The Book of Enoch

The King of King´s Bible also contains the The Key; Missing-link and Binding-tie of The Scriptures:
The Book of Enoch
This Book is dedicated to all "Seekers for Truth" and to future World Peace. That peace can only be brought about by the Enlightening-effect of The Truth, on those who will recognise it, after having diligently sought and found it, and who will then be drawn towards the Light of The Truth, leading to the drawing-together and Uniting of all men of goodwill; through the destruction of the darkness of ignorance caused by people having been taught, and believing, seductively-packaged lies, extensively and widely-promoted; falsely presented as truth, and then learned as such, in error.
If you are a "Seeker for Truth", have you ever stopped to consider just how many things, throughout our lives, we have all been taught, that are not true? One of the hardest things in life is to recognise what is not true, and, the fact that "you must UNLEARN what you have learned" that is not true: it's harder still to unlearn it.
Nowhere is this more true than in the sphere of history and religion. Most people today have an attitude of superiority towards the people of former generations, including towards The Prophets, but is that attitude justified? More than ninety-nine percent of all Prophecy, given by The Ruler of The Universe; and approximately two-thirds of the Bible is Prophecy; has already been fulfilled, in exact and minute detail, as can be proved by comparing His Prophecies to world history. Only a blind-fool would therefore choose to believe that the remaining less than one percent will not also be fulfilled, likewise, in exact and minute detail; soon. You really ought to seek The Truth; to survive. "Only the Truth can set you free."
Scholars and so-called masters (Matt. 23:10) from past centuries and this present one have written many statements that have been proved wrong by Prophecy being fulfilled. Most of the high-ranking leaders of the religions; throughout history, who claimed to represent and speak for God; have been proved wrong by those very humble Prophets whom they rejected and killed, but who really did speak for The Ruler of The Universe. This world is in a mess because of them.
Statements made and put forward as facts; either in ancient days or today; must be tested. God's Truth must not be replaced by Error for lack of evidence to support the Truth: it is the correction that must have unassailable proof, otherwise it is only man's theory. People's opinions and theories must NOT walk forth in the Mantle of Truth; they may have wrestled and stolen that mantle from its original-owner and thus done violence against The Truth, to their own ultimate destruction (please see and note well chapter 104 and 2 Peter 3:16)...continued...
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