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This site is supposed to contain one of the best breakdowns of the 9-11 demolitions, available, here


The Challenge.

We hear about pancake theory, and truss failure theory, and such like, but never in anything other than a vague notion of what exactly went on during the collapse.

So here is the challenge. I've published my theories on the Tower Demolition page and produced a narrative that fits the evidence. Now you can criticise the theory or the narrative as much as you like but If you want to replace it you have to improve on it. 
You can try out a part of the official version of you like but you have to show detail of how the various pieces of evidence can be accomodated. 
Tell me in detail how it collapsed, pancake, truss failure, mini nuke, EMP weapon, however you like.

If you want to take the challenge go to the Tower Demolition page. 

Will the real "junk scientists" please stand up. 

My E-mail address is gordonjross [at] yahoo [dot] com 

Please note that although I refer to my theory, the credit for discovery of these various facets of the collapse rests with many people from many sites on the web. All I have done is compile that work to show cause and effect of the various points raised. By putting my name to a compilation I am not assuming the credit that deservedly lies elsewhere. In a similar vein, I would welcome suggestions or comments, or photographs showing the evidence mentioned as well as other points of evidence that may exist. There is always room for improvement and I will continue to add to the site as I find clearer graphics and the time.



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Tower Demolition

Momentum Transfer in WTC


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911PHYSICS.CO.NR - A Scientific Investigation Into The 9/11 Attacks

911PHYSICS.CO.NR - Chris Morganti

A Member of Scholars For 9/11 Truth


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911 Mysteries

Untitled Document

Part 1 - Demolitions

The first 9/11 movie designed specifically for the mainstream audience, a theatrical quality movie-length DVD with a full original soundtrack that will rivet you to your seat and blast out of your home theatre system. Listen to what the 9/11 Superstars are saying:

  • David Ray Griffin "Excellent -- the best of the 9/11 movies."

  • Professor Steven Jones "WOW! is my reaction to this movie. With graphics and interviews, it provides great insight into demolitions and what really happened on 9/11/01."

  • James Fetzer "An outstanding contribution to understanding 9/11 -- simply superb."


Available on Google Video.
Bittorrent available here
Download available here or possibly here

911 Mysteries Website



Tall buildings shatter in 10 seconds, steel beams buckle as if crushed by Superman. A volcano of ash darkens the sky. Can jet fuel perform such a feat?



A 757 dives into the Pentagon, penetrating to its core. Invisible Arabs hijack airplanes, passengers make history and untraceable phone calls. “Elementary, my dear Watson. Let’s roll.”

NORAD’s fighter jets are everywhere but in the northeastern skies. The President reads a story of a goat with schoolchildren. Would Dick Tracy know the proper time to scramble?


PART 3: WHO BENEFITS (to come)

Stock trades and civil rights go haywire. An empire is born as citizens enjoy the perfect Big Sleep. Bogart did say, “All you owe the public is a good performance.” But who’s backstage?




Review by The French Connection

A woman in California named Sofia is invigorating the 9/11 movement with a truly new video, 911 Mysteries.

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"Lucky Larry" Silverstein

by unknown

You've got to be lucky to make $4 Billion killing on a 6-month investment of $124 Million

Larry Silverstein is the New York property tycoon who purchased (made a bid for) the entire WTC complex just 6 months prior to the 9/11 attacks. That was the first time in its 33-year history the complex had EVER changed ownership. (The bid for the lease to the World Trade Center was accepted on July 24, 2001)

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Was 9/11 an 'inside job'?

So why is nobody doing anything about it?

Why are people not up in arms enforcing The Plan? - http://i.am/jah/plan.htm



Thursday, August 3, 2006


More than a third of the American public suspects that federal officials assisted in the 9/11 terrorist attacks or took no action to stop them so the United States could go to war in the Middle East, according to a new Scripps Howard/Ohio University poll.

