Your Guide to Domestic Terrorism 1993-2002

By Ken McCarthy

kenmc [at] amacord [dot] com


Domestic terror in the Clinton era

* 'Truck bombs' against large office buildings

- World Trade Center: FBI had informant in the cell, but lost interest in the case right before the actual attack

- Murrah Building: 'Truck bomb' violates the laws of physics and dematerializes concrete support pillars deep within the target building's structure.

No forensics testing of building remains is done in spite of formal pleas from Oklahoma assemblyman and former head of R&D for conventional weapons of the US Air Force. Building is demolished and remains buried in a locked land fill. The crime's 'mastermind' is executed without ever revealing anything substantive about how the atrocity was actually carried out.

* School shootings

- Columbine: Shooters 'commit suicide' in the only room in the school lacking a video surveillance camera. Numerous un-detonated bombs found in the building removed, reported once and then never discussed again for the public record again. Persistent reports of a third shooter from students on the scene (including one video image of shooter who looked different than the two accused) ignored.

* Waco - Mt. Carmel

Specially trained by the US military for the operation, a small army of ATF agents stage an armed attack on a communal housing unit using drug dealing and systematic child abuse as the grounds, charges later proven to be entirely false.

A widely reported 'arms cache' turns out to be the inventory of a duly licensed gun dealership business, a fact known to the ATF in advance of the attack. The vast majority of those in the residence who were killed the first day were women and children. The final attack, now confirmed to have involved active US military, killed many more. Voluminous photographic and video documentation of these events taken by the ATF, FBI and others is officially 'lost.'


All terrorist acts attributed to religious fanatics and/or unbalanced and armed US citizens.

Result: Severe curtailment of traditional of civil liberties in the United States.

The state of the economy: Rampant and obvious financial fraud, creating a false sense of prosperity, tolerated by regulatory agencies.


Domestic terror in the Bush era

* 9-11 attacks

Success of the attacks requires a complete breakdown of normal US air defense procedures. Numerous falsehoods widely published the days right after the attacks - and never corrected - regarding transponders, the availability of jet fighters, established procedures for dealing with 'stray' aircraft etc.

A third building - not struck by a plane - which housed primary evidence depositories for the IRS, FBI, and CIA collapses evenly later in the day, largely unreported, and is described by government-hired investigative engineers as the first modern, steel-reinforced building in history to collapse due to fire alone.

The attacks exhibit a level of operational sophistication FAR in excess of the capacity of anything demonstrated by the group charged with the attacks before - or since.

* Anthrax attacks

After months of investigative bungling, it is finally admitted that the substance used in the attacks can be traced directly to specific US military biological weapons labs. No charges filed.

* DC sniper

A sniper (or more likely sniper team) with military level skills in insertion, concealment, marksmanship and evasion, kills numerous people in the suburban Washington DC area over the course of a few days. The news media and local law enforcement fixate on a 'lone' gunman as the most likely culprit.


Terrorist acts attributed to religious fanatics, unbalanced and armed US citizens or agents unknown.

Result: Extreme curtailment of traditional of civil liberties in the United States. Establishment of a massive new federal agency designed to spy on all forms of public and private transportation, far in excess of anything employed in countries under direct and frequent attack.

The state of the economy: Continuously deteriorating business and financial conditions, partially the result of years of unchecked fraud, misrepresented by the mass media as a 'temporary' correction and not addressed in an substantive way by the government.

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