Momentum Transfer

This site is supposed to contain one of the best breakdowns of the 9-11 demolitions, available, here


The Challenge.

We hear about pancake theory, and truss failure theory, and such like, but never in anything other than a vague notion of what exactly went on during the collapse.

So here is the challenge. I've published my theories on the Tower Demolition page and produced a narrative that fits the evidence. Now you can criticise the theory or the narrative as much as you like but If you want to replace it you have to improve on it. 
You can try out a part of the official version of you like but you have to show detail of how the various pieces of evidence can be accomodated. 
Tell me in detail how it collapsed, pancake, truss failure, mini nuke, EMP weapon, however you like.

If you want to take the challenge go to the Tower Demolition page. 

Will the real "junk scientists" please stand up. 

My E-mail address is gordonjross [at] yahoo [dot] com 

Please note that although I refer to my theory, the credit for discovery of these various facets of the collapse rests with many people from many sites on the web. All I have done is compile that work to show cause and effect of the various points raised. By putting my name to a compilation I am not assuming the credit that deservedly lies elsewhere. In a similar vein, I would welcome suggestions or comments, or photographs showing the evidence mentioned as well as other points of evidence that may exist. There is always room for improvement and I will continue to add to the site as I find clearer graphics and the time.



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