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Final agreement on EU treaty for Gibraltar very unlikely before results of...

3 hours 6 min ago Final agreement on EU treaty for Gibraltar very unlikely before results of...

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Speaking to 'Gibraltar Today' on Radio Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo acknowledged the added uncertainty in negotiations but said "we keep calm & carry on".

He said the European Commission will not agree a treaty with UK re Gib if it does not pass muster with the Spanish government of the day when the agreement is ready to be finalised. The Spanish government cannot approve a treaty now that an election is called, so any agreement would be for the governments of the UK and Gibraltar to agree with the next administration in Madrid (and the rest of the EU).

The Chief Minister stressed he would have have agreed a treaty if there was an option on the table which was safe and secure for Gibraltar, but that offer has - so far - not been made.

Mr Picardo said it was not time to be defeatist and think more about what a non-negotiated outcome would look like, adding people should hold their nerve.

Final agreement on EU treaty for Gibraltar very unlikely before results of Spanish general election


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Military cooperation with Morocco makes sense

3 hours 8 min ago
Gibraltar Panorama Military cooperation with Morocco makes sense


Greater military cooperation between the Royal Moroccan Navy and the UK Royal Navy based at Gibraltar can only be a good and positive development. It makes perfect sense that two neighbours and allies should work together for the wider interests of the region.

That is why the visit of HMS Dagger to the Royal Moroccan Navy at the port of Tangier must be welcome. The expectation now is that this will lead to closer ties and perhaps even military exercises between the United Kingdom base at Gibraltar and Morocco, crucially located on both sides of the strategic Strait.

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The almadraba tuna is one of the five typical regional products of Cádiz.

May 29, 2023 - 15:40
Europa Sur – 29 May 23 El atún de almadraba, entre los cinco productos regionales típicos de Cádiz

La revista de viajes 'TasteAtlas' incluye este elemento característico de la gastronomía de Tarifa en la lista El significado del Monumento del Atún de Tarifa y La Línea Viaje gastronómico por Tarifa, la tierra del atún rojo

The almadraba tuna is a symbol of the coastal municipalities in the province of Cádiz. This typical product from towns like Tarifa is included in the list of "typical regional products" of Cádiz compiled by the travel magazine TasteAtlas.

The publication gathers products such as Jerez vinegar, Sierra de Cádiz olive oil, Grazalema's Payoyo cheese, and Barbate's mojama (cured tuna) in a list of foods recognized throughout the province that define the local gastronomy.

Almadraba red tuna refers to the tuna caught in the Strait of Gibraltar at the moment when they migrate towards the Mediterranean in search of warmer waters. This fishing is carried out using the ancient and highly sustainable method known as almadraba.

The season to capture the specimens that will reach the tables of restaurants in the area begins at the end of April and concludes in early June. It is an intense period when the "levantá" (raising of the nets) takes place, and the famous "ronqueo" (butchering) is carried out.

Almadraba fishing involves the installation of a structure of nets, anchors, and buoys, accompanied by boats that guide the tuna to a central "trap" where the selection of specimens is made. During this process, other species and tuna that do not meet the criteria are released.

Once selected, the tuna are raised onto the boats, and the traditional manual butchering technique known as "ronqueo" is performed to carve the fish.

This product offers multiple options for utilization and can be enjoyed in restaurants throughout the country, although its primary area is in Barbate, Tarifa, Conil, and Zahara, where this type of fishing is practiced.

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Sanchez calls snap general election after support for PP and Vox surges across Spain

May 29, 2023 - 14:34 Sanchez calls snap general election after support for PP and Vox surges...

By Brian Reyes and Maria Jesus Corrales Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on Monday announced a general election on July 23 after the Socialists and their main ally Podemos lost significant ground in Sunday’s local and regional elections. ...

29th May 2023

By Brian Reyes and Maria Jesus Corrales

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on Monday announced a general election on July 23 after the Socialists and their main ally Podemos lost significant ground in Sunday’s local and regional elections.

Mr Sanchez brought forward the general election, which was due in December, after support for the conservative PP and the far-right party Vox surged in Sunday’s regional and municipal elections.

“Although yesterday's elections had a local and regional scope, the meaning of the vote conveys a message that goes beyond that,” Mr Sanchez said in a televised statement on Monday.

