One of the most memorable lines from the movie, "The Patriot" was spoken by actor Mel Gibson who asked, "Why should I trade one tyrant 3,000 miles away, for 3,000 tyrants one mile away?"

The question was posed by Gibson's character during deliberations to authorize a levy in support the Colonies' war of independence against King George and his army. I often wonder who the average brain-dead, flag-waving crazy American today considers "The Enemy" to be.

Back during the build-up to the actual Revolutionary War, our Founding Fathers had no illusions whatsoever as to whom the enemy was, nor did they have any reservations in deciding what to do about them.

Back then, the enemy was King George, his troops, and the American Loyalists who considered the Crown to be the rightful American government, while individuals like James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington saw the same tyranny and oppression they left behind coming right back at them here in America.

The Founding Fathers, and all those who fought for their freedom in the Revolutionary War, didn't sit around like a bunch of cowardly Christian pansies, writing letters and protesting, while urging the masses to pray for their leaders. No, once they realized their peaceful options had been exhausted, they issued a Declaration of Independence, signed their lives and fortunes away, and started killing the King's men. They also hanged quite a few Loyalists for treason; let that be a lesson to you who presently call yourselves American Patriots.

If you place yourself in the mindset of the average American Loyalist in those early days, you would have regarded yourself as a true-blue American Crown patriot, while those who promoted revolt to secure freedom and a Republican form of government would be regarded as extremists, potential terrorists, and outright traitors.

Today's American Loyalists stand on the curb waving an American flag, roundly in support of American soldiers and a government engaged in yet another undeclared, and therefore unconstitutional American war. It logically follows that the soldiers and their officers obeyed illegal orders when they attacked Afghanistan and Iraq.

Please forgive me if I find it difficult to completely sympathize with our troops and their officers who now find themselves in a quagmire of death and misery in Iraq. I find it difficult, because I know those same officers and soldiers would follow similar illegal orders to shoot American citizens if ordered to do so right here in America. They will deny it, but when ordered to do so our American soldiers will open fire on American citizens. I know too many career officers who have told me that the rules have changed, and that they are to obey all orders no matter what, and let the chips fall where they may.

Just ask former Army Specialist Michael New, who refused to wear illegal and unconstitutional U.N. insignia on his U.S. military uniform. Like Jesus, he was right, but our military establishment crucified him. If you support the American military in this unconstitutional action, then it is you who is The Enemy.

I must once again remind everyone that our domestic law enforcement officers, judges and prosecutors, our soldiers and their officers, the president and every member of Congress are sworn to uphold and defend the CONSTITUTION of the United States. They do NOT swear to uphold and defend the GOVERNMENT of the United States. Read that again, and get it straight in your mind.

If the government is in compliance with the Constitution, then no conflict exists. But if the government is in blatant violation of the Constitution, which it unequivocally and irrefutably is at this time, then anyone who supports that government has become The Enemy as well.

You Bush-lovers are government Loyalists, and you are therefore domestic enemies of the people and the Constitution of the United States. President George W. Bush has blatantly violated his sworn oath to God to support and defend the Constitution of the United States by arbitrarily and unilaterally stripping several American citizens of their most basic civil rights on the mere suspicion that they were engaged in the activities of an "enemy combatant".

NOTHING in the Constitution allows an American citizen to be stripped of his basic civil rights. Nothing. There is no provision giving the Executive Branch such powers, therefore this president has become The Enemy of the people of the United States by giving such an order.

By executive order, this president ordered several American citizens held indefinitely without charges being filed, without access to legal counsel, and without being given the opportunity to face their unidentified accusers. Further, the government agents that arrested these citizens have not been forced to present the evidence they allegedly have against them. If you support this president and this government's blatantly unconstitutional actions, then you are The Enemy of the people of the United States.

If you support this government's war on Iraq on the basis that Saddam "has to go" without a congressional declaration of war, then you are the enemy of the United States. As a citizen, you have abrogated your solemn American duty to, at the very least, protest such an action. Most of you fellow American scumbags did not.

I just watched a program on the Discovery Channel, which detailed a failed mission by a B-1 bomber to kill Saddam Hussein. A building in a residential district of Baghdad was targeted and bombed by four, two thousand pound "Smart Bombs". Saddam, if he was ever there, escaped unscathed, while 14 Iraqi citizens died.

In case you Loyalist American scumbag psychopaths missed the obvious, that is 14 human beings like you and me, who were needlessly killed, who looked forward to marriage, who looked forward to a life of happiness, who looked forward to making a better life for themselves and their families. That was 14 human beings in that incident alone, and who knows how many family survivors - children and wives and husbands and grandparents mourned in excruciating sorrow and grief for their loss.

You American Loyalist flag-waving crazies didn't give a rat's rump about it, did you? After all, Iraqis aren't real human beings. There is a special place in Hell awaiting you Loyalist flag-wavers - I promise you that.

All the moderator mentioned was that 14 civilians were killed in that attack. Nothing more. They weren't human beings with the same hopes and aspirations for a full life like you and me here in America. No, these were simply Iraqi citizens in the wrong place at the wrong time. Too bad, so sad.

You see, with enemies like you fine American citizens right here in the United States, we don't need the likes of Hussein and bin Laden - not even a Hitler, a Stalin, or a Pol Pot. You have proven to be a greater threat to the security and integrity of the United States and the people of the world, than any overtly hostile nation ever could be.

Back when our troops liberated the Nazi death camps toward the end of World War Two, the American officers surveying the carnage were so outraged that they forced the local German townspeople to come to the sight and help bury the dead.

The American officers knew damn well that those German townspeople were aware of what was going on in the death camp, and did nothing, so they rubbed their noses in it like you would a puppy who errantly soiled your floor.

