixth Trumpet sounds (sixth time period begins), according to Bible prophecy. All this sets the stage for Armageddon. In Hebrew, Har-Megiddo means Armageddon. Har-Megiddo is located in Northern Israel where ancient Israel fought its enemies. Four Angels of the Euphrates: Syria, Iran, Turkey and Iraq

Iran/Persia allied with Russia is prophesied in Ezekiel – THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE

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The West’s Confrontation with Russia

January 29, 2023 - 15:26

TASS – Chair of the NATO Military Committee Rob Bauer said that the US-led bloc is ready for a direct confrontation with Russia in an interview with Portugal’s RTP TV channel.

Replying to a question on the matter, he asserted: “We are ready.”

That said, he added that NATO is going to respond only if Russia crosses the red line by invading one of NATO member states.

The military official stressed that NATO should be better prepared because currently Russia has the military initiative. “The fact that your enemy has better weapons is not the problem of the enemy. That is your problem,” he said.

The interview also raised the issue of introducing “a war-time economy but in peace time,” however, Bauer admitted that this process would be difficult.

About Bauer’s visit in Portugal – Chair of the NATO Military Committee commends Portugal for its global security vision

Here is Admiral Bauer speaking with DW, saying NATO is ready: > US and NATO on path to full-fledged military conflict in Europe

From Russia Today – Washington and its allies are putting the world at risk, Maksim Buyakevich, Russia’s deputy envoy to the OSCE has warned.

America’s “reckless neo-colonialist expansionist policy” has put Europe and possibly the world on the brink of a devastating conflict, Russia’s deputy envoy to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) has warned. Continued escalation of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine could spiral into an all-out war that would see no victors, Buyakevich told the OSCE Permanent Council on Thursday.

“The leaders of the US and their NATO client states have come close to a red line,” the diplomat warned, citing the US and other western nations’ plans to send dozens of modern battle tanks to Kiev. Buyakevich accused Washington and its allies of “deliberately escalating the military standoff” in Ukraine and of provoking Kiev into “military action against the Russian population.”

“This is a straight path into a full-blown conflict in Europe, which absolutely all people living on our continent definitely stand to lose from,” the Russian diplomat warned. He also said that the US and the UK, which he described as the “puppet masters”of the ongoing escalation, would hardly be able to “sit it out” either.

The latest decisions on new armed deliveries for Ukraine taken by Western nations only mire them “deeper involved in the armed standoff with Russian troops,” Buyakevich said. These decisions could result in further escalation and more intense warfare, which would only lead to more civilian victims and further destruction, he added.

The diplomat also accused the “collective West”of turning Ukraine into an “instrument for realizing their geopolitical plans,” adding that the ongoing conflict between Moscow and Kiev was a result of the Western-backed 2014 Maidan coup.

Buyakevich also blamed the US and its “longstanding ambitions for global domination” for the current European security crisis. “The logic of the OSCE principle of indivisibility of security consistently dictates that either there is security for all [OSCE] member states or there is no security for any of them,” the diplomat said, adding that the principle had been violated and this collective security had been lost.

Earlier this week, both the US and Germany announced plans to send modern Western tanks to Ukraine. Other NATO nations have already voiced similar intentions. Russia responded by saying that NATO’s “direct involvement” in the conflict in Ukraine was “growing.” Moscow previously warned that the West’s continued arms supplies to Kiev risked a direct military conflict between Russia and NATO.


In Rev. 11 v 7 we are told that in the same day (year) when the Two Witnesses have finished their testimony, which was to be the same year that Jerusalem was to be liberated from its “treading down by the gentiles” (Rev. 11 v 2-3), the beast would rise out of the “bottomless pit” (Satan’s place) and make war against the Two Witnesses, and shall overcome them, and KILL them. Note well – KILL them.

The year that Jerusalem was liberated by British/Israel soldiers from Turkish/gentile domination was 1917. This same year (day in prophetic coded language) 1917 saw the RED communist revolution in Russia and the beast (system) that rose out of the “bottomless pit” (Satanically inspired and controlled) make war against the Two Witnesses for 70 years, all over the planet and will, soon, also, exactlyas prophesied, overcome and KILL the Two Witnesses – the U.K. and U.S.A.

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Charles is Privileged to be Summonsed to Surrender

January 29, 2023 - 08:30

Managing Editor’s Note: Gibraltar Messenger is sharing these two much-appreciated letters as one post. While they are combined here, Charles will appropriately receive each letter separately.

