Important Facts to Understand

From: Roland Croteau
Date: 26 Sep 2003

To All,

I hope you will study the following and the inserted links.

If we will not get educated and then ACT.., we are lost. You will lose what you are so desperately clinging onto that keeps you from taking the time to learn. For those on my list who are still lagging behind.., please take these exhortations to heart. We haven't that much time left. If any of you are without Our free copy of "THE Law".., please order it from me immediately. Some of you have been "hanging on" for months and months but I know you have never ordered "The Way Home or face The Fire". Does the title scare you? It should. But it ought to "scare" you into action. Please, do not delay another day. Your eternal life depends on it.

Especially for you laggers/procrastinators, there will come a time when you will not be able to say you weren't warned.

LLTF, Roland

P. S. I just re-read my message. Is that it? Are you afraid that if you get these materials, read and digest them, you will have to act? Are you afraid of what you will learn? Hey, don't let that bother you.., more than likely you are what Thoreau described as "leading quiet lives of desperation". What you will learn will help get you out of your rut. You probably need to get the attitude as expressed in "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" where they are trapped on a cliff and the only thing to do, besides die or get captured.., Butch says they should jump into the river.., hundreds of feet below. Sundance says he wishes to "shoot it out" but later confesses he can't swim. Butch laughs and says Sundance shouldn't worry about that.., the fall will probably kill him. Why not jump? Why not learn this scary information? Let go. Let God.

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan:-


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IMPORTANT FACTS TO UNDERSTAND - FOR MAXIMUM DISTRIBUTION !!!! Subject: Re: facts you should know ... circulate to all men for gods sake

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Most of the disgruntlement expressed in the field has of necessity been anonymous, so Tim Predmore's counterblast in the Peoria Journal Star felt particularly powerful. Having been in the army for five years, he is just finishing his tour of duty in Iraq. He wrote that he now believes the Iraq war was about oil, not freedom, "an act not of justice but of hypocrisy. .. A NOTE BY LEN AND A QUESTION YOU MUST ALL ASK YOURSEVES... READ ON To understand the hidden reasons for the iraq war one first has to be aware of a few historical facts, namely.....

1/... israel and russian communism are the spawn of the zionist kasar jew rothschilds and the kazar zionist banking elite.. kazar = mongol
2/ ww2 was also their creation to conive palestine off the british for their ''promised land ''..''balfour declaration ''
3/ hitler was their creation, so was churchill and stalin lenin and trotsky and roosevelt and eisenhour .. all members of secret cabals as bush and blair and their ministers are now..<bilderbergers and scull bones tri lats and CFR all owe their positions to the prostituted medias controlled by the zionist mongol banking elite.
5/ israel had no natural resources.. they do now as oil is piped to tel aviv!! at iraq's peoples and US military personel's expense.
6/.. now you know these facts it is manifestly clear that whole countries populations are being manipulated and duped to serve the mongol jew banking masters and their gentile helpers in crime known to the enlightened few as ''goyims ''.Do you serve this scum for profit as bush and blair do or are you prepared to stand up for the future freedom of your children ...???? Please pass-on to as many people as you can. Thankyou. Experiment shows that e-mail can reach almost anyone


The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan:-