The Wall of Untempered Mortar

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Dear friends,

Many of you will have read in Ezekiel 13 about the Wall of Untempered Mortar that God is going to destroy using a "stormy wind", where the foolish prophets of Israel are like "foxes in the desert".

Some of you may have read information on my website and therefore know that the UNO and NATO is the wall of untempered mortar.

The wall took many years to build and was finally completed in 1990, when for the first time in its checkered history, through its different incarnations, it stood as a wall against Sadam Hussein at the sounding of the fifth trumpet (time period): the first of the final three woes to come upon the inhabitants of the Earth.

It was a completed wall at that point because never in its history did it ever act with all members united in one aim. Before that there was always dissension and it never acted in unison as a wall, or defensive structure.

Father said that with a "Stormy Wind" will I rend it. The Gulf War, that is still ongoing today, is called "Desert Storm" and it rent the wall of untempered mortar, and is still rending it, because shortly after Sadam's forces were driven from Kuwait, whilst the war was still ongoing, as it is today, parts of the wall started to fall away from the main structure, when France, China and Russia pulled out of the coalition. Since then more and more nations have fallen out of the wall. America and Britain have therefore acted alone in enforcing the "no fly zones" and as the "foolish prophets" (politicians) of Israel (Manasseh and Ephraim - USA and UK) have been prophesying against God's Word, seeing visions of peace for Jerusalem and been running about "like foxes in the desert" with the daily ongoing attacks against Sadam, called "Operation Desert Fox".

We appear to be heading into the second woe that I have been warning people about since 1990, the second phase of WW3, the sounding of the sixth angel (sixth time period - the penultimate for the unrighteous).

This second phase is in two parts. The first part will be won by Britain and America and in the second they/you will lose and become slaves as their/your well-deserved punishment from God for never having kept The Covenant and the rejection of Christ's Sovereignty in 1988 and will be their/your third and final period of slavery, just before the Reaping. Like world wars, slavery comes in threes.

For years now I have been warning people of what was to come if they did not listen to Father and me and change their ways, all to no avail. Like the times of Noah will it be. No-one will listen and they will all die for their disbelief. Divine Justice.

Noah was told to build a boat and fit it out for survival. Those who are the "Elect" will have to leave America to be gathered together to a "Place of Defence" (Isaiah 33:16) and then later, after the Reaping, to return to Israel for the Sabbath Millennium teaching-process. Therefore, as Noah did, it would be prudent to get a sail-boat and fit it out. How else will you get there? With the stock-market tumbling so will house values and boat values as people who have expensive toys (boats) will need to sell them to pay their debts and mortgages off. There should be bargains for the right people. I have repeatedly warned you to get the survival-plan and a few of you have done so.

Getting out of the property market before it collapses and then buying a boat to live on, as their values fall, would be a prudent measure to take whilst there is time, if we are finally about to hear the sounding of the sixth trumpet, as it appears we might be, unless this is one of Satan's false alarms. Now that I have warned you, Satan might pull back from the brink and turn this into a false alarm to try to discredit me by making me appear to be wrong, as he did last time. I gained you more time in the process, but received no thanks only insults for it. Even if this turns into a false alarm, it is still going to happen later and might just give you more time to put your house in order.

I could, but am not going to, go into more detail because for now I have told you enough, perhaps even too much. Those of you who are sensible will heed my warning and those who aren't won't, no matter what I say and that is exactly as it should be.

I told you to proclaim liberty and enforce God's Law against the traitors in congress whilst you had time to stop them and their puppet-masters of the NWO and you did not do so. They therefore, due to your lack of action, seeing no will for resistance against them, moved ahead with their evil plan to destroy the WTC and start the next phase of the war.

If you will not obey God then you deserve to suffer the consequences - divine justice as always.

Those who deserve to survive will listen to me and those who don't will continue to ignore my warnings and think I am crazy as they did Noah and will die. That also is exactly as it should be.

Long live the Fighters,


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