Charles, It Is A Big Privilege To Be Summonsed By Christ

by Christiana M.

Dear Charles Battenberg Windsor

Hope this finds you well, in good spirit and having a good day, in Christ Jesus our Lord of lords and King of kings.

This letter is from Christiana M., from Nigeria West Africa. Am one of JAH – CHRIST disciples in His SECOND COMING, who has benefited a lot since I came in contact with Him – Christ, through my husband in the year 2015. And it was a DREAM COME true because, by then I have already stopped going to church, being one of the choir members that was not pleased anymore by the so called PASTORS manipulations, and the evil church activities. I saw the answers to all my questions and solutions to all life challenges in The Way home or face The Fire. Published by JAH – CHRIST. And this gave me a fresh start and to date, it has been joy all the way. 

Please sir, I write in support of the ROYAL DECREE BY THE BRITISH KING OF ISRAEL that you go to Gibraltar, lay down the Crown and kneel at the feet of the Gibraltar-Messenger, CHRIST, on 22 April 2023 in St. Michael’s (Christ) Cave, Gibraltar, The Rock of His Defence.

Isaiah 33:16-17. He shall dwell on HIGH: his place of DEFENCE shall be the Fortress of Rock: bread shall be given him; his waters shall be sure. Thine eyes shall see the king (CHRIST) in his beauty: they shall behold the land that is very far off. (ISRAEL)

This is for the good of all HUMANITY and what your mother, the so called Queen Elizabeth could not do because of her greed, even after being told that the British KINGDOM belongs to Christ, and that she should not hesitate to hand over the kingdom to Christ when He returns in His SECOND COMING. You should understand that it is a great privilege, if you heed to this advice by Christ on 22 April 2023. Please help Christ to save the lost world and yourself from destruction.

Psalms 15:1-5. LORD, who shall abide in thy TABERNACLE? who shall dwell in thy HOLY HILL? He that walketh uprightly, and worketh RIGHTEOUSNESS, and speaketh the TRUTH in his heart. He that backbiteth not with his tongue, nor doeth evil to his neighbour, nor taketh up a reproach against his neighbour. In whose eyes a vile person is contemptible; but he honoureth them that fear the LORD. He that sweareth to his own hurt, and changeth not. He that putteth not out his MONEY to usury, nor taketh reward against the innocent. He that doeth these things shall never be moved.

Charles, this SCRIPTURE shows clearly that it is indeed a privilege for you to be invited by Christ. I encourage you to take the invitation seriously. God bless you richly as you take this bold step.

Thanks for your kind understanding of the situation,

Christiana M.

Surrender The Crown and Step Down for Prince Michael

by Glory C.

Good morning Mr Charles.

My name is Glory C. a follower of Christ (JAH), because The Way home or face The Fire is a book of truth and about the second coming of Christ.

So Mr Charles … hope this found you at rest on the second coming of Christ, Who is among us in human form, according to the book Ezekiel chapter 34.

So am writing to inform you to please surrender your self before Him, and hands off from The Throne, because I believe that your mother didn’t tell you the truth about The Throne.

If you continue you will be crowned in deceit, so surrender your self and surrender the crown and step down for Prince Michael, our King of kings and the Lord of lords, for our own good and your own good, so that He can take over His Throne, because He is the rightful owner of the throne, so that peace will reign in the British people Israel, and in the whole world.


These letters have been added to Crown Prince Michael in Gibraltar.

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A Russian Victory in Ukraine Won’t End the War

January 28, 2023 - 17:14

by Mike Whitney, Unz Review

Behind Washington’s desperate appeal for tanks and other lethal weaponry for Ukraine, looms the nagging prospect that Russia’s winter offensive may have already begun in the south where heavy fighting has broken out along the Line of Contact in the Zaporizhia region. While the information from the front remains sketchy, some analysts think that Russia is planning to send its troops and armored units northward in order to block vital supply-lines and trap Ukrainian forces in the east. A Russian blitz northward would likely be synchronized with the movement of a second large grouping pushing south along the Oskil River. These two dagger-like thrusts would be accompanied by multiple missile strikes aimed at strategic bridges and railway-lines crossing the Dnieper River. If the Russians were able to succeed in such an operation, the bulk of Ukraine’s army would be effectively encircled in the east while Moscow would have regained control over most of its traditional territories. The offensive might not end the war, but it would end Ukraine’s existence as a viable, contiguous state. This is an excerpt from an article at Aljazeera:

Moscow’s forces are pushing towards two towns in Ukraine’s southern Zaporizhia region, where fighting intensified this week after several months of a stagnant front… Vladimir Rogov, a Russian-installed official in the region, said offensive actions were concentrated around two towns: Orikhiv, around 50km (30 miles) south of Ukrainian-controlled regional capital Zaporizhzhia, and Hulyaipole, further east….

