World Trade Center 911

U.S. Military Coordinated the 9/11 Attacks

by anonymous
September 4, 2004

As a former nuke weapons loader on supersonic "robotic" F111 swing-wing bombers in "US"AF (AKA New World Order's AF), and as a private pilot myself, I've seen a few strange things that made me instantly realize the Pentagon perpetrated "treason" as the "airliners" smashed into buildings on 911. Obviously, to anyone who does not live in the Star Trek Zone - only the "US" millitary could successfully coordinate such a scheme. It boggles the mind to even attempt to imagine the logistics required. It also required cooperation from all agencies of US government, the global media empires, the airlines and Wall Street's global bankers.

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911 - in Plane Site


Please note that 100777.com does not have the time to investigate the details of the 911 event. I´ve gathered various articles on the topic, and many may contain false information, even information designed to discredit the whole 911-truth movement.

The more important thing is to see the whole picture, and that we have been enslaved by the filthy rich elite/illuminati.

The Only Way to defeat the satanic New World Order, the elite who are behind the 911 event, is The Plan; http://i.am/jah/plan.htm


"A honey pot, in intelligence jargon, is a tempting source of information or 'dangle' that is set out to lure intended victims into a trap. Ultimately the honey pot is violently and maliciously discredited so as to destroy the credibility of anything stuck to it by association." (Michael Ruppert, "Crossing the Rubicon," p. 184)

also see




From Dave vonKleist, co-host of The Power Hour radio program & writer/producer of the album Will Someone Listen, and William Lewis, producer & director of American Freedom News, TruNews and Police State comes a full length documentary presented in a modern, stylish TV newsmagazine format. "In Plane Site" uses news footage from all of the major news sources in an in-depth analysis which shows that what was originally reported on the morning of September 11, 2001 is not what has become the official story of that day. Eyewitness accounts and live video feeds told the real story of 911 and they are presented now for the first time as evidence of the largest cover-up in modern day history. With the pounding force of a sledgehammer you will find yourself horrified and astonished at the shear scope of the largest transgressions ever carried out against the people of the United States and indeed... of the entire world. Powerful and convincing footage, shown only once, and never seen again. . . Until Now

More information here

Download and watch the first segment of this video on your computer.

View Realmedia clip here

Download high res movie with Bittorrent here


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The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested on 9/11

A Mossad surveillance team made quite a public spectacle of themselves on 9-11.

The Coincidence Theorist's Guide to 9/11

by: http://rigorousintuition.blogspot.com/2004/08/coincidence-theorists-guide-to-911.html

I posted an earlier version of this last week at Democratic Underground . I've added a number of more entries, and links for all.


Happy coincidenting!

That governments have permitted terrorist acts against their own people , and have even themselves been perpetrators in order to find strategic advantage is quite likely true, but this is the United States we're talking about.

That intelligence agencies, financiers, terrorists and narco-criminals have a long history together is well established, but the Nugan Hand Bank , BCCI , Banco Ambrosiano , the P2 Lodge , the CIA/Mafia anti-Castro/Kennedy alliance, Iran/Contra and the rest were a long time ago, so there's no need to rehash all that . That was then, this is now !

That Jonathan Bush's Riggs Bank has been found guilty of laundering terrorist funds and fined a US-record $25 million must embarrass his nephew George, but it's still no justification for leaping to paranoid conclusions.

That George Bush's brother Marvin sat on the board of the Kuwaiti-owned company which provided electronic security to the World Trade Centre, Dulles Airport and United Airlines means nothing more than you must admit those Bush boys have done alright for themselves.

That George Bush found success as a businessman only after the investment of Osama's brother Salem and reputed al Qaeda financier Khalid bin Mahfouz is just one of those things - one of those crazy things.

That Osama bin Laden is known to have been an asset of US foreign policy in no way implies he still is .

That al Qaeda was active in the Balkan conflict, fighting on the same side as the US as recently as 1999, while the US protected its cells, is merely one of history's little aberrations .

