How to Spot a Terrorist

From: "Karl W B Schwarz"


The lesson today is how to define a terrorist, a matter that Washington, DC cannot come to grips with lest they spill the beans and the entire fallacy of the Global War on Terror be exposed as the fraud it is.

For our national leaders to be able to define a terrorist, all they would have to do is look into the mirror and be able to articulate what they see.

Most have heard the stories of how Osama bin Laden was armed and fought in the Russian - Afghan War, by and on behalf of our CIA. There is as good possibility that Russia was attempting to get a pipeline right of way opened up to get the vast reserves of Caspian Basin oil and natural gas to the Arabian Sea. They had the same logistical problem that the U. S. and UK oil companies had in the Caspian Basin and why that Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline is so vital.

That pipeline would not even be necessary if the U. S. would normalize relations with Iran and quit the saber rattling. That way, the pipeline could come straight south from Turkmenistan through Iran to the ocean. Bridas Corporation already has a pipeline across Iran headed to the west, so maybe their foreign policies towards Iran are more in line with reality.

We have provided the People's Republic of China with nuclear enrichment technology (Magnaquench), Smart Bomb technology (Magnaquench) and even graciously agreed to fund them $5 billion to build the same type of nuclear power plants that we seek to deny Iran. You may recall a recent email update where I disclosed that Bush has agreed to fund $5 billion through the Export - Import Bank to the PRC for nuclear power plants so Bechtel and UK owned Westinghouse can make a lot of money at our risk and expense. Since China is sitting on a trade surplus with the US alone of about $500 billion it makes one wonder why Bush wants to fund their nuclear power plants.

The question is - is the bigger threat to the United States Iran or the PRC? I think most sane people, not driven by oil greed, would agree that the PRC is the bigger threat.

The PRC has entered into a $200 billion oil deal with Iran and another major deal in Venezuela too. In fact, just last summer a deal was consummated to build a new pipeline from Venezuela to the west coast of Panama to ship Venezuelan oil to the PRC.

Iran desires to extend a $4.5 billion pipeline to India and sell its oil and natural gas, and of course, the United States is resisting that hoping that the US and UK oil companies will be the suppliers to India rather than Iran.

Most Americans, at least those that have not read my book One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas, are not aware of the interview granted by Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar to Pakistani reporter Hamid Mir after we attacked Afghanistan:

11:01 2001-11-22

Bin Laden: Not all Americans are bad.. He admitted that there were many good people in the United States and it was the politicians and State, which he despised.

Mullah Omar went on to say that they predicted in 1996 that the United States would attack Afghanistan due to the (Bridas Corporation) oil pipeline and they would use Osama bin Laden as the excuse to launch such an attack.

Bear in mind, this interview was after 9-11 and the assault this nation levied upon Afghanistan and not one word from Bush or the 9-11 Commission or any of the gutless wonders in Congress, what some have nicknamed "Congress critters", that Bridas Corporation was years ahead of our government and our oil companies until they decided to take over that pipeline. The next email update will disclose to you the timeline and chronology of events in the Caspian Basin. The story did not make our news here because it disputes the Official Lies coming out of Washington, DC.

Consider for a moment that Condoleezza Rice was sitting on the board of Chevron when they were investing billions into holes in the ground in the Caspian Basin and did not have a single pipeline sewed up to get that oil and gas out and into your gas tank.

Yep, if I were one of the 9-11 Commission members the entire board of Chevron, key management, key employees from the Caspian Basin and Condoleezza Rice herself would still be answering questions about how they planned to get all of that oil and gas out and into your gas tanks and your money out of your pocket and into theirs. If I were on a Real 9-11 Commission, I would pound on her until the truth came out and I would then probably recommend they put her in handcuffs and take her away to be held without bond for prosecution.

What has not received enough press is the fact that we had Arabic and Islamic people fighting for the CIA in Bosnia when Clinton - Gore supposedly intervened to "save the Christians" and only after he sat idly by and allowed over 100,000 Christians to be killed in the ethnic cleansing that he was supposedly against.

The untold story of Bosnia was that we were backing the ethnic cleansing of Christian killing by backing and arming the Muslims to do so. That is how our government creates incidents and atrocities so they can then send in our military and take over an area.

Lest you have not been paying attention, they still have not convicted that alleged war criminal Slobodan Milosevic because he is fighting back with the facts and the truth in his own defense. Much like the enemy combatants could and would do if they were allowed their day in court to contest the charges Bush cannot seem to find to lodge against them. The best word to describe the Bush Administration and their allegations and reasoning for holding the enemy combatants is the word nebulous.

