Survey shows Europeans in pain

Monday, October 13, 2003 Posted: 1156 GMT ( 7:56 FACT BOX

Norway: about 30 percent
Italy: 26 percent
Germany: 17 percent
France: 15 percent
UK: 13 percent
Spain: 11 percent

LONDON, England (Reuters) --A third of Europeans suffer pain every minute of their lives and chronic pain accounts for nearly 500 million lost working days a year, costing Europe 34 billion euros, according to a survey published on Monday.<

The poll of 46,000 people across 16 countries found that 19 percent of adults, many aged under 50, were in constant pain, suffering for years without adequate pain relief.

A third of those questioned reported being in pain every minute of their lives and one fifth said they had been in pain for 20 years or more.

Pain management experts say not enough is being done to tackle chronic pain and the isolation it causes.

"Doctors and politicians need to listen to what patients are saying," Dr Beverly Collett, president of the Pain Society, said in a statement.

"Recent research in secondary care pain services has clearly demonstrated that pain in under managed and variably resourced."

The highest prevalence of chronic pain was in Norway where the number of people affected was around a third, or 30 percent, of those questioned. The lowest was in Spain at 11 percent.
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Dear Rabbi David - My latest thoughts on THE JEWISH PROBLEM

I am forwarding this to others in the hope of fostering a better understanding between Christians; Jews and Muslims, as I have done in compiling "The King of kings' Bible" that includes the Tanach Old Testament/ Covenant; the New Testament/Covenant and the Koran all for the first time ever correctly interpreted and in perfect harmony, cross-referenced with each other and with explanatory notes:-

Let's all hope that David takes heed and works towards educating his Jewish people about the traitors in their midst as Benjamin Freedman so courageously did.

Peace be upon you,



From: BobfromMichigan2 [at] aol [dot] com

To: Eid111 [at] aol [dot] com

Subject: Dear Rabbi David - My latest thoughts on THE JEWISH PROBLEM

Date: Mon, Oct 13, 2003, 7:20 am

Dear Rabbi David Eidensohn, 'Eid111 [at] aol [dot] com' '


I want you to know me, understand me. I am a softie who weeps easily at maudlin plots in old fashioned clean movies. I have not been in a fight that I can remember in my entire life. I was the stereotypical 98 pound weakling in High School. I am not now and never have been violent or mean. However, as a teen I sought approval from a peer group that led me into a life of hedonism, womanizing, drinking and partying. I continued this debauched existence until in my late 20's when by the grace of God I went to a church and heard a sermon and then and there I prayed for forgiveness for my sins. My life was changed forever. I began to clean up and live a good life.

However as the years passed I became more and more interested in the political issues of our time that the Christian Right commonly supports and opposes. Then I began to notice that the men sitting on the opposite side of the issue were very often Jewish, aka, an ACLU Jew, or Jewish money, Hollywood Jews, gun hating Jews, fag loving Jews, abortion loving Jews, etc.

Rabbi, I grew up in a home where I never, never, ever heard the word "JEW" not one time in my entire upbringing. My dad was a pharmacist, an educated man and a good provider.

No one in my family was anti-semitic in the least and of course neither was I.

Rabbi, I am not a natural born hater. I do not hate now. If you will listen closely you wil see that I am just crying out for help in the only way I know how to do it.

I am crying out to as many people as possible using every avenue I can find such as my local public access TV show, alerting my co-workers, alerting my fellow church members and using my 1600 email address email list on the Internet to expose the wickedness of these leftwing Jews and the damage they are doing to America.

I am trying to let everyone I can know about what the Jews are doing to destroy the lives of millions of young people, harming our young people, destroying them with non-stop SEX, SEX, SEX and Hollywood Movie and Television filth.

Network television. Commentary from Roland (fwd)

From: Roland Croteau rolandcro[.(at).]

To All,

I hope this finds you and yours well and in good spirit.

No one is writing about the "programming" (and it is "PROGRAMMING" for the mind) on television. It's been years since I've watched the major networks because the "programming" was an insult to my intelligence..., horrible mind-mush.

I am in a place where I can watch "free TV" (off-air) so I thought I would "tune in" and see what the enemy was/is up to. Oh, my.

Have any of you seen "Threat Matrix", "JAG", "CSI", "Hack", "West Wing", "Dragnet", "The Practice", "The District", "NYPD Blue", "Karen Cisco" or "Cold Case File"? WOW!!

I have had a sampling of each of these programs. Perhaps it is I have been away from this kind of programming for so long that it left me in awe of just how far "they" have come and how out-of-the-closet is "their" agenda. "Diversity" is in everything. Homosexual "characters" are almost completely accepted as "normal" and are in most of the "programs". White (inept) males or often "tolerated" under their black female bosses. Scenarios of central governmental covert agencies are laced into many shows.., they ruin "innocent" people lives and if it is discovered the "victim" is innocent.., they arrogantly won't even apologize.