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9/11 - 'War of the Worlds'

This article by the Publisher of MER, Mark Bruzonsky*, appears in a European edition
  of Playboy Magazine this month (Oct 2001) and was completed on 17 September 2001:

 "This crusade, this war on terrorism, is going to take a while.  We will rid the world of the evil-doers." - President George W. Bush, 16 Sept

The United States of America will surely prevail in the new war of our worlds -- in the short term.

That is the case not because of any gods out there taking sides and not because of good or evil – metaphysical concepts both of the mismatched combatants constantly insist on invoking each within their own rich historical paradigms.  The sheer military might and technological superiority of the Americans, now fully engaged in the wake of the surreal events of 11 September 2001, is simply beyond the capabilities of anyone else on the planet to successfully resist -- in the short term.

In the case of America's new war, the full might of the USA is being mobilized not against the armies of other nation states, but against the fanatical descendants of a puritanical militant Islam whose calling has become relentless opposition to American hegemony and passionate assertion of their own quaintly medieval religious constructs.

This is hardly the next war that most anticipated since the Great Wars that decimated so much of Europe and Asia in the last century.  But radical as it may sound to many this is the war many in the American military-industrial establishment have been waiting to engage.

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An Evening In Pursuit Of The Truth

By Judy Andreas

Words cannot express what an inspiring, exciting event I attended on September 11, 2004 in New York City. It was called Confronting the Evidence: 911 and the Search for Truth.

My friends and I arrived at the Manhattan Center at 7:00, a full hour before the program. The streets were already full. The Manhattan Center must hold 1000 people and yet there were additional hundreds outside hoping for cancellations. This was a very good sign. Recently a Zogby poll stated that over 40% of New Yorkers do not believe the official story of the events that transpired on September 11, 2001. Several people believe that the 9/11 Commission should have been re-titled the 9/11 Omission as it was nothing more than a whitewash.
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Pentagon Strike

A well made flash about the 9/11 Pentagon attack

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Government Policy: Fear, Hatred, Bigotry, Oppression, Deceit

by Ron Beatty ronbeatty [at] sbcglobal [dot] net

Exclusive to TLE

As we begin the final run-up to the conventions and election day, I thought it might be interesting to note what our government policy is becoming or has become over the last three years.

Ever since that disastrous morning of 9/11/01, our government, under the direction of George W. Bush, the 'compassionate conservative', has deliberately engendered a state of fear in the American people. I believe that this was done for one purpose only, the aim of the current administration to establish a theocratic dictatorship, with George W. Bush as the HMFIC. George Bush himself, has admitted as much, if not in so many words: ie; "A dictatorship wouldn't be so bad, as long as I was the dictator" Another indicator is his statement that "god" wants him to be president, to carry out "god's" plans.

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Fahrenheit 911; The Other Half of the Story

From: http://www.freedomforceinternational.org/freedomcontent.cfm?fuseaction=f...

July 17, 2004 by G. Edward Griffin <griffin [at] realityzone [dot] com>

Last month, just four months before the 2004 presidential elections in the U.S., film producer, Michael Moore, released a feature-length documentary film entitled Fahrenheit 911. It was a powerful condemnation of the George W. Bush Administration with particular focus on the U.S. war in Iraq. Moore compiled an amazing collection of video clips showing Bush and key members of his Administration in off-guarded moments and in situations where a lack of sincerity was glaringly evident. The story that emerges shows the Bush family closely allied with Saudi princes and the bin Ladin Family in business ventures that profit from war production and from the vast oil reserves in the Middle East. It hammers hard on the human suffering caused by a war, not to destroy a terrorist stronghold, but to gain access to oil resources and provide lucrative government contracts. Moore's creative talent was applied with precision and resulted in what may become a new genre of political filmmaking. The effect was devastating to Bush and his supporters who were left with little defense except to claim that the production was biased and that certain statements were not correct.

