911 Mysteries

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Part 1 - Demolitions

The first 9/11 movie designed specifically for the mainstream audience, a theatrical quality movie-length DVD with a full original soundtrack that will rivet you to your seat and blast out of your home theatre system. Listen to what the 9/11 Superstars are saying:

  • David Ray Griffin "Excellent -- the best of the 9/11 movies."

  • Professor Steven Jones "WOW! is my reaction to this movie. With graphics and interviews, it provides great insight into demolitions and what really happened on 9/11/01."

  • James Fetzer "An outstanding contribution to understanding 9/11 -- simply superb."


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Tall buildings shatter in 10 seconds, steel beams buckle as if crushed by Superman. A volcano of ash darkens the sky. Can jet fuel perform such a feat?



A 757 dives into the Pentagon, penetrating to its core. Invisible Arabs hijack airplanes, passengers make history and untraceable phone calls. “Elementary, my dear Watson. Let’s roll.”

NORAD’s fighter jets are everywhere but in the northeastern skies. The President reads a story of a goat with schoolchildren. Would Dick Tracy know the proper time to scramble?


PART 3: WHO BENEFITS (to come)

Stock trades and civil rights go haywire. An empire is born as citizens enjoy the perfect Big Sleep. Bogart did say, “All you owe the public is a good performance.” But who’s backstage?




Review by The French Connection

A woman in California named Sofia is invigorating the 9/11 movement with a truly new video, 911 Mysteries.

Many people believe that the video In Plane Site, which Dave von Kleist produced in 2004,
and Loose Change, which Dylan Avery produced in 2005, were created to help us expose 9/11. 

However, Eric Hufschmid has been complaining that those two videos were created by Zionist Deniers, and that they were not intended to help us expose 9/11. 

Rather, those two videos were created to draw naive people away from Hufschmid and over to von Kleist and Avery, who provide a steady stream of Zionist propaganda.

Hufschmid is routinely accused of being jealous of Dave von Kleist and Dylan Avery. Now that 911 Mysteries has been created, people may be able to understand what Hufschmid has been complaining about.

Compare all of these videos. Both In Plane Site and Loose Change are shortened versions of Hufschmid's video Painful Deceptions, along with some idiotic material, such as Karl's Schwarz's theory about the A3 Skywarrior.

Neither Dave von Kleist nor Dylan Avery added to the work that Hufschmid had already done. Rather, they were trying to replace Hufschmid's video.

By comparison, 911 Mysteries was intended to supplement the research that had already been done. It was an honest attempt to help us expose 9/11. It was not a diabolical attempt to push aside Hufschmid.

The video 911 Mysteries may help you to understand why Hufschmid has been complaining about Dave von Kleist and Dylan Avery:

And the even more recent videos, such as 911 Eyewitness and 9/11 Press For Truth, are attempts to deceptive us.

Don't be a sucker!

If you cannot see through the deception, you will be fooled over and over and over.

Furthermore, if you cannot figure out who among us to listen to, you will end up following the liars who make you feel good with praise and simplistic solutions to the world's complex problems.

Support honest Goyim, not Zionist Deniers!

The videos In Plane Site and Loose Change should be avoided.

The only two videos that are honest attempts to expose 9/11 are Painful Deceptions and 911 Mysteries.

Unlike Dylan Avery, who has contacts with mysterious and wealthy people, Sofia had to borrow money on her house and credit card to pay for the production of 911 Mysteries. As a result, she cannot sell her video at low-cost yet.

The video is available online for free, but she must sell thousands of DVDs in order to cover her costs, so please encourage people to buy her DVD, not the Zionist propaganda DVDs.

To buy a DVD click here:

To watch it for free:
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