Iraq and Weapons of Mass Deception.

The British (the political system ) and their descendants in the US are masters of the art of fudge. The British perfected this strategy during Empire. Whenever a serious political crisis emerged they would launch a commission, set terms of reference that would divert the public from the real issues, appoint civil servants and political appointees who were trusted to reach conclusions that would set future ways of “avoiding” a repeat of the crime.
What we have witnessed in the US with the investigations into Intelligence over Iraq, and Britain with Hutton Inquiry and Butler Commission, are perfect examples of the fudge strategy. Yet this charade is dressed up as some great exercise in democracy. Many will be taken in by this deception.

Another example of this art of western politics was the manipulation and manoeuvring of diplomatic efforts and negotiations to give the Serbs the time to eliminate the Bosnian Muslims in the early1990's. It was only when 400,000 Muslims had been slaughtered, 50,000 women raped and when Muslims were beginning to regain territory that the West intervened. Similarly, in Kosova the West never once called the Kosovan's, Muslims, they were always Ethnic Albanians. The West intervened in both cases to prevent the formation of Muslim States in the heart of Europe. Today, they tell us that they acted to save Muslims in Bosnia and Kosova.

The truth is that when it comes to Islam and Muslims they know exactly what they are doing. Last week the Americans produced a report that came out with absolute nonsense. They (politicians) we were told, were misled by the intelligence services about the threat of Iraqi WMD's . They and other intelligence services and politicians were the victims of “group think” whatever this novel term means (I suppose Hitler's Germany also suffered from Group Think). Similarly, the British inquiries will seek to blame the intelligence services.

The truth is that when it came to Iraq both The British and American Governments and Parliaments new that Iraq had no WMD's. The media, which towed the Government line, also knew that there were no WMD's. In fact any person with a decent knowledge of world affairs new this too. According to these reports we are supposed to believe that this was all some genuine mistake, and that politicians acted in “good faith”.
It is patently clear to us why Bush and Blair went to war. There were two prime reasons. They were led into war by the Zionist supporters of (the Jewish State in) Israel, who played on Bush and Blair's religious zeal.

King of kings' Bible – Revelation 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and [I know] the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are NOT, but [are] (Idumeans) the synagogue of Satan.

Secondly, it was pure vengeance. Their lust for blood had not been satisfied in Afghanistan so they had to have more Muslim blood. They attacked Iraq because it was defenceless and weak, and they knew it. This is not what we say, this is what one of the Warmongers close to the US establishment said on a radio 5 interview on the 3rd August 2003.

“ After 911 someone had to pay. It could have been Pakistan and that would have been okay. It could have been Saudi Arabia and that would have been okay. But we attacked Iraq because we could. We had to attack Arabs because the terrorist came from that part of the world” (Thomas Freidman) In other words, it was a form of collective punishment of Arabs and Muslims. It was nothing less than mass murder of innocent people. Thousands of innocent people died and a whole nation has been destroyed and handed over to American and Israeli agents and interests.

The manner in which they can now have armchair commissions and discussions, on how “we were led to war”, with total disregard for the lost Muslim lives, is really quite sickening. In a week when a Muslim Scholar was attacked for his mere interpretation of the Quran, we would do well to remember whom the mass murderers and killers of innocent people really are.

The message for all Muslims is don't be fooled by Western politicians claims to be “the civilised world” and their bogus democracy. Above all the tragedy of Iraq has taught Muslims that we should never be weak.

14 July 2004

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