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The 9/11 X-Files - A review of The New Pearl Harbor in the London Daily Mail

More evidence of why the ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the NWO mass-murderer perpetrators:-

Below is a great article recently published in the London Daily Mail . For those who don't know, this newspaper is not considered one of the UK's top papers, but neither is it a rag. It is read by millions, the majority of whom are blue-collar workers. The article describes in detail the amazing book The New Pearl Harbor , written by eminent theologian David Ray Griffin. This is the by far best book I've seen on the 9/11 cover-up. It has already woken up many, many thousands of people after having been on amazon.com's top 100 bestseller list for several weeks. It has even been given to all the commissioners 9/11 Independent Commission (though whether they read it or not is another question).  I can't recommend this book highly enough. You can order it at Amazon here.

The critical mass needed to create powerful, positive changes in this world is slowly awakening! Thanks for playing your part in this, and please continue to help by spreading the word!


The 9/11 X-Files - A review of The New Pearl Harbor
by Sue Reid
London Daily Mail

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The Most Outrageous Conspiracy Theory of Them All


It is blatently anti-semitic and totally stretches the bounds of believability (note that Arabs are Semites).

It goes something like this:

There is a massive Arab/Semite conspiracy to destabilize the West.

There is a gigantic network of Arab/Semite spies and agents throughout the world, at the beck and call of a BIG Semite called bin Laden.

Controlling this gigantic network of Semite spies and agents from a cave in Afghanistan (while all the time under observation by the CIA and friends (who have produced tapes of this master plotter conversing with his mother)) bin Laden manages to destroy the two largest commercial buildings in the USA and put a significant dent in the Pentagon.

Not only this, but he is cunningly able to stand-down the United States Air Force, thus permitting this immense destruction to occur without airforce interference, which would have otherwise quickly laid waste to his plans. Such an achiever.

And not only this, but in order to sow confusion among his enemies, he publicly, and repeatedly, denies any involvement whatsoever in this amazing achievement. Such a man.

Boggles the mind, doesn't it.

Only the maddest -- probably insane -- conspiracy theorists believe this dribble.

Seriously guys, some people actually believe this crap.

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Fahrenheit 9/11 surpasses all expectations

Dear friends,

Amazing news! Michael Moore's film "Fahrenheit 9/11" has surpassed all expectations at the box office in the 10 days since it opened. It was the nation's top film two weekends ago, and came in second over the July 4th holiday weekend. Both weekends it produced about $21 million in sales, so amazingly, the audience did not decrease from the first weekend! Almost 10 million Americans have already seen it. Many great things are happening in the world! Don't miss this most informative movie--and tell your friends, too. Read Michael Moore's engaging comments on all this below.

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Michael Moore Shills for Illuminati Bankers

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

July 04, 2004

moore.jpg "Fahrenheit 911" blames the Bushes and Saudis for 911 and Iraq and diverts our attention from the real masterminds.

In assigning responsibility for the Iraq debacle, there is not a single mention of Israel or neo conservative Jews.

Yet last year Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper trumpeted: "The war in Iraq was conceived by neo conservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish...This is no longer an academic exercise, one of them says. We are responsible for what is happening."

The neo conservative intellectuals are agents of the Illuminati Rothschild banking cartel. Its goal is to integrate the Middle East into the "new world order" at the expense of the U.S. soldier and taxpayer. Another term for this is "imperialism."

The Rothschild agents pulling Bush's strings included Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, William Kristol, Eliot Abrams and Charles Krauthammer. Only Wolfowitz received passing attention in Moore's film.

Richard Perle and Douglas Feith were members of a Likud party think tank that recommended in 1996 "Israel shape its strategic environment beginning with the removal of Sadaam Hussein."

The 9-11 attack was designed to mentally prepare Americans to be "shapers" of Israel's strategic environment in the Middle East. See also "The Zionist Roots of the War on Terror"


Elite Zionists (i.e. neo conservatives) control American perception as well as policy. This accounts for Michael Moore's wide distribution and publicity. You simply cannot be heard in the mainstream media unless you toe the Zionist line.