More often than not.., females are the "action heros" saving their bumbling male sidekicks.

"Threat Matrix" basically condones and promotes "black bag" operations by our government and is getting us to accept any behavior (including torture) so long as "they" keep us "safe". Shows like CSI and Cold Case File will have us believe Big Brother law enforcement technologies are infallible. With cracking the DNA code they can solve cases that are 25 years old. Very impressive. But what is the underlying message?

I watched this tripe to see what the enemy is up to. Apparently they have been VERY busy over these past years and their attempt at mind-control would be laughable except for the fact that it must obviously be working. The masses are being sold on the notion that government is almighty, all-knowing and everywhere at all times.., in other words.., God. AND if you will trust this "god".., it/government will protect you.

I can only hope you are able to "see through" this "PROGRAMMING" also because if you aren't.., you will accept the insanity as normal.

For what it's worth,

P.S. Please feel free to pass this on to see if others "see" the same things I (and hopefully you) "see".

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Eating Fossil Fuels
by Dale Allen Pfeiffer

"What follows is most certainly the single most frightening article I have ever read and certainly the most alarming piece that FTW has ever published."


October 3 , 2003, 1200 PDT, (FTW) -- Some months ago, concerned by a Paris statement made by Professor Kenneth Deffeyes of Princeton regarding his concern about the impact of Peak Oil and Gas on fertilizer production, I tasked FTW's Contributing Editor for Energy, Dale Allen Pfeiffer to start looking into what natural gas shortages would do to fertilizer production costs. His investigation led him to look at the totality of food production in the US. Because the US and Canada feed much of the world the answers have global implications.

What follows is most certainly the single most frightening article I have ever read and certainly the most alarming piece that FTW has ever published. Even as we have seen CNN, Britain's Independent and Jane's Defence Weekly acknowledge the reality of Peak Oil and Gas within the last week, acknowledging that world oil and gas reserves are as much as 80% less than predicted, we are also seeing how little real thinking has been devoted to the host of crises certain to follow; at least in terms of publicly accessible thinking.

This article is so serious in its implications that I have taken the unusual step of underlining 26 of its key findings. I did that with the intent that the reader treat each underlined passage as a separate and incredibly important fact. Each one of these facts should be read and digested separately to assimilate its importance. I found myself reading one fact and then getting up and walking away until I could come back and (un)comfortably read to the next.

All told, Dale Allen Pfeiffer's research and reporting confirms the worst of FTW's suspicions about the consequences of Peak Oil and it poses serious questions about what to do next. Not the least of these is why, in a presidential election year, none of the candidates has even acknowledged the problem. Thus far, it is clear that solutions for these questions, perhaps the most important ones facing mankind, will by necessity be found by private individuals and communities, independently of outside or governmental help. Whether the real search for answers comes now, or as the crisis becomes unavoidable, depends solely on us. It is also abundantly clear that fresh water, its acquisition and delivery, is a crisis that is upon us now as certainly as is Peak Oil and Gas.

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Where Did Hitler Get The '6 Million'?

The Iron Curtain Over America Lt. Col. John Beaty (1952, Wilkinson Publishing Co.), Chapter 6, THE FOREIGN POLICY OF THE TRUMAN ADMINISTRATION, pg. 134:

...This compensation was said to be for 6,000,000 Jews killed by Hitler. This figure has been used repeatedly (as late as January, 1952 -- "Israeli" broadcast heard by the author), but one who consults statistics and ponders the known facts of recent history cannot do other than wonder how it is arrived at. According to Appendix VII, "Statistics on Religious Affiliation," of The Immigration and Naturalization Systems of the United States (A Report of the Committee on the Judiciary of the United States Senate, 1950), the number of Jews in the world is 15,713,638. The World Almanac, 1949, p. 289, is cited as the source of the statistical table reproduced on p. 842 of the government document. The article in the World Almanac is headed "Religious Population of the World." A corresponding item, with the title, "Population, Worldwide, by Religious Beliefs" is found in the World Almanac for 1940 (p. 129), and in it the world Jewish population is given as 15,319,359. If the World Almanac figures are correct, the world's Jewish population did not decrease in the war decade, but showed a small increase.


A Little Perspective on $87 billion. or "A billion here, a billion there. Pretty soon it starts to add up to some real money." On September 7th, 2003, President Bush announced on national television that he was asking the Congress to grant him an additional $87 billion dollars for the next fiscal year, beginning October 1, to continue the fight on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. But $87 billion is an impossibly high number for anyone to visualize. Let's have a look....

Joe Smith can't find a job - WHY?

