9/11 Cover Stories

APRIL 13, 2004.

Judging by my email traffic and my surfing of alt. news sites, the current 9/11 cover stories are having an effect. I'm seeing fewer mentions of the evidence that 9/11 was an event FAR DIFFERENT from the one the official scenario portrays.

Well, this is what a cover story is FOR.

These days, it's all about whether a "well-intentioned" White House made "mistakes" in not paying closer attention to warnings about Al Qaida ops inside the US.

As if that were the real issue.

It's easy to get caught up in cover stories. One begins to believe that, if the White House can be nailed on its errors, it will suffer a hard blow.

Forget about magical pristine hijacker passports being found on the street near the WTC, after they fell out of exploding jetliners.

Forget about the fact that no one has actually shown there were Arab hijackers aboard the key flights on 9/11.

Forget about evidence offered that some of these "hijackers" are still alive.

Forget about the fact that US fighter jets failed to scramble when they should have.

Forget about the fact that the nature and size of the hole punched in the Pentagon---and the missing major parts of the jetliner at the scene---mitigate against the conclusion that a jetliner actually crashed into the Pentagon.

Forget about Bush's non-reaction at the Florida school when he was told two planes had crashed into the WTC.

Forget about who benefited from 9/11.

Forget about pre-9/11 war plans for Afghanistan and Iraq being on the drawing boards.

Forget about "the need for a new Pearl Harbor" to justify these wars.

Forget about the lack of a deep and final investigation into short-selling of key stocks just before 9/11.

Forget about evidence and allegations that, on the morning of 9/11, before the planes crashed, the US military was conducting an exercise that had to do with simulated hijackings.

Forget about visual evidence that the second plane to crash into the WTC exploded most of its fuel out in the air, and not inside the building. (How did this fuel heat melt all that steel and take the tower down?)

And so on and so forth.

These days, it's all about possible goofs by the White House in the months leading up to 9/11.

The 9/11 commission had its investigation defined before it even began.

The current debate in the press is about Guilt-Lite.


You may recall that, in the case of the 1995 OKC bombing, cover stories were immediately floated to avoid the same thing.

For example, various private analyses of the partially destroyed Murrah Building showed that a truck bomb could not have created the profile of the damage sustained by the structure. The vectors were all wrong. And the force of a truck bomb would have dissipated by the time it reached inside the building.

The FBI lab's conclusion that an ANFO bomb in the Ryder truck took 25% of the Murrah down was based on no forensics at all; rather, it was a lame statement reflecting field-agent reports that McVeigh had purchased ANFO components before April 19.

Cover stories are powerful...don't buy them.

Some of the (supposedly) most intelligent reporters around discuss 9/11 from every possible angle except the obvious one: there was a crime scene; it was ignored; a political decision was made to assign blame immediately.

These reporters ALL have agendas. NONE of those agendas are served by actually assessing the crime scene. And now, at this late date, those reporters would look like complete morons if the truth came out. Not only would they be proved wrong on the facts; their concealed political biases would emerge into the light of day.

Frankly, I'm sick and tired of reading their explanations about why we should have (or shouldn't have) gone into Iraq. When you unwind those explanations, they all devolve back into the day of 9/11 and what happened then. Except, these pundits have never really looked at what happened. They have avoided the anomalies and contradictions. They have accepted the central lies and moved on from there to build their castles in the air.

They are terrified of exposing the central lies, because that would introduce an X factor. A factor that really has nothing to do with traditional Demo vs. Repub conflicts.

Anyone who looks will see that 9/11 was a very sophisticated operation---and one of its purposes was to suck a very predictable Bush into the place he already wanted to go: Iraq. The new quagmire.

Quagmires weaken nations.

Weakened nations and their frightened populaces look to larger and larger *solutions for their problems.

In this day and age, those solutions inevitably involve globalist management schemes, and global military control.

JON RAPPOPORT www.nomorefakenews.com

* The Real Solution is The Plan against the NWO
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