The national survey of 1,010 adults also found that anger against the federal government is at record levels, with 54 percent saying they "personally are more angry" at the government than they used to be. [also see https://100777.com/911/reality]

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Kriget mot terrorismen är ett bedrägeri

The following is an article in swedish concerning 9/11 which appeared in the public section of the Finnish newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet.

av Mikael Böök

http://blogi.kaapeli.fi/book/49 (samt HBL insändare 30.07.06)

Precisionsbombningen av FN-basen i Khiam var inget "grovt, tragiskt misstag" (Björn Månsson, Hbl 27.7.07). utan en signal från Israels regering att man inte vill se någon ytterligare militär FN-insats i Libanon. I stället önskar Israels regering att NATO-trupper ska installera sig där.

The Age of Synthetic Terror

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous N.W.O. Zion-Nazi mass-murder, inside-job perpetrators of OKC, 911, 7/7/2005 and the phoney War on Terror:- http://i.am/jah/plan.htm

Time is running out:- http://i.am/jah/signs.htm


April 5th, 2006 (Physics911.net) - The evidence is in, the analyses have been made, and conclusions have been drawn by scientists, engineers and other experts: the so-called terror attacks of September 11, 2001 were faked. There is, moreover, independent evidence from multiple and credible sources that Al Qaeda is the creation of western intelligence agencies.

If you have any questions concerning these assertions, visit http://www.physics911.net

The Scientific Panel Investigating Nine-Eleven has formed around this website. The Panel consists of over thirty experts in the fields of science, engineering, architecture, intelligence, the military, medicine, Islamic studies and other disciplines. The members are willing to stand up and be counted, even the ones with the highest public profiles. You will find them listed on this page: http://physics911.net/spine.htm.

Of course, the Physics 911 website is hardly alone in cyberspace. There are now literally hundreds of skeptical websites on the internet (with only a handful of dissenting sites defending the official story). There are other working groups with websites, as well, not to mention thousands of people doing their own inquiries into 911, and millions of people skeptical of the official story (including 48% of New Yorkers, according to a Zogby poll taken in 2005).

We are now living in what has been called the Age of Synthetic Terror. In contrast to the corporate media line, "terrorism" is the brainchild and product of western intelligence agencies. Its purpose is to foment domestic anger at Muslims in order to justify a program of a) invasion of sovereign nations, b) seizure of their oil resources, c) mass murder designed to look like sectarian violence, d) establishing permanent military bases and e) the installation of puppet governments in the countries so affected.

It follows that the mass murder of 9/11, blamed on Arab/Muslim patsies, was but the opening scene of a drama that would have many acts, with hundreds of thousands of murders to follow.

There is one and only one way to bring this program of synthetic terror to an end. The knowledge that we have acquired must be made public and made public soon. The next massive military operation may be against Iran. Such an attack would require a triggering episode in which a handful of Muslims, Iranian this time, would be blamed for the bombing of a western target, possibly involving a nuclear device, given the (pretended) concern over Iran's nuclear program. (Think Iraq. Think WMDs.)

How long will it take members of the corporate media to break free with this story? Their colleagues may be unaware that the country of Venezuela has undertaken an international inquiry into 9/11. They may be unaware that Charlie Sheen's allegations are but the tip of an iceberg or unaware of the deception in Iraq or that the Osama tapes are faked.

The story is yours.

A. K. Dewdney, PhD
Coordinator Scientific Panel Investigating Nine-Eleven


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Murdoch's Jewish Roots


By Christopher Bollyn – American Free Press
Christopher Bollyn is an investigative journalist for Washington-based American Free Press.

Murdoch “became an American citizen for business reasons,” according to Richard H. Curtiss, editor of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. Keith Rupert was born in Melbourne, Australia, on March 11, 1931. “Rupert’s father, Sir Keith Murdoch, was a newspaper publisher, and his mother an Orthodox (counterfeit-)Jew,” Curtiss wrote, “although Murdoch never offers that information in his biographies.”

Do you think the powers-that-be are purposely blowing the 9/11 cover?

In the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, part of their plan leading to its fulfillment is the discrediting of politicians, so they can bring in their false messiah.

We are quite possibly in that final stage now. They could not have picked a better stooge for this than Shrub.