Joe Smith started the day early having set his alarm clock (MADE IN JAPAN) for 6 a.m. While his coffeepot (MADE IN CHINA) was perking, he shaved with his electric razor (MADE IN HONG KONG). He put on a dress shirt (MADE IN SRI LANKA), designer jeans (MADE IN SINGAPORE) and tennis shoes (MADE IN KOREA).

After cooking his breakfast in his new electric skillet (MADE IN INDIA) he sat down with his calculator (MADE IN MEXICO) to see how much he could spend today. After setting his watch (MADE IN TAIWAN) to the radio (MADE IN INDIA) he got in his car (MADE IN GERMANY) and continued his search for a good paying AMERICAN JOB.

At the end of yet another discouraging and fruitless day, Joe decided to relax for a while. He put on his sandals (MADE IN BRAZIL) poured himself a glass of wine (MADE IN FRANCE) and turned on his TV (MADE IN INDONESIA), and then wondered why he can't find a good paying job in.....AMERICA.....

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Mid-East Regional Takover by CIA + Pentagon + Bribe Billions

NEW TARGETS: Syria + Iran in addition to Hezbollah (Lebanon) + Palestinian Resistance Saudi, Pakistan + others will follow if they resist

"All of us now, not just the Arabs and the Muslims, have much to fear because of what this coalition of crazed Jewish and Christian fundamentalist imperialists have done in the past and even more because of what they are doing in the present."

"From the White House to the Pentagon, from Foggy Bottom (State Department) to Langley (CIA)
to Ft. Meade (NSA), the Americans are intensely coordinating with the Israelis to take over the Middle East region as never before in modern history."

Congressman Ron Paul Admits Conspiracy to Create World Government

Eric Rainbolt - audience member asking question of Congressman Paul at event near Austin, Texas on August 30th, 2003: "Congressman Paul, I have a question..."

Moderator: "Over here." (pointing to Eric Rainbolt.)

Eric Rainbolt: "Great! If we can take a look at the big picture, could you tell us, the people in this room, any information that you may have of an international and deceptive conspiracy to overthrow the American Republic and its Constitution & Bill Of Rights in order to set up and usher in a totalitarian World Government likely espoused under the UN also.."?

Congressman Paul: " He asked if there was an international conspiracy to overthrow our government. The answer is "Yes". I think there are 25,000 individuals that have used offices of powers, and they are in our Universities and they are in our Congresses, and they believe in One World Government. And if you believe in One World Goverment, then you are talking about undermining National Sovereignty and you are talking about setting up something that you could well call a Dictatorship - and those plans are there!..."
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Jews who tell the truth about Jewish Power

Dear Friend here is a list of Jews who I love and support.
Here are a few excellent sites run by Jews who have told the truth about Jewish Power.

#1 - Canadian Jew who exposes Feminism & the Jewish role in the push for a One World Government, New World Order


#2 - - Israeli Jew who tells the truth about mistreatment of Palestinians


#3 -  , Norm Finklestein, author, opposed to Jewish Holocaust lobby lawsuits


#4 - Orthodox Jews opposed to the existence of the State of Israel.


#5 - A Jewish Defector Warns America, By Benjamin H. Freedman He was a successful Jewish businessman from New York City who was at one time the principal owner of the Woodbury Soap Company. He broke with organized Jewry after the Judeo-Communist victory of 1945, and spent the remainder of his life and the great preponderance of his considerable fortune, at least 2.5 million dollars, exposing the Jewish tyranny that has enveloped the United States.


#6 -  Rabbi Daniel Lapins website, Very conservative Orthodox Jew. Rabbi Lapin is strongly opposed to the agenda of Leftist Jews.


#7 - Israel Shahak (R.I.P.) resources on the Web - The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel, Written in 1985 by Jack Bernstein who was later murdered by the Israeli Mossad.
 The Jewish Stake in America's, Changing Demography, Reconsidering a Misguided Immigration Policy, By Stephen Steinlight.

Forward this email to everyone you know - EVERYONE!

Benjamin Freedman puhuu: Juutalainen loikkari varoittaa Amerikkaa

The following item is the exposé "Benjamin Freedman - A Jewish Defector Warns America" in Finnish. Also available in English, and Swedish

Benjamin Freedman puhuu:
Juutalainen loikkari varoittaa Amerikkaa (1961)

Myös : Englanniksi, Ruotsiksi



Johdanto -- Benjamin H. Freedman oli yksi 20. vuosisadan kiehtovimmista ja hämmästyttävimmistä henkilöistä.