Bush-Kerry Scandal May Trigger "Military Coup" and "Overthrow of the U. S. Government"


From JAH:

I recently posted an article in which a Lebanese Arab stated that the men supposedly holding and threatening to kill Nick Berg were obviously (to an Arab who knows how Arabs dress) Americans dressed-up as and pretending to be Arabs.

The video supposedly showing Nick Berg being executed by beheading was also faked because the body being beheaded was obviously already dead, as there was no blood spurting from the Jugular and other veins, and the American authorities needed some propaganda to try to justify the torturing at Abu Ghraib and take people's minds off the torture stories.

The following article by Sherman Skolnick indicates that the Lebanese man was telling the truth.

This is yet more evidence of the NWO evil conspiracy and why the ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the criminal Satanic NWO elite:- http://i.am/jah/plan.htm

Time is running out:- http://i.am/jah/signs.htm



Bush-Kerry Scandal May Trigger "Military Coup" and "Overthrow of the U. S. Government"

by Sherman H. Skolnick

A spokesperson for the Bush Family has apparently been pleading with a major worldwide news organization, not to proceed with a story they have. The reason given? "Because it may trigger a military coup" and may cause "The Overthrow of the U. S. Government".

The explosive details may turn out to be the biggest scandal in the new millennium.

The news group has eyewitnesses, kept in security and so far concealed, already interviewed on videotape, who confirm that there was a joint pact and plot, in which George W. Bush and John F. Kerry participated. That this was done under the auspices of the super-secret satanic cult, operating under code number "322", the Skull & Bones Society, of which Bush and Kerry are members.

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The Real Evil-Doers

C. Hughes

I was wondering if your paper would print a guest commentary by myself on 9-11 esp. since M. Moore's movie is coming out.

I believe, through research, that our CIA, FBI and a few members of our government, were being led by the globalists to bomb Oklahoma and 9-11 in our country (9-11 was the most sophisticated terror attack to date, along with the propaganda.) There are over 600 factual errors with the government's story about 9-11

http://www.prisonplanet.com/911.html --

Most Europeans 60+% are in tune with the work of the globalist and their activities (they have been living it for hundreds of years.)

Just a few years ago it came out in the main stream media that MI5 was behind the war with Ireland and England. MI5 would secretly play both sides of the coin. When things were peaceful and "normal" they would  work with small cells and blow up a bus full of their own British children to get the war started up again. They would always provocateur (read provoke) things and use it to their means. Same thing with Mossad, they play both the Jewish and the Palestine sides of the same coin. To keep their military state legitimate and to control their territory. It's all about control.

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Alex & Me: Michael Moore's Better Half 'Dude, Where's the 9/11 Beef?'

The difference between Michael Moore and Alex Jones comes down to this:

Moore profits from 9/11 --with 20/10 hindsight-- after the event. Whereas, Jones predicted 9/11 --on air in July, 2001; made a better movie: '9/11: Road to Tyranny'; and virtually gives it away. (This movie is available here on 100777.com)

Moore's 'Fahrenheit 911' toys with the idea that 'they' Let It Happen On Purpose(LIHOP). That's the lame version of reality for the popcorn-brained illiterate left. With backing from the HollyCorp establishment, Moore will now make a bundle.

Jones' '9/11: 'Road To Tyranny' explains how 'they' MADE It Happen On Purpose(MIHOP). This dangerous notion gets no establishment nod or wink. And Jones is so focussed on the message -not the money- that he let's you copy the movie to educate others....

[follow link for complete article]
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9/11 Basic Questions + WRH 9/11 Index + Questions for Michael Moore.

