George Galloway: Israel is a Terrorist State

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George Galloway has spoken out in support of Lebanon, saying he believes Hizbollah is justified in defending Lebanon against Israeli attacks. The Respect MP also lambasted media coverage of the war and said the UN resolution means nothing.


Note how the techies at Murdoch’s Sky News potted down the volume on Galloway, as he made too much sense and was cleaning the anchor’s clock, and then brought up the volume of b-roll footage to drown him out. You’d think, by now, the corporate media would steer clear of Galloway, as he consisently tells the truth, a forbidden fruit in the fraudulent “war on terror,” that is to say state-sponsored terrorism against Arabs and Muslims resisting the murderous aggression of Israel and the United States.

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Also see this commentary by Daryl Bradford Smith
"If Zionists control the media, then why would George Galloway be allowed to criticize Israel on mainstream television or radio?"

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What goes around comes

What goes around comes around! You can not expect prosperity and happines for israeli children while the palestinian children are dying! It will simply not work. Jews and Israelis have to understand that. Sooner they do better it is going to be for them and everybody else.
When a palestinian kid is OK then a jewish kid will be OK. You want only jews to be OK! Silly, it won't work.

I do not understand, Jewish people are quite smart and were not able to figure that one. Or they did but....(conclude yourself).

You think God doesn't see what are you doing in Gaza?!
Did you see on the CNN the 5 year old child killed by Israeli airstrikes?

You tell me - is there a greater sin than to murder a child!
I guess it is a sin only when jews are murdered!

Don't pull on me now "they kill israeli children to"! How many did they kill and how many did you kill. Give me that number and than we can talk.

Also understand that your blood is not more precious than anyone elses! Until you quit thinking and believeing that you are "special" or "chosen" things are not going to be good for you. Can't you learn from history?

Someone said - They who do not learn from their history are condemned to repeat it!

So, let me ans wer the question - is Israel a terrorist state?

You bet it is! A big one!

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