Freedman, syntynyt vuonna 1890, oli menestynyt juutalainen liikemies New Yorkista, joka oli yhdessä vaiheessa Woodbury Soap Companyn pääomistaja. Freedman erosi järjestäytyneestä juutalaisuudesta juutalaisuuden ja kommunismin saavutettua voiton vuonna 1945 ja käytti loppuelämänsä ja suuren osan merkittävästä omaisuudestaan (ainakin 2,5 miljoonaa dollaria), paljastaakseen juutalaisen tyrannian, jonka varjo oli kietonut jo Yhdysvallatkin sisäänsä.
Freedman tiesi mistä puhui, koska oli ollut itsekin sisällä korkeimmissa juutalaispiireissä ja juutalaisissa järjestöissä sekä juutalaisten juonitteluissa hallita kansaamme Freedman tunsi henkilökohtaisesti Bernard Baruchin, Samuel Untermyerin, Woodrow Wilsonin, Franklin Rooseveltin, Joseph Kennedyn ja John F. Kennedyn, sekä monia muita aikamme muuttajia ja vaikuttajia. Tämä puhe pidettiin isänmaalliselle yleisölle vuonna 1961 Willard Hotellissa Washington D.C:ssä, Conde McGinleyn, erään sen ajan isänmaallisen lehden julkaisijan (Common Sensen) järjestämänä. Vaikka tästä laaja-alaisesta puheesta on tullut joiltakin pienemmiltä yksityiskohdiltaan vanhanaikainen, Freedmanin tärkein viesti meille -- hänen varoituksensa Lännelle -- on tärkeämpi ja ajankohtaisempi kuin koskaan ennen. --- K.A.S

...Täällä Yhdysvalloissa siionistit ja heidän uskonveljensä ovat ottaneet totaalisesti hallituksemme valtaansa. Asia on hyvin monimutkainen selittää tässä tänään, mutta vastaan mielelläni kysymyksiin, -- jotta näkisitte, että väittämäni pitää paikkansa -- siionistit ja heidän uskonveljensä hallitsevat näitä Amerikan Yhdysvaltoja niinkuin he olisivat tämän maan absoluuttisia monarkkeja.

Te varmasti ajattelette, että tuo on aika epämärääräisesti sanottu, mutta antakaa minun selittää, mitä tapahtui kun te olitte vielä... tai paremmin sanottuna, ME kaikki olimme unessa. Lasken mukaan myös itseni. ME olimme kaikki unessa. Mitä todella tapahtui?

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Siionin Viisaiden Pöytäkirjat

The following item is a Finnish translation of "the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" . Also available in English, and Swedish (with introduction)

1. Puhukaamme asioista juurtajaksain, keskustelkaamme mutkattomasti ja ilman tyhjänpäiväisiä
lauseparsia sekä valaiskaamme jokaista yksityiskohtaa vertauksin ja johtopäätöksiä tekemällä.

2. Tämän vuoksi haluan esittää järjestelmämme sekä meidän että ei-juutalaisten näkökannalta katsoen.

3. Meidän on aina muistettava, että sellaisia ihmisiä, joilla on huonot vaistot, on olemassa paljon enemmän kuin sellaisia, joiden luonnetta hyvät ominaisuudet hallitsevat. Sentähden valtionhallinnossa saavutetaan parempia tuloksia väkivallan ja häikäilemättömyyden
kuin akateemisten väittelyiden avulla. Jokainen ihminen pyrkii valtaan, jokainen haluaisi itsevaltiaaksi, jos vain siihen pystyisi, ja useimmat olisivat valmiit uhraamaan omien etujensa hyväksi kaikkien muitten edut.


4. Mikä on pitänyt aisoissa ne villieläimet, joita nimitetään ihmisiksi? Mikä heitä on tähän saakka johtanut?

5. Yhteiskuntaelämän alkuasteilla he alistuvat raa'an ja sokean voiman alaisiksi, myöhemmin taas lakiin, joka on samaa voimaa, vaikkakin peitetyssä muodossa. Tästä teen sen johtopäätöksen, että luonnonlain mukaan voima on oikeutta.

Maailman Yhdentyminen

Kirjassa "Maailman Yhdentyminen" on hyvin selitetty eräitä asioita Uudesta Maailmanjärjestyksestä / NWO:sta ja sen rakenteesta. Lopussa tosin on eräitä asioita jotka Pekka Lahtinen selittää väärin, ja asioita mistä on hyvin vaikeata tietää onko ne niin vai ei. Pekka Lahtinen, kuten niin moni n.s kristitty uskoo valitettavasti siihen, että riittää että uskoo että Jesus Kristus on pelastaja, niin on pelastettu! Niin helppoa se ei ole, täytyy oppia eläämään niinkun Hän, ja noudattaa lakia:

17 "Älkää luulko, että minä olen tullut Lakia tai profeettoja kumoamaan. En minä ole tullut kumoamaan, vaan toteuttamaan. 18 Totisesti: Laista ei häviä yksikään kirjain, ei pieninkään piirto, ennen kuin taivas ja maa katoavat, ennen kuin kaikki on tapahtunut. 19 Sitä, joka jättää laista pois yhdenkin käskyn, vaikkapa kaikkein vähäisimmän, ja siten opettaa, kutsutaan taivasten valtakunnassa vähäisimmäksi. Mutta sitä, joka noudattaa lakia ja niin opettaa, kutsutaan taivasten valtakunnassa suureksi. 20 Minä sanon teille: ellette te noudata Jumalan tahtoa paljon paremmin kuin lainopettajat ja fariseukset, te ette pääse taivasten valtakuntaan.

