Clearing Your Mind

You say you'd like to "start training".

You've been in training for a very long time but haven't realized it. You've been instructed on what you should be doing but I see no evidence of you following/DOing what you've been told.


You, have been lost in the human-brain-thinking of Mr.X ALL this life. You THINK that is you [your own voice in your head - the one that gives you worries, etc.]. THAT is not you. But it does have control over you. You NEED to start "seeing" this [spiritually] for yourself.

Go find a quiet place [your bedroom, a closet, the bathroom, the attic, the garage, the basement, your car {if you have one} - point being a place where you will not be disturbed, where you can be alone] and sit in a straight back chair [if possible - so you don't let your body go to sleep].

Close your physical eyes.., and AS THOUGH you were sitting in the back of your skull [or AS THOUGH you are sitting in the back of a movie theater].., WATCH the "screen of your 'mind' " [where "thought" arises - INSIDE the middle of your body's forehead]. Practice this. Be patient. Wait. Watch the JUNK going on in there. You will "see" worry. You will "see" fantasies [of all sorts, not just sexual but even "imagined conversations" of what you might say if you see so and so, or what you should have said when you saw so and so - you will see "images" - you will "hear" songs off the radio {CD's or whatever} - you may hear/see old TV commercials go through - JUNK, meaningless JUNK.

Just keep watching it WHILST putting some distance between you and that JUNK going round in your "head". With a little practice you will soon learn to ignore it and THROUGH observing it [like shining a light on it].., it will just disappear into the ether/lose its power. Your "mind" will clear and almost certainly will "fill again" with more JUNK. Just keep observing. DO NOT get pulled into your "thoughts". They are very powerful but when you humbly, sincerely ask Father for help in Jesus name and you will suddenly realize you are back out of your insane, meaningless thought stream and your "mind" will clear.

As this happens.., sit very still and wait. Your ego-self is VERY arrogant as are the spirits/"powers of darkness" and they "hide" in your SUB-conscious. Until now.., "it" has not had to "come out of hiding". BUT.., "it" will because "it" WANTS you "lost" in "its" THINKING. "It" WILL come up out of your SUBconscious to "fill the void" [of your QUIETED mind] and "it" may give you "images" and "voices" to try and terrify you. THAT is what you've been harboring and abetting. "Be still and KNOW I am God." NOT THINK you know He is God. Sit patiently. When these "things arise" [and they will].., DO NOT "run". The phone may ring. Your mom may call you to supper. "Things you HAVE to get done" will "pop into mind". "It" will do anything to run you off if "it" can't scare you off.

Practice clearing your mind as often as you can so you can do it without THINKING about it. THAT process is the BEGINNING of SLOWLY opening your spiritual eyes/awakening. Remember.., DO NOT FEAR. DO NOT RUN. Wait. You will see.., "it" CANNOT harm you. "FACE" what you've allowed to "build a home in you". "It" is disgusting. "It" is capable of all manner of evil. "It" is SELFISH, PRIDEFUL, ARROGANT and UGLY. FACE IT. SEE IT. And when you are "shown".., BE THANKFUL for being shown and thank Our Father and His Son for giving you the chance to repent. In the "stillness".., let Father and Jesus KNOW you are TRULY sorry and want THEIR change to come over/into/up through you. DO this. It is VERY important.

Now you've been told. You've been warned. Understand.., FEW are willing to face the evil they have become a part of. MOST run like a bolt of lightning hit them. The "path" you THINK you have chosen is NOT for "little sisters". If you can get through what you must.., you will learn to be still and LISTEN. Talk with Father. Ask what you can DO for Him. If you are TRULY sincere.., then maybe Father/Son will take you further. I don't know. That is between you and Them. Also.., be warned.., this is no intellectual, ego game.

IF you are TRULY sincere you will start getting much better. If not.., you will be further "entranced" in your brain thinking and get MUCH worse.

You've been warned.

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