What You Can Do To Help

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A Call to Action

What You Can Do To Help

The help that we seek just now involves talking to people and generating a tidal-wave of support, large enough to wash-away the obstacle preventing the recovery of The Ark of The Covenant from The Hill of Tara.

The obstacle in question is obtaining a "license to dig" from the Irish Minister for the Environment, who is called Dick Roche, who has the authority to be able to grant me the license, without which I cannot dig a small area of flat grass, measuring 2m x 2m, at Tara.

Tara is a protected National Heritage site and one cannot move a blade of grass without a license from the minister.

What I would like each of you to do is to please tell as many people as possible about the fact that The Ark of The Covenant is at the Hill of Torah - Tara in County Meath, Ireland and that I need them to please contact the minister in support of my application for a "license to dig", which is ministry application ref. 1254/MC/02.

God's Law, The Torah, after which the Hill of Torah/Tara is named, is contained inside The Ark that is buried at Tara and in it God prohibits all human legislation, which includes anti-gun legislation as well. It must be recovered now so that the world can be shown The Right Way to live and prevent the people from going any further in their wrong, self and environmentally-destructive ways.

Please 'click here' for information about Ireland and The Ark of The Covenant.

Please 'click here' to view the movie; The Truth The Ark of The Covenant.

This is of the utmost importance because the world cannot continue on its present course or there will soon be, exactly as the Scriptures state, no flesh left alive on the Earth. The only Way to stop the world and turn it around is by recovering The Ark and showing people it is not a myth or a fairy story and showing the people God's Law and how fair and just it is for everyone, rather than like men's laws that favour only the rich. That is why the rich people made up their laws, in defiance of God, in the first place and now want to disarm everyone, also in defiance of God, so the sheeple will be unable to resist being driven further into slavery by Satan's NWO.

God's Laws (note and digest well the significance of Deuteronomy 4:2) can be studied best in The King of kings' Bible, which is now available as part of the Armageddon Survival-Kit pocket computer CD (please 'click' on it for details).

It needs as many people as possible, from as many places around the world as possible, to contact Minister Roche and to keep contacting him until he gets the message that everyone knows about this and supports my application ref. 1254/MC/02 and he grants me the necessary license to dig. Only a continuous, concerted effort can make this - Plan A - succeed.

The minister's address is:-

Dick Roche,
Department of the Environment,
Custom House,
Dublin 1, Ireland.

Tel. 353 1 888 2000
Fax. 353 1 878 8640

This needs maximum effort and maximum publicity, world-wide. Remember that the controlled media will probably give us the silent treatment, so we need to use the net and local papers and radio and every avenue that is not blocked or that can be unblocked.

Please do everything you can to persuade everyone you can to get involved in this crucial effort, in the world's most desperate hour.

Peace be upon you,


To make it easier for you to be able to do your bit, to help JAH to once and for all bring True Peace and Justice to Planet Earth, for everyone's benefit, we have compiled a letter that you can download, add your name and address to, print-out and send to Minister Roche. Please, without delay, download this document by 'clicking' on the button below, complete the letter and post it to the minister at the address at the top of the letter.

Download Letter
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