JAH's letter to Pres. Bill Clinton

Found in the archives of a good mailing list

This is a copy of my letter to Pres. Bill Clinton on 15/9/01 to which I received no reply.


President Clinton, The White House.

15/9/96 Dear President Clinton,

Please find enclosed a copy of my Booklet about the Kuwait Gulf War in Prophecy and a copy of my letter to the U. N. O. secretary-general.

You ought to find the Booklet very interesting and enlightening as your troops were the major protagonists in the confrontation, which is not over yet.

I am looking for help to publish all of my works, which include:-

1. the "King of kings Bible", which is the Old Testament; New Testament and True Koran (not the corrupted one that is in use today)
2. my Book titled "The Way home or face The Fire"
3. my Booklets which are listed in the back of the enclosed Booklet opposite the diagram with the American flag on it.

If you would like to know what God has in store for America and the world and has written in His Prophecies, I suggest you help me and also send for copies of my Booklet titled "The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse and the Two Witnesses", which is an even more enlightening read. I assure you you will not be disappointed.

The help I am asking you for will pale into insignificance compared to the help I can give you and the American people.

However, your help must come first. These Books must be published world-wide before I can show you the future and help Americans to survive it. It is a necessary step in God's Survival Plan.

The Prophecy about Kuwait was written 2000 years ago but there are other pieces to the jigsaw puzzle that are even older. They are NEVER wrong and only I have the Key. The Booklet proves those two FACTS.

What you are now embarked on in the middle-east means you really need my help.

Hoping to hear from you as soon as possible, Yours sincerely,


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