- 9/11 - The Basic Questions - Questions for Michael Moore "Fahrenheit 9/11" is a powerful antiwar statement and needs to be supported for that reason. However, I would like to ask Michael Moore a few questions regarding his implication that Saudi Arabia was behind 9-11. - The Part of the Story Michael Moore Missed Let's take a look at the idea of Saudi Arabia as the perpetrator of 9-11. Why would they do it? What would they gain? and much more...
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Second Guessing Michael Moore

Let me start by saying that I have not seen Fahrenheit 9/11 yet, other than the trailer available online. And since Mr. Moore has not contacted me directly (not counting a nice email from one of his publicity people), I cannot speak to the film's contents....
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A Parable For Understanding 911

A Parable For Understanding 911
By Mark Robinowitz 07.06.2004

Imagine a hypothetical situation where a team of vicious thieves plots an exceptionally violent bank robbery in the downtown financial district of a major city. Numerous anomalies are noticed during the commission of this crime.

The bank tellers are not able to send out an alarm to the police even though banks have numerous hidden silent alarms for foiling robbery.

The police take an extraordinarily long amount of time to show up on the scene, despite an unblemished record of fast response to prior robberies.

The cops who do eventually respond are not dispatched from the nearest police station, but from a suburban police force many miles away that travels far below emergency speeds to intercept the robbers.

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Moore's Film 'Nothing New' - Alex Jones Was First 2 Yrs Ago

New York Post

Michael Moore's anti-Bush film "Fahrenheit 9/11" isn't even original.
Two years ago, "9/11: The Road to Tyranny," a real documentary by Alex Jones, had most of the "facts" Moore uses in his scatter-shot diatribe.
Jones, who is less interested in making money than the self-aggrandizing Moore, released his film for free on his Web site www.infowars.com, where it drew legions of new fans, including producer Curt Johnson, who is hiring Jones as a consultant on a political action thriller titled "Wake Up."

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9/11 Cover Stories

APRIL 13, 2004.

Judging by my email traffic and my surfing of alt. news sites, the current 9/11 cover stories are having an effect. I'm seeing fewer mentions of the evidence that 9/11 was an event FAR DIFFERENT from the one the official scenario portrays.

Well, this is what a cover story is FOR.

These days, it's all about whether a "well-intentioned" White House made "mistakes" in not paying closer attention to warnings about Al Qaida ops inside the US.
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911 Commission - Forgedda Boudit

By Jim Rarey
December 29, 2002

A cruel sham is being perpetrated on the American public and especially on the families of the victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon. One of the expectations of the public is that the Commission established to investigate the attacks will find out what the government (in particular intelligence agencies) knew prior to the attacks. However, both the restrictions on the Commission and the composition of its members are designed to prevent just that.

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Several members of the 9-11 Commission are CFR members

April 08, 2004

Few people realize the role in our government that the Council on Foreign Relations plays. This secret organization has over 4000 members who have infiltrated almost all important organizations in our country at the highest levels. For instance, 3 Supreme Court justices are CFR. The reason so little is known about CFR is that many key members of the media are members of this secret organization. They can't tell !

Click here to read Myron Fagan's excellent article on The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) ]

The late Admiral Chester Ward, who resigned from the CFR in disgust after being a member for 16 years, was not exaggerating when he charged that the group's agenda is to promote "disarmament and submergence of U.S. sovereignty and national independence into an all-powerful one-world government." The leadership of the group, he said, "is composed of the one-world-global-government ideologists - more respectfully referred to as the organized internationalists."

Admiral Ward's harsh assessment is more than justified.

The CFR has cut a sordid path through American history. But its dreadful record has not stopped it from gaining unprecedented power and influence. Author/journalist Richard Rovere (CFR) has aptly described the Council as "a sort of Presidium for that part of the Establishment that guides our destiny as a nation." It controls both major parties and has had a virtual lock-hold on the executive branch of the federal government since World War II.

In his 1979 memoir, With No Apologies, Senator Barry Goldwater noted: "When a new President comes on board, there is a great turnover in personnel but no change in policy. Example: During the Nixon years Henry Kissinger, CFR member and Nelson Rockefeller's protégé, was in charge of foreign policy. When Jimmy Carter was elected, Kissinger was replaced by Zbigniew Brzezinski, CFR member and David Rockefeller's protégé."

