Muad’Dib Arrested for Sending “7/7 Ripple Effect” DVD to Judge

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Man sought by UK authorities over alleged sending of DVD

A MAN sought by the UK authorities for allegedly attempting to pervert the course of justice by sending a controversial DVD to a judge and jury foreman during a trial relating to bomb attacks in London in July 2005 has appeared before the High Court after being arrested in Co Meath.

Sheffield-born Anthony John Hill (60) was arrested by gardaí at his home in Carrick Street, Kells, early yesterday morning on foot of a European Arrest Warrant, Mr Justice John MacMenamin was told.

Mr Hill’s extradition is being sought in relation to his alleged actions during the trial of several people on conspiracy charges related to the attacks on July 7th, 2005, that took place on the London underground and a London bus.

It is alleged that, in May and June 2008, Mr Hill sent several copies of a DVD entitled 7/7 Ripple Effect to the judge and the foreman of a jury at the trial at Kingston Crown Court of people allegedly involved in assisting the 2005 bombings.

7/7 Ripple Effect is a film, available on the internet, which claims people accused of involvement in the bombings are innocent and that the bombings were an “inside job”, perhaps involving state intelligence agencies in either Britain or Israel.

The British authorities claim copies of the DVD were sent, in packaging with Irish postal marks, between September 2007 and December 2007 to five relatives of people who had been killed during the bombing.

In court yesterday, Sgt Seán Fallon said that when arrested at his Kells home at 8.14am, Mr Hill, when asked about the DVD, had said: “I sent it. I believe those men to be innocent.”

Sgt Fallon said Mr Hill had said that a friend of his had made the DVDs and that copies were made on his computer.

Gardaí took possession of computers at Mr Hill’s home yesterday and will apply to the court to send those computers to the British authorities.

The matter was adjourned by Mr Justice MacMenamin to February 18th and Mr Hill was remanded in custody.



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Anonymous's picture

2007 Message from Muad'Dib

Dear Fremen,

Yesterday, on the 27th February 2007, hundreds of thousands of people with access to the internet, were able to see a video, or hear about it, which showed a female (Jane Standly) BBC reporter on 9-11 (2001), stating that the Salomon Brother's building, also known as WTC 7, had collapsed. Trouble is, the building was still standing at the time of the report, and could clearly be seen behind the reporter in the background. The time-stamp of the video also shows that the report took place approximately twenty-six minutes before the actual collapse of WTC Building 7.

Today, on the 28th February 2007, the BBC (that you fund) is being pressured by thousands of 9-11 truth activists to name the source of this claim; which reveals prior knowledge of the building's collapse; and is refusing to name it. WTC 7 was never hit by a plane, and only suffered; according to eyewitness reports confirmed by video footage; minor damage to one side, and minor fires. Videos of the actual collapse clearly show the building was “pulled” in a controlled demolition. There were explosives already in place in the building in the building. It was an inside-job.

If you are a Brit who no longer wishes to shut your eyes to the fact that the BBC are collaborating with the real (and as yet unpunished) 9-11 mass-murderers, in protecting the real 9-11 evidence from being disclosed, and are aggrieved to your very soul by the thought of having to continue to fund these government-licking media whores, then the information that follows should certainly interest you.

Why? Because there is no LEGAL requirement for you to pay for a TV License.

So, as it has now clearly been proven that the BBC had foreknowledge of the destruction of WT7 on 9-11, and that the BBC is part of the problem that we all face with the satanic N.W.O. and their control of the British and U. S. governments and media that they use against the people who pay their wages: do you want to keep funding your own demise and their lavish lifestyles, or are you willing to fight them and bring them down, before they complete their plans for a 95% population reduction that involves murdering you and your family and friends?

If you want to stop funding your own demise, demand a refund on your TV license, so that they can no longer use your own money against you. When enough people do that it will force them to stop their evil plot. The more people who do this, the more it will show them just how many people are onto them, and the more people, the more afraid they will become.

At first they will threaten you, saying they will take you to court over non-payment of your “compulsory” TV license, using their own unlawful legislation that you can easily defend yourself against by sending for the “Bullet-Proof Defence Pack” from:-

How much is your TV license? What will it be next year and the year after, and the year after, without end?