Protocol 10 – Preparing for Power

16. The president will, at our discretion, interpret the sense of such of the existing laws as admit of various interpretation; he will further annul them when we indicate to him the necessity to do so, besides this, he will have the right to propose temporary laws, and even new departures in the government constitutional working, the pretext, both for the one and the other, being the requirements for the supreme welfare of the State.

17. By such measure we shall obtain the power of destroying, little by little, step by step, all; that at the outset, when we enter on our rights, we are compelled to introduce into the constitutions of States; to prepare for the transition to an imperceptible abolition of every kind of constitution, and then the time is come to turn every form of government into our despotism.

18. The recognition of our despot may also come before the destruction of the constitution; the moment for this recognition will come when the peoples, utterly wearied by the irregularities and incompetence – a matter which we shall arrange for – of their rulers, will clamour: "Away with them and give us one king over all the Earth who will unite us and annihilate the causes of disorders – frontiers; nationalities; religions; State debts – who will give us peace and quiet which we cannot find under our rulers and representatives."

19. But you yourselves know perfectly well, that to produce the possibility of the expression of such wishes, by all the nations, it is indispensable, to trouble, in all countries, the people's relations with their governments, so as to utterly exhaust humanity with dissension; hatred; struggle; envy and even by the use of torture; by starvation; by the inoculation of disease; by want, so that the goyim see no other course open to them than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and in all else.

20. But if we give the nations of the world a breathing-space the moment we long for is hardly likely ever to arrive.

Loose Change


"Loose Change 2nd Edition" is the follow-up to the most provocative 9-11 documentary on the market today.

This film shows direct connection between the attacks of September 11, 2001 and the United States government.

Evidence is derived from news footage, scientific fact, and most important, Americans who suffered through that tragic day.



Click here to view the complete movie



The complete movie can also be wiewed here (in your browser)


Download here (wmv format)



Bittorrent downloads awailable here:



with Swedish subtitles available here:



The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous N.W.O.
Zion-Nazi mass-murder, inside-job perpetrators of OKC, 911, 7/7/2005 and the
phoney War on Terror:- http://i.am/jah/plan.htm

Time is running out:- http://i.am/jah/signs.htm

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How to Spot a Terrorist

From: "Karl W B Schwarz"


The lesson today is how to define a terrorist, a matter that Washington, DC cannot come to grips with lest they spill the beans and the entire fallacy of the Global War on Terror be exposed as the fraud it is.

For our national leaders to be able to define a terrorist, all they would have to do is look into the mirror and be able to articulate what they see.

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Suomalaisen sotilasasiantuntijan kirjoituksia

Näissä asiakirjoissa käytetyt kuvat ovat tärkeitä todisteita 911 keskusteluun ja tiedon vaihtoon. Kirjoittaja lahjoittaa täydet oikeudet monistaa piirrosta ”Pommit WTC tornissa” sekä hänen kirjoituksiaan. Lukijaa rohkaistaan postittamaan, julkaisemaan ja massapostittamaan näitä asiakirjoja tai omia, paranneltuja muunnelmia näistä. Henkilökohtaisen turvallisuutensa vuoksi kirjoittaja on päättänyt pysyä anonyyminä.


Tämä artikkeli on peräisin täältä http://www.saunalahti.fi/wtc2001/military.htm.

An english version of this "Writings of a Finnish Military Expert on 9/11" is available here.



Pommit WTC tornissa

Pommiteknologian kehitys liittyen 911-operaatioihin

Minivetypommiin viittaavat havainnot

Sotilasasiantuntijan näkemys: miksi World Trade Centerin tornit sortuivat


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by JAH

Dear All,

Recently I have read reports that approximately 61% – 65% of Americans believe the truth/fact that 911 was an inside-job and that percentage is the majority of the nation.

Given that the majority know that it was an inside-job, one has to ask the question: Why are they not up in arms doing something about it?

There are two possible answers to the question:

1. They do not care.
2. They care, but don’t know what to do about it.

For approximately 5 years (IOW before 911), I and others have been publicising the ONLY solution, which is The Plan – http://i.am/jah/plan.htm – but have no way of knowing how many people we have managed to reach, and, out of those, how many have studied The Plan themselves.

