The Drumcree Solution & Peace Process

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Dear friends,

I thought you might like a copy of this letter that I have just sent out.

Perhaps you could get it published everywhere.

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The Drumcree Solution & Peace Process

Dear Denis Watson; Harry Gracie; Gerry Adams & all,

I am writing this open letter to you in the sincere hope that you genuinely want peace and to solve the Drumcree stand-off situation, for once and for all, and that you are finally ready to listen to me, as you seemed reluctant to do in and since 1998 when I went to Vinegar Hill for the 200th Anniversary of the Rebellion of the United Irishmen, which ironically was led by protestants like Wolfe Tone and then came to Portadown and Drumcree to offer the only solution to the stand-off and the peace-process.

You may remember that I was interviewed in the Belfast Newsletter of July 8th 1998 and I offered the solution to the otherwise intractable situation and then went to Drumcree to hand out leaflets and offer my assistance in resolving the problem. I was warmly received by the overwhelming majority of the rank and file on the hill, who had seen me in the Newsletter. Some asked me warmly: "Do you really have the answer to solve all of this?" When I replied that I do, they said, "God bless you for coming to help us and we hope for our children's sake that you will be successful."

I then went to the other end of the Garvaghy Road and sought to gain access to speak to Breandan McCionnaith and the residents, but was stopped by R.U.C. officers who told me it would be unsafe for me to enter and refused to let me through, as they were concerned for my safety and that the body I am using might be killed. I therefore had no alternative but to write to the residents, instead, which I did and received no reply.

My solution at that time was for the Orangemen to agree to march back the way they came in exchange for a license to dig a tiny area of flat grass only 2m. x 2m. at the Hill of Torah (Tarah) in Co. Meath to recover The Ark of The Covenant, that they/you claim to hold in extremely high regard and which, once recovered, along with Queen Teia Tephi's body, has the power to soften men's hearts and hard heads and bring peace to Ireland, as nothing else can or has the power to do, in fulfillment of prophecy. Asking to do this would mean that no-one would lose face and everyone would gain.

Of course no-one; including the Irish government to whom I also wrote offering to mediate; took me seriously, the people involved and their false gods (politicians, etc.) believing they could solve the problem. This of course has not happened, exactly as I told everyone at the time and the Orange men of LOL 1, exactly as I told them, are unfortunately still sitting on the hill three years later, with no end in sight, unless they accept my offer and help.

I am totally impartial in this struggle, being neither Protestant nor Catholic, but, exactly as Jesus was, a Nazarite and totally apolitical. Jesus was not a Catholic, nor a Protestant nor even Christian by your definition of the word (Matthew 7:20-27 & 25:12). He was, exactly like I am, a Nazarite (Numbers 6) and serving Father. I am therefore in the perfect position to mediate and solve this problem totally impartially, as God sent me to do, because I am only on God's side and His alone. All this needs is a willingness on everyone¹s part to sit down with me, separately, or together, to discuss The Way forward.

Since then with the changes that have occurred in the Republic, especially the official public acknowledgement and recognition of the gallant Irish soldiers who fought and died in the First World War, when President McAleese stood beside Elizabeth Windsor to jointly commemorate the fallen, the solution to Drumcree is thereby made even easier. In fact the solution is so simple and obvious, that if people, on both sides, would only soften their hearts and stiff necks a little, they would be able to see it sitting right under their noses, staring them in the face, just waiting patiently for them to see it.

I wrote to Gerry Adams; Breandan McCionnaith and Seamus Mallon in 1999 offering the solution and to help, but received no reply, which makes me doubt that they genuinely want peace and think that they could have a secret agenda. Perhaps it is because they didnt think of it themselves and couldn't make political capital out of it that they haven't taken it onboard, or perhaps they are afraid of public opinion and repercussions if they were to put it forward. I am willing to give my life, if necessary, to bring lasting peace to Ireland. What are you all willing to give. Nothing, it would seem.

The solution to the stand-off is so obvious that even a small child could see it, where arrogant hard-headed adults cannot. It is for the Orangemen; in exchange for the license to dig at Tarah and safe passage in the Republic; to invite President McAleese, Irish veterans and their relatives and the residents of the Garvaghy Road to join them at Drumcree and march with them in an orderly and dignified fashion down the Garvaghy Road, to commemorate all of the gallant Irishmen who fell in the war and at the Somme, which is actually what the march is in commemoration of.

I am willing and ready to be the mediator in this dispute, as I have been for three years now, and to talk to any and all parties involved, including President McAleese; Bertie Ahern; Breandan McCionnaith; Gerry Adams; John Reid; David Trimble; Seamus Mallon; Ian Paisley and all.

What do you have to lose by talking to me and letting me at least seek agreement from all the parties concerned? Nothing.

I await your invitation to start the process, before anyone else is killed or injured, for what, in reality, is no sensible reason.

Peace be upon you all,



(JAH ­ Malachi 4:5)

c.c. President McAleese; Bertie Ahern; John Reid; Breandan McCionnaith; Belfast Newsletter; BBC N. Ireland; RTE; Meath Weekender and through them to everyone in Ireland.


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