“That is why, as both prime minister and PSOE's secretary-general, I take personal responsibility for the results and I believe it’s necessary to respond and submit our democratic mandate to the popular will.”

The announcement of an imminent general election comes at a delicate time in the negotiation between the UK – with Gibraltar – and the EU for a treaty on Gibraltar’s post-Brexit relations with the bloc.

After 13 formal rounds of talks and countless meetings in between, negotiators have yet to reach agreement on a deal that seeks to guarantee post-Brexit border fluidity and is seen by many as vital to the economic prosperity of Gibraltar and neighbouring Campo cities, particularly La Linea.

Spain is due to take on the EU presidency from July 1 but with the country’s parties now on an election footing, any significant progress ahead of the July 23 vote could be further hindered.

Potentially, the EU presidency may start with the PSOE as caretaker government and end with a new administration, with the PP leading in polls even ahead of Sunday’s results.

The treaty under negotiation is between the UK and the EU, but Brussels has said it will not agree anything without the agreement of Spain, which has played a key role in the talks.

The fear here will be that a change of government in Spain could further complicate a negotiation that has been fraught with difficulty from the outset, particularly if a future PP government needs to lean on Vox to obtain a majority in the Spanish parliament.

After Sunday, Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s PP is set to control eight of the 12 regions in Spain, including in Madrid and Valencia, with the party also winning three of Spain’s largest cities including Seville, traditionally a Socialist stronghold.

The strong performance on Sunday in part followed the collapse of the centre-right Ciudadanos party, which left conservative votes split between only the PP and Vox.

Across the country, the PP secured 31.5% of the vote, up from 22.6% in 2019 on a turnout of 64%, down 1% from the preceding local elections.

In contrast, the PSOE won 28.1% of the vote, down from 29.4% in 2019.

The far-right party Vox became the third most voted party with 7.2% of the vote across the country, up from 3.6% in 2019.

The results open up situations where Vox will hold the deciding votes in many regional government and councils across the country where the PP may not have majority presence.

All eyes now will be on how the PP and Vox work together to take control of regional governments and councils where the conservatives fall short of majorities to govern alone, while Mr Sanchez will seek to rally increasingly fragmented votes on the left.


In the Campo on Sunday, La Linea’s Juan Franco and Jose Ignacio Landaluce, the PP mayor of Algeciras, consolidated their positions with absolute majorities allowing them to govern their respective councils without the need for support from other parties.

Ahead of the local elections, there had been concern that Mr Landaluce’s PP, without an absolute majority, would have to lean on votes from Vox.

In the event though, PP improved its position in the Campo’s largest city from 13 councillors to 16 in the 27-seat council, two more than the 14 seats needed for the absolute majority, on a 48% turnout, just over 1% down from 2019.

After three terms running the council, Mr Landaluce’s PP registered a similar level of support as when it first swept into power in Algeciras in 2011, leaving it just shy of 17 seats in the council.

The PSOE dropped one seat in Algeciras to win seven councillors, while Vox, which had campaigned on an anti-immigration platform in a city with a large Muslim community, doubled its presence in the council to win four seats.

In La Linea, Mr Franco’s La Linea 100x100 scooped all but three seats in the 25-seat council on a turnout of 46.6%, just under one point down on 2019 turnout.

It was a resounding showing of support for a mayor who has worked in recent years attract investment to a city with staggering unemployment, including fostering strong links to Gibraltar.

“I think we’ve shown that we know how to manage the council and that we have transformed the city with important projects,” Mr Franco said on Monday.

“This doesn’t stop here and as from today we are donning our new work clothes.”

“We have a lot of challenges ahead of us and a lot of things we need to improve in our city, we are conscious of that.”

The PSOE, whose campaign in La Linea was led by former mayor Gemma Araujo, had lost one of its three councillors, while the PP retained its single seat.

On Sunday night, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo congratulated Mr Franco on his re-election and huge majority.

“I look forward to continuing to work with Juan on all matters on which Gibraltar and La Linea gave common concerns,” Mr Picardo said.

In San Roque, the PSOE led by Ruiz Boix maintained 11 councillors from 2019, allowing them to govern with a very narrow majority in a municipality with 21 council seats.

However, there was also a shift to the right in the municipality, where the PP retained five councillors but Vox entered the city council with one seat. Particularly noteworthy were the four councillors secured by San Roque 100x100, signalling appetite in the municipal election for hyper-local parties.

