U.S. Military Coordinated the 9/11 Attacks

by anonymous
September 4, 2004

As a former nuke weapons loader on supersonic "robotic" F111 swing-wing bombers in "US"AF (AKA New World Order's AF), and as a private pilot myself, I've seen a few strange things that made me instantly realize the Pentagon perpetrated "treason" as the "airliners" smashed into buildings on 911. Obviously, to anyone who does not live in the Star Trek Zone - only the "US" millitary could successfully coordinate such a scheme. It boggles the mind to even attempt to imagine the logistics required. It also required cooperation from all agencies of US government, the global media empires, the airlines and Wall Street's global bankers.

A typical US military air strike, such as the 1-hour bombing by USAF and US Navy on Libya in Operation EL DORADO CANYON in 1987 requires 10,000s of highly skilled professionals working in synchronicity. The individuals do not even "need to know" what the heck is going on, as they are always told it is "just another War Game". Thus I was busy loading nukes when our jets returned from their sneak attack Libya, where they bombed President Qaddafi's tent and killed his daughter (after "'US' Special Forces" rescued him from harm's way), and accidentally killed 40 other innocent bystanders as they slept in their homes in downtown Tripoli...

One F111 was shot down because Bush Sr (the acting president) ordered the jets to run up the score even after the element of surprise was lost. Those pilots also used "GO PILLS" just like the pilots in Afganistan who slaughtered the wedding party, and the "'US' Special Forces" troops who returned from killing women and children in Afganistan and then slaughtered their own families at Fort Hood[lum]. I distinctly recall eating my breakfast of scrambled eggs as BBC News broadcast live video from Tripoli of a civilian woman's brains splattered on the sidewalk. (I don't eat scrambled eggs anymore.)

The F111 was designed in early 1960s for "Vietnam" Civil War and is still used by some air forces such as Australia. It was the first aircraft to use "Terrain Following Radar" system that allowed full autopilot flight with the bomber flying as low as 100 feet off the deck, like a crusise missle. The pilots were usually scared the death (and/or insane), I suppose, sitting in their tiny cockpit strapped to a rocket-powered escape capsule/pod, banging their knees and heads and watching the control sticks move around like keys on a player piano (I presume "insane" is accurate - I've sat watching "home videos" from a Vietnam pilot as he proudly showed off the tracers zipping by his cockpit as people tried to murder him as he mass-murdered people (as my house was nearly burned town in a Towering Inferno "accidentally" caused by a Skull-&-Bones-Bohemian-Grove mayor's billion-dollar Arab contractor, but's that's another story)). The autopilot had 3 settings: Hard, Medium, Soft, for the abruptness of the ride over hills and valleys. This was a Mach 2+ aircraft with speed limited by the high temperature generated on its ally skin. It routinely pulled high-G turns that looked like it would rip the wings off - yes pigs CAN fly. Amazingly (from a common-sense point of view), Pentagon retired F111s in early 1990s, while retaining primative Boeing 707s (KC135 tankers and AWACS) that look like the Wright Bros Flyer when viewed up close.

The point being that large, Robotic, jetplanes are commonly and routinely controlled by Pentagon's mad scientists/engineers/joint-chiefs. Look at Pentagon's latest Global Hawk, the Boeing-737-sized robotic recon drone that doesn't even have a cockpit for a human pilot. Or Predator recon drone that is also used in bombing runs in Afganistan War. Or US Navy's Joe Kennedy 2's death-by-explosion as he tried to bail out of the B24 Liberator drone as it was on its way to bomb a NAZI rocket launching bunker. Or Pentagon/Boeing's latest jet-powered UCAVs - Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles. 1,900 kamikazi bombers attacked US Navy in Battle of Okinawa, sinking 34 ships, so Pentagon and White House are fully impressed with the "value" of suicide missions (EVERY military mission is suicide for someone). Pentagon's 1962 Operation NORTHWOODS treason, declassified in 2000 and reported in James Banford's book "Body of Secrets" (NSA history), and reported by ABC News on May 1, 2002, described Joint chief's plan to hijack US airliners and blow them up by remote control, and/or switch them with "duplicate" drone airliners with fake passenger/crew lists. US military aircraft were to "pretend" to be shot down and fake debris were to be spread around, as global infomedia corporations spread around fake "news" stories.

The CIA officially brags that it was "practicing" a war game on 911 with airliners crashing into buildings in USA. Pentagon has been practicing this war game of airliners crashing into Pentagon for several years, according to its official "Pentagram" website. The alleged lead hijacker, Saudi engineer Mohammed Atta, was reported by all global news outlets to have been paid $100,000 by the head of Pakistani intelligence -- who was having brunch with the chairmen of US Congressional Intelligence Committees on 911. And to top it off, trillionaires Georges Bush are lifetime business partners with billionaire Bin Laden family in oil, military contracts and even bioweapons at Boston. Pentagon/FAA escorted 25 Bin Ladens out of Boston airport and back to Saudi on 911, when all other US air traffic was grounded or shot down.

