Feminism - from a former feminists' point of view

It is such an insidious and immense subject that I barely know where to start. The roots of this sin go deep and we are all duped by it. Our society is so entrenched by this one evil philosophy that we may no longer be able to see it for what it is. This wicked philosophy is “feminism”.

How do I know that feminism is evil? First, I was a feminist, until I awoke one day after having heard God’s voice and realized my error. Being somewhat younger than the original feminists of the 1960’s, I didn’t actually burn my bra, but my zeal for feminism was no less. I believed that God had given us feminism to straighten out the male psyche.

I competed with men wherever I could, to show them that women are their equals, or better. I’m a US Army veteran (clearly, soldiering is the domain of men) and an ordained Priest (not Priestess) of a religious group that accepts females as equals to males. Whatever a man could do, I could do better – and more! I could give birth and men could not. Therefore, I just knew that it must be true that God sanctioned feminism. I believed the lie!

But, the repeated and increasingly bad news headlines over the years made me begin to wonder how the world got into the shape it’s in. Haven’t you seen headlines like these?

Teen Pregnancies Continue To Rise             
Crime Rates Rising Among Youths             
Domestic Violence Statistics Reveal Increase
Gays And Lesbians Pushing For Equal Marital Rights            
Divorce More Common Than Ever         
Cheating On Spouse A New Pastime            
Study Finds Teen Males Abusing Girlfriends More Frequently
Wages For Women Still Not Equal           
Number One Killer Of Women Is Heart Disease        
No End In Sight On Drug War         
Families Need Two Or More Incomes To Survive    
Religious Group Protests Abortions

These are just a few of the kinds of headlines we see or read daily. Feminism promised to fix these things. These were all problems that we had when feminism began. Yet, since the beginning of Women’s Liberation, these problems have gotten worse and have opened the doors for new problems to come in.

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