In Los Barrios, the current mayor, Fermín Alconchel, consolidated his eight councillors, but the PP also gained two councillors, reaching a total of four, and Vox entered the council with one seat.

The PSOE’s position was weakened after it lost one council seat, while Movimiento Barreño obtained one councillor.

In Tarifa, a change of municipal government is expected after the PSOE lost one councillor, leaving them with seven, while the PP gained two councillors.

Potentially then, the seven councillors from the PP and two from the localist party Nuevos Aires de Tarifa could form a governing coalition to oust socialist mayor Francisco Ruiz Giráldez from the city council.

The councillor from the left-wing coalition Para la Gente would not be enough for the PSOE to maintain control of the Tarifa government.

The results show how local parties have gained ground throughout the Campo to become key players, not only in La Línea or Los Barrios, where Alconchel's project is consolidated, but also in Tarifa, where it will be vital for the new government, and in San Roque, where it achieves significant representation.

In Jimena, the left-wing parties maintain their results, as the IU mayor retains his eight councillors, and the PSOE gains one, which the PP loses.

In Castellar, the PSOE led by Adrián Vaca gained one councillor, reaching a total of eight, while IU loses one.

The PP also has no representation in this stronghold of the left.

In Tesorillo, the results of its first elections in 2019 are repeated: seven councillors for IU, three for the PSOE, and one for the PP.

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Good news. Twitter unsuspended Gibmessenger's account

May 28, 2023 - 17:59

It took two requests and they eventually did it

See today's tweet.

Elon Musk is offered to buy the most priceless watch on earth

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A Scientific Hypothesis for the Cause of the CV Pandemic

May 28, 2023 - 07:35
Rumble A Scientific Hypothesis for the Cause of the CV Pandemic

Dr Robert Young introduced Anders Brunstad, who has done extensive research on the correlation between 5G radiation and excess mortality in Norway, the USA, Switzerland, and Canada. His research sugge

Duration: 5789

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Moses on The Rock... again

May 27, 2023 - 13:47

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The Threat of an Alien/ET-Invasion Is Real

May 27, 2023 - 11:48

Gibraltar Messenger – 27 May 23 The Threat of an Alien/ET-Invasion Is Real

They’ve been with us all along. For thousands of years our destinies have been intertwined. We’ve been guided toward one inevitable conclusion.

Est. reading time: 16 minutes

Please read/share this A. Freeman article, now on Gibraltar Messenger. Thank you.

Please share the video too – which is a video about the article: The Threat of an Alien-Invasion is Real

They’ve been with us all along protecting us. For thousands of years our destinies have been intertwined. We’ve been carefully guarded and guided toward one inevitable conclusion, with most never realizing who was really behind it, at least until...

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Killer whales learn to sink yachts off Gibraltar

May 27, 2023 - 05:41
Killer whales learn to sink yachts off Gibraltar

James Crisp
Tue, May 23, 2023

Killer whales attack a sailing boat off the coast of Morocco - Stephen Bidwell / SWNS
A vengeful killer whale called Gladis is teaching gangs of orcas to attack yachts around Gibraltar, and has already struck three boats - sinking two of them.

It may read like something out of Moby Dick, but in this case the truth is stranger than fiction.

Researchers believe that a female orca called White Gladis is seeking revenge after being traumatised by a collision with a boat, or being trapped in illegal fishing nets.

Her attacks are now being copied by the rest of the nearby killer whale population, which has learnt how to ram vessels from their ringleader.

The matriarch is tutoring younger whales in the art of sinking boats; raising the prospect of future generations continuing the war on humans for years.

Killer whales attack yacht off the coast of Morocco

On May 2, six of the apex predators slammed into the hull of a Bavaria 46 yacht, which was sailing in the Strait of Gibraltar, near Tangier in Morocco.

The hour-long attack left Cambridge couple Janet Morris, 58, a business consultant, and Stephen Bidwell, 58, a photographer, who were on board for a sailing course, in awe.

The couple were below deck, when the cry of “orcas!” went up.

“It’s an experience I will never forget,” Mr Bidwell told the Telegraph.

“I kept reminding myself we had a 22-ton boat made of steel, but seeing three of them coming at once, quickly and at pace with their fins out of the water was daunting.”