Send them a clear message that you are onto them, by demanding a refund on your TV license and sending for the Bullet-Proof Defense. Get everyone you know to do the same, so that THEY* hear the message loud and crystal clear.

The Bullet-Proof Defence is a one time only offer, that will last you a lifetime and can be used against this and all other man-made legislation, and will save you thousands of pounds in the long-run, and bring down those trying to harm you with their false propaganda, their phoney wars and terrorist attacks, like 9-11 and 7/7/2005, that the governments are committing themselves and using their media to brainwash you into believing is done by Islamic terrorists.

It’s time to fight back and win before they destroy you all.

Long live the Fighters,


* The Hierarchy Enslaving You.

Clinton's picture

I'm ready to free him from

I'm ready to free him from his jail cell, will anyone come with me? Fire at will on these satanic scumbags.

LU CIPHER's picture

thats good heart but

thats good heart but everybody is to comfortable to do anything about it.

Danny Gad's picture

Hold your horses


This is The Lord's doing. And yes at some point He may say now is the time. But this chess move still has some way until it is played out.

There is an opportunity here. Watch, and learn (more).



clinton's picture

You're right Danny

You're right Danny, I reacted too aggressively and too hastily. Now that I've thought about it, He could garner the much needed media attention from this accusation. Thank you for the correction.



Danny's picture

You're welcome Clinton.

The YODA ( ) for February 16 (God Calling) is interesting:-


Even where I never to speak to you, you would be well rewarded for setting apart this time, if you only sat still and longed for Me, if you just drew hungering breaths for Me, as you do for the fresh pure air of the open.

Be still, be calm. Wait before Me. Learn of Me, patience, humility, peace. When will you be absolutely unruffled, whatever happens? You are slow to learn your lesson. In the rush and work and worry, the very seeking a silence must help.

In bustle so little is accomplished. You must learn to take the calm with you in the most hurried days. "


I’ll also share two brief stories which happened with Muad’Dib.

One day the subject of happiness versus joy came up. And He was smiling and said that the difference between them is that if the roof fell on His head, He wouldn’t stop smiling.

Another day He and I were walking along a country lane, and I noticed a car speeding up behind us and it seemed it was going to hit Muad’Dib. I pulled Him out of the way, and He was still smiling and said thank-you, it wouldn’t have been good for that car.


Which brings us to the YODA ( ) for February 16 (God at Eventide):-


Mark My Changelessness.

If I am truly the same, yesterday, to-day, and for ever, then I am no God of moods as so often man portrays Me. Can you worship a God swayed this way and that at man’s demand?

Dwell upon the thought of My Changelessness until you grasp the Truth that only as man changes and comes within the influence of My unchanging Law of Love can he realize and experience the Power and Love I have unchangingly for all mankind."




As it gets Darker, more will seek The Light -

Peter Power's picture


There has been much nonsense written about why my company ran an exercise on 7 July 2005 that had very close parallels to the real thing that day. Since then I have made several attempts to add my own comments to numerous sites that seem to get increasingly excited about their own conspiracy theories and in the process exclude any rational debate. It seems those who occupy the world of finding conspiracy theories to replace just about any coincidence, do not want to have any dialogue with those offering a different view, but I have not yet given up hope. I am therefore hoping, perhaps naively, that someone might like to read an honest and factual account about a particular exercise my company ran in London three years ago.

Unfortunately, the BBC had postponed in 2008 a programme in their ‘conspiracy files’ series that would have done this. Our client three years ago agreed to be named in the BBC programme since the attitude of the producer and his team was very balanced (several conspiracy theorists were also invited to take part). We even allowed our complete exercise material to be made available to the BBC. Regrettably broadcasting in 2008 might have jeopardised an ongoing court case, so they had little choice about postponing it to 2009.

Early in 2005 Reed Elsevier, an organisation specialising in information and publishing that employs 1,000 people in and around London, asked us to help them prepare an effective crisis management plan and rehearse it before sign-off. Several draft scenarios were drawn up and the crisis team themselves set the exercise date and time: 9.00am on 7 July.

The test was planned as a table-top walk through for about six people (the CM team) in a lecture room with all injects simulated. Everything was on MS PowerPoint. The location of their Central London office near to Chancery Lane was chosen as one test site. With many staff travelling to work via the London underground system, the chosen exercise simulated incendiary devices on three trains, very similar to a real IRA attack in 1992, as well as other events.