Hän ei tarkoita Suomen lakia, eikä USA:n tai EU:n lakia, hän tarkoittaa Jumalan Lakia (Torah). Tämä, ja paljon muuta, esm. mitä Uudelleensyntyminen oikeasti tarkoittaa, on selitetty kirjassa The Way Home or face The Fire, jonka saa täältä: ja joka nyt on saatavana ilmaiseksi PDF muodossa tässä:


Kirja poistettu Pekka Lahtisten pyynnöstä.
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CDC Finds No Proof Gun Laws Curb Violence

Since violence is an inate factor of human behavior (and not all violence is inherently bad or evil - some, like defensive violence to resist attack, is obviously justified) and guns are merely an inanimate tool, why should this come as any surprise?

Especially since Canada - that bastion of p.c. gun-registration and gun-banning - is now reporting that more people in Canada were killed with knives than with guns in 2002.... and that homicides in Canada are up...

Fruits of his labour

Please bear in mind that the reality is that Peter is not in heaven, but still on Earth in another body, as is explained in "The Way home or face The Fire", available from:-

While walking down the street one day, George "Dubya" Bush is shot by a disgruntled NRA member. His soularrives in heaven and he is met by St. Peter at the Pearly Gates.

"Welcome to Heaven," says St. Peter. "Before you settle in, it seems there is a problem: We seldom see a Republican around these parts, so we're not sure what to do with you."

"No problem, just let me in; I'm a believer." says Dubya.

"I'd like to just let you in, but I have orders from the Man Himself: He says you have to spend one day in Hell and one day in Heaven. Then you must choose where you'll live for eternity."

"But, I've already made up my mind; I want to be in Heaven."

"I'm sorry, but we have our rules." And with that, St. Peter escorts him to an elevator and he goes down, down, down, all the way to Hell.

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Eminent Domain

To All,

Most of you in my group are aware of allodial title or "land patents" (referred to "patients" below). The following is written by Big Al. You may not be aware of Big Al but I can vouch for his research. He's been at this A LOT of years.

It is true.., we are unable to own anything.., including our labor. Your children's labor has been sold down 13 generations as we spend further into debt every second with debt instruments we have been dumbed-down into believing is "money". NOT!! They are IOU's to the international money changers.

We claim we are a "Christian nation" and therefore "God's Children" BUT, we live under this system of fraud rather than God's Laws. Most WON'T wake up and learn because they would find out what selfish cowards they are. I sure hope you aren't one of those.

Please see the exposé below regarding our inability to own property. If you REALLY think you own your property.., stop paying "their" use fees called taxes and see who comes and takes "your property" from you. We're so DUMB we don't know what "own" or "free" means.

There is ONLY one way out of this horror. Learn God's Laws (The First Five Books of The Bible), reinstate them and keep them by enforcing them. To get back to that.., there is "THE PLAN" at It is God's Plan.  His Will will be done on earth as it is in Heaven with or without you. If it is without you.., I am very sad for you. You haven't "picked a side" yet if you aren't actively doing what you can to help reinstate Father's Laws. You know that when Jesus comes back (at least I hope you know), He is coming with a SWORD. And you are either with Him or against Him. But I can guarantee you.., He won't be coming to reinstate the CON-stitution or Bill of Rights. He will reinstate Father's Laws.., so if you intend to SURVIVE what is almost upon us.., you'd better start "boning up" on the First Five Books of The Bible and forget all the other junk we've all been fed.

Long live The Fighters for God,

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Israel accused of starving West Bank

Israel accused of starving West Bank
New York |By Charles Laurence and Kim Willsher | 05-10-2003

A United Nations report which blames Israel for causing starvation in Gaza and the West Bank has prompted a furious diplomatic row with the Israeli government of Ariel Sharon.

The leaked report by Jean Ziegler, a Swiss sociologist and UN special envoy, blames Israel's security policies for "collective punishment" of the Palestinians. Ziegler spent 10 days in the occupied territories in July and was due to present his report to the UN General Assembly in New York on November 18.

Why you should not vote

Matthew 12:25  ...and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:

To All,

Unless I am missing something.., God's System of Government is a "One Party" system. That we vote in the beast system shows we are ignorant or are supportive of Satan's system.


It's illegal according to God. What better reason do you need?