The Russian army later claimed for a second day in a row that it had taken “more advantageous lines and positions” after “offensive operations” in the Zaporizhia region…. In its daily report on Sunday, the Ukrainian army said “more than 15 settlements were affected by artillery fire” in Zaporizhia…. He also said this week that fighting has “sharply increased” in the southern region.” (“Russia advances towards two towns in Ukraine’s Zaporizhia region”, AlJazeera)

Typically, I wouldn’t spend much time on a topic for which there is so little evidence and so much speculation. But people are following events very closely in Ukraine because they want to know what Putin plans to do with the 550,000 combat troops that are presently scattered across the theatre or gathered along the perimeter in Belarus. The assumption is that Putin will use these forces in a winter offensive that could dramatically impact the course of the war. I agree with that assumption, but I’m not entirely convinced that the fighting in the south proves that the offensive has already started. Even so, the buzz on the Telegram channels and Twitter is hard to ignore and could indicate that my skepticism is unwarranted. For example, here are a few blurbs from independent sites that suggest the offensive is already underway:

The Russian Army is still actively advancing in the #Zaporozhye direction, the front has been pressed to a depth of 7km. At the moment our advance in three directions on the #Orekhov section. On the west side there is fighting for #Novoandreyevka and #Shcherbaki, on the east for #Belogorye and Malaya Tokmachka, on the southeast there is fighting for #Novodanilovka, which is only 6.5 km from #Orekhov. A defensive breakthrough here will allow the RF Armed Forces to develop an offensive in several directions at once, literally cutting the AFU grouping into two parts. Telegram

Or this:

Zaporozhye update: The Russian army continues its offensive on the Zaporozhye Front. The troops of the Southern and Eastern military districts are conducting an offensive on a wide front – up to 60 km (in the Vasilyevsky and Pologovsky districts). The advance of troops is slowed down due to many minefields.

Or this:

The offensive is going according to plan: close fights in several areas. Fortified positions and regions of the enemy are actively treated with bombs, mines, and howitzer shells; only then come armored vehicles with infantry.

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Zaporozhye direction, the RF Armed Forces are hitting the Armed Forces of Ukraine with all types of weapons in areas of more than 25 settlements, including Olgovskoe, Gulyaipole, Volshebnoe, Novodanilovka, Kamenskoe and Plavni of the Zaporozhye region, Vremovka and Novopol DNR.

This is just a small sampling of the postings that have been flooding various sites for the last few days. A great number of the comments are from people who appear to have first-hand knowledge of events on the battlefield. I can’t speak for their accuracy, but the volume of reports (and their intensity) suggest that something out-of-the-ordinary is taking place.

There’s also a new post at Moon of Alabama in which Bernard states unequivocally that the offensive is already underway. Here’s what he said:

The long expected Russian offensive in Ukraine has begun….

I and others have suggested for quite some time that the Russian forces will use the southern Zaporizhia region for a large thrust into the far back of the Ukrainian forces around Bakhmut…

The Russian moves against the third and fourth Ukrainian defense lines will likely be supported by a move from the south that will liberate the rest of the Zaporiziha and Donetsk oblast…..

There is no Ukrainian artillery brigade in the sector. There are thereby no counter-artillery capabilities available…..The aim of the Russian thrust in the south will not be to take cities like Zaporiziha. The aim is to bring the main transport routes, railways and roads, from west-Ukraine to the front in east Ukraine under Russian artillery fire. This will prevent not only the re-supply for the Ukrainian troops on the eastern front but also their exit from the front line. A 100 kilometer (60 miles) thrust to the north would mostly do that. A complementary thrust from the north towards south, which may or may not be coming, would finally close the cauldron.” (“Ukraine – Russian Army Activates Southern Front”, Moon of Alabama)

Although I’m still not sure that the offensive has actually begun, I entirely agree with MoA that Russia’s plan will be some variation of the strategy he presents in his article. In fact, a similar strategy was laid out by military historian Big Serge in a recent Substack post titled “Russo-Ukrainian War: The World Blood Pump”. The two analysts appear to have drawn similar conclusions as to what we should expect in the weeks to come. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

At the moment, the majority of Russian combat power is uncommitted, and both western and Ukrainian sources are (belatedly) becoming increasingly alarmed about the prospect for a Russian offensive in the coming weeks. Currently, the entire Ukrainian position in the east is vulnerable because it is, in effect, an enormous salient, vulnerable to attack from three directions.