I would like to think that the answer to my question is number 2 – that they care, but don’t know what to do about it - but it is starting to look, as time passes, that answer number 1 is the correct answer.

If we can work together individually to reach that 61% - 65% of Americans (who know that 911 was an inside-job) with The Plan, without spamming, and get them to study it, we can eliminate one of the possible answers. Once that 61% - 65% of Americans knows what they can do about it, individually and collectively, if they do not enforce The Plan then we know that number
1 is the correct answer and that there is absolutely no hope for America.

Alternatively, if we can reach that 61% - 65% with The Plan and even a small percentage of them decide to enforce The Plan, like the small percentage who fought the War of Independence, then there is still hope for America and the rest of mankind.

Seeing as it is so critically important that the N. W. O. Zion-Nazi traitors are stopped and that upon this all depends, don’t you think that you should all start helping to publicise The Plan to reach those people, before it is too late?

Long live the Fighters (for God),


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Second WTC Janitor Comes Forward With Eye-Witness Testimony Of 'Bomb-Like' Explosion in North Tower

The Only solution is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous N. W. O. Zionist mass-murder, inside-job perpetrators of 911 and the phoney War on Terror:- http://i.am/jah/plan.htm

Time is running out:- http://i.am/jah/signs.htm


Second WTC Janitor Comes Forward With Eye-Witness Testimony Of 'Bomb-Like' Explosion in North Tower



Posted on: 7/12/2005 7:10:00 AM - Columnist

By Greg Szymanski zzz

A second WTC maintenance worker has now come forward with eye-witness testimony that a massive explosion erupted in the lower levels of the north tower at approximately the same time the jetliner struck the tower's top floors.

Jose Sanchez, 45, of New Jersey in a never-released tape recorded statement made in early 2002 to William Rodriguez, the first WTC maintenance man to claim a bomb exploded in the north tower basement, said he heard what sounded like a "huge bomb," causing lights to flicker on and off, while he worked in a small sub-level 4 workshop.

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September 11 from 3 B.C. to 2001 A.D.

According to Hebrew scriptures September 11, 1999 was the 6,000th anniversary of Adam's creation, and year 1 on the Hebrew calendar.

Most other historic events between those 2,002 years (3 B. C. -1999 A. D.) involve either war or violence.

Following are the significant events of September 11 throughout history:

Sept. 11, 1297: William Wallace leads over 15,000 Scottish soldiers to victory over the English Army at the Battle of Stirling Bridge. Battle depicted in the film Braveheart.

Sept. 11, 1499: French forces take Milan, Italy, with little opposition. At that time Italy was comprised of regions with city states.

Sept. 11, 1609: Henry Hudson sails into New York harbor and discovers Manhattan Island and the mouth of the river later named in his honor - the Hudson River.

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Eye Witness Hears Explosions at WTC; Scientific Group SPINE Provides Sophisticated Analysis

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous N. W. O. Zionist mass-murder, inside-job perpetrators of 911 and the phoney War on Terror:- http://i.am/jah/plan.htm

Time is running out:- http://i.am/jah/signs.htm

http://www.lewisnews.com/article.asp? ID=105028

Eye Witness Hears Explosions at WTC; Scientific Group SPINE Provides Sophisticated Analysis Posted on: 6/20/2005 8:24:00 AM - Columnist By Greg Szymanski zzz

William Rodriguez heard a series of explosions rock the lower levels of the WTC minutes before the north tower came crashing down, establishing further evidence the building collapsed from a controlled demolition not burning jet fuel like the government contends.

His eye-witness account adds a "personal and human touch" to the growing number of critics of the official government story, which have included well-known scientists, engineers, professors and even a Labor Department economist from President Bush's first administration.

Rodriguez, a maintenance worker on duty the morning of 9/11 and one of the last to leave the building, is also the lead plaintiff in a federal RICO lawsuit filed against Bush and others, alleging conspiracy to commit murder and other crimes in the WTC deaths of more that 3,000.