That pattern has continued. The Clinton administration was loaded with over 400 CFR members; the Bush team, it appears will match that. Top Bush picks such as Cheney, Powell, Rumsfeld, Rice, Zoellick, and Chao are all Pratt House veterans. One of the first persons Colin Powell officially received as Secretary of State was Frank Carlucci, who recently chaired the CFR's panel on restructuring the State Department. The party labels may have changed, but don't expect a substantive change in policies.

Bush & the Council for Revolution by William Jasper (The New American - Mar 12, 2001)

It is no surprise that the 911 Commission is loaded with CFR members:

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Strange reaction?

No Clue CNN – press conference
A reporter asks about Dean's comments that Bush had foreknowledge of 9-11, observe the strange reaction by puppet-Bush.
Looks like he hasn't briefed by his spin-doctors and has no clue whatsoever what to answer.

Source - The Dossier

Windows Media FileMpeg file (7,3 Mb)

Alternative download link

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Näillä sivuilla pyrin esittelemään kriittisen tutkimuksen ja journalismin tuloksia siitä mitä tapahtui Yhdysvalloissa 11.9.2001 Maailmaa järkyttänyttä terrori-iskua eivät toteuttaneet arabit. Suurin osa siitä, mitä meille on kerrottu tuon päivän tapahtumista on valhetta. Ihmisiä hallitaan pelon avulla. Meidän ei ole pakko alistua manipuloitaviksi. Rikokset tulee paljastaa, tapahtuivat ne sitten missä ilmansuunnassa tahansa.

The 9/11 "investigation"- sometimes priorities dictate

By Kerry Tomasi
Online Journal Contributing Writer

"My father's no different than any other powerful man. Like a senator or president."

"You know how naïve you sound? Senators and presidents don't have men killed".

"Oh. Who's being naïve, Kay?"—Michael Corleone in "The Godfather".

December 6, 2003—Suppose you were a detective assigned to investigate a rather brutal murder, one in which the victim had been tortured for several days prior to being killed.

At the scene of the crime you get what appears to be a lucky break—the suspect's wallet seems to have been 'carelessly' dropped. It contains his name, address, and phone number, and is someone you recognize as having connections to an organized crime family.

Problem is, you also find your name and address in there, as well as those of your children, grandchildren, and all of your nieces and nephews.

The message is quite clear, and your priorities dictate. You pocket the wallet, and any other evidence you happen upon, and the crime goes unsolved.

Now suppose you were a congressman assigned to investigate the 911 terrorist attacks. As you begin, it becomes apparent that certain members of the US government had conspired to allow the attacks to occur. In fact, it's just lying there, slightly below the surface, right out in the open. You immediately realize you're dealing with the kind of people who would—at the very least, and simply to further a political agenda—look the other way while 3,000 civilians were murdered.

And if that wasn't troubling enough, you then get a 'friendly' visit from someone you've never met before, inquiring into how well your daughter is doing at that overseas university in Dorm Room 305, and if your nephew made it into that prestigious preschool at 735 S. 4th Street in Atlanta.

You might even get a little note in the mail—laced with a powdery substance—just to help you sort things out in your head.

The message is quite clear, and your priorities dictate. When the "investigation" is complete, no governmental complicity in the crime is revealed.

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9/11 MEDIA ALERT: Press Ignores 9/11 Widow's Bush Treason Suit

Widow's Bush Treason Suit Vanishes in Blink of Media Eye
by W. David Kubiak

"The decision 'not to do the story' appears to be multiplying all over the nation." -- Fred Powledge, ACLU

"Whoever said `no news is good news,' was BADLY misinformed." -- Dan Rather

Think you're already amazed, alarmed or appalled enough by the state of US journalism today? Chew on this a while and think again.

Grieving New Hampshire widow who lost her man on 9/11 refuses the government's million dollar hush money payoff, studies the facts of the day for nearly two years, and comes to believe the White House "intentionally allowed 9/11 to happen" to launch a so-called "War on Terrorism" for personal and political gain.

