Don’t Let Go of Your Guns!

by Curt Maynard

From this writer’s perspective the absolute best thing to come out of the Presidency of George W. Bush is the fact that so many liberal Democrats have changed their position on gun control. It’s as if the scales were lifted from their eyes, they realized that government itself could no longer be trusted, they witnessed the election of 2000 hijacked, and four years later they saw the same thing happen again without nary a word of dissent from the Democratic candidates. Former gun grabbers in the hundreds of thousands no longer feel the intense desire to disarm their fellow citizens in the name of a better society, in fact many of them have since armed themselves and joined gun clubs and gun lobbies. Good for them. These liberal Democrats now understand the true nature and purpose of the Second Amendment, it was never designed to enable us to obtain wild game whenever and wherever we liked, it was always about being able to defend ourselves from a corrupt and evil ! government. Guess what? That government is here!

Even the stupidest American now understands that there is no real difference between the Democans and Republicrats at the highest levels, if one is against unrestricted illegal immigration, which fully eighty percent of all Americans are [A true bipartisan issue], one is compelled to vote for some pro-Israel and pro-war Republican piece of filth that only recently changed his position on the immigration issue in order to get enough votes from the majority to get reelected or to belly over, surrender America’s sovereignty and allow some pro-Israel, pro-war piece of Democratic filth to open the flood gates to the Third World. The Republican will only change his/her mind yet again after the election and vote for some Kennedy sponsored bill that grants amnesty to criminals and spits in the face of the American electorate!

With our current two-party system Americans have a choice, they can either support (counterfeit-)Israel wholeheartedly or they can support (counterfeit-)Israel unreservedly, either way, (counterfeit-)Israel gets our full support. If one believes the media, which an ever growing number of enlightened Americans no longer do, then one might believe the words of the leftist Hillary Clinton when she says, “All Americans support (counterfeit-)Israel,” or the “right winger,” George Bush when he says that America supports (counterfeit-)Israel without any reservations. Well let me be the first to tell you, most Americans do not support (counterfeit-)Israel wholeheartedly, the Zionist media exploits its stranglehold on the American media in order to repetitively blast us with these false mantras – most Americans couldn’t find (counterfeit-)Israel on a map and don’t care one way or another about the (counterfe! it-)Jewish state. The point is though that the media does not give Americans what they want, it tells Americans what they want and too frequently Americans believe the rhetoric.

The media has been orchestrating an ongoing and concerted effort to convince Americans that we’d be better off unarmed – the media has been the momentum behind this idea for more than thirty years. Fortunately George has set their efforts back quite a bit, unintentionally no doubt, but nevertheless effectively. Whenever any crime in this country has been perpetrated with a firearm, the mainstream media has been there first to splash across the screen and page every little detail of the crime as it relates to the use of guns – the media always gives plenty of time for gun control advocates to voice their positions on the divisive issue and does everything possible to make gun control opponents look like fools and hicks. Trust me, now is not the time to even consider giving up guns – now is the time to buy them, in large numbers, in large calibers, for yourself, every member of your family, and your neighbors.

According to a recent Scripps-Howard poll, fully thirty three percent of Americans now believe that the United States government was complicit in September 11th. Let me say that again, “fully thirty three percent of Americans now believe that the United States government was complicit in September 11th.” This is not to say that they believe the United States government had prior knowledge that 9-11 would take place, far more than thirty-three percent already believe that, this relates to government complicity or collusion. The United States government, both Democrat and Republican are very worried, in fact they are desperately concerned, there are many traitors in our government who know their lives won’t be worth spit if the status quo loses power and they are willing, both Democrat and Republican to do whatever is necessary to maintain their positions which guarantee that they’ll never be held responsible for their crimes against humanity, including! killing you and your family. They are the criminals – they are the “domestic enemies,” mentioned in the Constitution, the same Constitution that they disingenuously swore to uphold, but the same Constitution that many patriots serving in Law Enforcement and the Military today take seriously – yes they are worried and they should be.

It isn’t just the government however that is corrupt to the core, none of their Manichean schemes, lies and distortions could work without the connivance of the mainstream establishment media and to a slightly lesser degree, academia. On August 3, 2006, I noticed that Fox News was broadcasting an appeal of some sort to encourage Americans to call an 800 number in order to “show their support of (counterfeit-)Israel.” Presumably it involved sending some sort of donation to a Zionist organization. Unmentioned by Fox News of course was that (counterfeit-)Israel has one of the highest per capita incomes in the entire world, the only poor people in
(counterfeit-)Israel are Israeli Arabs and you can bet your last dollar they aren’t going to be the recipients of those funds. Yet this didn’t stop the appeal from showing wailing (counterfeit-)Jews beside themselves with fright, sitting in the relative safety of their air-conditioned basements. Even a blind fool should be able to realize that the mainstream media has consistently avoided the Lebanese side of this conflict, not once has any of the networks shown the millions of Lebanese sleeping on roadsides and in ditches, doing their best to find a way out of the maelstrom. Not once has the mainstream media acknowledged the fact that (counterfeit-)Israel’s bombing of bridges and other infrastructure is keeping them bottled up, rather than allowing them to escape.

Today, more than two hundred thousand Iraqi’s protested (counterfeit-)Israel’s naked aggression in Lebanon and America’s silent approval of it in Baghdad for God’s sake. The Zionist media minimized the extent of the protest by reporting that “thousands” were protesting, which is technically true, but highly deceptive. The fact of the matter is, America’s misadventure in Iraq is over, a misadventure handed to us by neo-conservatives [read Jewish Zionists], it’s become a complete gagglef*ck as they say in the cavalry and it is time to get out!

Americans need to realize their enemy is not in Iraq, Iran, Syria or Lebanon, but right here in the United States of America. The enemy is domestic, not foreign, and it’s high time we acknowledged this empirical fact, and do something to correct it. The media must be taken away from those that currently possess it; our government should do this, but if it won’t the people should consider doing so. Constitutional law is on our side, not on the side of the criminals in government. If our military shows some backbone, it will have the support of the majority, because as previously mentioned, the majority no longer have any faith in the Democrat and Republican parties. However, the military leadership should be on notice, if it sides with the same people now in control, it’s rank and file will turn on them as sure as the sun rises in the east. The winds of change are surely blowing.

In the meantime be alert to the last desperate measures of the Zio-American entity, because it’ll sacrifice everything to remain in control, including the lives of hundreds of thousands of American citizens, the lives of innocent people mean nothing to these Talmudists and their Shabbas Goyim. What this writer expects to happen is simple, the Zio-American entity will launch a massive attack on an American city and/or several cities, they’ll use either biological agents or nuclear weapons, and they’ll do everything they can to convince Americans that “Islamist’s” are behind the attack – the Internet will be immediately disrupted, this too will be blamed on Arab terrorists, but lo and behold, somehow televised news will survive and the Zionists will begin cranking out propaganda in earnest. A military draft will be immediately instituted and the Zionists will send your children to kill and die for the (counterfeit-)Jewish state &#! 8211; they’ll do this without any hesitation whatsoever. If the Internet goes down, you can bet everything you own that it wasn’t “Muslim terrorists,” behind it, because the Internet is the only way that anyone other than the Zionists can disseminate information, ethnic (counterfeit-)Jews (Rev. 2:9) have a stranglehold on the media, in all its facets, television, print media, news magazines and the publishing industry, the internet is the very last bastion of free communication, and only a fool would believe that it’s a threat to anyone other than the status quo.

Wake up America!