The King of kings' Bible

by JAH Publications

This unique Book is dedicated to all "Seekers for Truth" and to future World Peace. That peace can only be brought about by the Enlightening-effect of The Truth, on those who will recognise it, after having diligently sought and found it, and who will then be drawn towards the Light of The Truth, leading to the drawing-together and Uniting of all men of goodwill; through the destruction of the darkness of ignorance caused by people having been taught, and believing, seductively-packaged lies, extensively and widely-promoted; falsely presented as truth, and then learned as such, in error.
The King of kings’ Bible, as its title states, is Christ’s own personal Book of Holy Scripture, containing; correctly interpreted for the first time; the Books of The Old Covenant; The New Covenant and The Koran; including the important Books and parts of Books that were wrongfully removed in order to hide The Truth, from the world..."

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