Of course, Pentagon's killer ICBMs have flown by remote control ever since Operation PAPERCLIP hired NAZI war criminals in 1945. The Pentagon's own press release video does not even show AA77 crashing, but show a small bizjet or cruise missle. ABC News video of WTC show an F16 shadowing one of the airliners and as the airliner crashed, the F16 tossed a laser-guided "smart" bomb on WTC #6. Pentagon/White House ordered UA93 shot down after passengers regained control and put its pilots back in the cockpit, the better to keep the robotic secrets of 911. If, indeed, there really were human beings on that flight -- the only confirmed phone call (apparently via "plane-phone", perhaps not "cell" phone) was "relayed" through an ATT operator who, of course, did not recognize the voice on the other end of the line. As for Babs Olson Esquire (CNN and London royalty), her hubby Ted "Bush v Gore" Olson told US Supreme Court in 2002 that he could imagine many reasons for Pentagon/CIA/US INC to lie to Americans, after it deals narcotics, slaughters news reporters and commits treason (an ABC News reporter's widow had to argue her case pro se since no "royal" lawyer in America had enough integrity to represent her). Pentagon even confessed that it trained the alleged 911 hijackers at US military bases with advanced flight training, while other alleged hijackers couldn't even fly Cessna 172s. No credible proof exists that anyone hijacked those airliners or flew them anywhere. For decades, all airliners have been required to have Cat 3 instrument landing electronics and procedures that control autopilot (virtually pilotless/robotic) landings in zero-zero weather.

Pentagon routinely murders its own troops in socalled "medical-school experiments" with nuke bombs, bioweapons "vaccines" and aerosols, not to mention hiring fascist and commie nations to kill millions of US soldiers, such as Germany, USSR, China, North Korea, Cuba, North Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Libya, and Iraq. History Channel reported that Caesers in ancient Rome would slaughter 20,000 of its slaves per day in "Gladiator War Games", pitting half the slaves against the other half until almost all were dead, as spectators sat on the sidelines (and occasionally were tossed into the mix). Today's "wars" are exactly the same thing. Duh. The Pentagon was 1st constructed on Sept 11, 1941, and its only purpose is to destroy USA for Hitler's/Bushes' New World Order. Obviously. It even refuses to pay its retirees a disability check, in violation of its contracts to do so, further destroying any chance of intelligent Americans from participating in "defending" USA. Only traitors would behave that way (presuming "USA" even exists (legally) anywhere else but in our brainwashed minds).

What can 1 person do about all this? [enforce The Plan] First of all, you can learn enough to save your own neck (and wallet). Until enough Americans do that, we are all at risk. Then you can notify others, preferably via "free gifts" of news-videotapes, internet printouts, etc. The next step is actively "sabotaging" the plots by NWO, using whatever tools are at your personal disposal (you will know them when you see them). Even the slave in NAZI weapons factories successfully sabotaged Hitler's war machines, when no one was looking. If you want to see how I personally helped convict one of "our" government's assassins (a drug-dealing, mass-murdering hit man with a false passport - AKA a salaried "informant" for DEA/CIA), read my websites. I also helped get a 4-star general fired in the middle of his attack on Irak during Desert Storm #1, and got a job offer from the Pentagon bureaurat who fired him, Dick Cheney. Or perhaps you want to know how to attack a $40-Billion/year Mafia/government/Skull&Bones/nuke-waste cartel that is involved in the 911 and OK City bombings and trains commies how to build nuke bombs? How do you kill NAZIs and get invited to the White House? Or perhaps just investigate your local Secret Societies populated by ambassadors and White House staffers who John Grisham models his Mafia books and movies on. I'll tell you how, for free - just click on my site IDIOTBOXWARS.org. Or check out the daily news archives at INFOWARS.COM, THEPOWERHOUR.COM, HISTORYCHANNEL.COM or streaming news radio 24/7 at GCNLIVE.COM.

Don't be a victim - Fight for whatever it is that you believe in. Get a bead on the psychopaths running Dodge City (or Mobbed-up mayor of NY City, Rudolph Musolinani), before you find yourself and your family in a showdown at OK City Corral. In July 2001, FOX TV X-Files' Lone Gunmen spinoff pilot episode showed VERY realistic cockpit view of Boeing airliner hijacked by remote control from Pentagon as it kamikazied the WTC in NY City. Now Hollywood is forshadowing nuke attacks on USA. Time to wake up and get in the game. Bush and Cheney are sued for $7-Billion by the families of 911 victims for plotting 911 terrorism, and the desperate criminals are backing into their corner of hell. Watch your back America. It's showtime.

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