As there had been eighteen terrorist bomb attacks on tube trains prior to 2005, choosing the London Underground was logical rather than just prescient. With this in mind it was hardly surprising that Deutsche Bank had run a similar exercise a few days before and, prior to that, a multi-agency (and much publicised) exercise code-named Osiris II had simulated a terrorist attack at Bank tube station. Moreover, I had also taken part in a BBC Panorama programme in 2004 as a panellist alongside Michael Portillo MP et al, in an unscripted debate (we had no idea at all what the scenario was to be?) on how London might once again, deal with terrorist attacks, only this time it was fictional (created entirely by the BBC).

In short, some of the research for our exercise had already been done. The scenario developed for our client even started by using fictitious news items from the Panorama programme then, as with any walk through exercise, events unfolded solely on a screen as dictated by the facilitator without any external injects or actions beyond the exercise room. Also factored into the scenario was to be an above ground fictitious bomb exploding not far from the head office of the protected Jewish Chronicle magazine where for exercise purposes, our imagined terrorists would have been aware that commuters would now be walking to work (past a building already considered a target) as some tube stations would have been closed.

Of just eight nearby tube stations that fell within possible exercise scope, three were chosen that, by coincidence, were involved in the awful drama that actually took place on 7 July 2005. A level of scenario validation that on this occasion, we could have done without.

An exercise that turns into the real thing is not that unusual. For example, in January 2003, thirty people were injured when a tube train derailed and hit a wall at speed. At the same time, the City of London Police were running an exercise for their central casualty bureau where the team quickly abandoned their plans and swung into action to cope with the real thing.

For a surprising number of people such coincidents cannot be accepted as such. There just has to be a conspiracy behind them, despite the obvious point that painstaking research will always identify probable above possible scenarios. By the way, the only reason I was asked to speak on TV news that day, when there was still much confusion about the real tragedies, was to encourage more organisations to thoroughly plan their own exercises knowing the threat of terrorism is and remains, very real. One tragic consequence being Islam, a great Abrahamic, monotheistic faith (along with Judaism and Christianity), has undeservedly become vilified by some people.

Peter Power
Visor Consultants

Danny's picture

The above post by someone

The above post by someone alleging to be Peter Power, raises more questions than answers.

He says the crisis team set the date and time for the exercise. Who, precisely, came up with the date and time? The British people have a right to know.

In one of Power's TV interviews, he said that they had to make the jump from "slow-time thinking to quick-time doing", meaning that whoever arranged for the exercise and chose that date and time, had everything ready to do exactly what he described, and therefore foreknowledge of the attacks.

The "surprising number of people" he mentions, cannot accept such unbelievable coincidences because we are neither fools or coincidence theorists like Power makes himself out to be. It is inconceivable that it was a coincidence that terrorists chose the exact same locations as the exercise he was taking part in. On the very same day. And three underground tube trains, and one surface vehicle. Four explosions. Just like the exercise.

Similar exercises took place on 911 as well. See -,_2001

And "coincidentally", Rudy Giuliani (mayor of New York at the time) and Benjamin Netanyahu ("911 is good for Israel") were in London on 7/7.

There's a lot of money to be made in this "War On (OF) Terror" business, in the "security" sector. Of course, to get companies (and tax-payers) to fork out money for security (enslavement) *, they have to be con-vinced that the situation is INSECURE in the first place. And that's where false-flag attacks come in handy don't they?

* It's not security anyway, it's about crisis management AFTER the event. As well as other things.

Strangely, it's never someone like Tony Blair who is the target however. No, for some reason, "they" just happen to choose to blow up ordinary people, Muslims too... on the same day as anti-terror exercises are taking place in the same locations.

I'm sure most readers here are familiar with the term compartmentalization. Perhaps all six of them (if it is true what he says) in their particular exercise needn't have known what was to take place. And the City of London police who were also taking part in an exercise (and who also were in an excellent position to jump to "quick-time doing") needn't have known either. I believe there were others taking part in exercises too that day. The British Transport police for example. Their roles would be simply to be in the right place at the right time, to manage the real crisis that most of them did not know was to take place that very morning. It's only the guys higher up the pyramid who would know.