But remember, the CIA renditions, the 20 Year War plan now conveniently called the Global War on Terror, and the Patriot Act all originated under the Clinton -Gore Administration. They needed 9-11 and some village idiot like Bush with the backing of blinded by reality Christians to put the War Plan into action. Prior to 9-11 no one in Washington, DC could have given a valid excuse for attacking Afghanistan and taking over the Bridas Corporation pipeline deal.

They cannot get any traction in the trial of Saddam Hussein. Many Iraqis want to have him tried but tried along with his U. S. handlers and buddies that created the mess in Iraq in the first place.

Before and after we intervened in Bosnia, it came out that Zalmay Khalilzad was arming the Muslims, who were in turn killing the Christians that this nation intervened to help, supposedly. On one side we are funding the genocide and ethnic cleansing and on the other we supposedly as a nation take umbrage to the killing of Christians by the Muslims.

If you do not recall who Zalmay Khalilzad is, here is the short list refresher course:

* Advisor to George H W Bush at the National Security Advisor level

* Unocal advisor during the Clinton - Gore administration for the specific purpose of getting control of the Bridas - Taliban oil pipeline across Afghanistan. US Ambassador to Pakistan Tom Simmons solicited Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto to give the Trans-Afghanistan pipeline to Unocal, at least that portion of it that has to pass through Pakistan to get to an ocean terminal for loading onto supertankers.

* A covert operative funding the Muslims to kill Christians in Bosnia so Clinton - Gore would have an excuse to intervene for reasons of "genocide" after they sat idly by and many were killed, in part by our own actions

* Appointed by George W Bush as US envoy to Afghanistan to the Karzai puppet US government in Afghanistan

* Appointed by George W Bush as US ambassador to Iraq

It seems to me that being a white-collar war criminal terrorist is a way to get high level appointments from the two Bush administrations and the Clinton - Gore Administration.


'Al-Qaeda' Boogeymen All Share a Common Past n_all_share_a_common_past_hidden_in_plain_sight

The 'Powers That Be' think Americans won't remember Arabic names - and they're right!

* Abdullah Azzam fought for the CIA in Afghanistan.
* Abu Abdel Aziz 'Barbaros' fought for the CIA in Afghanistan & Bosnia.
* Osama bin Laden fought for the CIA in Afghanistan
* Sheikh Omar Abdul-Rahman fought for the CIA in Afghanistan
* Gulbuddin Hekmatyar fought for the CIA in Afghanistan (This person has declared war on the United States while Osama bin Laden has not officially done so.)
* Abdurrab Rasul Sayyaf fought for the CIA in Afghanistan
* Muhammad Jamal Khalifa fought for the CIA in Afghanistan
* Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hamzi fought for the CIA in Bosnia
* Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and his three brothers, Zahed, Abed, and Aref fought for the CIA in Afghanistan
* Ayman Zawahiri - reportedly a CIA asset in Egypt
* Ayman Zawahiri's brother fought for the CIA in Kosovo.
* Khalid Sheikh Mohammed also fought for the CIA in Bosnia
* Hambali fought for the CIA in Afghanistan
* Wali Khan fought for the CIA in Afghanistan
* Ramzi Ahmed Yousef fought for the CIA in Afghanistan
* Mohammed Haydar Zammar from Hamburg, fought for the CIA in Afghanistan & Bosnia
* Abu Omar , aka Hassan Osama Nasr fought for the CIA in Afghanistan & Bosnia
* Abu Hamza al-Masri fought for the CIA in Afghanistan & Bosnia
* Ahmed Said Khadr fought for the CIA in Afghanistan
* Jose Padilla & Mohamed Hesham Youssef fought for the CIA in Kosovo

Jose Padilla is the American citizen being held without legal counsel in South Carolina and has been held without charges being filed for over three years.

His alleged sidekick, Adnan G. El Shukrijumah, has been living in the United States since 1987 without incident, probably also an American citizen, and they have posted his name and photos at least 5 times on TV, which I have personally seen. The problem there is he was identified March 25, 2003, the first time they posted his photos by a lady I dated in Canada. She was in the United States on the day they first aired his photos and name and the FBI knew exactly where he was and they did not go after him.

Chapter 7 of my book One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas is all about Mr. El Shukrijumah and the fact that the FBI knew where he was and did not go after him. In fact, I decided to write the book and go public because of what a complete fraud the Global War on Terror is and was proven to me personally by our government trying to set up El Shukrijumah as the dirty bomb boogeyman to keep the likes of you scared to death and desiring protection in exchange for giving up your liberties and Constitutional rights.

I agree with Benjamin Franklin on that matter:

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

If you were paying attention, al-Hamzi was one of the purported 9-11 terrorists and U. S. citizen Jose Padilla, who is being held without access to counsel in South Carolina, were both directly involved with our CIA in Bosnia. Isn't it amazing how small the world is? We were supposedly over the Bosnia to save the Christians from ethnic cleansing and we were hiring alleged terrorists that are Muslim to go after the Christians.

