Good-bye Main Stream Media, Hello alternative

Thursday, September 07, 2006

By Mark Meza

Many mainstream television programs today claim to offer the viewer an impartial approach on any given issue, this just isn’t true, there is no longer any such thing as an unbiased television program in the MSM [mainstream media]. For all intents and purposes every network is subservient to its owners and management, which is largely pro-Zionist in our contemporary world. Many people like to point out that the networks are “owned,” by stockholders and “managed,” by a “Board of Directors,” and that the only bias they have is one directed at profit. When I hear this I feel it necessary to point out that Enron was also a publicly traded corporation and it too had a Board of Directors. Despite this it only took a few individuals at the very top to drive the corporation into the ground. In other words Enron stockholders had no say whatsoever in the direction Enron was taking, if they had, the corporation wouldn’t have gone bankrupt, it’s really ! a matter of economics 101, stockholders aren’t interested in pursuing policies that will reduce their holdings by more than a thousand percent, but nonetheless, that’s exactly what happened at Enron. The television networks are also in theory “owned,” by stockholders, but the networks are managed by hardcore Zionists whose sole agenda is as un-American and downright treasonous as anything any enemy of this country could ever perpetrate on the people of this nation.

It isn’t much of a secret any longer – the MSM is heavily biased towards the state of Israel, just consider this last travesty of justice associated with the media’s coverage of the carpet bombing of Lebanon, more than a thousand dead Lebanese, mostly women and children, a million left homeless, but all we hear about in the United States is the suffering of a few Israelis comfortably sitting in their air conditioned basements and moaning about the inaccurate Katusha rockets, while Israel dumps thousands of cluster bombs with pinpoint accuracy on the heads of defenseless women and children. No, there is no longer any doubt, the mainstream media is firmly in the hands of Zionists and their lackeys.

Jeffrey Blankfort, an anti-Zionist Jewish American composed a “partial list,” of ethnic Jews here in the United States and abroad with media holdings and/or involved in the management of the corporate media – all could be considered pro-Zionist in orientation in that they actively conspire to mitigate by way of deceptive propaganda and/or outright suppression, the criminal actions of the state of Israel. Blankfort lists the following individuals; carefully consider what it really means for America and the world. AOL Time Warner’s CEO is Gerald Levin [AOL is the largest media conglomerate with holdings that include HBO, TNT, TBS, CNN, TCM, Warner Brothers, Time Inc], Roger Igor is CEO of Walt Disney company [Walt Disney is the second largest media conglomerate with holdings that include ABC, ESPN, A&E, Lifetime, Miramax Films, Caravan Pictures, Touchstone Pictures], Sumner Redstone [born Murray Rothstein] is the CEO of Viacom, the world’s thi! rd largest media conglomerate with holdings that include CBS, Paramount, MTV, Nickelodeon, Showtime, Country Music Television, Nashville Network Cable, Infinity Broadcasting (radio), Pocket Books, Free Press, Schribner, Simon & Schuster], Edgar Bronfman Sr. and Edgar Bronfman Jr., CEO’s of Vivendi Universal, the world’s fourth largest media conglomerate with holdings that include Universal Studios, USA Networks, Houghton Mifflin Publishers and Rupurt Murdoch at the helm of Fox which is the fifth largest media conglomerate in the world. Blankfort believes Murdoch to be ethnically Jewish too, citing the fact that his mother Elisabeth Joy Greene was a Jewish Australian that married into the Murdoch name]. As mentioned above, this is only a partial list, for those interested in further information on this subject, see here or here.

There is one exception though, a program you may or may not have heard about, Current Issues , hosted by Dr. Hesham Tillawi. Current Issues is an Internet television program, it is broadcast live every Thursday, from 8-10 PM [CST]. The Internet is the only way such a program could be broadcast today, as it, the Internet, is truly the last bastion of Freedom of Speech, the networks wouldn’t even consider, not for a moment, allowing the American public to view such a program as Current Issues, it’s far too accurate, far too honest, and Dr. Tillawi interviews all the people the mainstream media would rather you never hear about. Tillawi takes on issues the MSM won’t touch, he dares to present the Palestinian side of the Palestinian/ Israeli question and he dares to question the veracity of the mainstream media itself.