Apart from those "above-board" exercises, there would have been other secret operations taking place that day, including of course the role of the four Muslim patsies and the anti-terror branch who shot three of them in Canary Wharf.

Power may have been duped. But to make out that he is still a dupe, with his talk of such astronomical coincidences being LIKELY to happen, is very hard to swallow.

So why doesn't he tell us who exactly came up with the date and time for the exercise, if he truly intends to be forthcoming now. Instead of continuing to play cat and mouse with the truth.

He says "by the way, the only reason I was asked to speak on TV news that day... was to encourage more organisations to thoroughly plan their own exercises". But the truth is that 7/7 was a false flag, the TV coverage was organised, and the only reason he went on TV was to assuage the suspicions of so many people taking part in exercises that day. If the exercises had not been made public, then many of them would suspect something was up and start to think for themselves. But with Power's appearance on TV, the message was "nothing to see here, all above-board, just a coincidence".

Then cue smirk, GRIN and GIGGLE!

As it gets Darker, more will seek The Light -

Matt.'s picture

I agree with Danny. This

I agree with Danny.

This event holds tremendous opportunity.

These things don't "just happen" by accident, and we know that Muad'Dib is more than capable of defending himself.

Hold tight, remain calm, and let us see how this plays out.

Bryan's picture

Any News?


I hope you are well and in Good-Spirit,

Is there any News on JAH Muad'Dib's court-case as of yet, please? I found this relevant quote on your site:-

"News is what someone wants to suppress. Everything else is advertising".

-- former NBC news prez Rubin Frank

Thanks for this site!


cybe's picture

Mail them!

To all,

Good evening.

I hope this finds you well, in good spirit and having a good day.

An idea was forwarded (possibly by Danny) through some of the comments that were made when broke the story of the arrest, that someone suggested that people burn and send DVDs of the "7/7 Ripple Effect" to the judge, prosecutor and jury of the retrial of the alleged 7/7 "helpers", which is presently under way.

Based on the explosion of interest in the "7/7 Ripple Effect" film and the obvious attempt that the prosecution is making to pervert justice, by fabricating allegations out of thin air, it seems like the only reasonable thing to do would be to follow the advice given to begin burning and sending DVDs of the "7/7 Ripple Effect" to the court so they understand that they will NOT get away with framing these innocent men.

I would therefore like to ask as many people as possible, on the Strait Truth, The Call to Arms, and elsewhere, to please begin burning copies of the "7/7 Ripple Effect" and get them mailed out to the court as soon as possible. The more people that mail copies to the court, the better it will be.

Please see the information/address below where the DVDs should be sent below. It would be a good idea to include the following message with the DVD, or on the envelope:

Please view the enclosed DVD so that justice and fairness may prevail.

From The King of kings' Bible:

John 8:23 (John 8:32 KJV) And ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free.

Court Address/Information:

Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court

6-8 Penrhyn Road
Kingston-upon-Thames Surrey

DX 97430 Kingston upon Thames 2

Court number 427

Prosecution lawyer: Neil Flewitt

Thank-you for your help with this matter.


cybe's picture

From W

Please send out copies of the 7/7 Ripple Effect DVD to all of these addresses please. Perhaps sending multiple copies to the same location, using different envelopes for each, so that what shows up appears extensive, would be prudent as well. Please forward this information on to everyone, and post it on all of your websites as well as all the web-forums. This needs to happen to support the cause, and not let what was started go unfinished.

Rev 21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and ALL LIARS, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with Fire and brimstone

Court Address/Information:


Mr "justice" John MacMenamin
c/o The High Court
Four Courts
Dublin 7

In reference to the arrest of Anthony John Hill


QC Neil Flewitt
c/o Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court
6-8 Penrhyn Road
Kingston-upon-Thames Surrey

DX 97430 Kingston upon Thames 2

Court number 427
In reference to case#: T20087141


Mr. "justice" Peter Gross
c/o Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court
6-8 Penrhyn Road
Kingston-upon-Thames Surrey

DX 97430 Kingston upon Thames 2

Court number 427
In reference to case#: T20087141


The Jury Foreman and Jury of Case #: T20087141
c/o Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court
6-8 Penrhyn Road
Kingston-upon-Thames Surrey

DX 97430 Kingston upon Thames 2

Court number 427
In reference to case#: T20087141


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