"I couldn't believe it when I saw them," said Ms Morris, 58, “We were sitting ducks.”

“A clearly larger matriarch was definitely around and was almost supervising,” Mr Bidwell told the Telegraph before conceding he could have come face to face with White Gladis herself.

“The experience left us in awe of nature and her power”.

Skipper Greg Blackburn, from Leeds, was already dealing with “heavy weather" of 25-30 knot winds and a rolling swell of six to 10 feet when the whales hit his rudder with two large blows.

The Telegraph Killer whales learn to sink yachts off Gibraltar

Hell-bent on revenge after being hit by boat, an orca named Gladis is now teaching others to attack, researchers believe

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A collision with orcas caused a leak in a sailboat in the Strait this morning.

May 26, 2023 - 08:34 Una colisión con orcas provoca una vía de agua en un velero en el Estrecho...

Salvamento Marítimo remolca la embarcación hasta Barbate tras achicar el agua de la misma

Salvamento Marítimo assisted a sailboat with four crew members on board early this morning after it suffered a water leak following a collision with a group of orcas in the Strait.

The vessel, a 20-meter long sailboat named "Mustique," alerted the Tarifa coordination center around 22:00 hours, according to sources from the rescue operation.

They explained that the sailboat was navigating in Tarifa waters, heading towards Gibraltar when it collided with a group of orcas.

As a result of the impact, the boat's rudder was broken, leaving it adrift, and a water leak had opened, flooding the interior of the sailboat.

Salvamento Marítimo activated the "Salvamar Enif," which was in the area after rescuing the occupants of a small boat, and the "Helimer 222" helicopter, which transported a bilge pump.

The helicopter arrived at the scene at 23:11 hours and transferred the bilge pump to the Salvamento Marítimo vessel. They managed to pump out the water from the sailboat, enabling it to be towed, and also boarded the four crew members.

Finally, with all four rescued individuals in good health and the sailboat being towed, the "Salvamar Enif" arrived at the port of Barbate at 2:55 hours.

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"It would be healthier and safer for humanity to sign an agreement with the...

May 23, 2023 - 07:34 "It would be healthier and safer for humanity to sign an agreement with the...

Croatian MEP, Mislav Kolakušić, to the EU Parliament:"It would be healthier and safer for humanity to sign an agreement with the Columbian drug cartel [than to sign an agreement with the World Health Organisation].""[The WHO] should be declared a...

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Governments paid $195 billion for Covid Vaccines which caused 36 million deaths

May 22, 2023 - 09:53

The Expose – 19 May 23 Governments paid $195 billion for Covid Vaccines which caused 36 million deaths

Ballpark figures compiled by retired investment consultant Peter Halligan on his Substack page titled ‘Peter’s Newsletter’ show that covid, now that all is officially said and done, completely drai…

One major elephant in the room as far as the death counts go is that people were mostly still alive until the rollout of vaccination programmes. Once that happened and the injections started going into people’s arms, deaths began to skyrocket.

Continued at link.

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FACT CHECK: Covid was mild and barely killed anyone – ventilator-acquired pneumonia, on the other hand, killed millions

May 22, 2023 - 09:51 – 19 May 23 FACT CHECK: Covid was mild and barely killed anyone – ventilator-acquired...

New research out of Northwestern University in Illinois has confirmed that most of the pre-"vaccine" deaths that occurred in the early days of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) "pandemic" were caused by ventilators, and specifically...

SARS-CoV-2, it turns out, was relatively mild the entire time, afflicting most people with little more than a cold or sniffles. The establishment health system, however, was told and incentivized to make it appear like another black plague, which sent countless millions to an early grave through the “treatment” modalities they were offered.

One of those so-called treatments was ventilators, which caused patients who otherwise would have survived, in most cases, to develop a serious case of ventilator-acquired pneumonia. This, Northwestern researchers found, is why millions died – again, not because of covid itself.

“Those extra infections caused many deaths in Covid patients, the researchers wrote. More patients may have died from the bacterial infections than Covid itself.”

American hospitals murdered patients with ventilators, data shows

Continued at link.

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Hero Doctor DIES after saving millions by warning of vaxx injections

May 21, 2023 - 13:53 Hero Doctor DIES after saving millions by warning of vaxx injections

In Loving Memory of Dr. Rashid Buttar, 1966-2023Written By: Sayer Ji, Founder is with sadness, yet great appreciation, that we pay tribute to my friend and colleague Dr. Rashid Buttar, who passed away on May 18th. ...