Two operational depth objectives in particular have the potential to shatter Ukrainian logistics and sustainment. These are, respectively, Izyum in the north and Pavlograd in the South. A Russian thrust down the west bank of the Oskil river towards Izyum would simultaneously threaten to cut off and destroy the Ukrainian grouping on the Svatove axis (S on the map) and sever the vital M03 highway from Kharkov. Reaching Pavlograd, on the other hand, would completely isolate the Ukrainian forces around Donetsk and sever much of Ukraine’s transit across the Dneiper.

Both Izyum and Pavlograd are roughly 70 miles from the start lines of a prospective Russian offensive, and thus offer a very tempting combination – being both operationally significant and in relatively manageable reach. Beginning yesterday, we started to see Russian advances on the Zaporozhia axis. While these consist, at the moment, mainly of reconnaissance in force pushing into the “grey zone” (that ambiguous interstitial frontage), RUMoD did claim several settlements taken, which could presage a genuine offensive push in this direction. The key tell would be a Russian assault on Orikhiv, which is a large town with a genuine Ukrainian garrison in it. A Russian attack here would indicate that something more than a probing attack is underway.

It is difficult sometimes to parse out the difference between what we predict will happen and what we want to happen. This, certainly, is what I would choose if I was in charge of Russian planning – a drive south along the west bank of the Oskil river on the Kupyansk-Izyum axis, and a simultanious attack northward past Zaporozhia towards Pavlograd. In this case, I believe simply screening Zaporozhia in the short term is preferable to getting bogged down in an urban battle there.Whether Russia will actually attempt this, we do not know. Russian operational security is much better than either Ukraine’s or their proxy forces (Wagner and the LNR/DNR Milita), so we know significantly less about Russia’s deployments than we do about Ukraine’s. Regardless, we know that Russia enjoys a strong preponderance of combat power right know, and there are juicy operational targets within range.” (“Russo-Ukrainian War: The World Blood Pump“, Big Serge, Substack)

Not surprisingly, fighting has broken out around Orikhiv which Big Serge says “would indicate that something more than a probing attack is underway.” In other words, this could, in fact, be the opening phase of the winter offensive. And, if it is, then we should assume that there will be a shift away from the ‘positional battles of attrition’ we’ve seen up to this point. The Russia offensive will not face defensive lines of heavily fortified trenches that require weeks of softening with long-range artillery until armored units can be dispatched for mop-up operations. The Big Arrow moves that Serge anticipates suggests that we could see significant territorial gains in lightly-defended areas. That means that things will likely move much faster than they have in the last 11 months. It also means that Ukrainian forces in the Donbass will be effectively cut off from Kiev and left to fend for themselves. Naturally, the casualties are bound to be significant.

According to reports in the media, CIA Director William Burns secretly visited Kiev last week to warn Zelensky about the impending Russian offensive. Burns probably presented a scenario very similar to the strategy laid out by MoA and Big Serge. But whatever Burns may have said to Zelensky, it had no effect on the Ukrainian president at all. Zelensky has continued to send troops to the frontlines (Bakhmut) despite the hopelessness of the situation and despite the fact that the Ukrainian defensive positions are collapsing by the day. There’s no longer any doubt that Russian forces will eradicate pockets of resistance in the east or that the battered remnants of the Ukrainian army will be forced to retreat. It’s only a matter of time.

We’re not saying it’s all going to be “smooth sailing” for the Russians from this point on. No, there are going to be plenty of bumps in the road ahead. But given Russia’s superiority in manpower, firepower and industrial base, we think Russia will undoubtedly win this first phase of the war. The problem is that –even if the Russian army clears all the territory east of the Dnieper River and annexes it into the Russian Federation– that doesn’t mean the fighting will stop. It won’t stop. US-backed forces will continue to launch attacks from across the river, they’ll deploy commandos to strike behind Russian lines, they’ll train paramilitaries to ignite an insurgency, and they’ll fire missiles at Crimea, Russia and, perhaps, even Moscow itself.

