Mass Graves of Fallujah

Liquidate the UN, Silence the Islamic Moderates and Burn the Neo-Shylocks

Kill them wherever you find them and expel them from where they have expelled you from; Tribulation is worse than killing (Al-Qur'aan 2:191)

Despite what the Islamic moderates proclaim with their two tongues, the above cited verse along with many other verses from the Holy Quran makes it clear as to the right of the Muslims to respond militarily in defence of their homeland. Apart from the Islamic legal texts, even basic common sense dictates the right to repel the enemy with force. Those who do are rebels, militants and anti-democratic according to Paul Bremer and his Generals. Therefore, conversely, does is it mean that by submitting to an illegal occupying force it becomes pro-democracy?

The doctors3 - and the various independent eyewitnesses3 - accounts in Fallujah have testified that the vast majority of the victims were women and children. Yet, the henchmen of Paul Bremer claim that they were largely the rebels without providing any evidence. CNN and FOX TV showed no interest to corroborate the claims with a bit of honest and objective journalism by interviewing the residents of Fallujah and the doctors in the Hospitals! Then the mass murdering generals had the gall to claim that Al-Jazeerah was spreading lies and called for its expulsion.

The broadcast of live pictures by AL-Jazeera are lies but not the biased (Without broadcasting the pictures of the dead babies and women and the interviews from the residents of Fallujah) reporting coupled with the commentaries emanating largely from the pro-war camp of the one-perspective channel of Fox and CNN. They are supposed to represent the truth. On the contrary, Fox is very unfair and very unbalanced by any standards!

However, it does make sense from the perspective of the US military operation. Commit the genocide, use mercenaries to commit acts that are not permitted for an army under the international conventions, reconstruct the mass graves and then minimise the media impact by expelling all those who do not agree with the views of the US Generals! Then comes the icing on the cake, as the Generals then raise the banner of freedom and democracy in Iraq and tell the Iraqis how much they love freedom, provided you obey them.

Bullets and bombs do kill but the one-sided media has killed a lot more. They hide the truths; twist the reality under the guise of reporting, they constantly spread vicious lies about Islam and the Muslims. It is about time that the Iraqi resistance movement took note of the role of the Mass media. The media criminals with their suit and tie pretend to be civilised whilst making the case for the slaughter of the Iraqis. They were the ones who aided the spin-doctors to build up the case of Iraqs mythical WMD and now they conveniently ignore it.

Fox channel takes things one-step further. The presenters tend to resemble porno actresses and actors, chosen for their looks and loud mouth rather than their ability in comprehending world affairs. What do they churn out? Inciting bigotry and violence? Yes, but they do more than that. They actually aid the State terrorists by reporting the facts in a manner that covers up genocides and war crimes. The mass graves of Saddam were aired constantly to justify the war (not for the love of Iraqi population) but will they even show a glimpse of the US made mass graves and the faces of the families who are in grief? Is it any surprise many are calling it the FUX Channel?

So, where is the the UN building*, which would have been a much better and an easier target.

*Because there were no Arab hijackers on board them - JAH.

It would have brought joy and happiness to the millions around the world. The millions meaning the impoverished and the subjugated in Africa, Middle East, Asia and Latin America. Yes, those people without a voice or a veto in the UN. Thus, there is a clear case to liquidate the imperialist tool of the UN< as it only functions to further the colonisation agenda of the US, Israel and its allies.

Now, what really happened in Fallujah? The Americans simply took revenge for the killing of their four mercenaries by bombing the civilians indiscriminately. The US like Britain and Germany resorted to the old tactics of bombing civilians as a means to weaken the will of the resistance. This has been mastered by the Israelis, which they call collective punishment. Yet, they all have been lecturing the Muslims since 9/11 about the murder of innocent civilians, of course what they mean is that only the American, Israeli and the European civilians are innocent.

On the other hand, prior to 9/11 all the Muslim civilians were regarded as potential or acceptable collateral damages if they are killed, in the words of Colin Powell. The Islamic moderate brigade is using this type of reasoning by their inability and lack of courage to challenge this twisted view of innocent civilians. The voices of the moderates are only amplified by the media in support of the victims of 9/11, Madrid and Bali. Similarly they are also given the limelight when they engage to attack those Muslims who are actually resisting the aggression on the ground militarily or politically.

Their so-called wisdom, and gaining benefit should outweigh everything else. In their wisdom they constantly lecture the Muslims and apologise to the Non-Muslims about the extremist elements whilst they remain inept and spectators to the murder of the Muslims and the plundering of their resources.

Recently one of these moderate1 clowns stated in the British media about Islam being a religion of mercy implying that military resistance is somehow abhorrent. He demonstrated earlier his cowardly and hypocritical stance on martyrdom operations by refusing to support it on the Radio (James Whale show) yet he claimed the right of the Palestinians to resist. Well exactly, how do you resist military occupation?

Similarly, another rival moderate group with its Questionable news seeking to gain the same limelight lectured about the wrongs of using martyrdom operations, without stating the right thing to do. Perhaps becoming an apologetic newspaper editor3 in leafy London was the way forward! The editor rambled on about Fish and Chips Islam as being the solution by removing or disassociating from the foreign elements from abroad. The companions of the Prophet and himself would have also qualified as foreigners! Hence, there is very little basis for such scholarly insight but the likes of Hamza Yusuf or Zaki Badawi can perhaps fill in those gaps. The vast majority of the Muslims have rightly ignored such pathetic drivel and a partial view of the entire war on Islam and the Muslims.

The final category of the Neo-Conservatives (Neo-Shylocks) have been forgotten, and they have gone relatively silent since the war has been going badly in recent times. They were rubbing their hands waiting for the lucrative oil contracts in Iraq in return for the pound of Iraqi flesh and the flesh of the ordinary American soldiers. Even the recent massacre in Fallujah was encouraged by these neo-shylocks as they advised their friends in the pentagon.

The Islamic law and the old testament prescribes the principle an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, therefore, it is only right and proper that these neo-shylocks are given the same punishment by setting them alight using Iraqi oil, just like those mercenaries in the previous week.

If describing the truth means to be anti-Semitic, than I am proud to be one. Just like Mel Gibson who has been labelled as an anti-Semite for courageously depicting the truth of those who plotted to kill Prophet Jesus in his recent film (The Passion of Christ). We know it is fashionable to be anti-Islamic but a taboo to be anti-Semitic. This is one of the many hypocritical trends in the West that many sincere individuals are not willing to subscribe to.

Yamin Zakaria London, UK yaminz [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan and reinstate God's Law:-
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