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From: Danny
Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2005 01:24:08 +0200
To: <captainmay [at] prodigy [dot] net

Subject: RE: CPTMAYSEZ GOODBYE 2 GHOST TROOP, 3/7 CYBERCAV+ [All GT's are discharged]


Dear Eric (Captain) May,

I hope you are well & in good spirit.

Thank-you for your offer of being included in the new GT list, which it is my honourable duty to decline.

Below are a few reasons which should suffice, but please know if one was so inclined, one could start writing about this and never stop...

My allegiance is to God and to The Master.

The CON-stitution has broken God's Law (Deut. 4:2).

The CON-stitution is responsible for framing illegal man-made legislation which prevents the ZIONAZI's from being taken to court; through the filling up of all the vital positions (Supreme Court Black Robed Trollops, for example) through which they can be taken to court; with ZIONAZI collaborators.

The nuclear false flag or something big in any case, will now probably not be stopped because you, and other good-intentioned but CON-stitution brainwashed people like yourself, are still trying vainly to seek redress through the CON-stitution, when there is none - BY DESIGN. This is their game. They know how to play it. Time to stop playing that game if you want to win.

You hold a leadership position so that is even more good reason for you to read The Plan, and break your conditioning, before you lead your soldiers into The Fire, let alone yourself.

The trouble (the "appeal") with the US CON-stitution is that it is one of the nearest things to God's Law, that man-made legislation has ever produced. When compared to OTHER man-made legislation.

But when compared to God's Law, it is way off target. In fact, the only good thing at all about the CON-stitution is when it mirrors God's Law, and that does not happen so often...

It is very sad to see that Ghost Troop do not want to face this important question at a time when people are actively seeking the "solution". And that you have stumbled across the Truth, and are now brushing yourself off, as you have been "programmed" to do.

The US CON-stitution is the last "sacred cow" protecting the ZIONAZI's from receiving their due.

Matt Engleman asked a brilliant question. The answer to which puts the CON-stitution and the TRUTH at odds with each other. And is why, from a certain (for sure) point of view, the Dark Side has decided to silence the debate through urging you to begin a new list...

If you choose the US CON-stitution over God's Law (and you cannot have your cake and eat it), then you choose it as your "god", over God Himself and His Law.

And you and yours will be on your own, and definitely not with the Holy Horde.

Yours very sincerely,

LLTF (for God),

Danny, signing off from the Satanically-inspired man-made legislation CON-stitution supporters list, in hope that this "fall"/untruth will be reversed/corrected, soon.



From: Eric May <captainmay [at] prodigy [dot] net
To: ...........
Subject: CPTMAYSEZ GOODBYE 2 GHOST TROOP, 3/7 CYBERCAV+ [All GT's are discharged]
Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2005 11:51:44 -0700 (PDT)

Yep, say goodbye to Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+...,

... and say hello to:

Ghost Troop 9112B, 3/7 Cybercav+

Write back to be included on my new Ghost Troop list, as I'm deleting this one immediately. Here are the terms of enlistment (or commission) into Ghost Troop, which you undertake by writing back and committing yourself to its historic mission, Ghost Troop

You are working for the Constitutional mission, in accordance with the oath of service that all US government officials, military and police, take, in which they promise to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic;

You are willing to follow the mission of Ghost Troop 9112B, under the command of the Ghost Troop chain of command, a loose-knit but legitimate structure comprised of loyal American veterans.

These conditions are the sine qua non for riding herd with the Holy Horde!!!

If you can't support Ghost Troop 9112B in its Constitutional mission, no hard feelings. You are an honored infowar ally, and independent force for the good, and a true friend to those of us who will continue with the mission and the command.

Best, enduring, regards, and many thanks for your service!

Captain Eric H. May, MI, USA CO, Ghost Troop 9112B, 3/7 Cybercav+ Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action

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