Is Putin ready for that?

Washington is not going to throw in the towel because Russia won the first round in a 10-round fight. The United States is still fully committed to its plan to “weaken” Russia in order to become the dominant player in the world’s most promising market, Central Asia. In that regard, the fighting in Ukraine has not dampened Washington’s resolve at all, in fact, we think the conflict is feuling the widespread Russophobia and the relentless cries for revenge. How else do we explain the persistent escalation that has not yet sparked even a peep of public protest? And, keep in mind, the US has already blown up NordStream 2, pushed Europe into a severe Depression, sabotaged global supplylines for the foreseeable future, derailed the 40 year-long “globalization” project, and done everything in its power to goad China into a shooting war. What these incidents show is how much importance the US attaches to its priviledged role in the global order and the risks it is willing to take to preserve that role. In short, the United States will do ‘whatever it takes’ to maintain its iron-grip on power.

If I was Putin, I would prepare myself for a long and bloody struggle. Because that’s what he’s in for.

Source: Unz Review – A Russian Victory in Ukraine Won’t End the War

World War 3: The Second of its Three Woes/Phases. The Pen-ultimate WOE – The Time of the Sixth Angel (of The Apocalypse/Revelation)

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Report of Russian warship drills in Atlantic with Zircon missiles

January 28, 2023 - 11:48

Show of strength is in response to the potential delivery of American battle tanks to Ukraine

by Marc Bennetts

A Russian warship armed with hypersonic Zircon missiles has tested its strike capabilities in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean, after Russia warned Nato over the supply of more weapons to Ukraine.

Zircon missiles, which President Putin has hailed as “invincible”, have a range of 560 miles and can travel at nine times the speed of sound, according to the Russian military. A combination of speed, manoeuvrability and altitude makes the missiles difficult to track and intercept, experts say.

The exact location of the Admiral Gorshkov frigate, which is armed with the missiles, is unclear, but the warship is said to have recently diverted towards the coast of the United States in a provocative show of strength by Moscow’s military.

The Russian defence ministry said Zircon missiles had been tested by computer simulation and that they had “destroyed” a target over 500 miles away.

It is not thought that any missiles were launched by the Admiral Gorshkov, but videos released by Russian media showed the vessel’s missile bays opening while crew members simulated a launch sequence. Russia last test-fired a Zircon missile in May in the Barents Sea.

This month the frigate was escorted through British waters by the Royal Navy, and then by French and Spanish ships through the Atlantic.

It was due to head south past South Africa to the Indian Ocean and enter the Mediterranean Sea through the Suez Canal. But monitoring sites claim it took a sudden diversion and headed west towards Bermuda. Pro-Russian telegram users have claimed this week that it had been “spotted on radar in neutral waters of the Atlantic Ocean — at an effective salvo launch distance from the US coast”.

The reports were not confirmed by the Russian Defence Ministry, nor commented on by the United States. But Dmitry Medvedev, the deputy head of Russia’s national security council, said this month that the Admiral Gorshkov, which is also likely armed with Kalibr cruise missiles and torpedoes, could be deployed about 100 miles off the coast of the United States.

Russia has threatened on a number of occasions that it will use its nuclear arsenal to defend occupied regions of Ukraine that it claims as its own, including Crimea, which it annexed in 2014, while accusing the West of escalation by sending weapons and supplies to the government in Kyiv.

Anatoly Antonov, the Russian ambassador to the United States, has said that the potential delivery of American battle tanks to Ukraine is a “blatant provocation”.

Vyacheslav Volodin, the head of the Russian parliament and one of Putin’s closest allies, previously warned that the use of western weapons to “seize our territories” could lead to “retaliatory measures using more powerful weapons”.

“Washington and Brussels are leading the world to a terrible war,” Volodin said on Sunday. “Given the technological superiority of Russian weapons, foreign politicians making such decisions need to understand that this could end in a global tragedy that will destroy their countries. Arguments that the nuclear powers have not previously used weapons of mass destruction in local conflicts are untenable.”

Mikhail Podolyak, a Ukrainian presidential adviser, has warned of strikes on Russian cities such as Moscow, St Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. He insisted that Ukraine would not target the cities, but said that the “logic of war” meant that they were “inevitable.”

Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin spokesman, said the comments were evidence that Putin was right to launch an invasion of Ukraine in February to ensure Russian national security. He also said there was no prospect of an imminent peace deal. Moscow has alleged that Nato was planning to use Ukraine as a springboard to attack Russia last year, but has provided no evidence to back up its claims.

Kyiv is thought to have struck a number of military targets deep inside Russia since the start of the war but has not officially claimed responsibility. Russia recently installed air defence systems on several administrative and military buildings in Moscow, as well as close to Putin’s residences. The governor of Belgorod region, which borders Ukraine, said yesterday that 25 residents had been killed by Ukrainian shelling since the start of the war.

Source: The Times – Russian warship with hypersonic Zircon missiles on drills in Atlantic

RELATED Putin provides details on Russia’s hypersonic missiles China and Russia dominating the hypersonic arms race; and it’s not even close On Navy Day, Putin says United States is main threat to Russia

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Same procedure as all these years, Charles?

January 28, 2023 - 10:40

Letter to Karl Battenberg/Windsor in support of Christ’s Royal Decree signed 12 December 2022

by Frederick

Good day from Germany Karl Battenberg,

I hope you are well and in good spirit.

When I watched you and your family walking behind your late mother’s coffin on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh last year, in front of thousands at the roadside and millions of TV viewers, I wondered how long the blind masses will continue to fall for this absurd theatre?

Five years earlier, I had been in the same place in Edinburgh and had a truly stupendous experience:

None other than His Majesty, His Royal Highness, the King of kings and Lord of lords Himself showed me around the Royal Mile.

Our walk took us from the Scottish Parliament, where those evil politicians reside who sit in Moses’ Seat (Matthew 23:2), to Edinburgh Castle, where the treacherous monarchy has the fake stone on display used for the fake coronation of the fake queen in 1953, and which may also be needed for your fake coronation as a fake king on 6 May 2023.

On this sunny day in August 2017, the city was full of people from all over the world, as it was the time of the famous music festival. Music could be heard from all directions.

My heart was burning inside (Luke 24:32) at the high privilege of being taught by the Only Person on the entire planet Who is not blind, but can see perfectly, Who is not sleepwalking but awake, Who is not living in this make-believe world, but in ultimate Truth (John 14:6) and Reality (Sura 22:6).

“Do you hear this?“ the Lord interrupted our conversation, drawing my attention to a piece of bagpipe music that could be heard from a side street. I nodded in agreement. But it was only some time later that I realised the profound significance of that moment. The piece of music that could be heard was Amazing Grace.

Amazing grace how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now I‘m found
Was blind but now I see

I was deeply impressed by the wisdom, humility, warm-heartedness, caring and beauty of character of our Lord Christ JAH, Whom I would like to call exemplary and worthy of imitation in every respect.

But the most wonderful realisation is that the Son of the Most High, the beginning of the creation of God (Revelation 3:14) and the Firstborn of every creature (Colossians 1:15) is as one with His Father (John 10:30).

This means that Christ is not only here to open the eyes of the spiritually blind (Isaiah 42:7) and to teach us to return to the Law of God (Malachi 4:4), but that He is at the same time THE Living Example of the loving, kind, patient and righteous nature of our Most Holy Father.

Charles, you are receiving well-meant letters from all over the world from followers and disciples of The Christ in His Second Coming, urging you to obey the Royal Decree to kneel before JAH in St. Michael‘s Cave in Gibraltar, and give Him the British Crown on 22 April 2023.

I hope you will take all these appeals extremely seriously, and do also realise that they are inspired by God and thus written with love.

The Most High God does not need your help, of course. He has already declared that He will give the Throne of David to the One Whose Right it is (Luke 1:32 & Ezekiel 21:27).

So God is obviously about to give you personally one last chance. Perhaps to save a wretch like you?

But the very first step must come from you, because you have free will, which God has given to all people and which is the only thing by which The Almighty God limits Himself.

You are not the lawful Monarch and you never will be, and neither was your mother. The absurd theater surrounding your royal family must stop once and for all, for the benefit of all of mankind, and it is now your job to put an end to it.

Peace be upon you and within you.


A follower of The Way (John 14:6, Matthew 12:30)

This letter has been added to Crown Prince Michael in Gibraltar.

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