Deuteronomy 5:32 Ye shall observe to do therefore as the "I AM" your God hath commanded you: ye shall not turn aside to the right hand (Republic-rat, CONservative, etc.) or to the left (Democ-rat, Labour, Communism, etc.).
5:33 Ye shall walk in all the ways which the "I AM" your God hath commanded you, that ye may live, and [that it may be] well with you, and [that] ye may prolong [your] days in the land which ye shall possess.
6:1 Now these [are] the Commandments, the Statutes, and the Judgments, which the "I AM" your God commanded to teach you, that ye might do [them] in the land where ye go to possess it -from The King of kings' Bible

Deuteronomy 17:11 According to The Sentence of The Law which they shall teach thee, and according to the Judgment which they shall tell thee, thou shalt do: thou shalt not decline to do The Sentence which they shall show thee, and turn not away from it [to] the right hand, nor [to] the left.
17:12 And the man that will do presumptuously, and will not hearken unto the priest that standeth to minister there before the "I AM" thy God, or unto the judge, even that man shall die: and thou shalt put away the evil from Israel.
17:13 And all the people shall hear, and fear, and do no more presumptuously (in thinking they are a law unto themselves). The King of kings' Bible

Why you should not vote

Rigged computers plus corrupt candidates equal no freedom

By John Kaminski
skylax [at] comcast [dot] net

Here's a simple message vital to the future of the human species that a majority of Americans will have no trouble heeding - Don't vote. Repeat: Do not vote, under any circumstances.    

How's that for a counterintuitive proposition? Don't vote and you just might, one day, regain your free country. If you do choose to cast a vote, chances are excellent that you won't ever see freedom again, because by voting, you simply a reinforce a system totally polluted by money and corruption that ultimately has nobody's best interests at heart.    

Why would you cast a ballot when fascist controlled electronic voting companies conceal from the public proprietary software that allows them to change vote totals in any way they wish, as the 2002 midterm elections in Minnesota, Georgia, Texas, Alabama and other states so blatantly demonstrated?    

Never mind that criminal Katherine Harris gambit in 2000 when she personally disenfranchised more than 90,000 legitimate voters, allowing George W. Bush to embark on his pathological crusade to obliterate the world in order to enrich his friends with lucrative no-bid contracts that destroy the American economy.    

The real point is that your vote counts for precisely nothing if some politically motivated computer geek can whimsically change the ballot box totals at the end of the night. Evidence of this activity is now overwhelming. That's what has happened in the last two elections, and that's what will happen in 2004.    

So why would you bother to vote?    

Then the real question becomes: What if they held an election and nobody voted? What would happen then?    

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Oil and gas running out much faster than expected

Oil and gas running out much faster than expected, says study
By Charles Arthur, Technology Editor 02 October 2003

World oil and gas supplies are heading for a "production crunch" sometime
between 2010 and 2020 when they cannot meet supply, because global reserves
are 80 per cent smaller than had been thought, new forecasts suggest.

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Freemason 'closed shop' blocked me, says barrister

Aug 20, 2003

Martin Shipton, The Western Mail

A BARRISTER claims his application to become a judge has been turned down because he is not a freemason.

Roger Everest says he was told 30 years ago that he would never get on in the legal profession after turning down an invitation to join the Dinas Llandaff lodge of the Freemasons in Cardiff.

Makow - Did Rothschild Write The Protocols Of Zion?

Henry Makow Ph.D. is the inventor of the board game Scruples and the author of "A Long Way to go for a Date." His past articles on feminism and the new world order can be found at his web site He welcomes your comments at henry [at] savethemales [dot] ca

RePortersNotebook memo: He is a professor of philosophy. He is Jewish. Teaches in Canada. He really believes "The Protocols Of Zion" is to be taken seriously. What do you think?

Lucifer Triumphant, Mankind Enslaved

Many people think "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is anti Semitic "hate literature" and a fraud. Nobel Prize winner Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote that the book exhibits "the mind of genius." This is pretty unusual for a fraud. Solzhenitsyn said it exhibits "great strength of thought and insight...Its design...(increasing freedom and liberalism, which is terminated in social cataclysm) well above the abilities of an ordinary mind...It is more complicated than a nuclear bomb."

I'm afraid Protocols may be genuine.

They are lectures addressed to Jewish Luciferians (Illuminati, Freemasons) detailing an incredible plan to overthrow western civilization, subjugate mankind, and concentrate "all the wealth of the our hands." The book, typical of similar Illuminati documents, was leaked to the Czarist Secret police and published in Russia in 1905. The issue of anti Semitism diverts attention from this plot which has been unfolding for over 200 years and is behind world government, September 11, Iraq, Homeland Security and the bogus "War on Terror." FAIT ACCOMPLI The plotters control the world's wealth. Their multinational corporations have Freemason symbols for logos. Shell and Citibank have the rising sun; Exxon the double cross, CBS and Time Warner the eye of Horus; Alcan and AOL, the circle in the triangle. The mass media, education and politics all create an illusion of democracy in order to control and defraud humanity. The Great Seal of the United States reflects the unhappy truth. It is also a Freemason symbol and bears the inscription "We have achieved New World Order." Almost all American Presidents including George W. Bush are freemasons or Illuminati. 


