Faith without works is dead.


Dear YOU,

It is written that faith without works is dead.

Jesus and Paul said to pray "without ceasing", which; to any sensible person; means 24 hours every day, from birth to death. Why then do you want people to disobey, by only praying 6 minutes a day? Why call ye me Lord, Lord and do not the things that I say? People who do so will be cast out into utter darkness. Read the Scriptures.

You want; as all lazy christian people do; for you to just say a prayer and have God do all the work for you. Don't be so lazy. Ask Father what He wants you to do, 24 hours a day (Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in heaven) and listen to Him and then when you've heard and are sure it is Him and not Satan trying to deceive you into thinking it is Father talking to you, go and do what Father tells you to do. If everyone did that then Father could put the world right instantly. Before kingdoms can change men must change, including you.

How can you do God's Will for you 24 hours a day unless you ask Him to tell you "without ceasing" (24 hours a day) what He wants you to do? It is men who have made the world the way it is by doing their own will instead of God's will, whilst others, like you, just sat back and let them whilst praying; singing silly songs in a building you were told not to build and doing nothing to stop them. You made the world into the mess it is in; so you have to put it right again by asking Father how to do it. When you start to do His Will instead of your own, He will help you and NOT until then. If He did so it would be counter-productive and against His nature.

Wake up! How can people sitting around doing nothing to put the world right, whilst billions are continuing to put it wrong, be considered a great victory?

Only by re-establishing God's Laws and setting up The Kingdom can the world be put right and in no other way.

You can help by filling out and sending in the request at:-

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and digest and live it.

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Get off your backside and do God's Will and don't be so lazy.

Peace be upon you,


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