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Ukraine’s Depleted Uranium Blast: Europe on Brink of Environmental Disaster

May 20, 2023 - 12:15

Gibraltar Messenger – 20 May 23 Ukraine’s Depleted Uranium Blast: Europe on Brink of Environmental Disaster

The West’s decision to provide depleted uranium ammunition to Ukraine has potentially caused a continent-wide ecological disaster, said Dr. Chris Busby.

Est. reading time: 10 minutes

Please read and share this article on Gibraltar Messenger. Thank you.

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Ukraine's Depleted Uranium Blast: Europe on Brink of 'Environmental Disaster'

May 19, 2023 - 21:51
Sputnik International – 19 May 23 Ukraine's Depleted Uranium Blast: Europe on Brink of 'Environmental Disaster'

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev warned on Friday that a radioactive cloud was heading towards Western Europe following the destruction of a Ukrainian warehouse storing British-supplied depleted uranium ammo.

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev warned on Friday that a radioactive cloud was heading towards Western Europe following the destruction of a Ukrainian warehouse storing British-supplied depleted uranium ammunition.

Sputnik News spoke with Dr. Chris Busby, physical chemist and scientific secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk, about how the West’s decision to provide depleted uranium (DU) ammunition to Ukraine has potentially caused a continent-wide ecological disaster. Below is his answer in full.

Recently, several web media outlets provided videos of an enormous explosion in the town of Khmelnitski, located to the West of Kiev, and about 200 km from the border with Poland. There were two major explosions which produced a massive roiling swirling fireball which, like an atomic bomb, developed upwards and formed a mushroom cloud, which was black.

I have represented nuclear atmospheric test veterans in the Royal Courts of Justice in London and have seen many films of nuclear explosions: this was not one. A nuclear explosion is characterised by an immediate intense white light which wipes out the camera film or detector.

So, what was it? It was suggested by several commentators that an arms depot that had been hit contained the Depleted Uranium (DU) weapons sent by the UK to the Ukraine for use in the British Challenger tanks as anti-tank penetrators. That the explosion was one involving the burning of the DU in the fireball. Since I am a scientific authority on Uranium and its health effects, but have also examined its dispersion and behaviour in the environment, I will comment on what I believe happened, and why it is important. I was a member of the UK government Ministry of Defence Depleted Uranium Oversight Board (DUOB) in 2000-2005, and also the UK government Committee Examining Radiation Risk from Internal Emitters (CERRIE) 2000-2004. I am Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk (ECRR) which is an independent NGO that provides advice on risk from ionising radiation.

My main research interest in this area is Uranium and health, particularly the DU particles, which are so small they act as a gas and move over very large distances once they are created by the burning of DU. I found them in England in 2003 after they had come from Iraq. I found them in 2023 in England after they came from the Ukraine war. So that is the first thing: the material is able to travel very large distances.

Therefore, if the Khmelnitsky explosion was a DU one, the material would move with the wind direction and should be detectable at monitor sites downwind.

First, we need to say that DU has a gamma signature, it releases gamma rays. The UK and USA governments lie about this. They point to the fact that the U-238, that remains after the fissile U-235 is removed in the centrifuges (and is sent off for nuclear weapons and reactors), is a weak alpha emitter.

They say that alpha radiation cannot penetrate skin and so the DU itself is harmless. That it cannot be detected by a Geiger Counter and the alpha particles don’t make it through the window. There is, of course, a health problem if the post-impact particles are inhaled and pass into the body through the lung into the lymphatic system or directly into the digestive system, but essentially DU is harmless.

What you need to know is that Uranium 238, when it decays with its alpha emission, turns into Thorium-234 and Protoactinium-234m which then turns into Uranium 234. Thorium 234 is a beta and gamma emitter delivering 6% of its decay energy as a gamma ray. Thus, large clouds of DU particulate aerosol will be detectable by gamma detectors.

When I visited Iraq with Al Jazeera in 2000 I went to the south and examined the corpses of the tanks that had been hit by DU in the first Gulf War. Some of the A-10 DU penetrators were still lying around. They gave off an intense gamma ray signal, and the holes in the tanks were highly gamma ray active. So much for only an alpha emitter.