The case, filed last November in a Philadelphia federal district court, recently was moved to New York in a change of venue after a government's motion to dismiss was overruled, allowing legal discovery to continue.

Rodriguez's attorney, Phil Berg of Philadelphia, said his client doesn't know all the answers behind the 9/11 government conspiracy, but is prepared to testify he heard strange explosions far below the jetliner's point of impact, indicating a controlled demolition.

Besides the explosions, Rodriguez also has provided testimony to the 9/11 Commission that he accidentally stumbled across one of the supposed 19 Arab hijackers inside the WTC several months before 9/11.

"I had just finished cleaning the bathroom and this guy asks me, 'Excuse me, how many public bathrooms are in this area?'" Rodriguez told the 9/11 Commission. "Coming from the school of the 1993 [Trade Center] bombing, I found it very strange. I didn't forget about it."

Rodriguez, declared a 9/11 hero for leading a number of people to safety before the collapse of the towers, claims he saw United Airlines Flight 175 hijacker Mohand Alshehri in June 2001, telling an FBI agent in the family center at Ground Zero about the incident a month after the attacks.

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Remembering The Lessons Of Germany's Past

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous N. W. O. Zionist mass-muder, inside-job perpetrators of 911 and the phoney War on Terror:- http://i.am/jah/plan.htm

Time is running out:- http://i.am/jah/signs.htm

Please see JAH's comments below about Chuck contradicting Christ.

Remembering The Lessons Of Germany's Past

By Chuck Baldwin June 17, 2005

For years, I struggled to comprehend how the good (sic*) people of Germany could allow someone such as Adolph Hitler to lead them into what became World War II. After all, before Hitler's rise to power, Germany had a rich Christian heritage. The Reformation out of the Dark Ages had its roots deeply imbedded in Germany and surrounding countries.

* Another commentator contradicting Christ by calling people good when Christ says that all people on Earth are evil and only God is good:-

King of kings' Bible - Matthew 7:9 Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone?
7:10 Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent?
7:11 If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask Him?
19:16 And, behold, one came and said unto him, Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have Eternal Life?
19:17 And he said unto him, Why callest thou ME good? [there is] none good but One, [that is], God: but if thou wilt enter into Life, keep the Commandments. http://i.am/jah/kofkad.htm

Furthermore, Germany has long produced some of the most intelligent and creative people on the planet! Many of the world's greatest engineers and scientists have come from Germany and Austria. When it comes to knowledge and education, the Germanic people take a back seat to no one.

How, then, could the good (sic - he's done it again), intelligent people of Germany follow and support someone such as Hitler? For years I struggled to find the answer to that puzzle. Now, I believe I understand.

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The shattered glass

( ... and the milk it spilled)

What if we what we thought was healthy was actually killing us?


By John Kaminski

The only sound in the darkness was the voice of a woman on the phone outlining her plans to awaken a sleeping citizenry with an accurate video version of the crime of the century. But when a man listens to a woman, he often doesn't hear her words, but instead drifts off into the uncharted narrative of his own dreams.

Fifty years ago I stood in the kitchen of my childhood. The giant glass of milk I always consumed before bedtime had accidentally crashed onto the kitchen floor, spewing a white Rorschach blot across the checkered linoleum. I loved milk, I told her. But her voice chided through the line: no adult animal drinks milk; it isn't healthy, because the excess protein putrefies in your digestive tract and catalyzes all manner of debilitating ailments.

So we learn what we thought was essential to our well-being may in reality be a recipe for needless misery, not to mention serious injury. This passing thought, this shattered glass in my memory, got me thinking about what we once learned was good and life-giving can with the right information lead to the realization that we are killing ourselves because we remain ignorant of basic facts.