The networks would have you believe that only they can provide the greatest diversity of opinion, only they can provide all sides to any given issue, that only they have access to the best minds, ideas, problems and associated solutions, but it’s Dr. Tillawi that actually delivers – he has interviewed dozens of people that one might consider right wing, people like Dr. David Duke, Willis Carto, Idaho attorney, Edgar Steele, former Reagan Treasury official, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, journalist Michael Collins Piper, Colonel Bo Gritz, author Joseph Bellinger, psychology professor Kevin MacDonald, Congressman Paul Findley, friends of Ernst Zundel, Paul Fromm, Michael Hoffman, Mark Weber, Dr. Fredrick Toben, and Bradley Smith. Tillawi has interviewed well-known personalities on the far left as well, people like Professor Noam Chomsky, Professor Norman Finkelstein, Rabbi Israel Dovid Weiss, Israel Shamir, Barry Chamish, ad professor James Petras. Current Issues also delivers when it comes to providing an Arabic and Islamic perspective, something the MSM has never done, nor will it ever do. While the MSM brings on every Israeli analyst they can get their hands on to provide for the viewer a so-called “impartial” opinion, or a so called “fair and balanced view, it’s Dr. Tillawi that actually interviews real live Arabs, that can speak English and everything [can you imagine?] – people like the Palestinian Ambassador, Afif Safieh, DR. Mohamed Khodr, former United States Senator James Abourezk, Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, and Pakistani Muslim, Dr. Mohammed Daud Miraki, and many, many others.

Dr. Tillawi also interviews people that cannot so easily be categorized, but nonetheless people the media still don’t want you to know about, people like Lyndon LaRouche, journalist Wayne Madsen, Texe Marrs, Mark Glenn, Father Louie Arceneaux, Wendy Campbell and Alison Weir. In short, Current Issues delivers where the MSM cannot, it actually provides a diversity of opinion, it actually provides a “fair and balanced,” approach, the MSM simply cannot afford to do this, because its ownership cannot afford for Americans to come to understand that their Zionist opinion isn’t the only opinion out there among Americans.

While the Zionist media seeks to suppress uncomfortable facts, like the indisputable fact that Israel intentionally attacked an American Intelligence ship, the USS Liberty in 1967 killing more than fifty sailors, and then compelling the United States government to cover that fact up, Tillawi seeks to bring it to the attention of Americans. Where the MSM censors any thing to do with the infamous Lavon Affair , where Israeli’s attempted to bomb American assets in Egypt in the 1950s and frame the Egyptians for the attack, Tillawi endeavors to bring it to the attention of the viewer. Where the establishment media struggles to keep all [and there is a great deal] of the damning evidence implicating the United States government and the Mossad in the attacks of September 11, 2001, Tillawi does his best to interview guests that have worked with scientific teams that have concluded that there is no other explanation – it was impossible that both world trade center towers collapsed as a result of being hit by airplanes.

Nary a single network has mentioned an Israeli by the name of Asher Karni that was arrested at Denver International airport in January of 2004 for having sold Pakistan nuclear weapon detonators known as “spark gap igniters,” but Dr. Tillawi has! Not one network has told you about a New York Orthodox Jew named Yehuda Abraham, who was arrested for having sold shoulder fired surface to air missiles to FBI agents posing as Al Qaeda operatives, with the understanding that they were to be used against non-Jewish Americans, but Current Issues was there with the story. Recently the mainstream media has kept the stories of Ariel Weinmann and Adam Pearlman out of the news. Weinmann was a Navy Petty Officer arrested approximately four months ago for passing extremely sensitive national security information relating to nuclear submarines to the Israelis – ever heard of him? Adam Pearlman is an Al Qaeda terrorist by the name of “Azzam the American.” It isn’t that the media is keeping Azzam out of the news, hardly, he made the front page, and prime time on every network, but not a single network has mentioned the fact that he’s in reality a Californian Jew named Adam Pearlman, whose grandfather was a sitting Board Member on the Anti-Defamation League. Current Issues has exposed both Weinmann and Pearlman to the light of day. In short, Current Issues has covered all the news that’s fit to present and the MSM has done nothing but continue to spin its tangled web of deceit.

A few years ago one might have said that Dr. Hesham Tillawi and Current Issues were ahead of their time; that nobody was going to accept the alternative media as a replacement for the mainstream – well the mainstream media is losing its readers and viewers in droves, and where do you think they are heading? They are headed to the alternative media, because they have finally concluded that the MSM is nothing more than a propaganda outlet for the powers that be. Dr. Tillawi will continue to interview the most interesting and informed of people, and Bill O’Reilly will continue to spin you in circles at the “No Spin Zone,” just as he did with his latest tripe published on Fox News entitled “How the Bush haters are hurting America.” Could there possibly be a more obviously biased title for a piece of propaganda? Could there?