I am a yachtsman: examination of the UK metereological weather pressure maps tell us that at the time, and for days after the explosion, there was an anticyclone to the North of the explosion site and winds were weak but from the South East blowing North Westerly around the high-pressure area. So, the plume would move towards Poland. If the winds were about 5km/h they would reach any Poland detectors 250 km away on the 15th.

After Chernobyl, the European Union set up a Europe-wide gamma radiation detector system that used to give gamma readings in real time. I went to look. But astonishingly, all the data was blocked. The web- based system, administered from Germany, (EURDEP) would not provide the detector maps that are normally available. Luckily, there were some location maps on the web and some that had been already downloaded by colleagues of mine before the system stopped working. I obtained maps from Poland. One of these I show below.

Radiation Levels in Poland in May

© Photo : The Radioactivity Environmental Monitoring (REM) group of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission

You will see that a very highly significant increase in gamma radiation occurred at this detector, north west of the explosion site almost exactly when it would be expected on the basis of a distance of 250km and a mean wind speed of 5km/h. The increase, from 60nSv/h to 90nSv/h was highly statistically significant about 50%. Other detectors all across Poland showed an increase*, as the plume passed over them, the increase being weaker the further away (due to dispersion of the plume).

Later, the Poles measured the increase at the Marie Curie Institute in Lublin, but their map was a more sophisticated one and needed some expert interpretation. The Polish map gave gamma increases split into two natural isotopes, Bismuth and Thallium, also total gamma and cosmic ray gamma.

From the map, we are to assume (and this was the implicit message) that the gamma peak was due to Bismuth. Enter Sherlock Holmes. Bismuth 214 is a Radon daughter. The natural background radioactive gas Radon (Rn-222) is always present, since it is produced from Uranium and Radium in the ground. If there is a sudden change in atmospheric pressure, or when it rains, there is a gamma peak from Radon, which shows itself as the Bi-214 peak. So, the Poles seem to be implying that the increase in gamma radiation is normal and nothing to get scared about. Many have picked up on the Bismuth spectrum. But the way in which the Polish graphs are presented is misleading.

The problem with a radon argument is first that the gamma increases go up all across Poland at a time scale that identifies a plume from Khmelnitsky and second that there was a stable anticyclone weather system and no atmospheric pressure changes that might pull radon out of the ground. I checked all that. There was only some light rain over Lublin.

There is, however, an additional possibility. Very fine particles attract Radon: you get a slight increase in gamma from Radon near factory chimneys that emit fine particles.

The European radiation detector system web map came back online on May 18. The map type had been changed and everything we saw in the downloads had disappeared or had been smudged out by data analysis averaging. Why? This, and the early blocking of access to the site suggest panic and cover-up.

So taken all together, what we see is a massive explosion which is thought to be DU, and reports of a spike in gamma radiation near the site. Uranium oxide is black, and the black plume moves north west slowly, the weather pattern is stable and the wind blows to Poland. The Polish EU detectors all show gamma radiation increases at the expected time of arrival of the plume. The EU detector system is shut down rapidly, but not before we have obtained data from several sites. The Poles provide a detector result that identified Bismuth as the cause of the increase, but do not go so far as to formally state that it is (in case of later blowback).

One final piece of evidence. We see videos on the internet of the Ukrainians clearing up the explosion site using Robot vehicles, not ordinary firemen. Why do they need Robot vehicles? The last times we saw Robot vehicles clearing up was in the ruins of Chernobyl and Fukushima.

If I am right, there has been an environmental disaster, and the DU particles will travel across Poland, Germany and Hungary, and will end up in the Baltics, probably later the whole of Europe including the UK (after all, the Chernobyl Uranium particles came to the UK).

They will deliver genetic damage and death like that seen in the Balkans and Iraq. Cancer, birth defects, miscarriage, infertility, lung damage, mental problems (Gulf War Syndrome) and so forth. The scientific and epidemiological evidence on this has been clear since the Gulf War. It is all there in the scientific literature—but the governments in the West and the military ignore it, deny it and cover it up. In the case of the UK coroners court finding for Stuart Dyson, the jury found that DU caused his fatal colon cancer. But when the coroner wrote to the health minister (as he had to by UK law, Rule 43) the reply was: we disagree. This stuff can be measured, but no one will measure it, or if they do, they will be attacked and their arguments dismissed.