You Loyalist Americans are the bane and the degradation of everything our Founding Fathers fought and died for. You are not American patriots by any measure. You are craven cowards, and worse: you are like those brown-nosed conscripts of the schoolyard bully who torments the most weak among you, while you stand alongside them, hoping their torment will not be turned towards you.

That is exactly who you are, and you don't even realize the fact that YOU are the worst possible enemy of this nation!

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan:-


From: "Ed
RE: Carl has a Great Insight to what HAS  happened to America .........
Fri, Jan 9, 2004, 7:05 pm

I am sad.  Carl's piece is "ok" as far as it goes.  But it demonstrates the lack of awareness of the real problem he claims to be seeing.  The problem is not that Americans are cowards who do not want to force their government back in line.  The problem is not that Americans, including American government, do not want to force their government into obedience to its actual constitution that guarantees the securing of certain rights to the individuals who gave the government a certain amount of sovereignty to secure those rights.  The problem is not that during the Revolution there were some Americans who wanted to stay with the government of George (no, not the present one, but one does build up a certain repulsion at the name of George which actually is a good name and conveys a meaning relating to protecting the land, or some such).  As Mel Gibson said in the movie, Why should I trade..........."  Mel may have it closer to the truth.  It was a trade-in of tyrants.  The problem is that a government made by people does not suffice for freedom.  Only the government of Yahweh and His Son, Yahshua, gives freedom, and, that is redefined.  A lawful freedom.  A freedom initiated in the heart of individuals that enables them to offer grace, and forgiveness, to those who are different from themselves, and rejects the western idea of freedom which drives the entire western society to believe in a freedom that permits them to manipulate others to their own ends.  

   That is why when the new American government of 1789 came into existence as a constitutional republic.  People who claim to believe the Bible need to get with the program.  The constitution of the United States was made to make a centralized power that once made would have a certain amount of sovereignty and that sovereignty was legally protected from the power of the people by the checks and balances system that it set up.  Not even everybody had the right of vote.  Only what were basically rich people.  People who had property.  The judicial system was appointed for life and couldn't be voted out of office.  The government couldn't own land, but, within the first 40 years, a huge tract of land was bought, the Louisianna Purchase----unconstitutionally.  

   Thomas Jefferson, one of the most admired founders, worked that deal.  He also was quoted regarding the native American peoples that if they should resist the taking of their land, then they should be propelled westward.  Another George, Washington by name, the original George W, actually made his fortune by surveying and staking out claims west of the Appalachian Mountains back in the days of King George.  The America of the time made  crooked deals witht the various native American nations.  The Iroquois actually ceded land to America that belonged to the Shawnees.  And the Americans considered it a valid contract and drove the Shawnee from the land.  Then during the presidency of Jackson, the terrible thing happened to the Cherokee, Chicasaw, and Choctaw tribes in removing them from their lands.  The Supreme Court made a decision that protected these peoples and Jackson (much admired for his stand against centralized banking) wouldn't enforce the judicial order.
   It would seem, that most of the Bible-believers, who also believe in constitutional government rather than Yahweh's direct government (government recognizing only Yahweh as King), only believe in the bible when it does not impinge on their own acquisitions of property and wealth.They believe in a freedom that takes away the freedom of others.  They believe in making money while enslaving others.  That is why this government has got so big and out of control.  They made it to do exactly that.  It's a government made to protect private interest.  From the beginning it evolved because the Articles of Confederation were seen as not giving a central power the power to tax.  The power to tax was the power to take away from the labor of others.  

   One could go back to Samuel in the Scriptures and see what happened to the Israelites when they rejected Yahweh's government because they wanted a king like the other nations.  Yahweh said that they were rejecting Him.  Not that He could not still work His will through human sin, but, they were rejecting Him.  What you read there is the choice for human government is a religious choice.  The choice for Yahweh is a political choice.  Who would be your king?  That is the problem with America.  



From: JAH
Subject: FW: Carl has a Great Insight to what HAS happened to America .........
Sent: Saturday, January 10, 2004 7:51 AM

Dear Ed,

I hope other than being sad at this, you are well and in good spirit and wish you all the best for 2004.

The difficulty is that everyone has been too well brainwashed into believing in the CON-stitution, rather than them believing in God and His Law.




From: "Ed
Subject: RE: Carl has a Great Insight to what HAS  happened to America .........
Date: Sat, Jan 10, 2004, 2:27 pm

That is exactly what I was getting at.  The choice, although seen as something political, for the constitution is actually a choice against Yahweh.  All through the Scriptures we are told that a man can not have two masters.  So, the question for Carl, and all people who say that they believe the Scriptures, is "who will you serve."  Do they serve the Constitution, and the government that it establishes, and the society that that government establishes and performs as the head of? Or do they serve Yahweh, and His Son Yahshua, who is the the head of the society that He forms? There are only two, very clear choices, and neither can the choices be mixed.  They are clearly delineated, defined from one and other by the Scriptures.

And, yes, I was sad at the letter and not sad in general.  I'm not sad in general, but rather have much joy that is given to me.  As I think you would agree that much joy has been given to you as well.  I wish you more of that in coming times as well.




From: "JAH"
Subject:   FW: Carl has a Great Insight to what HAS happened to America .........
Date:   Sat Jan 10, 2004  6:20 pm

Dear Carl, et al,

I am forwarding this message to you all, because Ed has spoken very well and made it very simple and clear for you, that you must choose whom you will serve. Refusal to choose means you choose mammon by default.

Choose wisely and enforce The Plan:-

For those of you who haven't already done so, you now really NEED to study "The Way home or face The Fire", available from:-

Those of you who have studied it already know and appreciate why.



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