King of kings' Bible - Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of My Knowledge: because thou hast rejected My Knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to Me: seeing thou hast forgotten The Law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.
4:7 As they were increased, so they sinned against Me: [therefore] will I change their glory into shame.
4:8 They eat up the sin of My people, and they set their heart on their inequity.
4:9 And there shall be, like people, like priest: and I will punish them for their ways, and reward them their doings.
4:10 For they shall eat, and not have enough: they shall commit whoredom, and shall not increase: because they have left off to take heed of the "I AM". http://i.am/jah/kofkad.htm

This evolving image coalesced in my mind as she talked about the need to convince people that 9/11 was really an inside job inflicted on the American people by our own leaders. Hence this thought: what we thought was good and pure can, without accurate information, actually be a poison that we eagerly and happily guzzle down.



I have long insisted that the heart-wrenching trauma that was 9/11 is the key to understanding both the past and the future of American history. If you choose to accept the official version of these horrible events, you are continuing to ingest a poison that has killed millions of innocent people, and will surely kill millions more.

Once you begin to contemplate the notion that our own leaders callously engineered the whole tragedy simply to advance their own greedy agenda, you open up a very unsettling window into the predatory behavior of the United States, both throughout its bloody, falsely reported history, and obviously also to a terrifying future of what America's power-mad leaders have planned for the rest of the world in the coming months and years.

Yet most Americans, willingly distracted by simpler concerns like children and bank accounts, cannot ‹ or will not ‹ see this, despite an avalanche of evidence that could, if we had an uncorrupted court system, convict thousands of rich and famous men of profoundly serious crimes.

Intellectually stunted by a one-size-fits-all educational system and constantly deceived by clown-like media that deliberately ignore certain negative events like fixed elections and toxic medicines, a majority of the American people simply cannot bring themselves to believe their leaders could be such cold-hearted villains, such sociopathic criminals.

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The Perfect Terrorist Plan To Level The Twin Towers Created In 1976

Greg Szymanski, American Free Press: The Perfect Terrorist Plan To Level The Twin Towers Created In 1976 . Our own U.S. Army devised a plan commissioned by Congress to bring down the WTC using commercial airliners and box cutters as weapons.


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CNN Reported No Plane Hit Pentagon.



Here is a video clip from CNN coverage on the morning of 9/11. CNN reporter Jamie McIntyre says he inspected the Pentagon site and it is obvious no plane crashed there.


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Ten Things We Learned About 911 In 2004

The eleventh should have been that the ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous N. W. O. Zionist mass-murder, inside-job perpetrators of 911 and the phoney War on Terror, but most people are very slow learners:- http://i.am/jah/plan.htm

Time is running out:- http://i.am/jah/signs.htm
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Is Al Qaeda Just a Bush Boogeyman?

by Robert Scheer
  The Los Angeles Times

  Tuesday 11 January 2005

  Is it conceivable that Al Qaeda, as defined by President Bush as the center of a vast and well-organized international terrorist conspiracy, does not exist?

  To even raise the question amid all the officially inspired hysteria is heretical, especially in the context of the U.S. media's supine acceptance of administration claims relating to national security. Yet a brilliant new BBC film produced by one of Britain's leading documentary filmmakers systematically challenges this and many other accepted articles of faith in the so-called war on terror.

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Real Genuine Fake Osama Confession

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What do the Statue of Liberty and WTC Towers have in common?

An architects' two cents worth:

The Statue of Liberty had to be repaired due to galvanic corrosion in air. Not what most think is possible but in ocean environments, very possible. Normally galvanic corrosion is only a factor in an electrolyte such as sea water and the stern drive on the boat - having steel and aluminum components - erodes, turns brittle and snap - it fails - if electrolytic grounding plates are not installed.

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Ten Questions for bin Laden

So, bin Laden supposedly admits to 9/11:

I guess people are starting to ask too many questions about the events of that day - what better way to throw folks off the scent than a 'confession from the accused'.

Okay, here's a few questions I'd like 'criminal mastermind' bin Laden to answer:

   1. Did he inform the CIA of his plans since pre-9/11 insider trading on UA and AA options lead to the highest ranks of the CIA?
  2. Did he ask FEMA to be in New York on 9/11?
  3. Did he tell Larry Silverstein to prepare WTC 7 for demolition on 9/11?

