JAH's letter to Kofi Annan

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The following is a copy of the letter I (JAH) sent to Kofi Annan on Monday the 2nd of March 1998 when he was the world's hero of the moment for visiting Sadam and to which he did not reply.

Now it is too late to stop the melt-down, so you had all better get yourself the survival-plan and those who don't believe me will die.


2 March 1998

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Dear Kofi Annan,

I am writing to you again to try to help you because I watched you on the news during the negotiations with and about Iraq and am sure that you are sincere and are doing your very best, as far as you can, in your genuine belief that what you and the U.N. are doing is right.

On your lapel I noticed what appeared to be a metal cross and you openly spoke about everyone praying, so I assume that you are a true believer, as you spoke from the heart in total and very refreshing sincerity.

As a believer you must also believe the Prophets who spoke in God's name; just as Jesus told the world, "If they believe not Moses and the Prophets, they will not believe even though one (Jesus) should return from the dead."

The U.N., like the League of Nations before it, is referred to by God in Prophecy as the "Wall of Untempered Mortar" - Ezekiel 13, because it is not built upon His Laws; Covenants and Economics, eventually it will fall apart because God's Laws are the only true cement/mortar that can unite the world as one nation; not nations.

In the fall of that wall, God says that it will consume all those who built it and that is why I am addressing myself to you personally because I do not want you to be destroyed in its fall. Some time ago (3 Dec. 96), I asked the U.N. to publish my new "King of kings' Bible" which contains the Bible and Koran correctly interpreted, in English, as the one Book that the Ruler of The Universe intended them to be, and now that they are correctly interpreted, for the first time, they are in perfect harmony, as their followers should also be.

I have spent years preparing this Book that has the possibility, if men follow it, of bringing peace to the world, by removing all of the misunderstandings that have caused and are still causing millions of deaths, and which the U.N. is supposed to prevent. I fully understand, from your previous explanation, from Hasan Ferdous, that you can only publish things accepted by the U.N. and that it is somewhat of a "Catch 22" situation, but as the U.N.'s new hero, you should now be in a better position to persuade them to adopt this Book and publish it, for world peace.

To come back for a moment to Iraq, and my advice to you about the current situation. Everyone wrongly thinks that men are in control of what is happening in the world, and so, they are "Blind" and "Deaf", as God eloquently expresses it.

Sadam has not signed any agreement, purposely, so that he can ignore and refute any agreement that you have negotiated. The agreement was signed by Tariq Aziz NOT by Sadam. You are not dealing with an honourable man and when an honourable man deals with a dishonourable man he is usually deceived because he expects the other person to be like himself and keep their word, and they do not.

The only safe position to hold when you have established that someone tells lies is to believe nothing that they say or write, otherwise they will continue to tell you what you want to hear in order to deceive you, to your own downfall.

Sadam is not in control of the situation any more than you or Bill Clinton are. What I am going to tell you now is going to sound very strange to you but nevertheless is perfectly true and is written in God's Prophecy to confirm the fact, in Revelation 9:11, and that is that he is totally possessed and is merely a glove-puppet for Satan and it is really Satan that you are dealing with and not Sadam. Satan is the Devil (The Liar) and will say absolutely anything to anyone in order to achieve his aims.

Whilst ever you look at the world from a human-perspective you will NEVER understand what is REALLY happening. Jesus said, "Unless you are born again as your spirit (the Being part of the human+Being) you will never SEE the Kingdom of God and will never enter it." It can only be seen by opening your spiritual eyes.

I fully realize that by now you may have already dismissed me as a nut, just as people did to Jesus and Noah. Please do not make that same grave mistake. What I am telling you is the TRUTH; which is often stranger than fiction.

The piece of paper you have honourably obtained is absolutely worthless. It is just a part of Satan's game to gain more time to develop his weapons with which he (not Sadam) intends to murder the entire human race, using Sadam and others to do it.

In 1985 I wrote to Javier Perez de Cuellar asking him to arrange for me to address the General-Assembly to explain to the world and warn you what was going to happen if you did not take notice of me and rebuild the U.N. on the correct principles. He did not answer me. I wrote to Boutros Boutros-Ghali advising him and he did not believe me and lost his job, as I explained in my last letter - 29/4/97. In 1986 I went to the Annenberg's, to talk to Pres. Reagan, but was not allowed to.

You politely answered my last correspondence and I thank you for your courtesy and sense in doing so and am sure that God moved you to do so, which is why I am writing to you again now to try to help you to save yourself/selves from The Fire.

I realize that you are a very busy person but you should take the time to access my web-site and click on and study the advert for the "King of kings' Bible" and "The Way home or face The Fire". These two Books and everyone living by them is the only way to prevent the melt-down. There is NO OTHER WAY.

I would still like to address the General-Assembly in a last-attempt to prevent the need for that melt-down but I don't suppose anyone will take me seriously because we are, exactly as Jesus Prophesied, like in the Time of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah again (Luke 17:26-30) and we all know what happened to them, because they ignored God's warning and Prophets, and, exactly as Jesus prophesied, it will happen again, unless the world listens to me (Malachi 4; Sura 43:61).

The only way to stop the melt-down is for the world to be told the TRUTH about what this planet REALLY is and WHY everyone is here and what IS going to happen soon, if you don't stop; turn around and keep God's Laws; Covenants and economics, under which, eventually, there are no poor people; there is no sickness or hunger; no crime and everyone loves his neighbour as much as he loves himself.

Please take this letter extremely seriously and let me help you. No-one else on Earth understands what is REALLY happening and what is going to happen, unless I can prevent it, with your assistance and there is no time to lose, because Satan is becoming more and more desperate and consequently more and more insane, so that what he is making people do is also more and more insane. Why else would things like Rwanda etc. happen; unless a lunatic like Satan was behind it? Give me another logical explanation, if you can. You cannot, because there is no other logical explanation for the insane genocidal wars that have happened and will continue to, until people can "see". Open your spiritual eyes and SEE please.

If you don't let me help you then you will be part of that melt-down and that would be a great shame. I know how fantastic this must sound to you but it is TRUE.

Please come and talk to me so that I can explain more fully and make you understand exactly what is happening and why; so that you will then have the confidence to arrange for me to address the General-Assembly, before it is too late.

Hoping to hear from you at your earliest convenience and thanking you in anticipation of a prompt reply.

    Yours Truly,                           



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