Even if I am wrong, and there is some other explanation for the gamma peaks, DU must be banned. It is a weapon of indiscriminate effect and kills civilians, the enemy and your own troops (well, Ukrainian troops). It is much worse than a war gas, like Sarin, or phosgene, mustard gas or all the other chemical agents banned by civilisation. This stuff destroys the genetic basis of life itself. And no one does anything. Those who use it base their action on obsolete science supported by dishonest epidemiology carried out by dishonest scientists and obsolete and fantastical risk models.

Those who provide the weapons, the UK government in this case, are morally bankrupt. Unless it is their intention to destroy the Ukrainian people. Who knows anymore? The world has gone mad.

*Poland's National Atomic Energy Agency claims there is no increase in radiation levels

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Henry Makow: Money Hoax Begets COVID Hoax & all Others

May 19, 2023 - 10:52

The "key" to understanding the world today bears repetition.

The medium of exchange (money, currency, credit) is created out of thin air as a "debt" to a cartel of Masonic ( Cabalist, Satanist) Jewish bankers. This is something government could do itself interest-and-debt-free. Your "money" is really government IOU's to these central bankers. No matter which bank you use, you're dealing with them.

History/current events are designed to max out our stolen national credit cards (wars, plandemics) ; kill and enslave the goyim, and protect this credit monopoly by extending it to every aspect of human life (i.e. Communism.)

“We corrupt in order to control,” said Masonic Grand Master Giuseppe Mazzini. “We have taken from the people all the gods of heaven and earth, their religious faith, their faith in monarchy, their honesty and their family values…”

Continued at link.

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New UK funds could replace EU funding streams for Gibraltar

May 19, 2023 - 10:44
Gibraltar Panorama New UK funds could replace EU funding streams for Gibraltar


The opening a few days ago of applications for funding under the UK Darwin Plus Strategic initiative has drawn attention to the funding streams that Gibraltar and the other UK Overseas Territories have lost on leaving the European Union. Gibraltar is itself in a worse position, in this respect, than some of the others who continue to receive residual funds but were never actually in the EU. However, some doors like this one have opened in respect of United Kingdom funding streams which could help to partly fill the gap.

In our time in the EU, Gibraltar was allocated some sixty million pounds in funding. Those came mainly through the European Social Fund and the European Regional Development Fund.

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Carteia, a footprint of the Roman Empire in the Campo de Gibraltar.

May 18, 2023 - 21:03
Europa Sur – 18 May 23 Carteia, una huella del Imperio Romano en el Campo de Gibraltar

El enclave arqueológico se sitúa en una ubicación estratégica por la que pasaron varias civilizaciones 

Starting from the 1950s, the Cortijo de Rocadillo in San Roque became the setting for archaeological excavations that gradually uncovered the city of Carteia, a Roman colony founded by the Phoenicians and developed by the Carthaginians, which disappeared in the early Middle Ages.

Located at the mouth of the Guadarranque River, Carteia was already mentioned in Greek and Latin writings before the archaeological remains were found, as stated by National Geographic. The city, overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar and the African coast, occupied a strategic position and engaged in activities such as fishing, salting fish, and pottery.

During the 18th century, drawings and engravings depicting Carteia showed remains of a theater, city walls, and a wharf, which served as the basis for the excavations.

Numerous coins, inscriptions, and other artifacts have been found in the site, including the "huerto del gallo" in 1840, the so-called "marble board" with reliefs of ox skulls (bucrania) and garlands, as well as a strigilated sarcophagus (decorated with symbols in the shape of 'S') discovered in 1927, which is currently preserved in the Museum of Cadiz.

Visitors can currently explore a Punic wall, a Roman temple from the Republican era, a basilical-plan swimming pool, a thermal building, several Roman "domus" (residences), a salting factory, a large building from the time of Emperor Augustus, several Late Roman necropolises (6th century AD), a Roman theater, the Rocadillo Tower (a 16th-century coastal watchtower commissioned by Philip II), and a World War II bunker.

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Holocaust of Billions Caused by Graphene Oxide & 5G Poisoning

May 18, 2023 - 07:39

BitChute Breaking! The Worldwide Holocaust of Billions Caused by Graphene Oxide &...

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