   4. Did he inform the Israelis of his plans?

   5. Did he stand down the USAF?

   6. Did he phone New York's authorities to inform them that the WTC was going to collapse?

   7. Did he plant explosives in the twin towers to ensure perfect collapses?

   8. Did he make provisions to ensure the investigation into the collapse of the twin towers was an underfunded farce

   9. Did he instruct President Bush to try and limit the scope of the 9/11 probe?

  10. Why didn't he know the identities of his 'hand-picked' hijackers?

Answers on a postcard please.
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America's Twin Towers

by Edgar J. Steele

October 22, 2004

"I apprehend no danger to our country from a foreign foe...Our destruction, should it come at all, will be from another quarter. From the inattention of the people to the concerns of their government, from their carelessness and negligence, I must confess that I do apprehend some danger. I fear that they may place too implicit a confidence in their public servants, and fail properly to scrutinize their conduct; that in this way they may be made the dupes of designing men, and become the instruments of their own undoing."
-- Daniel Webster, Works 1:403 (June 1, 1837)

"Government is like a baby: An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other."
-- Ronald Reagan

Last week http://www.conspiracypenpal.com/columns/left.htm I mentioned the Twin Towers, not the ones taken out in New York City, but the Twin Towering Deficits:   fiscal and foreign spending . I stated that the destruction, even death, resulting when those Twin Towers fall will far exceed what happened on 9/11.  The current Iraq war, which both Bush and Kerry have pledged to continue right on through calendar year 2005, has played no small part in both those deficits.

America's federal budget deficit (the amount of money our federal government spends in excess of its total receipts...think in terms of your ever-increasing credit card balances as an analogy) runs well over a half trillion dollars annually, with no reduction in sight.  Indeed, the rate of increase is, itself, increasing.  

An uptick in interest rates will devastate the federal budget, as tax receipts increasingly must be earmarked to interest payments for the national debt.  Defaulting on the debt is not an option, as that would destroy the dollar overnight. The now-inevitable cutback in federal spending and entitlement programs will lead to rioting in the streets (think LA's South-Central riot writ large... real large) and a worldwide economic depression that will cause us to start numbering our depressions, just like WWII did for the "Great War" (WWI).

America's balance of trade deficit (the amount by which American imports exceed her exports) also runs over a half trillion dollars annually, with no relief in sight unless and until a massive devaluation of the dollar occurs so as to make what little America still produces relatively attractive to the world market. Of course, that devaluation will precipitate a stock market crash of epic proportions and usher in Depression II.

Deciphering The 911 Distractions

The government's lies are obvious, but some skeptics are far more subtle...

By John Kaminski
skylax [at] comcast [dot] net

22.10 2004

People ask me about 9/11, understandably enough, since I've written many articles about it, and I do a lot of radio interviews - all for free - to try to warn people that the government's explanation is not true.

I invariably tell them that the most damning pieces of evidence are the government's own provable lies, which include the failure to conduct a legitimate investigation into the events of that tragic day, the instantaneous blaming of terrorists in caves in Afghanistan, and the preposterously phony commission that took its place in history along with the Warren Commission as a glaring political swindle.

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9-11 Gets Key Coverage in Washington Post and LA Times - Critical CIA Report Withheld

Dear friends,

More very encouraging news! The Washington Post on October 18th had an article which included the following paragraph:

From a podium on a wide granite landing on the memorial steps, former U.S. attorney general Ramsey Clark called for the impeachment of Bush for war crimes. Activists in the audience carried anti-Bush stickers and signs, and one of the most prominent banners on display was one declaring, "The Bush regime engineered 9-11."

The fact that the 9/11 banner is even mentioned is another major breakthrough! We're seeing 9/11 in the news more frequently now. The below article in the Los Angeles Times yesterday, Oct. 20th, is another great example. Reporter Robert Scheer discusses a crucial 9/11 report completed by the CIA in June which top officials are refusing to release. "The report found very senior-level officials responsible." We are reaching critical mass on this important issue, where the media is being forced to report these matters if they want to maintain any credibility. Thanks to all of you for helping to spread this vital news far and wide!

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