She retains a prominent lawyer, a former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania, who served with distinction under both Democrats and Republicans and was once a strong candidate for the governor's seat.

The attorney files a 62-page complaint in federal district court (including 40 pages of prima facie evidence) charging that "President Bush and officials including, but not limited to Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Ashcroft and Tenet":

1.) had adequate foreknowledge of 911 yet failed to warn the county or attempt to prevent it;

2.) have since been covering up the truth of that day;

3.) have therefore abetted the murder of plaintiff's husband and violated the Constitution and multiple laws of the United States; and

4.) are thus being sued under the Civil RICO (Racketeering, Influence, and Corrupt Organization) Act for malfeasant conspiracy, obstruction of justice and wrongful death.

The suit text goes on to document the detailed forewarnings from foreign governments and FBI agents; the unprecedented delinquency of our air defense; the inexplicable half hour dawdle of our Commander in Chief at a primary school after hearing the nation was under deadly attack; the incessant invocation of national security and executive privilege to suppress the facts; and the obstruction of all subsequent efforts to investigate the disaster. It concludes that "compelling evidence will be presented in this case through discovery, subpoena power, and testimony [that] Defendants failed to act and prevent 9/11 knowing the attacks would lead to an 'International War on Terror' which would benefit Defendants both financially and politically."

Press releases detailing these explosive allegations are sent out to 3000 journalists in the print and broadcast media, and a press conference to announce the filing is held in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia on November 26th (commemorating the end of the first futile year of the independent National 9/11 Commission).

Imagine the world-churning implications of these charges. Imagine the furor if just one was proved true. Imagine the courage of this bribe-shunning widow and an eminent attorney with his rep on the line. Then imagine a press conference to which nobody came.

(Well, more precisely, imagine a press conference at which only FOX News appears, tapes for 40 minutes, and never airs an inch.)

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9/11 - Pure Coincidences?

"...Less than an hour before the WTC attacks Donald Rumsfeld told a congressional delegation that a "shocking" event would occur soon..."
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Think About It

There is no doubt that those in Washington are war criminals, but we can't have them arrested. The global military and police state apparatus that the Republican fascists have solidified makes them invulnerable to prosecution. All we can do is unite and vote these Gingrich clone human cockroach Republican human pigs out of office, once and for all. Maybe then we can start to heal the wounds that the Republican agenda has caused. -Willie Martin

You cannot VOTE them out of office because the two parties are the two wings of the same bird of prey.

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan

By John Kaminski
skylax [at] comcast [dot] net

On September 11, 2001, the most infamous day in American history, the tallest buildings in New York were not knocked down by airplanes hijacked by Arabs, they were destroyed by demolition charges.

This is no longer wild conspiracy theory, it is a series of provable facts, deftly presented on a website that every American should not only read but possibly memorize, so they can repeat it verbatim to every law enforcement officer in the country. The web site is located here.


Briefly synopsized, the site outlines a terrifying proposition: if the collapse of the Twin Towers were caused by demolition, the entire official story about that sad day collapses like the house of evil cards so many Americans and people around the world already suspect it is.

The site, WTC7.net, backs up its conclusions with a devastating play-by-play of what actually happened on 9/11, and what could not possibly have happened according to universally accepted engineering principles.

The official story collapses under scrutiny, the site insists. It lists five stunning assertions:

1. Fires have never destroyed steel buildings.
2. The collapses were not investigated.
3. The physical evidence was destroyed.
4. The official explanations are ludicrous.
5. The evidence indicates demolition.
6. Demolition is provable.

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911 The Road To Tyranny

The mainstream media is whitewashing and lying about what really happened on sept. 11. 911 The Road To Tyranny is shaking the foundations of Washinton DC as the most comprehensive and revealing documentary film covering what really happened on sept 11. and who stands to gain.

Duration: 2h 22min




Now available to download at:

The Internet Archive



Stream Realvideo version (47mb) (download)

purchase the DVD

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