Matthew 24:7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against
kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in
diverse places.
24:8 All these [are] the beginning of sorrows.

Guest Commentary

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Sale of forests to private loggers could create (a global) ecological crisis

It's Europe's lungs and home to many rare species. But to Russia it's
?100bn of wood

Nick Paton Walsh in Moscow Friday September 19, 2003

A plan by the Kremlin which would allow Moscow to sell off the 843m
hectares of Russia's forests to private logging companies has raised fears
of an ecological disaster. Forest makes up 70% of Russia's territory and
spans 12 time zones. It is known as Europe's lungs and is second only to

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More Examples Of Zionist Racism - What non-Jews Are Up Against

From Hugh Joseph

"One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail."
--Rabbi Yaacov Perrin, Feb. 27, 1994
"Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it."
-- Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001, to Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.
In 1923, radical Zionist Ze'ev Jabotinsky-- spiritual father of not only of Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin but of Brooklyn Rabbi Meir Kahane-- wrote that the "sole way" for Jews to deal with Arabs in Palestine was through "total avoidance of all attempts to arrive at a settlement"-which Jabotinsky euphemistically termed the "iron wall" approach. Not coincidentally, a picture of Jabotinsky graces Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's desk. Source: The Village Voice, "Death Wish in the Holy Land," Dec. 12, 2001
During a sermon preceding the 2001 Passover holiday, the influential Israeli Rabbi Ovadia Yosef exclaimed: "May the Holy Name visit retribution on the Arab heads, and cause their seed to be lost, and annihilate them." He added: "It is forbidden to have pity on them. We must give them missiles with relish, annihilate them. Evil ones, damnable ones." Source: Ha'aretz April 12, 2001
"We declare openly that the Arabs have no right to settle on even one centimeter of Eretz Israel...Force is all they do or ever will understand. We shall use the ultimate force until the Palestinians come crawling to us on all fours."-Rafael Eitan, chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces, quoted in Yediot Ahronot, April 13, 1983, and The New York Times, April 14, 1983.
"[The Palestinians] are beasts walking on two legs."-Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, speech to the Knesset, quoted in Amnon Kapeliouk, "Begin and the 'Beasts,"' New Statesman, June 25,1982.
"We must do everything to ensure they [the Palestinian refugees] never do return."-David Ben-Gurion, in his diary, July 18, 1948, quoted in Michael Bar Zohar's "Ben-Gurion: the Armed Prophet," Prentice-Hall, 1967, p. 157.
"We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population."-Israel Koenig, "The Koenig Memorandum."

Rev. Billy Graham Exposed: One-World Aspirations


from Research of Fritz Springmeyer

Some of the areas that Billy Graham deviates from Scripture are as follows:

He is on public record supporting homosexuality, abortion, his disbelief in a literal hell [which is where we are now], his support and practice of infant baptism to save children, his support for the Catholic church's worship of Mary (yet he calls himself a Protestant). He has repeatedly praised infidels and apostates as great Christians. He actively supported the American government policy to fight the Vietnam War. He would not challenge the idea that the Bible is mythology, when directly questioned. The deception doesn't stop with the Protestants, Catholic supporters have been kept in the dark about his abortion views. The deception goes way beyond Protestant, Catholic beliefs.

The fact that he is a priest shows that he does not work for God. Please study the following links thorougly.

Matthew 6:5-8 And when thou prayest, thou shalt NOT be as the hypocrites [ARE]: for they love to pray standing in the churches and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.
But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and WHEN THOU HAST SHUT THY DOOR, pray to thy Father in private (Enoch 56:5; Sura 7:55); and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.
But when ye pray, use NOT vain repetitions, as the heathen [DO]: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.
Be NOT ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, BEFORE ye ask Him.

Matthew 23:8 But be NOT ye called rabbi; priest; imam (etc.): for ONE is your Teacher, [even] Christ; and all ye are brethren.

Attack on children's cartoon sex guide

"To achieve One World Government it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, their loyalty to family traditions and national identification."

- Brock Chisholm, when director of UN World Health Organisation

Attack on children's cartoon sex guide

By Sarah Womack, Social Affairs Correspondent

(Filed: 27/09/2003)

A cartoon booklet showing primary school children how to pleasure themselves sexually was published yesterday by a Government-funded charity.