They are not rounding up terrorists. They are rounding up and holding without charges and without legal counsel or access to the world people who could talk and spill the beans on this entire GWOT charade the Clinton - Gore and Bush people dreamed up.

Bush has still not answered the question I asked on September 30, 2004 regarding how many Bridas Corporation employees are being held at GITMO or other places that we are hiding away those people so they cannot talk and shed light on the lies of our government.

At least 9 of the 19 Arab terrorist that allegedly did 9-11 are still alive. That is a known fact that the US government and media do not tell Americans.

I have seen background facts that many of them are (or were) in fact in the U. S. military or are known CIA assets. They were not even on the planes; they are not terrorists nor are they enemies of the United States. Some of them are just people who have information, could talk and expose the sleaze and mass murder committed by certain persons in this nation on 9-11.

I want to see those gutless lying wonders in Washington, DC answer each and every question that Americans deserve answers to regarding the following:

I have been saying it in writings, publicly on the air and otherwise that there is a big difference in National Security and protecting certain nationally prominent butts that are liable for 9-11 and mass murder committed against this nation.

The mounting evidence that the major media does not share with Americans is that no 757 hit the Pentagon and the purported 767 jets from Boston are not what hit WTC North and South Tower. One of our 9-11 research team members found a video of the jet that hit WTC II and it seriously disproves the Official Lie coming out of Washington, DC. The video was not shot and fed to you by CNN or FOXNews; it was purely independent and untouched by the official sources. One of the jet engines found at the intersection of Church and Vessey has been identified by multiple parties as a 737 engine and has never been on any 767 ever manufactured.

There is still no admission from Washington, DC regarding Bridas Corporation and its having the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline under control until our government destabilized the region and did whatever was necessary to block Bridas and take over that pipeline. If you consider the vast amounts of oil and gas in the Caspian Basin, the Russian - Afghanistan War may well have been Russia's bid to get a pipeline from the Caspian to the oceans for distribution around the world. Russia may well have more oil and gas than any other nation and our government has worked long and hard to limit how many ports they could have to get that oil and gas out to world markets.

The next email will show you the entire chronology of Bridas Corporation in the Caspian and you can decide for your self.

So, what can we do about this type of greed, corruption, lies and deceit?

We will soon unveil information about such a program of deceit going back to 1951 in Europe that was created and run by our government. You will see many similarities then and now. You will see the creation of terrorism to effect political ends by our own government in Europe.

Here is what we are proposing and would like your feedback on.

1. There are ways to create legal entities that have judicial, investigative and subpoena powers when the government refuses to do so; and

2. We the People seat a real 9-11 Commission that has no one on that Commission that is pro-Democrats / DNC or pro-Republican / RNC. We remove the political element; and
3. We make certain that none of the Real 9-11 Commission members have any conflicts of interests regarding Big Defense, Big Oil, lobbyists and other relations that would hinder a full investigation; and

4. We start by going after certain key witnesses that the 9-11 Commission did not bother to include in its investigation; and

5. We disseminate the information to the world via websites that are both US and mirrored in offshore locales outside of US jurisdiction; and

6. We will have to assemble a vast network using the Internet, radio and TV streaming over the Internet. If Americans want the truth out, they are going to have to help fund what it will take to get the truth out. This will be a war for the truth and future of this nation, so words and arguing are out, information and facts are in and there will have to be plenty of ammunition (money) to fight back.

7. We will have no sacred cows. All guilty parties would be addressed and all parties who have aided and abetted them on both sides of the aisle.

8. Federal whistleblowers that have valid 9-11 information would be granted the right to tell what they know; and

9. We will have to be in a position to provide maximum security for those seated on The Real 9-11 Commission and those key witnesses that are needed to expose the lies and bring certain parties to justice. This is not a game, they play for keeps and we will have to do the same.

We are tired of the lies.

We are tired of the deceptions and falsified wars to line certain pockets with vast wealth while the rest of Americans are suffering financially.

We are tired of watching our soldiers be sent off to be maimed for life or die for a lie.

We are tired of watching D. C. call sleaze an honorable thing and lie to do so.

We are tired of watching this U. S. government aid and abet enemies they intend to attack in the future and then lie to create the circumstances.

We are tired of watching this government pollute other nations and expose our soldiers to DU and worse and then pretend they have done nothing wrong.

Remember - Deception is a State of Mind and the Mind of the State. Do not ever forget that if you want America back and be the Republic it was always intended to be.

Best regards,



The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous N. W. O. Zion-Nazi mass-murder, inside-job perpetrators of OKC, 911 and the phoney War on Terror:-

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