The controversial guide includes a cartoon of a girl apparently masturbating in the bath, and says it is "totally normal" to be attracted to people of the same sex.

The controversial guide There are also diagrams showing where the clitoris is in the Family Planning Association leaflet, entitled 4You.

Teachers, family values campaigners and educationalists said the guide was inappropriate for its target age group of nine to 11-year- olds.

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Beware of China

King of kings' Bible - Revelation 16:12 And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great River Euphrates; and the "water" thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the East (eastern block) might be prepared. 



Over 3,000 companies in the United States are controlled by China's powerful Secret Intelligence Service (CSIS). Hundreds of Chinese intelligence officers and their well-paid informers are operating through the companies within this country.

Next to terrorism, the threat they pose is now regarded by the FBI as the most serious since the Soviet Union and Jonathan Pollard plundered America's defence secrets.

The revelations are contained in a briefing paper which FBI director, Robert Mueller, presented to a Congressional Committee last month. Despite the undoubted gravity of the report, it has virtually gone unreported by the mainstream media and the networks.

David Szady, FBI assistant director for counter-intelligence has categorised the situation as a "most grave and present danger". He added, "left unchecked, such a situation could greatly undermine US national security and US military and economic advantage. The Chinese have figured out that what they want."

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Israel A Danger

What country in the Middle East occupies the lands of other people?<?/p> What country in the Middle East is in violation of more than 60 United Nations resolutions? What country in the Middle East openly practices a policy of assassinating its political opponents? What country in the Middle East routinely violates international law? What country in the Middle East possesses nuclear weapons, refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and refuses to allow international inspection of its nuclear facilities?

The answer to all of the above is Israel.

And here's one more question: What country in the world poses the greatest danger to the future of the United States?

Same answer: Israel.

OK, I know that sounds shocking. How could a little country the size of New Jersey pose any threat to the United States? Well, how could a little country drain more than $100 billion from the U.S. Treasury? How could a little country attack and try to sink a U.S. Navy ship in international waters and avoid any kind of congressional investigation? How can a little country openly brag to third parties that it controls the U.S. Congress? And partner, Israel does.

Definition Of Globalization?

Simply put, "globalisation" is a euphemism for international socialism, or if you like, international communism. Camouflaged, to a degree, and done through large corporations, rather than through socialist governments, in order to fool the plebs. Introduced by degrees, * incrementally, a little bit at a time, so that the plebs don't wake up. Slowlee, slowlee, catchee monkee!. Johnny Howard is up to his neck in it!

- Brian McDermott

* Incrementalism is Fabianism the method used by the Illuminati:

What is the truest definition of Globalization?

Answer: Princess Diana's death.

Question: How come?

Answer: An English princess with an Egyptian boyfriend crashes in a French tunnel, driving a German car with a Dutch engine, driven by a Belgian who was drunk on Scottish whiskey, followed closely by Italian Paparazzi, on Japanese motorcycles, treated by an American doctor, using Brazilian medicines!

And this is sent to you by a Greek, who lives in Canada, using American technology, and you're probably reading this on one of the IBM clones, that use Taiwanese made chips, and a Korean made monitor, assembled by Bangladeshi workers in a Singapore plant, transported by trucks driven by Indians, hijacked by Indonesians, unloaded by Sicilian longshoremen, trucked by Mexican illegals, and finally sold to you by Jews.

That, my friend, is Globalization!!!

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan:-

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Unfolding the Rose

A young, new preacher was walking with an older, more seasoned preacher in the garden one day. Feeling a bit insecure about what God had forhim to do, he was asking the older preacher for some advice. The olderpreacher walked up to a rose bush and handed the young preacher a rosebud and told him to open it without tearing any of the petals.

The young preacher looked in disbelief at the older preacher and was trying to figure out what a rosebud could possibly have to do with his wanting to know the will of God for his life and ministry. But, because of his great respect for the older preacher, he proceeded to try andunfold the rosebud while keeping every petal intact . . . It wasn't longbefore he realized how impossible this was to do. Noticing the youngpreacher's inability to unfold the rosebud without tearing it, the older preacher began to recite the following poem:

It is only a tiny rosebud
A flower of God's design;
But I cannot unfold the petals
With these clumsy hands of mine.

The secret of unfolding flowers
Is not known to such as I.
GOD opens this flower so sweetly,
Then, in my hands, they die.

If I cannot unfold a rosebud,
The flower of God's design,
Then how can I have the wisdom
To unfold this life of mine?

So, I'll trust in Him for leading
Each moment of my day.
I will look to Him for His guidance
Each step of the Pilgrim's Way.

The pathway that lies before me
Only my Heavenly Father knows.
I'll trust him to unfold the moments,
Just as He unfolds the rose.

They say it takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them, and an entire lifetime to forget them.
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